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Here's YOUR Opportunity to let your Neighbors know about what is happening! Each of us has something to contribute, some piece of valuable information to share. Do you have a favorite band you'd like to promote? A restaurant where the food is so good that you would like other folks to know about? Perhaps you have a newsworthy article you would like to write about.

You can help keep Silver Lake informed right here! Dozens of you have contributed timely news articles, classified ads, and referrals that help everyone to be informed. Please call me (323) 644-3338 when you are sitting at your computer if you need help getting started.

Pictured is Julian Eltinge, 'America's First Drag Superstar' and one of Silver Lake's colorful early residents. Eltinge managed to pull off what no one else has been able to do quite as successfully before or since: to embody both rugged masculinity and feminine beauty all in the same person.
  • The Klub Gymnastics Kartwheel-A-Thon
    Posted on: 2015-07-22
    The Klub gymnastics held a Kartwheel-A-Thon in July to benefit The Special Olympics World Games. Gymnastic students at the Klub were pledged donation per cartwheel, than had five minutes to do as many cartwheels as possible. The goal was to raise $2500.00, the amount needed to sponsor Italian Gymnast Carlotta Sanna participation in the World Games. Due to the hard work of our students, and the generosity of their friends and family, we raised over $13,109.70. This allowed us to sponsor four additional athletes! The additional athletes are from Costa Rica (2), Uruguay, and Hong Kong. A followup event was hosted at The Klub Gymnastics that included more cartwheel competitions, music, a raffle, and other entertainment.

    The fundraising event was a success on a lot of levels, not just for the athletes, but our students learned a great deal about athletes with Special Needs. Reach up LA the World Games are coming July 25 to August 2nd!

    The Klub Gymnastics has been based in Silver Lake since 2007. In addition to recreational, competitive, and toddler classes, the Klub also offers summer Kamp, Birthday Parties, and Klub Night Out events. For more information, please visit or call 323-662-5582.
    Posted on: 2015-07-15

    Thanks to some last minute heroics by web genius Rick Thompson who I recently met at a 3rd of July Party at Barry Milofsky's house in Silver Lake, The Silver Lake News has a new lease on life!

    We were able to purchase the domain name and will (hopefully) be able to keep going strong in the months and years ahead. If it had not been for the many encouraging words offered both in person and online by many of our friends and subscribers to keep the site going, we would have been long gone after August 1st. But now that's behind us. Stay tuned for exciting developments on the site as we make every effort to improve and enhance the site.
  • TUTORING: math and English
    Posted on: 2015-07-10
    Retired LAUSD SCHOOL TEACHER will give
    lessons in basic elementary math and English Language, including pronunciation, public speaking, accent reduction, learning English through song and music. Small basic subjects.
    Posted on: 2015-06-24
    . Regrettably, after 12 years of service to the Silver Lake community, The Silver Lake News will no longer exist. The decision was not ours to make, rather our hosting company, Connecting Neighbors has made the decision to discontinue service. The company claims that “the platform is beginning to show its age requiring greater resources to be expended just to maintain the service. Thus, with our business emphasizing new and exciting things, we've made a decision to discontinue the ConnectingNeighbors service as of July 31, 2015”. We hope to enjoy many more years of personal connection to the neighborhood through participation and whenever we’re invited. If you would like to stay in touch, you can always reach me by email at –Michael Locke, Editor
  • Black Cat Tavern Riots: an interview with Alexei Romanoff
    Posted on: 2015-06-05

    This past Thursday, June 4, 2015 I had the pleasure of attending an interview sponsored by the Silver Lake History Collective and the Silver Lake Library in which Alexei Romanoff, the last (known) eyewitness to the events surrounding the 1967 Riot at the Black Cat Tavern in Silver Lake. The event launched the modern Gay Rights movement in America; Romanoff spoke about the event as well as gay life growing up in New York and moving to Los Angeles as a young gay man.

    In 1967 people took to the streets of Silver Lake to protest the arrests and beatings of New Year's Eve celebrants by undercover police at the Black Cat Tavern. It was a milestone in the Gay Rights movement, predating the Stonewall Riots. The Interview was conducted by local historian, Mark Simon.
  • Local Vivian Belmont Earns Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award for Mind-Building Excellence
    Posted on: 2015-06-04
    Dream Big Science and Art is pleased to announce that our S.T.E.A.M. Master’s Kit created by Silverlake local, Vivian Belmont, has been honored with a 2015 Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award, a prestigious seal of educational quality, reserved only for the best mind-building media and toys. The Academics' Choice Advisory Board consists of leading thinkers and graduates from Princeton, Harvard, George Washington University, and other reputable educational institutions. See below what these judges said about the kit!
    “The highlight of this product is the emphasis on creativity, imagination, science, and hands-on learning. Open ended opportunities for children, at any age, creates divergent thinking. It gives the child a chance to explore, build and discover through everyday materials.”
    “I loved that the kit helps my kids prepare for elementary school and provides lots of opportunity for shared family experiences. The assortment of activities definitely helped my children develop mentally, psychologically and socially.”
    The hundreds of submitted products that are not chosen by the Academics’ Choice Awards team (and many that are chosen) are donated to a variety of worthy charities and other organizations across the globe. The full list of winners is posted online at
    About S.T.E.A.M. Master’s Kit:
    The Dream Big Science and Art S.T.E.A.M. Master’s Kit is a pre-assembled collection for busy teachers of natural, recycled and manmade materials that are hand chosen and uniquely selected to create open-ended play with limitless possibilities. There are over 300 pieces in this kit, and they are designed to interact with each other and with water in inspiring and surprising ways. The more opportunities children are given to explore, the more they discover their own personal way of learning and creating, as well as seeing and interacting with the world.
    Visit for tips on parenting and early childhood education and to buy a S.T.E.A.M. Master’s Kit!
  • Old Postcards I Have Found.
    Posted on: 2015-05-27
    Right now you should be asking yourself, 'What does this have to do with news about Silver Lake? The short answer is it has more to do about me, your editor. Since my early youth, I have been an avid collector beginning with a postage stamp collection starting about the age of 8 or 9. Collecting postage stamps (for which I was seeking to earn another Boy Scout merit badge) gave me an appreciation for geography and world politics as well as history. When our family went on summer vacation, my first thought was to pick up the best postcards at souvenir shops and mail them to family and friends back home. The favor was returned many times, and by the time I was an adult, I had 2 shoe boxes crammed with memories of trips and faraway places. Now when I have a spare minute or two, I have taken the opportunity to scan the best of my collection and share it with you from time to time. And by the way, if you're taking a trip or have an old postcard or two laying around, please send it my way...I'll show my appreciation by posting it here, along with the others. Pictured is Mt. Hood & Lost Lake, one of my favorite vacation spots growing up in Portland, Oregon.
  • Local YMCAs Honor Adam Schiff as YMCA Congressional Champion
    Posted on: 2015-05-27

    Congressman Adam Schiff (CA-28) was honored May 26 by local YMCAs in recognition of his ongoing and exemplary support of the nonprofit sector and of Los Angeles YMCAs within the 28th district.

    On Feb. 25, Schiff was presented with the YMCA Congressional Champion award in a reception on Capitol Hill during the YMCA of the USA’s 22nd annual National Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. At the conference, more than 300 YMCA leaders from across the country visited members of Congress to discuss the vital role that YMCAs play in communities nationwide and to urge them to advance policies that support nurturing youth, promoting healthy living and fostering social responsibility.

    Schiff was honored for his leadership role in protecting our nation’s youth through his co-sponsorship of the Child Protection Improvements Act.

    Commented Schiff – whose family has long held a YMCA membership – about the Y’s role in youth development and community advancement, “I can’t think of any other organization that fits that niche better than the Y.”

    Honoring him at an event at the Phoenicia restaurant in Glendale for his ongoing support of
    local YMCAs and other Los Angeles-area non-profits were representatives from the Burbank Community YMCA, YMCA of the Foothills, YMCA of Glendale and the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles. On hand to help present the award were teens from the Y’s Youth &
    Government program.

    Pictured are (L-R): Brendon Thompson, 16, Granada Hills, a sophomore at Granada Hills Charter High School and a member of the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles’ Youth & Government delegation; Congressman Adam Schiff (CA-28); and Sophia Minaya, 17, Burbank, a senior at Burbank High School and president of the Burbank Community YMCA’s Youth & Government delegation.
    Photo Credit: Social Change PR & Marketing
  • The Silver Lake News Endorses Carolyn Ramsay for Los Angeles City Council
    Posted on: 2015-04-18

    The Silver Lake News is proud to endorse Carolyn Ramsay for the Los Angeles City Council. As Chief of Staff and Field Representative for Council Member Tom LaBonge, Carolyn has an outstanding record over the past nearly 20 years of standing up for our local communities to create more parks and open space, reduce crime, and fix our crumbling streets and sidewalks. Her experience dealing with City Hall makes her the most qualified to lead us forward. And with voter participation expected to be at an all-time low, your participation in the process is needed now more than ever before.
  • Guided Meditation/Visualization for Deep Relaxation and Focus, 3rd Mondays
    Posted on: 2015-04-09
    Every third Monday of the month, 6:30-7:30, Conor Logan will take participants through a guided meditation guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Logan is an acupuncturist, who has been leading guided meditations for many years. He offers acupuncture and herbal medicine at the Sunset Health and Wellnesss Center in Silver Lake.
  • Mindfulness Meditation, 2nd and 4th Mondays
    Posted on: 2015-04-09
    Join us every second and fourth Monday of the month for free mindfulness meditation sessions, led by mindfulness facilitator, Jennifer Howd. Each session includes guided meditation and silent practice time, along with a suggested daily life practice for the week, and the opportunity for community sharing. Chairs are provided. Please feel free to bring your own meditation cushion.
  • Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic Open House is Friday April 17th!
    Posted on: 2015-04-07

    You are cordially invited to attend the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic Open House! The clinic now in its 47th year, offers free health care services for the low income, uninsured and unemployed of Los Angeles. Thanks to its incredible volunteers and staff, the clinic continues its commitment to the community, and although the jobless rate in Los Angeles County is lower (7.9%), it still exceeds the state-wide rate of 6.9% as of January 2015. Diabetes and high blood pressure continue as the primary general medical reasons for patient appointments. At 47 years and counting, we are stil needed, more than ever! We are deeply committed to our core philosophy: 'Health Care is a Right, Not a Privelege'!

    Please join us in celebration! The Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic is located at 3324 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026. The Open House is on Friday, April 17, 2015; hours are 3-6 p.m.
  • Ricky Ackerson obituary
    Posted on: 2015-04-01
    Mr. Ricky Allen Ackerson, a long-time Silverlake resident, died at age sixty in his Los Angeles, CA home with his wife Catherine and his dog Travis at his side. Mr. Ackerson, was born August 1st, 1954 in Iowa City, Iowa, and attended Orange High School in Waterloo, Iowa.
    He was a Vietnam era veteran who received his honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy 1974. Mr. Ackerson migrated to Southern California in the mid-eighties where he worked in a number trades before making his career in “maintenance and repair.”
    In addition to his wife, Mr. Ackerson is survived by his father, Robert of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, his sisters, Kathleen of Del Rey Beach, FL and Roberta of Rayne, LA, as well as many cousins, nieces, nephews and friends. Mr. Ackerson's mother Jean, sister Linda and brother Michael preceded him in death.
  • Swimming Strokes the Strokes Away
    Posted on: 2015-03-13
    Lewis Carter, 77, (right) and Jerome Smith, 71, (left) discovered a passion that boosted their health.

    State University of New York says swimmers have lower heart rates compared to those of non-swimmers. Swimming was also found to be a viable workout for people in cardiac rehabilitation and recovering from heart failure or artery disease. In fact, churning it up in the water is impact-free and is good for everything: obesity, bad backs, hips and your heart.

    One swimmer, Jerome Smith, 71, can certainly attest to that. He suffered a heart attack in 2009, and though he could “barely make it across the pool,” he attended practices with Southern California Aquatics Club (SCAQ) 3-4 times per week.

    SCAQ is an adult swim club that offers workouts for every skill level, even if you can’t swim. Practices are held at nine different locations in the Los Angeles area.

    Smith said he would recommend swimming to anyone with a heart condition.

    “It’s the best exercise in the world. I notice clearly the blood pumping through my system after a workout.”

    According to SCAQ swimmer and cardiologist Robert Merz, who works at Pacific Heart Institute, coronary disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Regular aerobic exercise is a big step towards prevention, as well as a healthful diet and abstaining from smoking. Merz said swimming is an exercise people can continue into mid-adulthood and beyond, unlike injury-prone sports such as football and basketball. It is also an alternative for those who have joint problems from other activities such as jogging or riding a bike.

    Lewis Carter, 77, is another who reaped the health benefits of swimming at a later age. Three years ago, he started having heart problems, but that hasn’t stopped him from practicing with SCAQ.

    “It makes me feel visible in nature, and like I belong here,” he said. “It makes my whole body feel good.”

    So find a SCAQ workout at Echo Park Plunge and eight other area pools at: and sign up for a free trial! You find a spot for your speed between the Olympians and beginners.

  • Mack Sennett Studios Plaque Re-dedication, February 26, 2015
    Posted on: 2015-03-06

    The historic plaque marking the spot where Mack Sennett, the King of Comedy built his original studio at 1712 Glendale Boulevard on the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake was restored and re-dedicated at a public ceremony ot February 26, 2015. Movie buffs, neighbors and celebrity look-a-likes from the silent screen era joined Los Angeles City Council Member Mitch O'Farrell and a host of dignitaries from Hollywood Heritage and the Echo Park Historical Society were on hand for the event.

    For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Mack Sennett Studios Now & Then' on this website.
    Pictured are Los Angeles Council Member Mitch O'Farrell with Nason Marsak and a likeness of Mack Sennett at the Public Storage facility on Glendale Boulevard, February 26, 2015.
  • Arts Colony Project Providing Affordable & Sustainable Housing to Families of Working Artists
    Posted on: 2015-02-18

    The YMCA of Glendale, in partnership with the City of Glendale, EngAGE and Meta Housing Corporation, is transforming part of its 2.2 acre campus in the heart of Glendale into a mixed-use development that, in addition to providing affordable housing with an artist preference, features a professional gallery, expands the footprint of Glendale’s burgeoning arts and entertainment district, improves the YMCA’s parking and circulation and provides the Y with capital for long-term improvements.

    Made possible with the highly competitive award of low-income housing tax credits and financing from Bank of America, the $30 million, 70-unit, financially and environmentally sustainable Glendale Arts Colony (located at 121 N. Kenwood St.), to be developed and operated by Meta, will provide affordable housing with a preference to families of working artists who earn 60 percent or less of median area income. The facility will also feature a ground-floor art gallery open to the community.

  • LAUSD School Board Election- Dr. Ref Rodriguez
    Posted on: 2015-02-10
    On March 3rd, Silver Lake residents have an opportunity to help decide the future of our public schools. For more information about Ref Rodriguez, or to find out how to volunteer or get involved, please visit or call (310) 968-5729.

    About Ref:

    Ref Rodriguez has spent his adult life working to improve his community in East and Northeast Los Angeles, opening public schools, serving as a lecturer at Loyola Marymount University, and supporting local teachers.
    The son of immigrants from Jalisco, Mexico, Ref grew up in Cypress Park and, after becoming the first in his family to graduate from college, Ref returned to his home in Northeast Los Angeles, determined to improve the community that raised him.
    Ref started by helping to turn around the elementary school he once attended, working with teachers and parents to create a school that better served the needs of the community.
    Recognizing that parents deserved more and better public school options for their children, Ref opened the first of several public schools in his neighborhood under the banner “Partnerships to Uplift Communities.” The “partnerships” in the school’s name are with parents, teachers, students, and community stakeholders. And our mission is to uplift communities by investing in the next generation. The PUC network of public charter schools is achieving graduation rates and test scores consistently higher than their local counterparts.
    Besides working in schools to help teachers and principals, Ref lectures at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Education, and was appointed by Governor Brown to serve on the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing.
    Ref believes LAUSD’s central office must serve schools, not the other way around. Ref will work every day to transform LAUSD from a burdensome bureaucracy to an organization that better serves schools, parents and students. He is uniquely qualified to represent the diverse communities of District 5.
  • Glendale 'Y' Girls Gymnastics Team Sweeps 2015 San Diego Rhythm Invitational
    Posted on: 2015-01-22

    The YMCA of Glendale Girls Gymnastics Team swept the 2015 San Diego Rhythm Invitational, Bringing Home 35 Awards.

    GLENDALE, Calif. — Jan. 21, 2015 — For Immediate Release — Long known for one of the best gymnastics programs in southern California, the YMCA of Glendale’s girls gymnastics team dominated the 2015 San Diego Rhythm Invitational on Jan. 10-11, bringing home an astounding 35 awards.

    The 16 competitors – who all hail from Glendale – competed in six categories (all around, ball, clubs, floor, hoop and rope) in five of the 10 age-levels. Held at San Diego City College, a top facility for gymnastic and rhythmic competitions in southern California, the winners were:

    Eva Amirkanian, 9, second place, all around; Tamara Chinivizyan, 11, first place, all around, ball, rope, clubs and second place, floor; Acasia Fong, 8, first place, all around; Hayarpi Ghadimian, 10, first place, ball; Ekaterina Likhvareva, 7, first place, rope; Jodie Mendoza, 13, first place, all around, rope, hoop, floor, clubs; Ani Muradyan, 13, first place, hoop, second place, floor, all around and third place ball, clubs; Hana Nguyen, 11, third place, floor, ball; Carla Ohanian, 11, first place, all around, floor, rope, ball, clubs; Sofia Panoosian, 7, first place, floor, ball; Anastisia Papadeas, 11, third place, floor, clubs; Ariana Saenz, 7, first place, ball; Leila Sears, 7, second place, ball; Michelle Shvedov, 13, first place, ball and second place, rope, clubs; Emily Sulian, 11, first place, rope; and Eugenia Zhenikova, 6,
    first place, floor.

    Commented Arpi Avetyan, head gymnastics instructor at the Glendale Y, “We are extremely proud of the Glendale YMCA gymnastics team, which ranked as the number-one team in 2010 and 2013. Our girls have worked very hard to reach this level of achievement and many of them have aspirations to participate in the 2015 Junior Olympics this summer. I look forward to cheering them on.”

    Rhythmic gymnastics is an activity in which individuals or teams of five manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus in five categories: ball, clubs, hoop, ribbon, rope and free (no apparatus). An individual athlete manipulates only one apparatus at a time. When multiple gymnasts are performing a routine together, a maximum of two types of apparatus may be distributed through the group. An athlete can exchange apparatus with a team member at any time during the routine. Therefore, an athlete can manipulate up to two different pieces of apparatus through the duration of the routine.

    The sport combines elements of ballet, dance, gymnastics and apparatus manipulation. The victor is the participant who earns the most points, determined by a panel of judges, for leaps, balances, pirouettes (pivots), apparatus handling and execution. The choreography must cover the entire floor and contain a balance of jumps, leaps, pivots, balances and flexibility movements. Each movement involves a high degree of athletic skill. Physical abilities needed by a rhythmic gymnast include strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination.

    Pictured are Michelle Shvedov, 13; Carla Ohanian, 11; head YMCA gymnastics coach Arpi Avetyan; Tamara Chinivizyan, 11; and Anastisia Papadeas,11.
  • Aspiring Olympian Pushes Adult Swimmers As Coach
    Posted on: 2015-01-16
    Nineteen seconds. For most of us, that’s not a lot of time to accomplish much, maybe fill up a glass of water, walk up the stairs, or get a leash for the dog.

    But for aspiring Olympian Derek Toomey, that’s enough time to swim two laps of the pool.

    Toomey, who just finished his college swimming career at the University of Minnesota, moved to Los Angeles this fall to train for the 2016 Olympic Trials. He swims with the Trojan Club at the University of Southern California (USC) under coach Dave Salo.

    He is aiming to compete in the 50 freestyle-an event in which he holds the school record and became the first swimmer in Big Ten conference history to finish in less than 19 seconds. Toomey also swam the race in the 2012 Olympic trials, and ended up tied for 36th place.

    When he is not pushing himself in the pool, he is inspiring others to do the same as a swim coach for Southern California Aquatics (SCAQ), a Masters swim team that holds practices at eight locations, including USC and Echo Park Plunge.

    The program holds weekly stroke clinics and ocean workouts as preparation for triathlons, ocean competitions and pool meets. And practices can fit many work schedules as they take place morning, noon and night.

    The average SCAQ coach has as much, or more, swimming experience as Toomey: five are Olympians and almost all had college All-American times. But the casual swimmer should not be intimidated; SCAQ has a workout for every level, from novice to Olympian. So even if your 50 free clocks in at more like a minute and 19 seconds, there’s a lane open for you at Southern California Aquatics.

    Find a practice near you on our website: See you underwater!

  • FarmBox LA Takes Over Silver Lake Farms CSA
    Posted on: 2015-01-15
    Fridays from 3:00-7:00 pm Silver Lake locals are gathering at the Silver Lake Community Church on Hyperion, but there’s no service and nobody actually goes inside. The hustle and bustle in the parking lot is a group of local folks and kids building boxes of locally farmed produce!

    The operation has been run by Tara Kolla, owner and farmer of Silver Lake Farms, for the last 4 years. Kolla is an organic flower farmer and runs the CSA program each Friday at the Silver Lake Community Church. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and means buying a portion of locally farmed produce. What you see at the community church are boxes lined up with just-picked fruits and vegetables from local farmers. Each family or person has pre-ordered their “share” and walks down the line packing and weighing their fresh fruits and veggies.

    Kolla almost had to close the operation as her organic flower farming is growing. “I was heartbroken that I’d have to close down the CSA. I’ve come to know the CSA members and watch people’s children grow.” But Kolla found a partner to take over the CSA. Reisha Delug and Chako Fairbanks, owners of FarmBox LA, a local online farmers market delivery service, collaborated with Kolla to ensure the community doesn’t loose their local CSA.

    Currently there are 2 sizes available, Studio ($35) and Family ($45). Eggs, bread, flowers and local line-caught caught fish are also available for pickup. To learn more, visit or visit the church on Friday from 4:00-7:00 pm, mingle with neighbor and have a free cup of coffee!
  • FarmBox LA Takes Over Silver Lake Farms CSA
    Posted on: 2015-01-15
    Fridays from 3:00-7:00 pm Silver Lake locals are gathering at the Silver Lake Community Church on Hyperion, but there’s no service and nobody actually goes inside. The hustle and bustle in the parking lot is a group of local folks and kids building boxes of locally farmed produce!

    The operation has been run by Tara Kolla, owner and farmer of Silver Lake Farms, for the last 4 years. Kolla is an organic flower farmer and runs the CSA program each Friday at the Silver Lake Community Church. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and means buying a portion of locally farmed produce. What you see at the community church are boxes lined up with just-picked fruits and vegetables from local farmers. Each family or person has pre-ordered their “share” and walks down the line packing and weighing their fresh fruits and veggies.

    Kolla almost had to close the operation as her organic flower farming is growing. “I was heartbroken that I’d have to close down the CSA. I’ve come to know the CSA members and watch people’s children grow.” But Kolla found a partner to take over the CSA. Reisha Delug and Chako Fairbanks, owners of FarmBox LA, a local online farmers market delivery service, collaborated with Kolla to ensure the community doesn’t loose their local CSA.

    Currently there are 2 sizes available, Studio ($35) and Family ($45). Eggs, bread, flowers and local line-caught caught fish are also available for pickup. To learn more, visit or visit the church on Friday from 4:00-7:00 pm, mingle with neighbor and have a free cup of coffee!
  • The Silver Lake News Salutes Pasadena, our 'Sister City'
    Posted on: 2014-12-28

    In anticipation of the Rose Bowl game coming to town on a few days, The Silver Lake News pays salute to our �sister� community with our ever-expanding archive of Pasadena landmarks. Pasadena is one of Southern California's most beautiful cities and home of some of its greatest institutions and cultural monuments, including Caltech, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena Playhouse, the Norton Simon Museum and the Pacific Asia Museum. Look for photos and descriptions of some of its many highlights, including the California Institute of Technology Pasadena City College, Fuller Theological Seminary,, Tournament House, Craftsman style masterpieces by architects Charles and Henry Greene including the Gamble House, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Millard House and many more. Pictured is the Rose Bowl, Myron Hunt, Architect 1921-22.
  • 'Silver Lake Chronicles: Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles' is Out!
    Posted on: 2014-11-08

    The new book Silver Lake Chronicles: Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles is finally out and available at bookstore everywhere! Authors Michael Locke and Vincent Brook will be speaking and autographing copies of the book at various events around town; the next scheduled event will be a power point presentation followed by a Q&A at the Silver Lake Library on Tuesday, December 16th beginning at 6:30 p.m., followed by similar events at the Los Feliz and Edendale libraries in early 2015.
    For future dates please consult the 'Calendar' section on this website, and 'follow' us on FACEBOOK!

    Pictured are the Bonadamin Family on a Sunday outing c.1900, one of the fascinating stories discussed in the book..
  • Urban Farming and D.I.Y. Supply Shop Comes to The Neighborhood
    Posted on: 2014-10-09
    Los Angeles, CA - October 9, 2014 Growing fresh food, eating whole grains, keeping backyard chickens, fermenting and canning, soap making, beer brewing: these are but a few of the back-to-basics and do-it-yourself trends that are gaining momentum, and local residents are about to get a convenient new place to shop for their hands-on supplies.

    Catering to Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater, and Echo Park, The Kings Roost, a new retail store at the intersection of Fountain Ave. and Talmadge St., will provide the tools to get started on all manner of urban homesteading projects, from aquaponics to homemade sauerkraut.

    Proprietor, Roe Sie, has lived in the Franklin Hills for nearly a decade and says hes seen a major change in people’s attitudes in that time.bIts exciting how many people are interested in making and understanding the things their families eat and use on a daily basis,” Sie says. “It’s FUN to make things— to use them; eat them; share them. The minute you realize how processed many of the products in the stores are, you begin to explore alternatives. And it’s shocking how simple it can be to make a lot of stuff yourself. It’s satisfying!”

    For Sie, who is naturally curious and says he enjoys “getting his hands dirty,” a turning point came in 2010, when a friend introduced him to home-milled whole wheat flour. “I thought my pal was crazy at first,” admits Sie. “Stone-grinding your own wheat berries at home? It sounded like nutty 1970s hippie stuff. But I was astounded by the facts: the nutritional benefits of fresh-milled flour when none of the germ or bran is removed, the flavor, affordability, and convenience. It’s a lot like grinding your own coffee beans; it takes about the same amount of time and effort. And once you start, you never want to go back.”

    Sie says his kids and their friends are wild about his whole-grain pancakes, waffles, crepes, breads, cereal, cookies, oatmeal, muffins, pizza dough, and his signature granola bars, made from scratch.

    In addition to whole grains, counter-top grain mills and oat rollers, The King’s Roost will sell aquaponics systems for homegrown greens, herbs, and vegetables. “Aquaponics allow you to grow fresh, edible plants with 90% less water than traditional in-ground gardening,” says Sie, who has a large aquaponics system in his own backyard. “The fish poop nourishes the plants, so there’s no need to add fertilizers. And in turn, the plants clean and oxygenate the water. It’s a wonderfully symbiotic system.” Sie is thrilled about recent advances in smaller aquaponics systems engineered to be both beautiful and useful. The King’s Roost will carry many of these smaller designs that can be grown on a coffee table or kitchen counter.

    Sie also hopes to partner with the Environmental Studies Magnet at Thomas Starr King Middle School, which is a short block away from The King’s Roost. He envisions aquaponic systems in the classrooms and school field trips to the shop so students can learn about sustainability and permaculture.

    “It’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Sie smiles, whose home includes a flock of backyard chickens, stacks of organic almond-scented homemade soap, a tilapia farm in his garage, and a kitchen full of housemade yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, beer, and sourdough starters. Sie is passionate about what he does. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he’s clearly looking forward to educating and supplying others who want to try their hand at a D.I.Y. adventure of their own.

    “The neighborhood is ready for this. The King’s Roost is the kind of place where you can pop in, browse the book selection, explore the possibilities, get the support and advice you need to make and grow useful things,” he says. “The King’s Roost isn’t intimidating, precious, or twee. We’re about being down to earth, both literally and in spirit. Making stuff is easier and more fun than anyone guesses until they give it a shot.”

    The King’s Roost opens November 1, 2014, at 4281 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Store hours will be Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 6pm; Saturdays and Sundays, 10am – 5pm. Neighbors are encouraged to check out the website and Sie’s blog, featuring everything from whole grain recipes to tips on tending your backyard chickens at

    Roe Sie
    The King’s Roost
    4281 Fountain Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90029

  • 17th Annual Music Box Steps Day is Saturday October 18th
    Posted on: 2014-10-06

    The Silver Lake Improvement Association will host the 17th Annual Music Box Steps Day Film Festival on Saturday, October 18th beginning at 12 noon. The festival celebrates the 1932 Oscar-winning short film The Music Box, starring Laurel & Hardy, and is held across from the 133 stairs that gave the legendary comedy team such a hilariously hard time delivering a player piano to a hilltop house., from 12 noon to 3pm, the 17th annual Music Box Steps Day will be held at Laurel & Hardy Park, located at 900 Vendome Street in Silver Lake.

    Besides multiple screenings of the 20-minute film (and other Laurel & Hardy classics) in a tent set up in Laurel & Hardy Park across from the Steps, the festival features Laurel & Hardy look-a-likes, free food, a magic show, an arts and crafts booth, and a raffle with fabulous prizes donated by local artists, restaurants, other businesses, and residents

    The event’s co-sponsors are Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, 4th district Councilmember Tom La Bonge, the Silver Lake Jubilee, and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.

    “The Music Box is a cinematic treasure and we are proud to keep its memory alive,” says Vincent Brook, SLIA board member, media studies professor, and creator of the festival in 1995. “We are thrilled that this classic film, that remains as funny as ever, was shot in the heart of Silver Lake. Music Box Steps Day is our way of honoring the comic genius of Laurel & Hardy and reminding local children and their families of this historical jewel in their midst.”

    EDITOR'S NOTE: The book, 'Silver Lake Chronicles: Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles' will be introduced at the event, with free post cards and a calendar of speaking engagements.

    Pictured are Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Courtesy of the Watson Family Photo Archive
  • Help stop Canfield from getting variances from the city to build higher and more dense than allowed
    Posted on: 2014-09-18
    Canfield Development is seeking zoning variances from the City of Los Angeles Department of Planning in order to to build a 33,000 square-foot, 55-foot high residential building in Silver Lake, on a building site that spreads across two different zones between Hyperion Ave. and Griffith Park Blvd.
    Hyperion is a C2 or 'commercial' zone. Griffith Park is an RD2 or 'reduced density' zone.

    If granted, the proposed variances would result in a building 83% taller than the current zoning permits in the Hyperion zone along with 233% greater density (3.3 times the number of units) than allowed by the zoning in the 'reduced density' zone. Additionally, the developers are asking for a variance to build 67% more square footage than the current zoning permits in the Hyperion zone.

    There is nothing preventing Canfield from building structures that conform to current zoning regulations and they have not presented any legitimate arguments as to why these variances are necessary.

    We have 1 week to let Fernando Tovar and Rene Weitzer know how we feel about this. Please send them emails and sign my petition. Giving these variances would effectively bypass the zoning and set the precedent for oversized development in Silver Lake that could negatively impact the character of our neighborhood in the future.
  • Historic Neutra Office Building New Museum and Gallery Open for Business
    Posted on: 2014-07-19

    SILVER LAKE- The historic Neutra Office Building, which served as the studio and office of modernist Architect Richard Neutra from 1950 until his death in 1970, has opened a new chapter in its storied life with the addition of a new museum and gallery. An opening night gala reception on Thursday evening, August 21, 2014 beginning at 6 p.m. featured an exhibition, “Art in Architecture” with works by artist Joselle Celine and Dion Neutra. The event is free and open to the public. The building, located at 2379 Glendale Boulevard, is a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument (No. 676) and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For photos of the opening reception please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Neutra Events' on this website.

    Editor's Note: After Richard Neutra's death, the Neutra practice continued at the Glendale Boulevard office for another twenty years under the guidance of Dion Neutra, Richard's son. After 1990, the office was moved to its current location on Neutra Place.
  • New Book 'Silver Lake Chronicles' Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles ' Release Date Set
    Posted on: 2014-07-19

    I'm pleased to announce that my upcoming book, Silver Lake Chronicles: Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles has been completed and will be released the second week of November 2014! The publication of the book represents the first time a detailed study on the history of Silver Lake has been undertaken. The book will be presented for the first time at a 'Meet the Author' event at the Silver Lake Library on Tuesday, December 16th beginning at 6 p.m.

    Pictured is Julian Eltinge, 'America's First Drag Superstar' and one of Silver Lake's colorful early residents. Eltinge managed to pull off what no one else has been able to do quite as successfully before or since: to embody both rugged masculinity and feminine beauty all in the same person.
  • WorkoutStyles Announces Three New Ways to Get In Shape and Meet Your Fitness Goals
    Posted on: 2014-07-15
    Contact: Nancy Krank 818.389.3620

    WorkoutStyles Announces Three New Ways to Get In Shape
    and Meet Your Fitness Goals
    July 16, 2014, Los Angeles, CA – Nancy Krank, certified personal fitness trainer announces three new personalized outdoor fitness programs for small groups. All classes are designed and led by Nancy, who holds a personal trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise. “I’ve helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals over the past 25 years. My workouts and classes are challenging, but fun. The new small group classes are designed to give you the expert attention you would get in a one-on-one session,” said Nancy.
    The small group classes meet for one hour, once per week, for six weeks and are held at Griffith Park and in local homes in the Los Feliz area. Participants have the flexibility to choose the days and times that work for them. The small groups are intimate and range in size between two to eight participants. Form a group with your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. Nancy partners with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who provides nutrition tips that work from how to fuel for exercise to hydration. “The small groups give you the opportunity to meet your fitness goals in a comfortable, social atmosphere,” added Nancy., “Put your group together and I’ll design a custom workout to meet your goals”. The three group classes are for men and women, all fitness levels:
    Learning Your ABCs . . . Aerobic, Balance and Core. This class is for individuals who want to start power walking and exercising to improve their overall fitness, cardio, balance and core strength. This is a great way to jump-start your health and make exercise an ongoing part of your lifestyle.
    6 Weeks to 5K is for novice and intermediate walkers and joggers who are ready to walk or run their first 5K. The classes include proper breathing, stretching, nutrition and how to avoid injuries like shin splints.
    Custom Small Group Training is a class you design. Whether you want to tone and sculpt for a school reunion or are a new Mom, Nancy will design a custom program for your group.
    Beat exercise boredom, establish an exercise habit and work on your personal goals at the correct intensity for your fitness level. Form a WorkoutStyles small group today.

    # # #
  • Revival of Historic Mack Sennett Studio Celebrates One Year Anniversary
    Posted on: 2014-07-07
    The ghosts of Mabel Normand and Mack Sennett must have stirred on Saturday, June 28, 2014, as Jesse Rogg, president of the Mack Sennett Studios in Silver Lake joined hands with CD-13 Council Member Mitch O’Farrell to jointly celebrate their first anniversary. The studio, one of the few remaining physical reminders of the Silent Screen era, was originally built by Sennett as an apology to Mabel Normand, his “star of stars” with whom he carried on a topsy-turvy, long-term relationship. On the night before their wedding, Sennett did the unforgiveable by having an affair with one of Mabel’s main rivals, Mae Busch. Mack confessed later that he had made a “boob of himself” and tried desperately to make it up to Mabel by having the studio built for her, pleading for forgiveness, something Mabel would never do. The betrayal was more than she could handle, especially since it was Mabel that had persuaded Mack to hire Mae in the first place.
    The studio has gone through many incarnations over time. When current owner Jesse Rogg purchased the property in 2013, it had been in a more or less moribund state; however he could see the potential for revival. After escrow closed, the new owners began taking inventory of their purchase and discovered a virtual treasure trove of left behind sets, backdrops, furniture, old movie posters and other historic paraphernalia. Rather than discard these relics from the past, Rogg has incorporated much of the old with the new, a rare occurrence in an industry which functions on cutting edge technology.
    Council Member O’Farrell had high praise for the studio which he had a hand in shepherding through its first year as the councilman and studio celebrated with friends, neighbors and well-wishers. The “new” studio is equipped with two separate stages, each equipped with their own separate support facilities, including brand new bathrooms, kitchens, dressing rooms and lounges. In addition to rentals, the firm provides flats, scenic backdrops, risers and a well-stocked mill for set construction on site. Pictured are members of the Mack Sennett Studio crew on location, June 28, 2014. For more photos, please visit “Neighborhood Pictures: Mack Sennett Studios” on this site.
  • housecleaner
    Posted on: 2014-06-14
    please consider me for housecleaning
  • BINGO!
    Posted on: 2014-05-28
    Join us at the Barstow Senior Citizens Center, 555 Melissa Ave., Barstow, CA 92311 for Bingo every Wednesday at 1:45 pm and Friday at 6:00 pm. Progressive powerball starts at $400, maximum $1000! The grill is open during the game.
  • Portos Family Rolls out the Red Carpet for Teachers at Thomas Starr King Elementary
    Posted on: 2014-05-06
    The Porto Family of baking fame will be handing out gift certificates to all of the teachers and staff at the school in recognition of national teacher appreciation day on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. All three of the Portos children graduated from the middle school and are returning to thank the teachers for everything they do for young people. The bakery, in collaboration with the school, will “roll out the red carpet” for the teaching staff while presenting the documentary film “TEACH”, featuring LAUSD teacher Joel Laguna and featuring students Mixtli, Jennifer, and Gilbert, teachers, staff, students and community members, including King Middle School alumni Betty, Raul, and Margaret Porto, and a special appearance by LAUSD board member Monica Ratliff.

    The film, documentary filmmaker David Guggenheim’s third, is narrated by Queen Latifah, and asks the question, what does it take to be a teacher? Offering a glimpse inside four public school classrooms, Guggenheim invites us to follow the struggles and triumphs of America's education system through the eyes, minds, and hearts of its most essential resource: teachers. As intense as it is emotional, this year-in-the-life of four public school teachers illustrates how tenacity, innovation and passion drive these educators as they navigate the ups and downs of the school year.

    Pictured is Jennifer Villareal, one of the students featured in the documentary film “TEACH”
  • Festival of Childhood Returns
    Posted on: 2014-04-28

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    Echo Parenting & Education formerly the Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting) held its Annual Festival of Childhood in Echo Park on April 26th, 2014. The event is a community celebration of art, play, and nonviolence. In 2913 the Center was not able to organize event, but due to popular demand brought the event back for another free, open-air street festival that honors the Day of the Child. The Center created the event to build bridges in the community in which every parent, child and family feels supported and nurtured. T]he festival provides creative activities that honors and celebrates children and parents by promoting parental self care as well as an understanding of child development. It is held in conjunction with The Day of the Child, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and International Spank Out Day.
    The message of the Festival of Childhood is that violence is something that is learned. When we raise children with kindness and compassion, they grow to be kind and compassionate adults who aren’t likely to use violence as a tool. It’s a day when families can experience the possibility of nonviolence in the world.

    For more photos, please visit “Neighborhood Pictures: CNVEP Events” on this website.
  • Memories of GPACCs 6th Annual COMMUNITY CELEBRATION 'Spring Bash'
    Posted on: 2014-04-20

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    The Griffith Park Adult Community Club held its 6th Annual Community Celebration on Saturday, April 26th. The event offered a variety of fun and educational opportunities for everyone in attendance. Donna and I took her sister Karen Weismann to the event to sample the delicious baked goods, purchase arts and crafts, books plants and a few white elephants, as well as visit with friends and neighbors old and new. We were also able to visit with our Assembly Member Mike Gatto, along with his aide, Eric Menjivar, as well as our Congressman Adam Schiff along with his District Director Ann M. Peifer who were on hand! There was an unbelievable assortment of raffle prizes to be bid on; I’ll be dropping by the center to pick up my $30 gift certificate courtesy of the Soup Plantation later today, won at the raffle. For more photos of the event, please visit “Neighborhood Pictures: GPACC (Silver Lake Seniors) 'On the Move' on this website.
  • The Silver Lake News Surpasses One Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2014-04-03

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    The Silver Lake News' surpassed 10 Million hits on Wednesday, April 2, 2014; an average of over 22,600 hits per week! A huge 'Thank You' to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Silver Lake, Here's Where Our Auto Insurance Costs Rank in California
    Posted on: 2014-03-10
    Good news for the Silver Lake community - LA is actually not the most expensive city in the state for auto insurance, according to this report from, a consumer finance site. That title goes to Glendale, CA.

    Annual premiums in LA for single drivers can go for $1,623, and for married couples, $1,546. That's about 44% higher compared to the statewide average. Among the five cheapest zip codes in LA are: San Pedro, East Los Angeles, Sylmar, Westchester, and Mar Vista. The most expensive ones? East Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire, Hollywood Hills West, and Echo Park.
  • Noted Architect Myron Hunt Subject of Talk at Los Feliz Library Jan. 16
    Posted on: 2014-01-06
    Architect/Architectural historian Jan Furey Muntz will speak on the subject of architect Myron Hunt at the Architecture & Beyond Lecture Series at the Los Feliz Library on Thursday, Jan. 16th beginning at 6:45 p.m. The library is located at 1874 Hillhurst Avenue. Muntz will discuss how Hunt, known for such noted Southern California landmarks as the Rose Bowl and the Pasadena Library, influenced science and technology.

    Skylights Books will be on hand to sell architecture-related books. The free lecture series, now in its 8th year, is supported by the Friends of the Los Feliz Library and merchants of the Los Feliz BID. For more information, call the Los Feliz Branch Library at (323) 913-4710. Pictured is the iconic Rose Bowl, designed by Myron Hunt between 1921 and 1922 and the site of the last Bowl Championship Series game played between Florida State University and Auburn University on January 6, 2014.
    Posted on: 2013-10-29
    LOS ANGELES —In honor of Food Day, the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) “I’M IN” campaign congratulates five faculty members and their respective campuses for winning the Farm to School Field Trip Contest, a program that will educate students first hand about where the food they eat in school comes from and where it’s grown. The following staff members each win a field trip (for up to 60 students) to a local farm where LAUSD sources its fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a $200 gift card for school supplies.

    1) Pete Keuper San Miguel Avenue Magnet School
    2) Sandy Cimarrusti Dorris Place Elementary School
    3) Jennifer DiLorenzo Kester Avenue Elementary School
    4) Eileen Washington Wilshire Crest Elementary School
    5) Paul Sanchez Micheltorena Elementary School

    “We thank the teachers for their commitment to educating students about nutrition and the importance of local, sustainable food,” says David Binkle, director of Food Services at LAUSD. “The field trips are invaluable because students will have a better understanding of the efforts we are making to ensure that we serve them the freshest food possible in our dining facilities.”

    As a Good Food Leader, the LAUSD Board of Education passed the Good Food Procurement Resolution last year, pledging to ensure that all students have access to nutritious and wholesome food that are locally sourced with sound environmental practices. Today, 75 percent of fresh fruits and vegetables served at Café LA, the district’s dining facilities, are harvested within 200 miles of the District. Lean proteins, low fat dairy and even wheat are sourced locally.

    To win the Farm to School Field Trip Contest, teachers submitted photos of their schools’ working gardens and essays describing how the field trip would educate students about nutrition and local, sustainable food. Contest rules and entry form were available by visiting Entries submitted by Oct. 11, 2013 were evaluated based on the quality of the essay, how the field trip would creatively educate students about nutrition and how the field trip would positively impact the students. The field trips will be fulfilled next month just in time for harvest.

    Research shows that students who eat nutritious meals in school earn higher test scores and tend to make healthier food choices throughout the day. LAUSD has also reduced salt, added sugars, fats, and oils, as well as eliminated artificial additives in all its school meals to meet USDA standards. The District procures over $100 million annually in food and food supplies, serving 650,000 meals daily, with 114 million meals served during the 2012-2013 academic year.

    LAUSD’s “I’M IN” campaign is an all-inclusive program designed to raise awareness about the District’s healthy meals to help fight off childhood obesity, as well as to encourage student attendance and dropout prevention. For more information on the “I’M IN” campaign, visit

    # # #
    Posted on: 2013-10-16

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    Friday, October 11, 2013 was the grand opening of the new Shoe Palace Workshop at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles' administrative offices and thrift store in Los Angeles. The computer workshop will allow children and adults to receive free tutoring, GED and ESL classes, as well as an education on internet use and resume creation on the workshop's 15 computers. 100 guests attended, including Catholic school students; Los Angeles Police Department leadership; Councilmember Tom LaBonge; Jan Perry, interim leader of the City of Los Angeles Economic Development Department; and the owners of Shoe Palace.

    'We love the Society of St. Vincent de Paul,' said Shoe Palace Vice President John Mersho, 'We always want to be about helping our community.' The workshop was made possible by grants from Shoe Palace and the Riordan Foundation. Shoe Palace Marketing Manager Lacey Flynn said the kids using the workshop would get free shoes from Shoe Palace as an incentive for academic achievement.

    Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles' Executive Director David Fields pointed out that it was Society employee Jorge Alvarez who unofficially started the workshop when he asked Society leadership for a computer room, because he does not own a computer. Fields is excited by the possibilities of the workshop, pointing out that Society employee Carolyn Sanchez recently completed requirements for her GED. 'We promoted her, and gave her a 10% raise!' Fields said.

  • Walk for the Poor Raises Awareness of the Plight of Society's Most Vulnerable
    Posted on: 2013-10-04

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    350 runners and walkers - and their dogs - descended on Lincoln Park in Los Angeles Saturday, September 28, 2013 for the first annual Friends of the Poor Walk/Fun Run to raise money for those living in poverty in Los Angeles. Over $26,000 was raised to help the needy through Catholic charity the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles sponsored a community festival and health fair in conjunction with the Walk/Run with overall attendance of 500. 'California has not only the largest increase overall poverty in recent years but has the highest rate among every state in the country,' said St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles' executive director David Fields. The society has a long history serving the poor worldwide in over 149 countries. The Walk/Run's presenting sponsor Forever 21 had many employees walking and running. Forever 21's Chief Financial Officer Elizabeth Jain said the global apparel company sponsored the event because, 'We want to support our neighbors in need.' Walker Guillermo Barillas said he thinks the statistics are even higher for poverty in Los Angeles in reality. Another walker, Noe Soto agreed, saying, 'It makes me think we need to do more to help during the year.'

    For more information contact Chris Sariego, Director of Public Relations & Marketing, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles, 210 North Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031. Phone: 323-224-6273
  • Happy 60th Birthday Tom LaBonge!
    Posted on: 2013-10-01

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    The Silver Lake News joins with all Silver Lakers in wishing our Councilmember Tom LaBonge a very Happy 6oth Birthday. A celebration open to all is planned for Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at 6 pm at the Vibiana Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles. We encourage you to use Metro, but self paid parking is also available around the location.

    Thank you for joining us on this special occasion.
  • Remembering Lucile L. Jones, June 22, 1917 – July 5, 2013
    Posted on: 2013-07-24
    A California native, born in Live Oak, she was raised in San Francisco and Santa Barbara; married to Walter Watt from 1939-1945 and Hubert Jones from 1950-1979.

    She received her B.A. and General Secondary Credentials from UC Berkeley in 1939. While working full time, she went on to Pacific Coast University, earning a LL.B. in 1948, and then was admitted to the California Bar Association in 1949. At that time, she was one of a select few trailblazing females to reach this level.

    She was associated with the firm of Gordon M. Snyder, Los Angeles, 1949-50, and Charles H. Carr, Los Angeles, 1951-62.

    Active in the Women Lawyers Club of Los Angeles since 1949, she served as its President from 1955-56. She chaired the liaison committee, ultimately accomplishing a merger with the Southern California Women Lawyers, and gaining affiliated status with the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

    She established an individual law practice in 1962 until retirement in 1987.

    In 1973 she was appointed Chairman of the Lawyer Referral Service Committee of the L.A. County Bar Association and served in this capacity until 1975.

    She was honored as a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International. In January 2001, she was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Supreme Court of California and the State Bar of California for 50 years of service as a member of the State Bar Association of California.

    Lucie’s move in 1973 from Temple City to Silver Lake brought her much joy and many lasting friendships. In 2006 she joined the Life Writing Class of the Griffith Park Adult Community Club, where she delighted the group with her wit and humorous stories. Her love of learning extended to regular Scrabble games and daily crossword puzzles.

    She passed at home peacefully after a long struggle with COPD. UCLA Donated Body Program accepted her remains and there will be no services, pursuant to her wishes. Those wanting to remember Lucie may do so by donating to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, Attention: Sister Alice Marie, 2131 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057.

    She is survived by her daughter Julie Jones.

    Thanks to Genelle LeVin for this tribute in memory of Lucie.

  • Students Promote Energy Efficiency at Community Bike Ride with Tom LaBonge
    Posted on: 2013-07-23
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Joyce Chu, 626-236-2101
    JULY 19, 2013

    Students Promote Energy Efficiency at Community Bike Ride with Tom LaBonge

    HOLLYWOOD—CALPIRG Energy Service Corps joined council member Tom LaBonge for his community outreach bike ride on July 17 and were able to tell the community members about the exciting work CALPIRG ESC has been doing to reduce energy waste and make LA more energy efficient this summer.

    “We’re here to save energy, save money, save the environment, and save the world!” AmeriCorps intern Gurdeep Kaur enthusiastically announced when council member LaBonge set aside time for her to speak before starting the bike ride.

    LaBonge applauded CALPIRG ESC’s efforts as he stated, “We got the CALPIRG interns here who put their hearts out, give them a hand! I thank them for the hard work they are doing for our community.' LaBonge is also an advocate for sustainability and energy efficiency, and he put together this bike ride to encourage members to experience a multi-modal Los Angeles, with greener ways to travel. “For years I have hiked to the top of Mount Hollywod every morning and look at the city of Los Angeles. I want that city to look just as great a century from now.”

    LaBonge and the AmeriCorps student interns aren’t the only ones in the crowd who care about the environment and saving energy. Green hobbies like these are sure to draw in people from the community who care about the same things. Jack Garrett, a resident of the LA community, casually stated that he does not own a car and therefore enjoys outdoor events such as these and is always looking for more opportunities to bike. He is also taking huge steps in cutting out any form of unnecessary energy consumption. “I think what you guys are doing is great. There’s a lot of energy being wasted, so I recycle, try to conserve electricity at home, try to conserve water, and not eat a lot of meat.”

    In fact, CALPIRG students were also going door to door and surveying the Hollywood neighborhood residents to see how energy efficient their homes were beforehand. After they gauged the condition of their homes, students gave individualized advice on simple things they could do to save energy and cut the costs of the energy bill by up to 40%. Some suggestions included conserving water by using a low-flow faucet or shower head, unplugging appliances that are not in use, and switching to CFL light bulbs. These simple adjustments will make a noticeable difference in the years to come. CALPIRG ESC will then check on these homes to see if they followed through with these suggestions. These records will also be used to calculate how much greenhouse gas emission has been reduced within the past three years of CALPIRG ESC’s service.

    CALPIRG ESC, a joint program between AmeriCorps (the domestic form of Peace Corps) and CALPIRG (California Public Interest Research Group), is also doing much more to make a direct impact in reducing energy waste. In addition to educating neighbors door to door, they plan to educate 10,000 youth in summer camps on the importance of energy conservation and its impact on the environment. Furthermore, they will also be fixing and weatherizing buildings to serve the community and make a direct combat to energy waste.

    Dax Martin, another community member, also commented on the urgency of the mater. “Energy waste is disgraceful because we have modern technology, so we need to take the next step and not let big companies have control over the system because they’re burning fossil fuels instead of using clean energy.”

    “I think what you guys are doing is absolutely a great thing because you are taking the first step in saving energy, and I applaud you for it.”

    Additional information available at
    Posted on: 2013-07-23
    Silver Lakes own Lydia Callins; a personal trainer, writer, actress, has proven she is a tenacious strong contestant, not to be overlooked on TNTs new hit competition serious hosted by Dwayne Johnson AKA âśThe Rock.

    This epic competition series premiered June 6th, with great reviews. The Hero is like no other show, it test the strength, courage, and integrity of nine diverse individuals. Each week, the contestants are tested physically, mentally, and morally, as they prove that they truly deserve the title of śthe Hero as well as the grand prize which is up to a million dollars.

    Every week a new twist is thrown into the competition, constantly changing the game forcing the heros to make tough decisions on the fly. Last weeks episode The Rock called out the women demanding that they step up, but stepping up so late in the game had its consequences, Eliminations have now been introduced into the game.

    Lydia was the first women in the competition series to take on The Rocks challenge knowing full well that by her stepping up she was at risk of being eliminated. Lydia freely shares the inside scoop:

    How do the challenges work and are they easy?

    Everyone who watches the show thinks its a piece of cake to not only get into a Heros challenge, but also to win one. As the first women to complete one, I can tell you that is not true! First you have to fight your way into the second half of the challenge, not knowing what it will entail, with team consensus, then IF you effectively complete your challenge, you again have to win over the votes to be placed in the Heros challenge. In the Heros challenge you will have a chance to win a large amount of money to take home, and eliminate yourself, or put money in the growing pot and eliminate another teammate, or fail and automatically be eliminated. And I almost forgot to mention these challenges are designed for you to fail; if you are not given the allotted time to complete them.

    What your strategy was going into that episode and The Hero's Challenge?

    I knew I only had one opportunity to prove myself or I would be at risk of being eliminated, it was do or die! I refuse to die with out a fight! My strategy was simply, I developed a winning mind set: I am here to win! I would do anything asked of me with out hesitation or fear, failure was simply not an option. I trained hard prior to this competition with two a day workouts, that included boxing conditioning, five mile runs and cross fit training, thus ensuring that I would physically be the strongest women and the most fit.

    What you were thinking/did you think you would finish The Hero's Challenge in time?

    I had full faith that I would win my Heros challenge with or without the full time allotted. When I first read the rules and instructions of the challenge I was a little confused, as to how I was really expected to carry 6 bowlders that weighed 20 lbs each to my final destination, but the word images popped out in the sentence I must provide the images to The Rock when providing my answer. I was given an ipad to use, and an ipad takes images, so once I realized that my only concern became would this puzzle be to difficult to decipher before my time expired.

    What was your motivation to make it through?

    My motivation was that I will win this for me! This fight to win was a symbol of my entire life, if I can give it all I got, set my mind to win, trust God, and accomplish this challenge despite the time restriction, I can reach every goal I set for myself in life.

    What was Your reasoning why you chose to eliminate Rachel?

    Liars can not be trusted, especiallyLIARS who fail to admit when they have lied. Rachel lied despite the fact she would be putting the potential Hero in jeopardy by taking away time for the challenge during the lie detector test, that was not very heroic. I decided at that point I had to eradicate the cancers from the house, and that cancer was Rachel.
  • WHAT CAN BE DONE TO FACILITATE A NEW PARK BEYOND THE MEADOW AND WALKING PATH - Together we might dream a comprehensive, magical new public space into existence
    Posted on: 2013-07-15
    After the Department of Water and Power drains the Silver Lake Reservoir to accomplish the work necessary to take the Lake off active duty as a Los Angeles water source, the property will be turned over to the city. This means a cohesive and collectively vetted vision of what comes next needs to emerge from the Silver Lake community & surrounding neighborhoods .

    With this practical pipeline work in the final stages of planning – and the new headworks reservoir nearly complete - certainly the time is now to re-envision the possibilities for the public and ecological space we could create there at the silver lake reservoir park.

    With public park space in Los Angeles at a disgraceful low, and obesity in children creating a city wide health crises of major proportions (and untold future costs); with our collective mental health / and stress levels a growing priority; with ecology and water systems management & education at the forefront of the effort to save ourselves from planetary toxicity and global warming weather patterns – it would seem the time is now for such an effort.

    This article (please repost and use these words liberally if you support this idea) is a call to initiate a conversation that invents a new paradigm for a public, educational and ecologically forward space at what we now still call the reservoir. If you love the meadow and the walking path, read on.

    In this new paradigm there might be space at the Silver Lake Park for birds, for wildlife and native ecosystems, for swimming and swim instruction, for water purification and collection, LA RIVER connectivity and storage, community gardens, orchards and food forests, fish-farming, flowing streams for children and adults to scramble up, paths to get lost on, majestic outlooks, alternative power generation, serene spots for contemplation & prayer, and lots of opportunities to get wet and enjoy and learn from the wisdom of the water.

    I am inspired by the newly remodeled space at echo park lake and the amazing collaboration among so many city agencies it represents; the phenomenal ongoing work of the santa monica mountains land trust, and all the neighbors that helped this to happen (including those who may have opposed the process).

    Tickled by water lilies at echo park, I am inspired to suggest we go this far and further towards creating a complete environment at silver lake park – a space that finally erases barb wire and chain link fences and barriers from our consciousness . Let’s create a space that uses ALL the available land to maximize human and ecological/environmental benefit.

    For example, as suggested Dion Neutra and others at a recent community meeting at the micheltorena school auditorium hosted by the DWP – we might want to transform the perimeter of the lake into something softer and more accessible to human beings now that she is no longer an active community drinking water source needing military scale protection.

    The pending draining of the lake/ construction would be the ideal moment to simultaneously address this major element of our new park-lands possibilities.

    The perimeter at the moment, much like the LA RIVER, is corseted by brutal 20th century concrete, blockaded from all access and an eye-sore for all. If we wanted to create a more natural, varied perimeter we might investigate using some of that concrete to raise the bottom of the lake, soften the banks of the lake, and create equal access for all neighbors. Equal access to me means we can all get ourselves wet.

    To be sure, much work has been done over the years to champion this Silver Lake Park – and the amazing foot traffic and joy emanating daily from the meadow and walking path are evident to any who care to step onto the path and walk through with empathic, open hearts.

    Now is the moment to stand on the shoulders of these incredible accomplishments and leap into the future together, daring to get soaked in it if necessary.

    In the spirit of going further, this post is a call for open, transparent, inclusive system-wide review, revision and re-invention of these plans simultaneous with the upcoming plan for draining the lake and pipeline construction.

    The Silver Lake neighborhood council & CD4 and 13 can help facilitate a sharing, open, evolving plan of forward action in park development by hosting a series of collaborative, open meetings where all can be heard and ideas can constructively evolve.

    My hope is to take part in a new visioning and review process immediately that we will help make this conversation a bi-council district, inter-neighborhood collaboration with the the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy, the Reservoir Complex Committee & all related city offices including the state & federal government.

    All of us will need to pitch in to make this happen on the grand scale.

    This conversation can happen publicly, through the input of hundreds if not thousands of neighbors who live nearby. To do this we will need to use outreach on a scale as never before: door-to-door, town meetings (run horizontally to truly hear one another); and through the unifying forces of the inter-wire and social media.

    Together we might assess our needs (the need for peace , for exercise, for natural wonder, for clean natural ecosystems, for play, for relaxation ETC ETC ) and then, understand how we’re feeling based on those human needs being met or unmet.

    Once we understand the way we are feeling we might create a set of criteria for the new space that helps fulfill the most needs for the most people. We might use these criteria to measure our current plans & to outreach to international park designers and visionaries for additional design input and inspiration. Any current designs already developed could be held up element by element in an evaluation process where we choose our favorite plans in open forum & let the people who live across Silver Lake and the nearby neighborhoods choose. Together we might dream a magical new public space into existence.

    My hope is that this blog post will inspire folks across the neighborhood to step into the conversation. You can begin by writing to your city councilmen LaBonge and O’Farrel & to related city agencies and urge all involved to help in facilitation of large public conversations on the topic.

    You can also send me an email (subject: dreaming about a new park) & let me know you are onboard for the conversation and what you are dreaming about.

    My email addy is

    The santa monica mountains conservancy – perhaps a valuable ally - is found online at

    You can further email your thoughts to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council* at - asking all committees to figure out how to be involved in the dialogue, and you can email for CD 4; for CD 13; and & Marcel Porras for the mayors office; for the silver lake reservoirs conservancy.

    Please feel free to use any part of this blog post in your communications – consider it yours - Thanks.

    * this article represents my view points alone (and perhaps those of many who voted for me to represent them on the SLNC) and in no way represents the SLNC, or SLNC policies in any way/shape/or form.

    NOTE: The above article was posted anonymously on 'The Silver Lake News'. We welcome divergent points of view but request you claim ownership by identifying yourself when submitting!
  • Silver Lake Welcomes a New Councilmember: Mitch O'Farrell
    Posted on: 2013-07-01

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    On one of the hottest days of the year, Saturday, June 29, 2013, history was made as former CD-13 Deputy Mitch O'Farrell was sworn in as the first openly gay Los Angeles city councilmember of Native American descent. By the time we arrived for the late afternoon ceremony, the parking lot was already filled to overflow, as a joyous, raucous crowd of friends and supporters had already joined in the celebration. The honorary swearing-in ceremony was symbolically held at Marsh Park where the most promising effort to transform the Los Angeles River into a continuous recreational greenway is underway. A touch of class was added by the St. Cecilia Orchestra of Los Angeles, under the direction of Sonia Marie de Leon de Vega as a large crowd began filling the park's natural amphitheater. As Master of Ceremonies, former California Assemblymember Anthony Portantino put the crowd in a lively mood and introduced the honored guests who had come to honor Mitch, including Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti, fellow council members Tom LaBonge and Mike Bonin and outgoing members Bill Rosendahl and Ed P. Reyes. In a moving traditional Native American Indian ceremony, O'Farrell was sworn into office by Chief Billy Friend of the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma (O'Farrell's father and grandfather were both chiefs of the tribe). A reception was held after the ceremony at the RAC Design Build appropriately an eco-conscious studio specializing in sustainable, eco-conscious design by salvage and adaptive re-use. For more information about Mitch O'Farrell, please read more in the 'Who's Who in Silver Lake' page on this website. For more photos visit the page 'Neighborhood Pictures: Mitch O'Farrell'
  • Silver Lake Alum Opens Mid-Century Furnishings Shop
    Posted on: 2013-06-13
    Long time Silver Lake/Los Feliz resident and native Angeleno Mike Albanese has opened a Mid-Century Modern furnishing shop called Modernize specializing in an eclectic mix of furniture, lighting, art and accessories at the Pasadena Antiques & Design Center at 330 S. Fair Oaks at Del Mar, second floor.

    Mike, a graduate of Southern California Institute of Architecture and the UCLA Urban Design program worked as an architectural and interior designer for 25+ yrs. He owned and restored the original Gregory Ain office on Hyperion as well as a sprawling mid-century ranch house by George Montierth and the fabulous 1937 streamline moderne '20th Century House' by Hugh Davies in Bixby Knolls. Mike now spends his retirement living in downtown Long Beach, doing tours to Europe and dealing in mid-century interior furnishings.
  • The Silver Lake News Surpasses 9 Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2013-05-27

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    The Silver Lake News' surpassed 9 Million hits on Sunday, May 26, 2013; an average of over 28,900 hits per week! A huge 'Thank You' to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Garcetti & O'Farrell: A Winning Combination
    Posted on: 2013-05-25
    Whether it's a horse race, a football game or a political contest, there's always a sense of satisfaction and pride when you've backed a winner. Such is the case with our most recent municipal elections when our 'favorite sons' Eric Garcetti and Mitch O'Farrell won their respective races for Mayor and CD-13 representative respectively. With deep roots in the community, our new mayor and his former chief deputy make an unbeatable combination for serving the hopes and aspirations of Silver Lakers of all political persuasions. We (paltry) few, representing only 15% of the electorate, who took the time to register and go to the polls on Election Day can take a measure of pride in saying, 'We made the difference'.

    Los Feliz Ledger Photo
  • Homeless Man Gives $250 to Help Others
    Posted on: 2013-04-01
    Just in case you’ve been feeling the economic pinch and feel you don’t have anything more to give when asked to give a donation to a worthy cause, here’s a story that might bring some perspective.

    Los Feliz Resident Claire Padama has been feeding a homeless man named Ed for the past 15 years. When Ed arrives daily at Our Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church he is given a bag lunch and returns every month for a hot meal. Padama, who is president of the board of the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul, Council of Los Angeles, a Catholic charity, says that Ed recently came to the church to give, not to take. He handed her $250, in $1 bills, requesting she use the money to help others. According to Padama, Ed received the money in small increments as kindness from strangers who took pity on his homelessness.

    “We will use the money to help people who need rental or utility assistance,” said Padama. “For the past three years more people have been coming to the society for help.”

    The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul offers the needy of all religious denominations free food, clothing, furniture, appliances, rental and other assistance, as well as running homeless shelters in Los Angeles and Ventura County. They additionally have a camp for disadvantaged children near Santa Barbara.

    To learn more about the charitable activities of the Los Angeles Council of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul visit the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Los Angeles website (link below). NOTE; the article about Ed and Clare first appeared in my monthly column in the Los Feliz Ledger, April 2013 Edition.
  • Alegría on Sunset Celebrates 20 Years!
    Posted on: 2013-03-21

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    Alegria on Sunset, a leader in fresh cuisine since it opened its doors 20 years ago is marking a milestone and inviting friends and neighbors over to celebrate its longevity. On Friday, March 12, 2013 we joined a group of friends and well-wishers in a week-end long tribute to Chef-owner Nadine and her staying power. Of course it doesn't happen unless it's deserved; Alegria has maintained a reputation for exceptionally delicious food--served with graciousness at a low prices. Throwback prices from '93 are back in effect for at least a few more days.

    Nadine also takes seriously her role in the community. She is a member of her neighborhood council and was honored in September 2012 by the Sunset Free Clinic for her generosity and dedication over many years to good health through nutrition, education, and community action. A lover and collector of art, Nadine devotes the walls of the restaurant to exhibiting local artists' work. Last summer, when Nadine was the victim of a major robbery, more than 100 neighbors rallied around her at a tribute covered by local media. Alegria on Sunset is located at 3510 Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake. For more photos, please visit 'About Town' in the 'Neighborhood Pictures' section of this website!
  • New Rowena Avenue Bike Lanes
    Posted on: 2013-03-14
    Councilmember Tom LaBonge will celebrate the new Rowena Avenue “road diet” on Friday, March 15, 2013 with members of the community at Fire Station 56 at 2759 Rowena Avenue. The diet, which was completed early Monday morning, added bike lanes and a dedicated left-turn lane to the street, while reducing through lanes to one in each direction. The re-striping of Rowena Avenue was proposed by members of the community and made possible by the recent completion of the fourth phase of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s River Supply Conduit Project, which kept Rowena Avenue under construction for a little less than a year. In April 2012, a pedestrian was killed crossing Rowena Avenue near West Silver Lake Drive. “It doesn’t take much paint to make a big difference,” Councilmember Tom LaBonge said. “Rowena Avenue is now a better street.”
  • Fare Thee Well Al Polehonki! LAPD Senior Lead Officer Retires after 32 Years of Service
    Posted on: 2013-02-21
    The Ranger Station at Griffith Park was packed yesterday afternoon with neighbors, friends, civic leaders and fellow police officers to honor LAPD Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki who is retiring after 32 years on the force. The celebration which was hosted by City Councilmember Tom LaBonge brought out a lot of familiar faces including long time (now retired) Franklin Hills Senior Lead Officer Sam Salazar, CD4 Deputy Mary Rodriguez, Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) President Genelle LeVin; LFIA Board Members Marian Dodge, Demian Wyma and Mark Stong (Demian and Mark are co-chairs of the LFIA Public Safety and Transportation Committee); former CD13 District Director Mitch O'Farrell, former Silver Lake Neighborhood Council President Roberto Haraldson (both Mitch and Roberto are in the running for the city council seat being vacated by Eric Garcetti); new Elysian Valley Echo Park SLO Gina Chovan, Paul Michael Neuman - Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (SLNC) At-Large Rep and Co-Chair, Governmental Affairs Commitee; SLNC Co-Chair Renee Nahum, and Silver Lake Artist Bea Gold, Membership Chairperson of the Griffith Park Adult Community Club.

    For more photos, please visit Silver Lake Salutes Al Polehonki in the 'Neighborhood Pictures' section of this website.
  • Pilgrim Church: Silver Lake's First Boutique Hotel?
    Posted on: 2013-02-15
    From LA Curbed Wednesday, February 13, 2013, by Eve Bachrach

    Two years ago, local restaurateur Dana Hollister signed a lease on the old Pilgrim Church on Griffith Park Boulevard with plans to turn it into a boutique hotel and lounge. And then it all went very quiet. But now it's back! According to Echo Park Patch, Hollister has applied for the zoning variances that would allow for the 26-room hotel and bar to replace the house of worship, and tonight the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee will hear the proposal. In addition to the usual concerns about parking, some neighbors of the 83-year-old church 'worry about the proliferation of venues serving alcohol and have complained to the neighborhood council.' Hollister, who owns Silver Lake establishments Cliff's Edge and 4100 Bar, has had other hotel plans for the neighborhood; according to Patch, she once hoped to make her home at the Paramour Mansion on Maltman Avenue into a hotel. If her plans for the Pilgrim Church site go ahead, it would be the only hotel of its type and size in the neighborhood. As for the style, Hollister told Eastsider back in 2011 that she wanted 'to do something that is conservative and appropriate.'
  • VDL Director Sarah Lorenzen to Chair Cal Poly Pomona School of Architecture
    Posted on: 2013-02-13
    Associate Professor Sarah Lorenzen, director of the Silver Lake architectural landmark VDL House designed by Richard Neutra, has been appointed as chair of the Architecture Department at Cal Poly Pomona. Since 2007, Prof. Lorenzen has served as the resident director of the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences, where she oversees tours, artist exhibits, and cultural programming at the house, in addition to supervising the house’s ongoing restoration program. Since January 2008, Prof. Lorenzen has helped raise more than $350,000 for the house. That total includes a $10,000 matching grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation (2010) and a $50,000 grant from Friends of Heritage Preservation (2012).

    Professor Lorenzen replaces Professor Judith Sheine, who is the new head of the architecture program at the University of Oregon. Prof. Sheine led the Architecture Department for over ten years. The faculty of the Cal Poly Pomona Architecture Department has included such distinguished design leadership as Richard Neutra, Craig Ellwood, Raphael Soriano, Ray Kappe, Bernard Zimmerman, Thom Mayne, and Bill Adams.

  • Vince Brook presents 'Land of Smoke & Mirrors: A Cultural History of L.A.' at Mornings/Nights Café
    Posted on: 2013-01-31

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    Vince Brook's 'Land of Smoke & Mirrors: A Cultural History of L.A

    Author, Professor & Community Activist Vincent Brook read from his new book, 'Land of Smoke and Mirrors: A Cultural History of Los Angeles' (Rutgers University Press, 2013), at the Polka Dot Patio in front of Mornings/Nights Café on Sunday, February 17, 2013 to an audience of adoring friends. Vince has written on a broad range of film and television subjects, some of which focus on Jewish representation in sitcoms. His doctoral dissertation at UCLA was expanded and revised and published under the title, Something Ain't Kosher Here: The Rise of the 'Jewish' Sitcom; he also authored 'You Should See Yourself: Jewish Identity in Postmodern American Culture' (2006) and 'Driven to Darkness: Jewish Emigre Directors and the Rise of Film Noir (2009). Dr. Brook holds a Ph.D. in film and television from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and teaches media and cultural studies at UCLA and the University of Southern California. For more information call Vince: 323-663-7641.
  • Wildwoods Foundation Receives Governor's Award for Children's Environmental Education
    Posted on: 2013-01-23

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    The Wildwoods Foundation, an organization providing outdoor, environmental education to hundreds of students in Los Angeles, received the 2012 Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) for Children's Environmental Education at a ceremony at the California Environmental Protection Agency in Sacramento on Tuesday, January 22.

    The Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award Program is California's highest environmental honor. The program recognizes individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made notable, voluntary contributions in conserving California's precious resources, protecting and enhancing our environment, building public-private partnerships and strengthening the State's economy. The GEELA award was given in recognition of accomplishments of The Wildwoods Foundation's innovative flagship program, Full Circle, and its positive impact on students' science test scores at the schools it serves. All California individuals, businesses, state agencies, trade associations, community organizations, and non-profit institutions like The Wildwoods Foundation are eligible for the award competition.

    “It's a tremendous honor for Governor Brown to formally recognize The Wildwoods Foundation for the deep-reaching impact our game-changing blend of outdoor science education and community awareness brings to students here in Los Angeles,” said Curt Jacobsen, Chair of the Wildwoods Foundation Board of Directors and Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. “I am extremely proud of the Foundation staff for this extraordinary accomplishment, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of partnership with local schools so we can impact even more young lives.”

    “The Wildwoods Foundation is proud to be recognized by the Governor and the California EPA for Full Circle, one of our most innovative programs,” said Dwain Wilson, founder and Executive Director of The Wildwoods Foundation. “We share this honor with the exceptional program instructors, students and classroom teachers that have made contributions to the Full Circle curriculum over the past decade. Their input keeps Full Circle relevant to students’ everyday lives and ensures that the young people of today will be engaged in environmental issues for years to come.”

    Full Circle, an 8-week program for elementary and middle school classes, is an innovative blend of natural science and social science that is different from more traditional environmental education. Full Circle uses ecology as a springboard to help students understand that the interdependence and diversity are essential components for a healthy ecosystem, and are also vital to the social fabric of our communities. Science test scores students at Mayberry Elementary School, a Full Circle participant since 2005, have now reached 72% as “proficient” or “advanced.” Prior to the Full Circle program at Mayberry, only 19% of science test scores were “proficient” or “advanced.”

    The Wildwoods Foundation's model of success, now recognized by the Governor's Award, will continue to be implemented with programs at schools throughout the Los Angeles area.

  • Pacific Serenades, William Kraft Awarded ‘Letters of Distinction’
    Posted on: 2012-12-23

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    The American Music Center has named Pacific Serenades and William Kraft as recipients of its ‘Letter of Distinction’ to honor the local music group and the Altadena composer’s contribution to the field of contemporary music.
    Silver Lake resident Mark Carlson is the Artistic Director of Pacific Serenades and is an honoree in 'Who's Who in 'Silver Lake.' After receiving the award Mark commented, “The timing of this award could not have been better. By the end of our (27th] season we will have commissioned and premiered a stunning 110 new works.” Pacific Serenades begins its 2013 season on Feb. 10 at the Neighborhood Church, Pasadena.
    William Kraft has been instrumental in introducing new works to local audiences and has made a considerable mark as a composer. His works have been performed by Pasadena-based Southwest Chamber Music which resulted in the release of a CD on the Cambria label. Kraft has had a long and active career as a percussionist, conductor and teacher. He served as a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic for 26 years, eight years as principal timpanist.
    American Music Center is the name of the recently merged Center and Meet the Composer. Letters of Distinction have been awarded since 1964 to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the field of contemporary music. The awards will be presented by American Music Center in May of 2013.

  • Los Angeles Historical Society Honors Six Angelinos at Annual Awards Gala
    Posted on: 2012-12-14
    The Los Angeles City Historical Society (LACHS) held their annual Holiday Gala Dinner at the historic Fire House No. 27 in Hollywood on December 11, 2012. The event was attended by a capacity crowd and honored six Angelinos who have made a difference in the community, including Nick Curry, recipient of the J. Thomas Owen History Memorial Award; Anton Calleia, Honorary Life Member Award; Arnett L. Hartsfield, Jr., recipient of the Miriam Mahews Ethnic History Award; Geraldine Knatz and the Huntington Library, recipient of the Society's Special Awards and Jennifer A. Watts, recipient of the David G. Cameron Preservation Memorial Award. Guests were treated to a presentation by USC Professor Steven J. Ross, who lectured on his book, 'Hollywood Left and Right'. Los Angeles City Council Member Tom LaBonge was on hand and presented citations to each. Also on hand were the six presidents of the organization, past and present, pictured (L-R) Danny Munoz, Eddy S. Feldman, Ann Shea, Hynda Rudd, Irene Tresun and current President Todd Gaydowski. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: LACHS Events' on this website.

  • Meet Eric Michael Garcetti, Renaissance Man & Public Servant
    Posted on: 2012-11-28

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    It's about time! The Silver Lake News is proud to honor Los Angeles Council Member Eric Garcetti as the newest inductee into 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'. Although Eric has, like most politicians both detractors and admirers, I have had the pleasure of knowing him personally, particularly during my term of service on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (2003-2005), where I witnessed first-hand his passion for the community. As the Los Angeles Mayoral race heats up for a showdown on May 21, 2013, every Silver Lake should know Eric and what he stands for.
  • LA Underground Superstars
    Posted on: 2012-11-27
    Tuesday Nights at Simply Thai, 1850 Hillhurst Ave. The Best Dinner and Music Venue In The City. Tonight, Nov. 27 We have four unique acts starting at 7:00 pm. Come join us for a great night out..
  • Street Art by Timothy Smith aka TV5D
    Posted on: 2012-11-16

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    Timothy Smith aka TV5D is a street art muralist with several works that can be seen in and around the commercial corridors of Silver Lake. He is currently working on his masters degree at Laguna College of Art and Design, studying figurative oil painting. He grew up in Covina, toured in a punk rock band and has taught guitar to 'pay the rent'. He lived in Silver Lake in a 12 person co-op on @ the Sunset Junction called Aglago, which he discovered through 'Food Not bombs.' 'It is where they cook their meals every Sunday.They had a room opening in the basement, 'he said. 'I've also worked with the Silver Lake Arts Council to organize electrical box paintings around the city. My work can be defined as magical absurdism/ paradoxical realism. Stylistically, there is a playground of symbols scattered atop bright, kaleidoscopic backdrops. classically orchestrated figures act out modern day dramas in the chaos of a downtown metropolis. there is an exploration of absurdity in modern civilization, with a focus on interstices, anonymity, new digital means of communication, and the nature of logic itself'.
  • Bridal Art 'Step Out of the Box' - A Unique Bridal Event
    Posted on: 2012-11-05
    Bridal Meets Art at Los Feliz!

    Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg together with Works of Art Hair Studio present Bridal Art 'Step Out of the Box,' a unique bridal event on Sunday, November 11 from 6-9p, showcasing local wedding artisans.

    Featuring local “out of the box” wedding artisans, Bridal Art will present the soon-to-be-married with exquisite, non-traditional wedding resources which will embody the essence of a personal, unique, and unforgettable wedding. With the perfect blend of unique bridal vendors, brides and grooms will have the opportunity to plan their dream wedding or find themselves inspired with innovative ideas. 

    The event will focus on 'out of the box' bridal artisans including Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg, Jasmine's Garden: Unique Floral Designs, Mariah Nicole Makeup and Hair Artistry, PBF Photography, Nicole Fournier Photographic Arts and more! Guests will be able to view the gorgeous dresses of Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal and luxurious bridal lingerie of Dreamgirl in our bridal fashion show. Guests will also be invited to sample the mouthwatering cakes and catering of Kitchen12000 and Lark Cake Shop 

    This event is free and open to the public. The event is located at Works of Art Hair Studio, address 4655 1/2 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90027. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  • In Remembrance: David Hyun, Architect 1917-2012
    Posted on: 2012-10-20

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    Although David Hyun passed away on May 2, 2012, I didn't find out about it until today, October 20, 2012 while 'googling' his name on the internet. David was one of those 'larger-than-life' individuals, the first Korean-American to obtain a license to practice architecture, best remembered for his leadership role in helping transform Los Angeles' Little Tokyo into the vibrant community it is today..

    David Hyun was a dear friend that I had the great pleasure of meeting while serving on the Governing Board of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council during its first two years. As Founder of the Council's Beautification Committee in 2003, David was generous with his time and experience, allowing us to hold our initial public meetings at the striking Silver Lake home he designed for himself and his family. David is remembered in Who's Who in Silver Lake', as follows:

    'David Hyun - Architect and Idealist
    One of the most fascinating neighbors I have had the pleasure of meeting is Architect David Hyun. While walking the neighborhood a year ago, Donna and I met David Hyun in front of his striking residence on Redesdale Avenue. It is a house I had always been curious about, with its seven-gabled roof of blue ceramic tiles. To our surprise, David invited us in not only to give us a home tour, but to relate his fascinating life story and that of his great father, the late Reverend Soon Hyun, one of the primary figures in the establishment of the Republic of Korea.

    The Reverend Soon Hyun’s influence in creating a free and independent Korea shaped the thinking of his youngest son, David. He grew up as a political refuge in Hawaii and as a student, excelled in math and science. He graduated from the University of Hawaii in mathematics and physics, but soon saw that his real love was for architecture. After graduation, he made his way to Southern California determined to be an architect. He took a few night classes at the USC School of Architecture while working janitorial jobs and studied during his lunch breaks. He passed the state licensing exam on his first try! His engaging personality and willingness to learn were immediately recognized by his contemporaries, and he soon found work in the leading architectural firms in Los Angeles. During his early years, he was associated with A. Quincy Jones, Jr., Neutra and Alexander, and Arnet & David, some of the leading architectural firms of the day.

    David opened his own architectural practice, David Hyun Associates, Inc. in 1953. His interpretative architectural designs express a philosophy that “the architecture of the present best expresses the hope of the future by uniting not only with the past, but by joining cultures both east and west.”

    His greatest architectural and cultural achievement was the establishment of the Japanese Village Plaza, which transformed Little Tokyo in Los Angeles from an urban slum into a thriving urban community in the early 1980s. David’s experience over four decades of real estate development, financing, contracting, engineering and architecture, as well as his passion for uniting people both east and west, uniquely prepared him for this undertaking. In a culture of “it can’t be done”, David, armed with his vision and determination, managed to unite the interests of private, institutional, community and government resources to revitalize a neighborhood against seemingly impossible odds. For this contribution alone, our community owes a
    debt of gratitude to David Hyun.
  • Forbes Magazine names Silver Lake the 'hippest neighborhood' in America
    Posted on: 2012-10-02

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    Silver Lake has been 'on the radar' for those 'in the know' about the coolest places on planet Earth with a long-standing reputation for tolerance and a lively Bohemian culture. All Silver Lake takes pride in being selected for the top spot on Forbes Magazine's inaugural list of America’s 'Best Hipster Neighborhoods', the article claiming 'the trendy community boasts some of the nation’s most lauded food trucks and farmers markets, a multicultural blend of residents with eclectic professions, and a booming arts scene. Even the buildings exude an avant garde aesthetic a hipster could love: Silver Lake is home to some of the most celebrated modernist architecture in the country, including Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House and John Lautner’s Silvertop'.

    To read the text in full, please check the link below!
  • 'The Silver Lake News' Surpasses 8 Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2012-09-10

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    The Silver Lake News' surpassed 8 Million hits on Monday, September 10, 2012; an average of over 44.300 hits per week! A huge 'Thank You' to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Helping Americas Heroes is Only One Headshot Away
    Posted on: 2012-08-15
    Star of the movie Full Metal Jacket, Kevyn Major Howard, is the founder and Chairman of a non-profit organization called Fueled by the Fallen that honors Heroes that have given the ultimate sacrifice since the attacks on September 11th 2001. Fueled by the Fallen continues to move forward through generous donations from the public so that we may assist in supporting our military members, public safety personnel, and their families. There are five different 9/11 Camaros that bear all the names of those lives lost on 9/11, called the “9/11 Angels”. The 9/11 Angels were unveiled on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol prior to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 where they began their world trek. The Angels started with President Bush Senior’s home in Kennebunkport, were placed at the feet of the Statue of Liberty, and have toured the United States several times doing their honorable work. Through Fueled by the Fallen, Kevyn’s success in achieving America’s attention has been reflected upon by Governor Mike Huckabee on the Fox Channel line-up ‘The Huckabee Show’ and ‘Happening Now’ with show host Jenna Lee to name a few. This has given America the ability to give back to our heroes who have sacrificed everything for our country through their heartfelt donations. Kevyn has also implemented a program through another of his well known talents as one of the premier Headshot Photographers. This talent affords actors, actresses and all Americans the highest quality headshots, which in turn forwards even more proceeds towards assisting returning injured veterans, families of the fallen, and scholarships to children left behind. This program is becoming well known as ‘Headshots Help Heroes’. Kevyn’s headshot work has been featured on prestigious networks such as the Discovery Channel ‘The Human Face’ hosted by John Cleese and Elizabeth Hurley as well as being featured on Oprah.

  • AltaMed Unwraps Condom Distribution Campaign for Tops, Vers, and Bottoms in Los Angeles
    Posted on: 2012-08-07
    AltaMed Health Services will unwrap their Top, Vers, Bottom condom campaign at MJs Bar in Silverlake on Friday, August 10, 2012 from 5 pm 9 pm. The organizations goal is to distribute 125,000 condoms to STD and HIV at-risk populations in Los Angeles this year. The Top, Vers, Bottom condoms will be given out at AltaMed clinics, nightclubs, commercial sex venues, and neighborhood organizations.

    Fridays event is the kick-off to the year-long campaign. The evening will include free HIV testing, condoms, food, music and dancing, trivia games, raffle prizes, and a photo booth for all to show their support of safe sex.

    The campaign is targeted to encourage safe sex behaviors amongst men who have sex with men or gay men in the Los Angeles by using Top, Vers, Bottom phrases, popular terminology within the gay community. According to the CDC men who have sex with men account for 61% of total new HIV diagnoses and 79% of new HIV diagnoses among men. The focus of the campaign is not to promote abstinence, but rather responsibility. Practicing safe sex reduces the risk of getting and transmitting HIV and STDs.

    AltaMed has been providing quality HIV and AIDS health care to Los Angeles Latino, multi-ethnic and underserved communities for over 20 years. Our services include specialty care, treatment, prevention services, counseling, and access to clinical trials.
  • Architecture 'Discovery: Case Study Architect Kemper Nomland in Silver Lake c.1960
    Posted on: 2012-05-03

    It is always a source of great joy to discover something that has been right under my nose all the time, namely not one, not two but THREE (architecture) projects in Silver Lake datig from the 1960s. This recent discovery came through the courtesy of one of our readers, Carol Jadiker, daughter of Bill Jadiker who owned a plumbing business located at 1732 Silver Lake Blvd. Jadkier Plumbing. Turns out Bill met Kemper Nomland Jr. while working at a Civilian Public Service camp near Wyeth, Oregon whee both were interred as conscientious objectors during World War II. After the war the pair met up again in L.A. where Jadiker had opened a plumbing business. Over the years they collaborated on several projects in Silver Lake, namely a duplex on Moore Street, an 18-unit apartment complex on Apex Avenue and two apartment buildings on Silver Lake Boulevard, now proudly featured in the 'SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE page.

    Pictured is the Jadiker Duplex, designed by Kemper Nomland Jr. in the early 1960s.
  • The Real 'Chinatown' Sequel? DWP & Their New Pipeline
    Posted on: 2012-04-24
    Set in Los Angeles in the 1930's, the classic film 'Chinatown' explores corruption and greed against the backdrop of the Department of Water & Power (DWP). Although this was a dramatized version of those in power in the early days of the DWP, it was based on some real events, including actions by William Mulholland and his people to remove farmers off land they wanted. The character of Noah Cross in the film -- hell-bent on his vision of a metropolis in the desert and incorporating the San Fernando Valley into Los Angeles -- is said to be based on William Mulholland.

    One of the powerful themes in 'Chinatown,' articulated by private eye Jake Gittes is, 'You can't always tell what's going on,' as people are not always what they seem to be. Any first time viewer can easily get lost in the story, because everyone has an agenda and almost no one speaks the truth. Ever.

    Fast forward 80+ years: The DWP is spending over half a billion dollars on a new water pipeline -- and damned if anything gets in the way. Known officially as the 'River Supply Conduit Project,' this new pipeline will extend from the Silver Lake & Ivanhoe Reservoirs through Griffith Park and up to North Hollywood, thereby replacing the current pipeline.

    The project began over two years ago, and since its start, has faced serious issues, including the discovery of deadly Chromium 6 at the site of what will be the underground 'Headworks Reservoir' on the north side of Griffith Park. This ostensibly halted DWP's excavation temporarily, although everyone involved has been quiet about this publicly.

    (To read the rest of this story, visit the website link below)
  • Every Day Should be Earth Day (Sunday, April 22nd)
    Posted on: 2012-04-18
    Earth day is the day we all look at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. 20% of all greenhouse gases come from automobiles, so it makes sense to start there.

    The rising gas prices are causing many people to buy a more fuel efficient vehicle. That is a good thing, not just for the economy. Newer vehicles get better gas mileage and produce less toxic emissions. Anyone buying a new vehicle should consider donating their older one to charity. The charity will either fix the car so that it is road worthy and passes emissions tests or make sure it is completely recycled. The money it gets will be used to further its mission.

    Anyone not replacing their car can still help the environment by making it greener. Keeping it tuned up, the tires inflated and changing the air filter often will produce up to a 25% improvement in gas mileage.

    A less toxic anti-freeze is now available that is 65% less toxic. New life-time wiper blades are available that are not made from petroleum based rubber. They are 100% recyclable. There are many non-toxic cleaning products for both the outside and interior of the car.

    While Earth Day is a good day to concentrate on cleaning up and protecting the environment, it is a practice that should be continued everyday of the year.
  • The Silver Lake News Celebrates 7 Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2012-04-04

    The Silver Lake News' surpassed 7 Million hits on Wednesday, April 4, 2012; an average of over 44.300 hits per week! (up from 29,000 per week when last reported in October 2011).
    A huge 'Thank You' to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Sunset Triangle Plaza: Pedestrian Only Zone Coming to Silver Lake!
    Posted on: 2012-02-27
    From Eastsider L.A.: Silver Lakers will be delighted to learn that a new traffic-free pedestrian zone is coming to the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Griffith Park! The plaza is an extension of the existing Sunset Triangle Park, site of Silver Lake's Farmer's Market. I dropped by the park today to witness first hand the progress; finishing touches are underway with decorative green polka dots now completely covering the street where Griffith Park Boulevard intersects with Sunset Boulevard. Tables with umbrellas, planters and a bike rack will serve as traffic barriers. The pedestrian plaza will be known as 'Sunset Triangle Plaza'; dedication ceremonies are slated for Sunday, March 4th.
  • Tell Me a Story
    Posted on: 2012-02-27
    Tell Me a Story has been published and is out and about! It is for sale on Amazon. Barnes and Nobel and Outskirts Press. It is on the Kindel and on the Nook. It just recieved it's first review, by Grady Hart and it was a great review. Here it is:
    Tell Me a Story: Stories From a Childhood in Old New York
    by Bea Gold
    Edition: Hardcover
    Price: $38.95
    Availability: In Stock
    9 used & new from $34.89

    The World as Seen Through the Eyes of a Child, February 26, 2012

    This review is from: Tell Me a Story: Stories From a Childhood in Old New York (Hardcover)
    Bea Gold is a unique lady with special gifts. Not only is she an accomplished 'outsider/primitive' school artist (think Grandma Moses), able to create another time and atmosphere with very little detail, but she is also a fine writer who is able to tell stories form a child's point of view - even though these stories are written about Gold's own experiences growing up as a first generation American Jew in New York of the 1930s and 1940s. It is this combination of ingredients that makes this book - TELL ME A STORY - so engaging, a rich mixture of growing into a new culture with all the new accouterments of family tradition and the novelty of America.

    Her stories are 36 in number, each story fills one page and opposite that page is an illustrative moment from the story. In many ways it is like a Child's Garden of Verses - the topics include foods and the preparation of same (chocolate pudding, lentil soup, bean and barley, potato latkes), her parents, the members of the neighborhood, the changes in schools, the Pogrom, visits to the dentist, and on and on. Each story bristles with he authenticity of New York life and the experience of being Jewish in those days.

    Originally conceived as an art project (Bea Gold is very active in the Silver Lake Art Collective, an avid gardener, an experienced early childhood specialist), displayed with the art accompanied by the associated story in a gallery space, bringing these stories and artworks to the general public is a major step forward. Likely we will be seeing more about Bea Gold! Grady Harp, February 12 Comment | Permalink
  • Starting Yoga From Scratch
    Posted on: 2012-02-23
    Every Thursday from 4-5:15 PM at Yogavidala in Los Feliz.

    A class designed specifically for those that are brand new to yoga. Come just as you are, dressed comfortably for movement. No matter where you are starting from, you will be surprised how good yoga makes you feel. $10 per class.
  • Barnsdall Art Park Foundation Dedicates New Sign
    Posted on: 2011-12-24

    Friends and neighbors gathered at the gateway to Barnsdall Art Park in December 8, 2011 for the much-anticipated new entrance sign dedication. City Council President Eric Garcetti and City Councilmember Tom LaBonge led a host of dignitaries at the ceremony.
    The sign complements the art deco styling of the iconic Hollyhock House, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright between 1919 and 1921 and the centerpiece of the park. The sign “lets residence know they have a major cultural landmark in their midst”, according to Marshall Levy, co-president of the foundation.
    The landmark sign was designed by one of Los Angeles premiere design firms, Sussman-Prejza, with approval from the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission. The Departments of Recreation and Parks and Cultural Affairs and the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation worked as a team, launching the project in September 2005 with the essential support of both Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge. Major funding was accomplished through the efforts of the foundation, with additional support from the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles. The Hollywood Arts Council, a key partner in the project from the beginning, secured additional funding from AT&T, Edison International and Occidental Petroleum.

    Nyla Arslanian, president Hollywood Arts Council is pictured with Olga Garay, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs at the dedication ceremony.

  • Remembering Bob Herzog (1940-2011)
    Posted on: 2011-12-09
    Robert Herzog, Silver Lake Community Activist 1940-2011

    Bob Herzog, Co-Chair of the Silver Lake History Collective, a standing committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council passed away on November 14, 2011 after a battle with cancer. He was a Silver Lake native and had a great love for and strong devotion to the community. He attended Hollywood High School and USC, where he earned a degree in Business.

    He began his professional career at the American Broadcasting Company and worked for various advertising agencies, beginning with J. Walter Thompson, living and working in Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Juan, Puerto Rico where he met his life partner, Jim... The couple moved to Silver Lake in 1976, purchasing a home on London Street. Tiring of the world of advertising, he took several years off to rest and travel. For a time, he found himself working as a house painter with his life partner, Jim. After Jim's death from AIDS, he took over the painting business, where he spent eighteen years as the owner of Herzog Painting.

    Retiring from the painting business in 2005, Bob soon found himself involved in community service. At the time of his death, he was actively involved in the community, serving on the Board of the Silver Lake Improvement Association, and the Griffith Park Adult Community Club. For the past three years he served as Co-Chair for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's History Collective.

    In an interview for the Silver Lake History Collective on July 8, 2008, Bob recollected his life in Silver Lake, 'I love this community, and my home, where I have lived for the past 35 years.' “It is a great pleasure to work with my neighbors in preserving the culture and history of our neighborhood. We spend our lives working and raising families, then retirement comes and offers an opportunity to share our lives with others and flower into maturity:” he said.

    A Memorial Service celebrating his life was held at the Griffith Park Visitor’s Center on Saturday, December 17, 2011.
  • Silver Lake Resident Joseph Collins is New President of Inner City Arts
    Posted on: 2011-12-05

    Inner-City Arts announced today that its board of directors has appointed Silver Lake Resident Joseph A. Collins as its new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective December 5, 2011.

    Most recently the CEO of the Kanye West Foundation, Collins is a veteran in the fields of arts, education and youth development having spent most of his career leading and managing programs in New York, California and Chicago. At the Kanye West Foundation, Collins co-created and executive produced the nationally televised stay-in-school concert series S.H.O.W. (Students Helping Our World), which motivated and rewarded high school students for improved school attendance and grades. He also implemented Loop Dreams™, a year-round education and music program that exposes inner-city children to the arts.

    “Joseph brings to Inner-City Arts a wealth of non-profit leadership experience and a passion for helping children and young adults achieve through the arts,” says
    Inner-City Arts chairman of the board Doug Hinchliffe. “It is with great enthusiasm that we appoint him as our new president and CEO. His experience is a perfect complement to our core programs, and we look forward to working with him to expand our work, and lead Inner-City Arts into an exciting future.”

    Founded in 1989, Inner-City Arts works in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District to bring elementary and middle school students to the campus during the school day for instruction in the visual and performing arts. High school students participate in after-school and Saturday programs. Widely regarded as one of the nation's most effective arts education providers, Inner-City Arts is an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity in the heart of Skid Row, and a vital partner in the work of creating a safer, healthier Los Angeles. Since its inception, Inner-City Arts has served over 150,000 of the city’s most at-risk children at no cost to the students, and supported 2,000 teachers through its professional development programs. For more information, visit the weblink below.
    Posted on: 2011-11-18
    The coolest bar in town has just opened- NAYA BAR/LOUNGE is an ecclectic bar designed by the famous architect group Spacecraft. Come and enjoy our decor, drinks and vibe Happy Hour Daily 3-7
  • SLNC History Collective Honors Jenna Didier
    Posted on: 2011-11-11

    The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council presented its second History Collective Award to Jenna Didier Founder and Co-Director of Materials & Applications, a non-profit organization that produces installations twice yearly and hosts open air discussions, workshops, performances and other public events at a pocket park in their studio courtyard at 1619 Silver Lake Blvd.

    M&A is dedicated to advancing new and underused ideas in art, architecture and landscape, focusing on sustainability and responsible use of materials.

    Since its founding by Ms. Didier in 2002, M&A has brought national and international attention to Silver Lake and its creative culture through its eye-catching outdoor environmental installations. Publications including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Dwell, I.D. and Metropolis magazines as well as global press from Europe and Australia have made this Silver Lake institution famous far beyond our neighborhood.

    Congratulations Jenna!
  • The Silver Lake News Celebrates 6 Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2011-10-28
    The Silver Lake News' surpassed 6 Million hits on Friday, October 28, 2011; an average of over 29,400 hits per week!

    A huge 'Thank You' to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Art Classes for Children & Teens in Silverlake!
    Posted on: 2011-09-02
    The Institute for Visual Arts is a newly founded nonprofit art school based in Silverlake. IVA offers a comprehensive art education program for children and teens during weekly after-school classes and summer camps, instructed by artist and art educator Shannon Fincke Garver. Class sizes are limited to ensure students receive individualized attention and differentiated instruction.

    IVA is held in the classroom space at the Silverlake Community Church on Hyperion. The Fall Institute classes start on September 12th, 14th and 15th. Reserve a space for your child now by emailing Please visit the IVA web site for more information.
  • A Birthday Present for Marion Dodge
    Posted on: 2011-08-09
    A surprise birthday party was held for Los Feliz Community Activist Marian Dodge as part of the celebration marking the Hollywood Grove as one of Los Angeles’ newest historic preservation overlay zone (HPOZ) districts. Marian became active in the Los Feliz Historic Survey and History Committee, identifying the Hollywood Grove as a potential HPOZ, in about 1990. Her willingness to act upon the many follow through efforts, such as getting the survey printed, never let up. A retired Marshall High School teacher, Marian rose through the ranks of leadership in the Los Feliz Improvement Association (LFIA), becoming the organization’s president.

    Through the years, she has been an advocate for issues affecting Griffith Park, and helped to establish Friends of Griffith Park; she is currently president of the Hillside Federation representing neighborhood groups in lobbying City Hall.
    Five years ago, Marian Dodge met Scott Larson, Homeowner Representative of Hollywood United Neighborhood Council (HUNC) to review the larger HPOZ proposed for Los Feliz. The two decided to move forward with the neighborhood most directly threatened by development in Hollywood – hence Hollywood Grove! With support from the neighborhood, HUNC, the LFIA, the Oaks Homeowners Association, and Councilmember LaBonge, success was finally achieved. The group acknowledged Marian’s leadership in the process at the Hollywood Grove Dedication Ceremony held on Saturday, July 16, 2011.
    Pictured are Los Angeles Historical Society Board Members Kathy Kolnick and Diane Kanner with Marion Dodge (middle) at the Hollywood Grove HPOZ Dedication Ceremony.
  • Local Area Teacher to Join Earthwatch Expedition in Sierra Nevada
    Posted on: 2011-07-10
    I, Kelly Centolella, am Silverlake resident and a seventh grade math and science teacher at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Los Angeles, CA. I along with 8 other Los Angeles area teachers are currently on a two-week expedition with Earthwatch to study climate change in the Sierra Nevadas, and thought you might be interested in the story. Our expedition is funded by The Durfee Foundation. If you would like to hear more about our trip, feel free to check out our blog! It will continue to be updated with new stories and pictures from our trip.
    Earthwatch (, the world’s largest environmental nonprofit volunteer organization, is based in Metro Boston. Its mission is to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Since its founding in 1971, the organization has supported nearly 1,360 projects in 120 countries and 36 states. More than 93,000 volunteers have contributed $72 million to scientific fieldwork.
  • Announcing the foundation of the Institute for Visual Arts!
    Posted on: 2011-07-02
    The Institute for Visual Arts (IVA) is a community-based comprehensive art education program for children and teens founded and directed by Shannon Fincke Garver. Shannon has 15 years of experience designing and implementing art programs in private and public schools and non-profit organizations. Currently, she conducts private art classes, workshops and camps and teaches art in numerous local schools through the LAUSD Arts Program, including Ivanhoe Elementary where Shannon is also a parent.

    IVA was founded in response to the budget cuts that have severely diminished arts programs in public schools and is dedicated to enriching the lives of students through the study of art and the advancement of visual arts in our greater community and society.

    IVA's summer program includes 3-day workshops and a week-long camp for children. After-school art courses for students in grades K-12 will be offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. Until a permanent location for IVA is established, the classes are being held at the Silverlake Community Church.

    Please visit the IVA web site for more information. For registration, inquiries, and to join the mailing list, email:
  • Hollywood Grove Historic District is City's Newest HPOZ
    Posted on: 2011-06-29

    The Hollywood Grove Historic District will celebrate recognition as Los Angeles' newest Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) on Saturday, July 16, 2011 with a community potluck speeches and home tour. The neighborhood is a quaint community of historic Hollywood bungalows, north of Franklin Avenue, between Canyon Drive and Saint Andrews Place. The bungalows were built between 1905 and 1939 and 78% of them are considerably intact. The celebration begins at noon and concludes at 5 p.m.

    Pictured is the c.1910 Craftsman home located at 1939 N. Van Ness Avenue.
  • Silver Lake Song & Video
    Posted on: 2011-05-19
    We have just put up our song & video SILVER LAKE
    on our web site & You's a beauty

    Poppa's Kitchen
  • 25th Annual Memorial Weekend UCLA JAZZREGGAEFEST IS HERE AGAIN
    Posted on: 2011-05-05
    The 25th Annual JazzReggae Festival

    will be held at UCLA’s Intramural Field over Memorial Day Weekend — May 29-30, 2011.

    The JazzReggae Festival at UCLA kicks off the summer for the entire Los Angeles community. Held every Memorial Day Weekend, this year’s festival marks the 25th anniversary of this historic celebration of music, culture, and community. The JazzReggae Festival is the largest, entirely student produced and run event of its kind on the West Coast. A staff of 30 UCLA undergraduates consistantly proves that today’s youth can create something as distinguished and professional as JazzReggae Fest.

    The JazzReggae Festival began as a single-day Jazz Festival, but the popularity and notoriety of the show, along with the drive and passion from the student producers, enabled the concert to become a two-day Jazz and Reggae festival. Both days allow everyone in attendance to explore the rich musical lineage of these musical styles. In addition to music, the JazzReggae Festival incorporates many cultures by showcasing a variety of food and craft vendors from multifarious backgrounds and communities. With such a diverse selection of cultural food and goods, the JazzReggae Festival allows visitors to gain a new experience that they would normally never have.

    As an active part of the Los Angeles community, the JazzReggae Festival works tirelessly to preserve our world and keep our community thriving. We do this in part through our multifaceted sustainability program. As one of the first festivals in the world to feature sustainability and environmental protection as a basis for all of our decisions, 2011 promises to be our greenest festival to date. In previous years, our sustainability team has worked to eliminate single-use water bottles by selling affordable aluminum JazzReggae water bottles and setting up a free water-refilling station. By setting up recycling and compost bins with every trashcan, the festival works to eliminate waste and promote recycling and multi-use utensils and packaging. Also, through the use of solar and natural gas to power our stage and vendors, the JazzReggae Festival continually limits our eco-footprint on our community.

    The 2010 festival marked the first year of interactive, visual art on the grounds. The sustainability tent, set up to educate visitors on how to improve their lives and our world through sustainable acts and choices, featured sustainable UCLA student art. Across the field, four live artists, including Mear One, painted giant pallets while festival goers watched.

    In short, we believe in creating a music festival that will help to build a better future. We would like to think of this as our contribution as students to the community at large. In the past, we have worked with other non-profit groups such as the UCLA Music Outreach Program, which sends UCLA Music Students to underserved public schools in Los Angeles who have lost their music programs. These students volunteer at schools in order to teach music to a generation of students who have been robbed of this educational and extracurricular opportunity. In order to help revive these programs, the JazzReggae Festival at UCLA contributes the continuation of the Music Outreach Program.

    As unpaid, but extremely passionate students we understand these times are tough. By keeping ticket prices low, while providing professional quality work and maintaining core values of equality, education and passion for music, we provide people a chance to experience an event that is often a cherished life long memory. Such an idealistic desire is hard to maintain in today’s world, especially during these rocky times, but we believe that this type of endeavor will bring about a brighter future
    Come out , treat yourself, don't cheat yourself, start your summer to the tune of sweet Reggae music, the heartbeat of the child.

    Click on the website, for all info, times, directions,song sets, sample audio/videos etc.

  • New Landscaping Underway at the Griffith Park Adult Community Center
    Posted on: 2011-04-18

    The Griffith Park Adult Community Center (GPACC) is moving outside! Thanks to community help and various fund-raising efforts, the center is developing an outdoor patio area with landscaping; the area will provide additional class space and opportunities for gardening and outdoor dining.

    On April 4th, the club received a gift of $1025 from Keller Williams Los Feliz Realty; the funds will be used to embellish the patio and provide landscaping. Previously, Los Feliz Café donated outdoor tables and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power donated K-rails to act as a buffer, separating the patio from the parking lot. Well known local artist Yuriko Etue will create designs for the K-rails with help from the center’s artistic members.

    GPACC Director Monty Sutherlin and Stephanie Vendig, President of the Adult Center accepted the Keller Williams gift on behalf of the center; Councilmember Tom La Bonge was on hand to preside over the presentation, as well as several Keller Williams agents who participated in the effort, including Branch Manager Anthony Vulin.

    'At Keller Williams Los Feliz Realty, we believe contributing to the community is a fundamental responsibility”, said Chris Laib, Co-Chair of Keller Williams Cares, Los Feliz, “our clients and business benefit directly from a healthy, vibrant community”.

    The Griffith Park Adult Community Center is in its third year now and has a very active group of seniors involved in a wide range of activities, now to include a communal garden. 'The garden will benefit the center in many ways”, according to Councilmember LaBonge, “getting out of the house, eating healthy, getting some exercise, and most importantly, the social connection from their relationships at the center, will have long term benefits”, he said. Stephanie Vendig added, “We are grateful for this donation as it contributes to the enhancement of the greater community so a place like GPACC can thrive and serve well the older adult population.”
  • Host an International Student!
    Posted on: 2011-03-23
    Kings Colleges, an international school of English, is opening its first U.S. location in Hollywood and we need host families for our students! If you have an open room and an open mind, please contact Holly McKee-Clark at or call 213-399-1602 for more information. Hosting an international student can be a highly rewarding and educational experience for all members involved. We also offer a competitive stipend (ranging from $150-200/week) and full support to our hosts. Students range in age from 18-24 and come from all around the world, staying from 2 weeks to a year. We are looking for hosts who will treat the student like a member of the family and help them to improve their English language skills. Any good, clean home within a 45-minute commute by public transportation is eligible!
  • Stephen M. Box: Newest Honoree in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'
    Posted on: 2011-03-05

    Community Activist, Cycling Advocate & Founder of Budget L.A. Stephen M. Box has just been honored as the newest member of 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'! It should come as no surprise that the three candidates running for Los Angeles City Council District 4 have all been honored in this column. (Tom LaBonge was our 23rd honoree; Tomas O'Grady the 29th). The Silver Lake News wishes each of the candidates well in the upcoming election (scheduled for March 8th) and hopes that each will continue to serve the community regardless of the outcome. NOTE: Historically speaking, the typical turnout in these elections is (I am told on reliable advice) a paltry 15%! Your participation and vote in the process is critical; I hope to see you at the polls next Tuesday! -Michael Locke, Editor
  • The Silver Lake News Celebrates 5 Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2011-03-04

    The Silver Lake News' surpassed 5 Million hits on Friday, March 4, 2011; an average of over 30,400 hits per week!

    A huge 'Thank You' to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Just had my home revitalized
    Posted on: 2011-02-23
    I just had a 'Space Revitalization' session with Kim from the Shambhalla Institute. My place looks amazing...more stylized and opened up. I am blown away and had to share!
  • This Old House Premieres First-Ever Los Angeles Project on PBS SoCal
    Posted on: 2011-01-27
    The Emmy® Award-winning PBS television series This Old House rolls out the red carpet for a Hollywood-style renovation in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

    In order to accommodate a growing family, homeowners Kurt Albrecht and Mary Blee know they need to expand their 1933 Spanish Colonial Revival. The This Old House experts are working with Los Angeles-based contractor Steve Pallrand and his design-build firm Home Front on a modest 750-sq.ft. addition, which includes a new second floor, larger kitchen, new family room, two additional baths and two more bedrooms. Throughout the renovation, with the help of local tradespeople, the series will focus on preserving and replicating the quaint period details that make the property unique, such as the clay roof tiles, arched doorways, tray ceilings, plaster ornamentation, inlaid floors and art deco light fixtures.

    Tune in as the series kicks off its first-ever LA renovation on PBS SoCal tonight, 1/27, at 7 pm.

  • L.A. City Historical Society Honors Four Angelinos
    Posted on: 2010-12-30

    LOS ANGELES- on December 14, 2010. A standing-room-only crowd enjoyed a buffet dinner and dessert and remarks from Journalist Suzanne Muchnic, reminiscing on her 31 years covering the arts beat for the Los Angeles Times. Honors were bestowed upon Playboy Publisher Hugh Heffner, Christy McAvoy, Co-Founder of Hollywood Heritage, and Authors Kevin Roderick and J. Eric Lynxweiler. Heffner was cited for his timely contribution of $900,000 that helped save the “Hollywood Sign” earlier this year. Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge praised Heffner, thanking him for helping “preserve the ‘naked’ mountain”. Christy McAvoy was recognized for her efforts in safeguarding the history of Hollywood, and for her preservation work as Principal of the Historic Resources Group. LA Observed Editor Kevin Roderick and L.A. Historian J. Eric Lynxweiler were honored for their recent work, “Wilshire Boulevard: Grand Concourse of Los Angeles.”

    A host of Los Angeles “movers and shakers” attended the event; perhaps no one was more enthusiastically-received than Author- Historian Catherine Mulholland. Raising a symbolic glass of water, LaBonge led a toast to Mulholland and her grandfather, William Mulholland, the engineer and former head of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power who designed the Los Angeles Aqueduct.

    Pictured are Event Chair Diane Kanner with Los Angeles Council Member Tom LaBonge.

  • Micheltorena School's New Library Grand Opening December 17th
    Posted on: 2010-12-13

    Join us in our celebration of reading! Micheltorena School celebrates the opening of its brand-new library in the school's auditorium on Friday, December 17, at 9:45 am. The theme of the event will be “Hollywood Premiere.”

    Come dressed as your favorite celebrity! The new library will more than double the number of books it is currently lending and will give students a spacious, quiet, well-lit place to read.

    After years of raising money, The Micheltorena School Library Committee, Friends of Micheltorena Street School and the Micheltorena PTA were awarded the grant from the Wonder of Reading Foundation, a literacy organization in Los Angeles that seeks to improve the rates of literacy in school children by helping schools renovate their libraries. Community donors and supporters include student body fundraisers, LAUSD Boardmember Yolie Flores, City Councilmember Tom LaBonge, the Lakers Foundation, and Silver Lake resident and alumna Roella Louie, and countless others who are participating in our Adopt-the-Library fundraising program.

    1511 Micheltorena St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    Phone: (323) 661-2125
    Fax: (323) 661-2086
    Principal’s email:
  • Celebrating the Holidays with the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy
    Posted on: 2010-12-06
    These are a few of my favorite things: Celebrating the holidays with friends old and new during the holiday season! Last week, Donna and I invited our neighbors over for what we hope will be an annual Christmas party; the following day, December 5, 2010) the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy held their annual holiday get-together at the home of long-time board member Leslie Edmonds in Silver Lake. The organization, now in its 22nd year, has been serving the community's interest as watchdog for reservoir issues, 'dedicated to preserving and enhancing the open waters and surrounding open space.'

    I was delighted to learn that Jonathan Noah Stein was recently selected as the group's president, succeeding Shelley Marks. Noah shared his vision of the group's ongoing mission, and promised an interview in the near future.

    Pictured are Noah Stein with partner Eduardo Diaz at the 2010 SLRC Christmas Party . For more photos, please visit the section, 'Neighborhood Pictures: About Town' on this website.
  • Micheltorena School's Colorful Murals
    Posted on: 2010-11-29

    I spent a few hours with Leonardo Chalupowicz at Micheltorena Elementary School last weekend. The eco-architect (featured in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake)' has a passion for education and ecology, and means to pass his knowledge onto the area's primary students. I arrived a few minutes early; while waiting I was struck by the beauty and energy of the murals (along the Sunset Blvd. perimeter) depicting scenes of student life. Look for them in the section, 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Murals' on this website!
  • Eco-Architect Leonardo Chalupowicz Honored in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'
    Posted on: 2010-11-27

    Meet Leonardo Chalupowicz Eco-Architect and Community Organizer, the latest inductee in ''Who's Who in Silver Lake'.' Leonardo serves on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board and has a strong commitment to the environment as well as an interest in public transportation, bicycle advocacy and green communal spaces. Among other community projects, he is currently organizing an organic fruit & vegetable community garden at Micheltorena Elementary School. For more details, please visit the 'Who's Who' section.
  • A Journey Back in Time: Visiting the Nin-Pole House with Architect Eric Lloyd Wright
    Posted on: 2010-11-21

    Once in a rare while, the opportunity comes along to visit a fabled treasure that is normally a well-kept secret and off-limits to the general public. I was familiar with stories about the house, where Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright and a distinguished architect in his own right, designed a home for his half-brother Rupert Pole and Anais Nin, the famous feminist and writer in 1962. It was the architect’s first solo commission; he returned to the site on November 20, 2010 for an interview with the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council History Collective (SLNCHC). Bob Herzog, Co-Chair of the Committee invited me along, to document and photograph the participants and the occasion. Also on hand were the architect’s son and daughter-in-law, Devon and Marion “Tree” Wright, and Jenifer Palmer-Lacy, who conducted the interview. For more details, please visit the SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE in PHOTOS page (link below)

    Portrait of Anais Nin, the controversial feminist who had two husbands at the same time; she never diviluged her secret to either one. The portrait still hangs in the hallway of the house she occupied with Rupert Pole off and on from 1962 until her death in 1977.

    Posted on: 2010-11-05
    iT'S FINALLY HERE! After weeks of trial and error, I am pleased to announce our SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE MAP is up-and-running! It is now possible to plan an itinerary, get driving directions, or just spot on the map Silver Lake's architectural treasures. Click on the weblink and give it a try. Thanks to Martin Schall ( for introducing me to Nate Schulman who developed the map. NOTE: If you own or know of a home that should be featured on Silver Lake's architectural map, please let us know; we want to honor it! -Michael Locke, Editor
  • Tomas O'Grady Honored in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'
    Posted on: 2010-10-31

    Farm Feliz Founder Tomas O'Grady is making an 'under-the-radar' impact on the local community in lots of small ways. Get to know him and what he's passionate about in an upcoming biography in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'.
  • Martin Schall's photos of Silver Lake - on the map!
    Posted on: 2010-10-09

    In collaboration with Architectural Photographer Martin Schall (, Nate Schulman has made a photo-map of his section on Silver Lake! It's still in the 'trial mode', but Nate hopes you enjoy it! Perhaps he will be able to add a similar feature to our website soon. Check it out and let us know what you think!
  • Remembering Michael Slater
    Posted on: 2010-09-27

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    Michael Slater, a long time board member of the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy, died on Saturday, August 28, 2010 following a long illness. He was 51 years old.

    Michael was well-known in the Silver Lake community as a successful realtor. Perhaps less well-known was his commitment to public service through his work for the SLRC. Michael learned about the Conservancy during the 1999 Silver Lake Modernist house tour and joined the board shortly thereafter.

    As a board member, Michael played a pivotal role as an interface to the Silver Lake business community. He worked tirelessly on SLRC’s Modernist Silver Lake House tours of 2000 and 2006 getting sponsorships from local realtors and other businesses. His efforts contributed substantially to the success of these events.

    Michael had many interests. He traveled often. He loved the theater; and he enjoyed cooking and eating good food. He shared these interests with his wide circle of friends that included many SLRC board members. Michael will be missed by his many friends and associates. Among the SLRC board, he will be remembered for his kind heart, gentle manner and ten years of service to the Silver Lake community.

    A memorial service was held on September 11, 2010 at All Saints Church in Pasadena.

    from the SLRC website, comments by SLRC Board Member Shelley Marks.

  • Smiletrain Benefit in Los Feliz September 18th
    Posted on: 2010-09-12

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    A 'Foodanthropic Fundraiser' benefitting Smile Train will be held at a private residence in Los Feliz on September 18, 2010. This is the second annual fundraising dinner put on by local Silver Lake resident Luis De Avila, a technology consultant, foodie, and philanthropist.

    A passionate philanthropist, Luis spent years volunteering his time for worthwhile organizations through LA Works. In 2009, he decided he wanted to do more, and launched his annual foodanthropic fundraising dinners. Each year, Luis chooses a charity and raises funds for the charity by selling tickets to his foodanthropic event.

    'Someone once asked me why I do this. There are two reasons. One, I like to show people how easy it is to give back. And 2, the only way I know how to change the world is through cooking.'Luis said.

    At the event, Luis and his team of sous chefs will prepare and serve a 4 course gourmet meal for attendees. Music will be provided by DJ Tonearm, a.k.a. Tony Lopez. Local realtor Michael Locke is opening his Los Feliz home once again for the annual dinner. The event is sponsored by local Silver Lake businesses JuJu Technology and Woohoo, Inc.

    Tickets are $100 per person and are 100% tax deductible.

    If you'd like to attend the event, you can make your $100 per person by donating at the weblink below.

    Pictured are Luis de Avila with his wife, best-selling author Lisa Steadman at the Griffith Park + Amesbury Road Block Party, June 12, 2010
  • Celebrate Julius Shulman's 100th Birthday with the MAK Center
    Posted on: 2010-09-10

    Join the Celebration! the MAK Center's 2010 Achitecture Tour marking the 100th Birthday of renowned architecture photographer JULIUS SHULMAN. To honor Shulman's influential work, the tour will feature modern residences photographed over the course of his career, and give participants a rare opportunity to experience the interiors of Los Angeles' most significant modern homes. The tour takes place on 10-10-10 from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. For details, please visit the MAK website (link below).
  • introducing Wallaby, the eastside's new family development center
    Posted on: 2010-08-30
    Announcing the grand opening of Wallaby, a family development center located on Hyperion Avenue right at the boundary between Los Feliz and Silverlake.

    Wallaby offers a variety of services for the pre-preschool set and their familes, including: developmental, dynamic and play-based parent-and-me classes for children aged 1-3; a totally original parent education, support and hobby curriculum; and super fun children's birthday parties.

    Please check out their website at to learn more about their unique offerings, or contact owner-director Ericka Tullis at to set up a time to tour their space.
  • Los Feliz: Getting to Know You
    Posted on: 2010-08-26

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    While the communities of 'Hollywood' and 'Silver Lake' are well-known around the globe for their unique character, saying you live in 'Los Feliz' will probably get you a blank stare, at least from anyone coming from beyond the L.A. Metro area. Since moving from Silver Lake in 2007, Los Feliz has been our home. With its mansions of the rich and famous (dating back to the Silent Screen era) and the trails of Griffith Park literally in our backyard, we have found a measure of peace and tranquility in our new surroundings.

    While leaving a piece of our hearts in Silver Lake, we absolutely love Los Feliz! I'd love to share its wonders with you; please join me on my photo journey, discovering its charms.

    Pictured is 'La Casa Contenta', our 'new' home in Los Feliz.

  • The Ribbon is Cut – Parkman Triangle Is Open!
    Posted on: 2010-08-16

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    After two years of applications, planning, negotiating, and working, Parkman Triangle is finally open. You can now grab a cafecito at Cafe Tropical and enjoy it with a guava cheese pie on one of the rocks (just throw away your trash, of course!).

    About 40 or so people showed up for the opening of Silver Lake's newest micro-park. Eric Garcetti, whose support was crucial for this project's success, shared a few words. He mentioned that Parkman Triangle is a great example of how government can work. After all, it's not THE government, it's OUR government. He and his aide, Ryan Carpio, were a huge asset—Ryan and the council member were instrumental in paying for the demolition of those two layers of pavement that buried what was once a turn lane.

    John Southern and Ara Babaian, whose work on evenings and weekends made Parkman Triangle a reality, shared a few words, too. They thanked many locals, like David Davis, who were passionate about transforming this ugly patch of asphalt--that was a heat island that attracted garbage and illegal parking--into a green space that anyone visiting the neighborhood south of Sunset Boulevard can enjoy.

    The work is not over. We want to try to maintain Parkman Triangle as long as we can without hiring professionals to maintain it, but the City of LA will NOT spend funds on the upkeep of this park. It is up to us!

    Parkman Triangle has its own website now, and we need the help of donors who can match the generosity of its sponsors. You can also follow its progress on our Facebook Page.

    Stay tuned; we want to organize monthly Sunday evenings where we can have acoustic music, allowing neighbors to get to know each other while helping with the upkeep of the park.

    Let's keep the momentum going—and turn other blighted areas into something special.

    Due to a prior commitment, I was unable to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Leon Kaye wrote this article and the photo is courtesy of Will Campbell.
  • Silver Lake's Newest Park will be Dedicated on August 14th
    Posted on: 2010-07-27
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    Join your neighbors for the celebration dedicating Parkman Triangle, Silver Lake's new 'Urban Lounge' on Saturday, August 14, 2010. Park Advocates Ara Babaian, Leon Kaye, Architect John Southern (Urban Operations) and Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti will be on hand for the ribbon-cutting, as well as many of the volunteers that made it happen..

    Parkman Triangle is located where Parkman Avenue meets Silver Lake Bouievard, a few short blocks south of Sunset Boulevard. Festivities are scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. and end at noon. I hope to see you there.

    Among the volunteers pictured here on a Parkman Triangle workday are Emily Bills, John Southern, Ara Babaian, Leon Kaye, Christopher Babaian, and Adina Babaian.
  • Changes in 'The Silver Lake News'
    Posted on: 2010-07-09

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    If you have been reading the SILVER LAKE AREA NEWS section from time to time, you might notice a few changes. I learned recenlty from our webmaster that trying to archive everything has slowed down the process of adding new material.

    Going forward, our policy will be to continue deleting events that have already transpired and archiving only events from the past that are of a 'milestone' nature. The new policy will make it easier for everyone to post new material.

    Finally, I have a favor to ask of our readers: With the volitile nature of our local business community (businesses opening and closing, changing ownerships, etc. seemingly on a regular basis), it now appears that a fair percentage of the information in our 'Classified Ads' and 'Neighborly Referrals' sections may be out-of-date! While browsing through the website, if you notice inaccuracies such as businesses that are no longer in existence, I would appreciate an email letting me know! I will make the corrections immediately and thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Michael Locke, Editor 'The Silver Lake News'

  • The Silver Lake News Celebrates 4 Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2010-06-27

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    It's Official! The Silver Lake News' surpassed 4 Million hits on Saturday, June 27, 2010; an average of over 49,765 hits per week!

    A huge 'Thank You' to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Free Tree Planting!
    Posted on: 2010-06-18
    If your street lacks trees, we can help. The Silver Lake Improvement Association is working with Farm Feliz and the GGPNC Green Committee to get more trees planted on the city's parkways. If you would like a tree planted in the public parkway in front of your home or apartment, (at no cost to you), please contact David Hessell at (323) 793-9554 or or fill out attached form.

    We will work with the city to get the tree planted. We need you to agree to water the tree for the first few years to get it established. If the parkway is currently covered with concrete, we will work with our partner organizations to have the concrete cut so the street trees can be planted. Please help us make Silver Lake a greener neighborhood. Request a street tree today.
  • SoCalCanyons Canyoneering Guide Service
    Posted on: 2010-06-10
    Los Angeles is home to some of the greatest canyon adventures you never heard of. Beautiful slots, 300 ft. rappels, river crossings and secret gold mines are just some of what lay hidden in the mountains around Los Angeles.

    SoCal Canyons wants to take you there!

    All of our trips focus on small group excursions (no more than FIVE clients per trip), and our prices start (and usually end) at $100 per client for the entire trip.

    All you have to do is get yourself to the trailhead (well...we're not carrying you up the trail either, but you get the idea).

    So whether you're in the mood for a 16-hour grueling day or a four-hour mellow one, SoCal Canyons has your local getaway covered!

    Just imagine spending your day bombing down narrow gorges with numerous drops, beautifully sculpted walls, and spectacular waterfalls. And still being home in time for dinner!
  • Opportunity to Help Micheltorena School Children Plant a Garden
    Posted on: 2010-05-31

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    A group of green-minded Silver Lake residents want to transform a parking lot at Micheltorena Street School into a garden. They have a plan for a nearly 6,000-square-foot garden fronting Sunset Boulevard. The group has the backing of the elementary school principal and the Friends of Michleltorena. Now, all that’s needed is cash. That’s why the group has put out an appeal for residents to vote online in favor of the project as it competes for a $50,000 grant that will be used as seed money.

    The idea arose after parking spaces were created in a different part of the school, allowing a corner of the campus to be used for other purposes, said architect and Silver Lake Neighborhood Council member Leonardo Chalupowicz. “This created the possibility of turning asphalt into green.”

    Chalupowicz said he along with two other recently elected neighborhood council members – Susan Hutchinson, a master gardener, and filmmaker Charles Herman-Wurmfeld – came up with the garden idea as part of their interest in sustainable design. “As part of our vision for Silver Lake, this project sums up all our believes in green sustainable living, community involvement, seeding for future generations.”
    The plans that were submitted are part of a “dream proposal” that Chalupowicz said can be adjusted based on financial resources and also built in phases. What happens if they don’t get this grant?

    Should this not come through we’ll work on finding other avenues,” Chalupowicz said. “Where there’s a dream, there’s a way!”

    To vote for the project funding, please go to the weblink below.
  • Glendale Elks Honors Top Area Scholars
    Posted on: 2010-05-21

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    Sixteen college-bound seniors from five of the area’s high schools were honored recently at the 80th Annual Elks Scholarship Awards Dinner sponsored by Glendale Elks Lodge 1289. The top six finalists competed for district, state and national honors and received a total of $23,000. Crescenta Valley High School had 4 of the 5 top finalists, with Tarin Chon winning top honors among the girls, finishing first in district and 27th in state finals. David Vartanyan of Glendale High finished first among the boys in district finals and 7th in the state competition. Tarin will attend Princeton in the fall while David will attend Cal Tech. The other Crescenta Valley finalists were Jessica Kim (USC), Brian Lee (Cornell), and Andrew Park (Brown University); each will receive $4000 as recipients of the Most Valuable Student Elk Award.

    Rose Samore, Guidance Counselor at Hoover High School, who attended the Awards Dinner commented, “The Elks Scholarship Program is an amazing academic achievement award program through which some of our best and brightest students are recognized for their accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. Aided by the phenomenal dedication and diligence of Mr. Jack Wright, the program coordinator, our students are guided through the complex twenty-one page application in which they report and record their
    accomplishments in their academics, community service, and leadership. By receiving these scholarships these deserving young men and women are given the opportunity to fulfill their potential and their dreams
    through the generosity of the Elks organizations at the local, state and national levels. We counselors and students are so very grateful for the hard work and effort of Mr. Wright and the entire Elks organization
    .” she said.

    The Glendale Elks have contributed over $353,000 in scholarships to outstanding high school leaders over the past fourteen years, according to Wright. A total of $30,950 in scholarships was awarded this year. Other students who received scholarships were Hoover seniors Mary Ippolito (UCLA) and Emil Minas (UC Berkley); Katalina Sher, Glendale High (MIT); Sarah Whang (USC) and Ashley Park (Dartmouth) from Crescenta Valley High; Stephanie Medina (Brown) and Zeve Sanderson (NYU) from Franklin High and Joe Royo (Brown), Jimmy Huang (Harvard) and Christopher Tokita (Yale) from Eagle Rock High.

    Pictured are the top five finalists (standing, left to right, Jessica Kim, Brian Lee and Tarin Chon; (kneeling, Andrew Park, Jack Wright and David Vartanyan. Elks Photo by Michael Locke

  • Bellevue afterschool club
    Posted on: 2010-05-07
    Ages 5-12 years old. We pick up from Micheltorena and Dayton Heights. tutoring, snack, games, crafts, cooking
    2:30-6pm Monday-Friday
    $80 monthly
  • Edward H. Fickett, FAIA: An Enduring Legacy
    Posted on: 2010-05-07

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    AIArchitect, the AIA Member e-Newsletter ran a story on Architect Ed Fickett on May 7, 2010. Margaret Yao Pursell, Director of AIA Member Communications in Washington, DC called me recently asking permission to use my photos of the Jacobson House in Silver Lake, designed by Fickett in 1951. The legacy of Fickett, a pioneering American modernist architect who died in 1999 is featured here (go to the weblink below).

    I am delighted to share the story (and the accompanying photos) with you!
  • Parkman Triangle: Silver Lake’s New “Urban Lounge”
    Posted on: 2010-05-04

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    Silver Laker Ara Babaian wants to make a difference in the neighborhood he calls home, namely the area just south of Sunset and west of Silver Lake Boulevard. The idea for a” pocket” park at the intersection of Parkman Avenue and Silver Lake Boulevard, a 2,000-square foot triangular patch of asphalt, has been swirling around the community for years. It had become a dumping ground for trash, the illegal parking of cars, and weekend garage sales—even for people who do not live in Silver Lake.

    “I think a number of residents thought at one point or another of turning it into a park,” said Babaian. “While many of us in the community only considered the idea of turning the project into a park, Ara and his partner Leon Kaye galvanized community support for the project by bringing everyone together and for keeping things rolling,” said architect John Southern, whose firm, Urban Operations, came on board early and is primarily responsible for the design of the park. The park, known as Parkman Triangle received a $10,000 matching grant from the City of Los Angeles’ Community Beautification program.

    Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti contributed towards the demolition and hauling away of asphalt, and most recently, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council provided $2,100 in funds.

    “Most of this money has gone to paying for materials and supplies, such as fill dirt, trees and plants, boulders, and irrigation materials, but the large amount of physical work has been through the efforts of Silver Lake residents and others from as far away as Culver City, Brentwood, and Berkeley, California,” said Babaian. For architect Southern, the concept was simple. “Create an ‘urban lounge’—a place where one lingers, but does not stay,” he said. The project is in construction and is due to be finished in late July.

    This article first appeared in my column in the Los Feliz Ledger, May 2010 Edition. Pictured are volunteers from the project’s last “Volunteer Day”, May 2, 2010; Back row (standing) Josh Kamensky, Adina Babaian, .Patrick Benson, Ara Babaian, Emily Bills and Leon Kaye; Front Row (sitting): Christoper Babaian, Jason Anthony, and John Southern).
  • Clean Air for Silver Lake - new green business
    Posted on: 2010-05-03
    Clean Air Lawn Care has launched in the LA area, merging with local owner Shannon Bizzy of Bizzy Bee’s Landscape Maintenance. Together the two companies bring a comprehensive, sustainable lawn care service to southern California. Customers can go to to get information on services, partners and tips on sustainable lawn care. Also featured on the website is information on Clean Air’s involvement in community events and other local news.
    Clean Air Lawn Care uses electric equipment powered by wind and solar. There are solar panels on the trucks to recharge the lawn equipment throughout the day. An organic fertilization program is also available to keep lawns beautiful and also safe for families and pets.
    Local owner Shannon Bizzy has owned and operated Bizzy Bee's Landscape Maintenance since 2008. Her goal has been from the start to deliver high quality lawn and garden services that have a minimum impact on our ecosystem. In combination with Shannon’s landscape knowledge and gardening expertise, Clean Air Lawn Care of Santa Monica brings a comprehensive lawn care service to help customers reduce their environmental footprint while having a lush & beautiful lawn.
    Having won the Women and Company boost equity award in 2009, Shannon was able to purchase her electric lawn care equipment which ultimately led to a partnership with Clean Air Lawn Care. Now, with the support and resources of a nationally acclaimed company, Shannon can offer a cleaner, quieter alternative lawn care service to even more Los Angeles area homeowners and businesses. Shannon has also spent much time studying southern California's diverse climate structure and can offer educated insight on appropriate plant and irrigation choices for any garden both stylistically and sustainably.
    Did You Know?
    • 5-10% of the nation’s air pollution comes from gas powered lawn equipment
    • In one hour, one gas lawn mower can pollute as much as an SUV driven 23,600 miles
    • Rotting yard waste in landfills releases methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2
    • The average gas lawn mower runs at 100 decibels – anything over 90 decibels causes hearing damage
    • Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides leach into waterways, create yards unfit for children & pets, and deplete the soil’s organic matter
    Why Clean Air Lawn Care?
    • Electric lawn mowers emit 3,330 times less hydrocarbons, 5,000 times less CO, and one-fifth as much NOx as gas lawn mowers. When the electric equipment is powered by renewable energy (wind and solar), the emissions are reduced to zero.
    • Clean Air Lawn Care recycles all grass clippings and organic matter, either on site or at a local recycling center
    • Electric lawn equipment is 50%-75% quieter than gas powered equipment
    • Clean Air Lawn Care offers an all-natural, organic treatment & fertilization program to ensure yards are beautiful and safe for children, pets, & waterways
    On a national level, Clean Air Lawn Care is the pioneer of sustainable lawn care and the more it grows, the more there is a national reduction in air pollution. Through the use of electric lawn equipment powered by renewable energy, Clean Air Lawn Care removed 75,283 pounds of air pollution across the nation, equaling over 2 million vehicle miles in 2009. In addition, all of Clean Air Lawn Care’s greenhouse gas emissions are offset by wind power and carbon offsets purchased from to ensure the entire operation is carbon neutral.
    For more information, contact Shannon Bizzy at (323) 219-4239,
  • News from Thomas Starr King Middle School
    Posted on: 2010-03-28

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    Welcome News for the Community! FRIENDS OF KING is a new, non-profit corporation founded for the purpose of supporting the education and well being of children at Thomas Starr King Middle School. The corporation will foster relationships among the school, parents, and teachers. The corporation will conduct its activities in an environmentally sustainable manner and in a manner that encourages sustainable practices throughout the campus.

    “Friends of King' intends to conduct fundraising and organize volunteers to support education and extracurricular activities at King Middle School. This is a really exciting time to be a part of this school” according to Tomas O’Grady, President. Additional officers include Vice Presidents Brian Miller – Farm king; Annemarie Ralph – Teacher and SAS coordinator; Treasurer Meg Taylor – Farm King; Secretary, Kiki Crawford – Parent and Farm King.

    For more information, please visit the Friends of King website.
  • Driven to Darkness: Jewish Emigre Directors and the Rise of Film Noir
    Posted on: 2010-03-11

    'Driven to Darkness: Jewish Emigre Directors and the Rise of Film Noir'-by Vincent Brook (University Press of MIssissippi, 256 pages, $26.95). A Review by John Patterson for the Directors Guild of America. Congratulations, Vince!

    'We've long viewed the film noir genre as the cinematic descendent, the culmination even, of 1920s German Expressionism as formulated at Berlin’s UFA Studios by figures like Fritz Lang, Robert Siodmak, Fred Zinnemann, Billy Wilder and Edgar Ulmer. What has been less discussed—and which Vincent Brook tackles so nimbly and thoroughly in Driven to Darkness—is the role Jewishness played in their movies and sensibility, specifically their Jewishness within the often profoundly anti-Semitic German and Austro-Hungarian empire.
    On one hand, the Jews of Germany and Austria were the most assimilated, successful, influential and comfortably established of all European Jews. On the other, they were in some ways the least culturally Jewish, or were until the rise of Hitler made it impossible to disavow a religion one had never paid much attention to in the first place. When the axe came down in 1933, their entire world was turned upside-down in an instant, a fate repeatedly reflected in the violent insecurity of characters’ lives in classic noir.

    Brook closely traces the various destinies of these filmmakers. Although he may be stretching his thesis to include Lang, who was born to an Austrian father and a Jewish-convert mother and raised Catholic, in this group. Widely regarded as the “the father of film noir,” Lang loomed large at UFA and in Hollywood, and Brook finds thematic and tonal connections to the work of his Jewish contemporaries. But Lang’s subsequent claims about his rediscovered Jewishness after 1933 have been variously disputed as debatable, opportunistic, or mendacious.

    The other refugees from UFA fared less well in Hollywood and all lost the relative creative autonomy they’d prized at UFA. Ulmer and Siodmak toiled mainly in B-features (including the cheapest, bleakest, noirest noir of all, Ulmer’s Detour), while Curtis Bernhardt, almost as prominent as Lang at UFA, became a low-profile, noir-tinged director of “women’s pictures” (at least it kept him from having to make Westerns, he later joked). Yet no matter their budgets and success, all of them somehow distilled the horrors of Nazism, forced exile, expropriation and sudden “unpersonhood” into their taut, bleakly fatalistic thrillers and dramas. How they did it, how American they became and how German and/or Jewish they remained are the themes of this book. Illustrated by close readings of dozens of their movies, Driven to Darkness is perhaps the most revelatory and deeply researched study of the genre since James Naremore’s landmark More Than Night: Film Noir in its Contexts.
  • Pilates to You
    Posted on: 2010-03-04
    Pilates in Your Silver Lake and Los Feliz Home

    Long time neighbor offers amazing discount in this area only.
    This private Pilates work out with small apparatus is an ultra strengthening and lengthening practice.

    End Back Pain with this simple move.
    * Pelvic Lift

    1. Lie on your back with your knees hip-width apart and bent, your feet flat on the mat directly under your knees. Relax your arms straight at your sides, palms pressing into the mat.
    2. Inhale as you contract your abdominals, then exhale and lift your pelvis so your bottom comes off the mat;

    Make sure your knees remain hip-width apart Hold this position and take 3 deep breaths.
    3. After 3 breaths exhale and lower your pelvis, slowly bringing your spine down to the mat from top to bottom, one vertebra at a time.
    Balance Body Certified
    Alexander Technique
    Pomona College Instructor
    Margaret Laurena Kemp, MFA
  • Parkman Triangle Groundbreaking
    Posted on: 2010-02-24

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    After two years of applying for the City grant, collecting sgnatures, planning the details of the park, and negotiating permits with the City, we finally had the groundbreaking for Parkman Triangle Park this Monday. If you drive past the intersection of Silver Lake Boulevard and Parkman Avenue, you will see the continuation of this effort.

    Some of you already have responded that you would be interested in volunteering some time to work on the park (digging, planting, etc.). For those who have not yet responded, please let me know if you can help. We will schedule several volunteer days in the next 2 or so months, and we'll need all the help we can get.

    Parkman Triangle Park is an exercise in grass-roots activism in order to improve the local street scape of Silver Lake. The site is a triangular piece of land that was once a turn lane. The concept for the project was simple: Create an “urban lounge”- a place where one lingers, but does not stay. In order to mitigate concerns about attracting an influx of homeless and vandalism, the park was conceived simply as a “slice of the local landscape”. It is without style or aesthetic; it just is. The project is currently in permits with the Los Angeles Department of Public Works and is expected to go into construction in the Spring of 2010. It is a 2009 Community Beautification award winner and has received matching grant funding from the City of Los Angeles for 2009-2010.
  • Miniature House Tour Generates Funds for Women’s Education
    Posted on: 2010-02-24

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    It’s been almost fourteen years since Lola Archer invited News-Press Columnist Joyce Rudolph (The Foothill Leader, March 30, 1996) over to the house on Idlewood Road, to marvel at the miniature houses she had so lovingly put together. The tiny houses are a wonder, inspiring admiration for their artistry in the most meticulous details. In January, Lola held a “Miniature House Tour”, celebrating the 65th Anniversary of P.E.O. Chapter KO. Sixty-five people paid $10 each to marvel at the creations, shared over coffee, tea and home-made cookies. Member Marianne Atkinson, owner of Ivy’s Flower Station on Kenneth Road, donated a lovely floral centerpiece in yellow and white, the organization’s colors. The tour garnered over $1200 in support of the charity’s philanthropic activities. Four custom-built doll houses and ten room vignettes were on display, a showcase of Lola’s skill and patience in creating the “miniature marvels”.

    P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization), is one of the pioneer societies for women founded in 1869, by seven students at Iowa Wesleyan College. The organization has grown to almost a quarter million members in chapters in the United States and Canada. The P.E.O. Sisterhood is passionate about its mission: “promoting educational opportunities for women”.
  • Griffith Park Adult Community Center & Club COMMUNITY CELEBRATION is Saturday, March 6th
    Posted on: 2010-02-23

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    The Griffith Park Adult Community Center will host a Community Celebration on Saturday, March 6, 2010. The event is a fundraiser to support the activities of the center. Here's what's included: Free Parking • Free Admission, Live Music, Silent Auction, Book Sale, Raffle, White Elephant Sale, Crafts Exhibition, Community Tables, Food & Drinks and more!

    Everyone's invited; come see what's happening and what's available to the 50+ crowd!

    3203 Riverside Drive / South of Los Feliz Blvd

    .GPACC 3203 Riverside Drive / South of Los Feliz Blvd
  • Does Architecture Create Great Communities or Do Communities Create Great Architecture?'
    Posted on: 2010-02-18

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    'One Community,' a grass-roots think tank, in Association with the Julius Schulman Institute at Woodbury University present the film:

    'Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman', followed by a moderated discussion on the subject: 'Does Architecture Create Great Communities or Do Communities Create Great Architecture?'
    featuring Barbara Lamprecht, architectural historian, author of 'Richard Neutra: Complete Works' and Michael Stern, fine artist, author of 'Julius Shulman: Palm Springs'. The lecture takes place on Sunday February 28, 2010 4 pm until 6:30 pm.
    Admission is free

    Art Center College of Design -- Hillside Campus
    Ahmanson Auditorium
    1700 Lida Street; Pasadena, CA 91103

    The documentary Visual Acoustics is narrated by Dustin Hoffman and explores the monumental career of architectural photographer Julius Shulman, who died on July 15, 2009 at the age of 99.

    Shulman combined the organic with the synthetic and captured the essence of urban design and nature in his photographs. His images helped shape the careers of some of the greatest architects of the 20th Century, including Richard Neutra, Rudolph Schindler, Pierre Koening, John Lautner, and many others.

    The film's narrative is built from a blend of Shulman's own images as well as in-depth interviews with architect Frank Gehry, designer Tom Ford, artist Ed Ruscha, actress Kelly Lynch, writer Mitch Glazer, publisher Benedikt Taschen, Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Dante Spinotti and a host of others.

    Please RSVP online at One Community: A Grassroots Think Tank or via email calling (626) 683-0947

    Barbara Lamprecht is pictured, in a photo by Martin Schall.

  • Standing-Room-Only Crowd Greets Raymond Neutra
    Posted on: 2010-02-16

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    A standing-room-only crowd packed the Community Room of Silver Lake’s new library on Saturday, February 13, 2010, to hear Dr. Raymond Neutra, youngest son of Richard Neutra lecture on the subject: “From Vienna to Silver Lake:: Why Richard and Dione Neutra decided to be Americans”.

    Dr. Neutra, with wife Peggy Bauhaus read from correspondence between his parents, Richard and Dionne Neutra, written during the time the young architect was traveling (for the first time, to America), while his young bride stayed home in Vienna, attending their recently-born first son. The poetic letters were a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. Afterwards, Dion Neutra, Richard Neutra’s second son, who succeeded his father in the practice upon Richard’s death in 1970, conducted a tour of the VDL Research House, the Neutra family home, commenting on the status of the experimental house and compound.

    For more photos, please visit, 'Neutra Events' on the 'Neighborhood Pictures' page of this website.
  • The Silver Lake News Celebrates 3 Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2010-02-08

    It's Official! The Silver Lake News' recorded its 3,016,400 hit at 9:20 a.m. on Monday, February 8, 2010. (that's an average of over 23,000 hits per week; by February 23, the total numbered 3,132, 898).

    A huge Thank You! to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Griffith Park Adult Community Club Celebrates 3rd Year at New Center
    Posted on: 2010-02-01
    The Griffith Park Adult Community Center & Club held a special meeting on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, installing new officers for 2010. The meeting, which featured a delicious hot lunch (for the amazing price of $1.75) and a sing along with the GPAC's folk singing class was billed as a 'Millennium Special Lunch', celebrating the center's third year. The new officers of the club are Stephanie Vendig, President; Michael Pickering, 1st Vice President; Dori Joffroy, 2nd Vice President; David Manzo, Secretary; and Annemarie Bestor, Treasurer.

    The next big event takes place on Saturday, March 6, 2010, when the center plans a Community Celebration. Admission to the event is free; planned activities include a book sale, lunch, community displays, and white elephant sale.

    The center is located at 3203 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. For more information, call (323) 644-5579. Pictured is Doris Slater, welcoming newcomer Patty Haskins at the January 2010 luncheon. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: GPACC (Silver Lake Seniors) on the Move'.
  • Eames House Volunteers 2010 Call
    Posted on: 2010-01-29

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    If you love Modernism, and would like to both share your knowledge and learn more about the Charles and Ray Eames House, become a Volunteer! You need to be able to regularly volunteer about 4 hours per/month and make that commitment for about 1 year. For more information, please contact Bern Styburski, Executive Director (by email).

    Bern Styberski is pictured, explaining details of the Eames House to Roberto Quadrelli during a tour of the house with the French Institute of Architects (Champagne Region) that I happily attended and helped organize, along with Architect Gustavo Gubel in 2007 (Michael Locke, Editor)
    Posted on: 2010-01-28
    Applications are now being accepted for new housing complexes in Hollywood and Historic Filipinotown, according to Councilmember Eric Garcetti (CD-13),

    In Hollywood, a limited number of apartments have been set aside at 1600 Vine St. Apartments (corner of Vine St. and Hollywood Blvd.) for low-income households. From January 22 through February 4 (or until all applications have been distributed), a total of 500 housing applications will be distributed at the following three community centers:
    •Hollywood Worksource Center (1680 Vine St. Suite 206)
    •Frances Howard Goldwyn Los Angeles Public Library (1623 Ivar Ave.)
    •Hollywood Community Studio (6671 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1517)

    A housing lottery will take place after the application period closes In Historic Filipinotown, the Miramar Village Apartments offers brand new two- and three-bedroom apartments for low-income tenants. Applications, instructions, and more are available on the apartment website.
  • Sustainable Saturdays at Silver Lake Library
    Posted on: 2010-01-21
    Beginning in February 2010, the Silver Lake Public Library will present a series of programs that will provide information and guidance to local residents about various different aspects of sustainable living. The series will be free to the public and will include talks and workshops by sustainability experts and documentary films about a range of sustainable practices. Space is limited, so reservations are required. Please call the Library at (323) 913-7453 to reserve your place.
    Our first talk is about the Library itself:

    Saturday February 6, 11am
    The Integrated 'LEED Design of Silver Lake Library'
    Talk with Q&A by Thomas Michali, Partner, M2A Milofsky Michali and Cox Architects

    Mr. Michali will present a brief introduction to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements and how the design process for the Silver Lake Library integrated green design features into the planning, design and construction to target the goal of reaching a Gold level building.

    The series is organized by Meher McArthur, a Silver Lake resident, writer of the “Keen to be Green” column in the Los Feliz Ledger, and member of Sustainable Silver Lake ( in conjunction with the Silver Lake Library.

    Silver Lake Library
    2411 Glendale Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (323) 913-7453

  • Take a Tour of the Becker House with Architect Barry Milofsky
    Posted on: 2010-01-16
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    ast November (2009), Barry Milofsky, invited Martin Schall ( and me for a tour of his original Gregory Ain-designed Becker House in the Moreno Highlands neighborhood of Silver Lake. Milofsky, who has built a solid reputation for restoring historic properties (as well as designing the new Silver Lake Library) purchased the home in 2003, and has completed a sensitive restoration, upgrading the out-of-date elements while keeping the Ain vernacular in mind.

    Photo of Martin Schall with Barry Milofsky on the deck of the Becker House, November 2009.

  • Marshall HIgh School Basketball Hall of Fame Day Set for February 5th
    Posted on: 2010-01-14

    The John Marshall High School Barristers Boy's Basketball will have four new members enshrined in its Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday, February 5, 2010 in a ceremony at Lou Wheeler Gym on the school's campus.

    The ceremony will take place between the junior varsity and varsity games featuring rivals Marshall and Belmont High School, at approximately 4 p.m. Tickets are available at the door on game day.

    A list of inductees:
    --Bob Kloppenburg—1945 Los Angeles City Player of the Year for undefeated Marshall team generally regarded as the best in the City. Kloppenburg went on to play at USC, and later coached in college. He then began a decades long career as a head and assistant coach in the NBA, where his teams won numerous championships.

    --Bruce Schwartz—the 1962 Northern League MVP, later went on to star at UC Riverside. Still holds the Marshall one game rebounding record with 27.

    --Steve Selsky—1961 Northern League MVP.

    --Rick Davis—1972 Co-Northern League MVP later played at Oregon.

    --Bob Laemmle—1953 Northern League MVP, now CEO of Laemmle theater chain.

    The five join previous inductees Hal Uplinger (the only Barrister ever to play in the NBA), John Starkins, Loren Bracci, Chito Reyes, Jerry Simon (the LA City all time scoring leader for a single season and single game), Ralph Yzguerra and the 1985-86 City 3A championship team.
  • 'From Vienna to Silver Lake'- Richard Neutra Lecture at Silver Lake Library February 13th
    Posted on: 2010-01-07
    Dr. Raymond Richard Neutra, youngest son of architect Richard Neutra will present 'From Vienna to Silver Lake: Why Richard and Dione Neutra decided to be Americans' in a lecture at the new Silver Lake Library, February 13, 2010.

    Dr. Neutra, with wife Peggy Bauhaus will read from letters written by his parents, beginning at 2 p.m.. Afterwards, at approximately 3:30 p.m., Neutra will lead a tour of the VDL Research House nearby. There is a $10 fee for the tour; the lecture is free.

    Dr. Neutra is Chief Emeritus of the Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control, California Department of Public Health. He previously taught medical epidemiology at Harvard University, UCLA and UC Berkeley. Since retiring in 2007, he has devoted his energies to the restoration and preservation of the VDL Research House. The experimental house and compound, where the Neutra family grew up, is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. It was bequeathed to California Polytechnic University at Pomona after the elder Neutra and his wife Dione died. The house is managed by the school's College of Environmental Design.

    In recent years, Dr. Neutra has volunteered to help Cal Poly in fundraising for the restoration and reprogramming of the compound 'out of a sense of gratitude to my parents, who provided me with a sense of social responsibility. They provided a culturally rich home environment that in turn formed the foundation for a career in public health.', he said. (Raymond's architect and brother Dion, who took over the Neutra architectural practice after their father's death, is a consultant on the restoration project).

    The Silver Lake Library is located at 2411 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039. Parking space is limited; please consider carpooling, bicycling or walking. Early arrival suggested!

    Raymond Richard Neutra is pictured with his father, Richard Neutra in the photo, courtesy of Raymond Neutra..
  • Big Turnout for Silver Lake Library Grand Opening November 16, 2009
    Posted on: 2009-11-17

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    A standing-room-only crowd filled the plaza and the surrounding sidewalks to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony, officially opening Los Angeles' newest library on Monday, November 16, 2009.

    The Silver Lake Branch is the city's 72nd lbrary, created through the partnership of a dedicated group of community activists who came together as Friends of the Silver Lake Library (FoSLL) in partnership with city officials and the city's library department. The branch is the first in the City's system to have an automated materials handling system, using a conveyor belt to automatically check in and sort materials; self-checkout stations allow patrons to check out multiple items an pay fees by cash or credit card.

    The architectural firm Milofsky, Michali & Cox (M2A Architects) designed the building; Artist Christina Ulke's art features quotes from well-known Silver Lakers throughout the library.

    If you missed the opening, take heart! A community Open House is scheduled for Saturday, November 21, 2009 beginning at 10 a.m. The library is located at 2411 Glendale Blvd. (corner of Silver Lake Blvd.)

    Pictured are architects Barry Milofsky and Tom Michali, M2A Architects, designers of the Silver Lake Library, at the dedication ceremony, November 16, 2009. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Library' on this website.
  • Veteran Silver Lake Community Groups Celebrate 20 Years
    Posted on: 2009-11-14
    It will be a 'Family Affair' when the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) and the Silver Lake Reservoir Conservancy (formerly the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs) get-together on Monday, Dec. 7th The two veteran sevice organizations started holding meetings at the same time 20 years ago.

    The celebration will be held at the Laguna Apartments Community Room on December 7, 2009 beginning at 6:30 p.m. Space is limited; please RSVP to Genelle LeVin by phone (323-664-4653) or email (address below) on or before December 4th.

    The Art Deco Style Laguna Apartments are located at 4201 W. Sunset Blvd. Parking is limited; please consider carpooling.
  • Silver Lake Library Grand Opening Set for November 16th & 21st
    Posted on: 2009-10-25
    Silver Lakers who have been fighting for a local library will breathe a collective sigh of relief when the long-awaited facility finally opens its doors for the very first time on Monday, November 16, 2009. A Grand Opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for Monday, November 16, 2009 beginning at 10 a.m.

    Mayor Antonio Villarogosa, City Librarian Martin Gomez, along with Council President Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Tom LaBonge are expected to be on hand for the event. Friends of Silver Lake Library (FoSLL) President Michael St. Onge will lead the local cheerleading, 'With funding all but non-existent because of the financial melt-down, the community is fourtunate to get its own state-of-the-art facility; it was approved in the nick-of-time', he said. FoSSL, the library's community-support organization, has spear-headed the effort to bring a library to Silver Lake for many years.

    If you are unable to attend the ribbon-cutting, a community-wide OPEN HOUSE is scheduled for Saturday, November 21, 2009 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. with entertainment and special events. The library is located on the southwest corner of Glendale and Silver Lake Boulevards. Parking space is limited; please consider walking, biking or carpooling.
  • Silver Lake Celebrates 12th Annual Art Crawl
    Posted on: 2009-10-19
    The diversity of local artists will be on display the weekend of November 6-8 in celebration of the 12th annual Silver Lake Art Crawl. The Crawl emphasizes the rich, diverse, art of Los Angeles' Eastside in gallery exhibitions and special events. Kick-off parties begin on Friday, Novemer 6, 2009 begining at 6 p.m. at Art & Shelter, Salvation Army's Alegria House, 2737 W. Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake, and move to Thinkspace, 4210 Santa Monica Blvd. at 7 p.m.

    For a full list of exhibitions and events, please visit the event website (link below)
  • End of Summer Free Concert in Silver Lake's Bellevue Park
    Posted on: 2009-09-07
    Living Art Los Angeles will bring an End of Summer Concert in the Park to Silver Lake's Bellevue Park on Sunday, September 13, 2009. The free concert will feature 'The Quentessential Michael Jackson Tribute Band' Moonwalker with special guests Phinnie O'Leary Jackson & the Brock Brothers (R&B/Gospel/Soul), the Zoners (urban rock blues) and Diamond-A, a family-friendly hip-hop performance group.

    Pictured is Moonwalker the Band Lead Vocalist Trae Devai. The band celebrates the music of the legendary Michael Jackson. Bellevue Recreation Center Park is located at 826 Lucile Avenue in Silver Lake (corner of Marathon). The concert is sponsored by the City of Los Angeles Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Bellevue Park Advisory Board, LA Council President Eric Garcetti, Council District 13, Assemblymemeber Kevin de Leon (45th Assembly District),,, Mi Alma Designs and Charles Marder.
  • Griffith Observatory Celebrates the Year of Astronomy October 4th!
    Posted on: 2009-09-02
    The Griffith Observatory and the Friends of the Griffith Observatory (FOTO) have teamed up to present a concert on the Observatory's front lawn in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy. The event, set for October 4, 2009 marks the 400th anniversary of Galileo's deveopment of the telescope.

    The observartory's director Dr. E.C. Krupp, Maestro Arthur Rubenstein of the Symphony in the Glen and long-time supporter Leonard Nimoy will present 'Observations', a musical journey through the centuries, linking the 'music with the stars.'

    For more details, please visit the FOTO website (link below).
  • The Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs has a new Name!
    Posted on: 2009-08-31
    The venerable Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs recently decided to change its name to the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy; the committee has served the community for over 20 years, advocating for the preservation of Silver Lake's best-known landmark and resource. Over the years, the committee has fought various plans that would destroy the lake's beauty, including permanently covering the lake, having storag tanks, cell towers, or a filtration plant built on the property. The committee developed a long-range 'Master Plan', with input from over 600 community members; as a result of their efforts, the lake is now surrounded by pedestrian paths, and a much-anticipated community park, dubbed the 'Meadow Park', is under current development.

    To learn more about the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy, visit the weblink below.
  • Goodbye to a Genuine American Hero
    Posted on: 2009-08-28
    Growing up in Glendale, CA, I learned from my ultra-conservative father to dislke everything about the Kennedys, not to mention those 'pinko-loving liberals', the Democrats in general. It took a college education at George Washington University my alma mater, in Washington, D.C., during the Viet Nam War years), and the resultant exposure to a wider range of opinion to start a process of self-examination.

    Thankfully, I've come full circle; a lifetime of lessons from Watergate, the debacles of Viet Nam and the Gulf Wars, Hurricane Katrina and a host of other tragedies, have completely changed the way I look at the world, and thankfully, my political reasoning.

    Last year, during the Presidential campaign, as I wholeheartedly embraced the hope generated by candidate Barack Obama, I spent a Saturday morning at East Los Angeles College; Senator Ted Kennedy was scheduled to speak at an OBAMA RALLY, in an effort to energize the Latino vote. I had no trouble locating the rally site, as I heard the words, 'Si se puede'! 'Yes we can!' ringing through the morning air. As Senator Kennedy spoke to the crowd, my emotions got the better of me; his powerful speech renewed my hope in our collective potential.

    What can we learn from the loss of such an inspirational figure? My hope is this: That we will embrace a greater degree of selflessness, reaching out to our fellow human beings no matter their station in life, and that our acts of kindness will translate in greater hope for the poor and the disenfranchised who are amongst us.

    -Michael Locke, Editor
  • 29th Annual Sunset Junction Street Fair is Aug. 22nd & 23rd!
    Posted on: 2009-08-14
    The Sunset Junction Street Fair will deliver top flight entertainment to suit just about everyone when the annual event kicks off on Saturday August 22, 2009. The event is located between the 3700 and 4300 blocks of Sunset Blvd. (between Edgecliffe Drive and Fountain Avenue) and the 4000 and 4200 blocks of Santa Monica Blvd. (between Sanborn and Hoover).

    Advance tickets are $15 or $20 at the door; 12 and under and 65+ get in for free. For more details check the event website (link below).
  • Celebrated Photographer Julius Shulman is Dead at 98
    Posted on: 2009-07-16
    It is with great sadness I learned today that our dear friend, Julius Shulman died yesterday at home in the Hollywood Hills. He was 98. We first met Julius at a symposium held at the Richard Neutra-designed Eagle Rock Playground six years ago. We were captivated and inspired as he told his life story. While my wife, Donna Jean, snapped a photo of the two of us together, I remarked to Julius how much his talk had inspired me, and asked if I could possibly see him again. I phoned Dion Neutra the next day and asked if he would be kind enough to give me Julius' phone number. The next day I was on the phone to his daughter Judy McKee who informed me, 'Yes, Julius would be happy to meet me.'

    Since then, I have had the privelege of being with Julius on many occasions, both at his home in the Hollywood Hills, as well as dozens of events where he shared his wit and wisdom. He taught me many valuable life lessons, the greatest was by example: how graciously he treated everyone, no matter their station in life. I will never forget him!

    Michael & Donna Locke are pictured with 'Uncle Julius' at a book-signing in Silver Lake. For more photos of Julius Shulman, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures:Julius Shulman & Friends' on this website.
  • You Oughta Be in Pictures!
    Posted on: 2009-07-11
    Recently I took a personality test that revealed my 'ideal' profession: photographer! Not at all too surprising, since I lug a camera around almost everywhere I go. While there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of my photos on the 'Neighborhood Pictures' page of this website, the process doesn't allow me to publish these photos in high resolution.

    Not too long ago, I started publishing many of my photos on the FLICKR website; if you would enjoy seeing at least some of my photos in higher resolution, please visit my FLICKR site! (link below)
    Michael Locke, Editor

  • Metropolitan Pony Baseball Needs your Help
    Posted on: 2009-07-11
    Metro Pony Baseball is in need of help. We would like to host our first Colt-Palomino Section Tournament, it's our first year, but it will be the first time in fifty years to host a PONY tournament, in the city of Los Angeles This tournament is for high school players from 15-18yrs of age. Teams from all over southern California will participate in this tournament. The section tournament cost is $4,300.00, but we still need $3,100.00. This will cover rental of two fields, umpires fees, insurance, awards,etc. We are non-profit youth organization and we are need of help. Please, the young adults need your help. The tournament will commence July 16-21. 2009. Two Metro teams will participate in the tournament, this is the best of the best of you talent. PLEASE HELP Thank you.
    Posted on: 2009-07-09
    EVERY SATURDAY from 10am - 4pm in the HEART of Silverlake,
    new vendors will be serving up the best in Art/ Craft & Vintage.

    Indie crafters and local artists are mixed in with the best of vintage collectibles,
    vintage clothing, and retro furniture. Did we mention plants, succulents, antiques, Tarot cards and palm readings? What more could you ask for?
    Support the local indie vendors this season.

    At Sunset Blvd and Micheltorena Street,
    SATURDAYS from 10a-4p look for the freshest flea market in town.

    --If you love shopping and dig the classic New York style flea markets,
    then Silver Lake Art Craft & Vintage is right up your alley--

    Silver Lake Art Craft & Vintage is located at
    Micheltorena Elementary School
    1511 Micheltorena Street.
    Los Angeles CA 90026

    If you are a vendor and want to vend: Please email us at or call us at 323 467 0623 for more info and availability of dates.
  • Entertainment Stage Highlights Annual 'Kites Over Silver Lake' Festival
    Posted on: 2009-07-07
    The Annual Kites Over Silver Lake Festival started off on a 'June gloom' morning with even a few sprinkles, however the skies cleared to a bright blue with puffy white clouds; the sun came out and a gentle breeze blew through the treetops: the annual Kites Over Silver Lake Festival was underway!

    'The program is designed to bring children and their parents together for art, fun and music', reports event director Dorsay Dujon, We had a wonderful concert that was full of surprises; from South Seas dancing and music, to a Caribbean steel band, and a bluesy, Zydeco band from New Orleans. The site of people tapping their feet, clapping thier hands, and singing along to a familiar song was something to experience.' she said.

    Juggling lessons by Roy Johns, old-fashioned magic by Reno Goodale, story-telling by Elisabeth Browne and her dog Duncan, face painting and kite-making rounded out a full afternoon of fun for the entire family.

    A highlight of the afternoon, 8-year old Connor Villard was honored by L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti. The presentation was made by Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) President Genelle LeVin.

    For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Kites Over Silver Lake' on this website.
  • Remembering Michael Jackson
    Posted on: 2009-07-07
    Our roving photographer Gary Greene called me this evening and asked, 'Are we going to print a story about Michael Jackson? Seems that a lot of people are caught up in the Michael Jackson phenomenom! Yes, we will miss Michael Jackson! He has made an indelible print on our collective consciousness; his music, lyrics and antics will be remembered.

    Gary sent along a few images from a 1984 Michael Jackson Concert at Dodger Stadium: with a full moon in the was the 'Victory Tour'; think moonwalk and all! Thanks for the memories! For a few more choice photos, go to 'Neighborhood Pictures: Gary Greene Covers the Music Scene' on this website.

    -Michael Locke, Editor
  • CNVEP Garden Party Raises Funds & Awareness
    Posted on: 2009-06-27
    Approximately 150 friends and patrons attended a garden party at the Hancock Park home of television producers Seth Kurland ('Friends') and Jennifer Glickman, a benefit for the Center for Nonviolent Education & Parenting. The early summer event raised over $36,000 from ticket sales, donations and a silent auction. Proceeds will provide much-needed funds for parenting and educational programs supporting the center's mission: teaching and advocating nonviolence in the development of our greatest asset: our children.

    The Kurland-Glickman garden was beautifully decorated and lighted for the late afternoon affair. A Latin beat drifted through the evening air, as the Los Heavies Jazz Band performed on the back porch. CNVEP Founder Ruth Beaglehole addressing the asembled guests, was upbeat in her assessment of the future, despite the challenges of non-profits at a time of economic uncertainty.

    Special thanks to Verdugo Bar for donating the beer, Damon's Steak House Glendale for the special mai thai's, Larchmont Langer and Rebecca Miranda and Jules Davis for some exquisite desserts.

    The Center for Nonviolent Education & Parenting is one of my favorite charities; their pioneering work is more needed than ever, as the challenge of raising a future generation of responsible, loving parents in an increasingly complex world becomes more apparent.

    Pictured are Ruth Beaglehole and friends, Ivan Curry, Barbara Harris-Cury and Francine Lipsman Tansey.

    Want to learn more? Visit the center's website (link below). For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: CNVEP Events' on this website.
  • It's Thai Hometaurant
    Posted on: 2009-06-17
    Thai food & Asian fans
    los angeles times review
  • Silver Lake's Art Cans Phase 3 is Complete!
    Posted on: 2009-06-15
    The Silver Lake Beautification Committee checked off another completed project this past Sunday, June 14, 2009 as the latest phase of mosaic art (trash) cans were delivered and installed along Hyperion Avenue and Silver Lake Blvd.

    Project Managers and community activists Laura Dwan and Noah Stein went the distance: the stamina to oversee the project, including the budget and grant process, soliciting the art community for design ideas, and then seeing them come alive is both demanding and a bit overwhelming!

    There efforts were rewarded these past two Sundays, as the new installations were completed. These new art panels are on display and doing their job at the following locations: Hyperion Avenue: Trader Joes and Pizza Hut and Silver Lake Boulevard: Monkey House Toys, Silver Lake Dog Park, Modem, Salon Precision Motors and Le Quipe Salon. Artist Julie Bagish a well-known pottery artist and poet, who has been involved in the project since its inception, created a memorial art can in honor of Artist William Crite II. The memorial remembers Crite who participated in the project during its last two installations; Crite died earlier this year. His son, William Crite III took part in the remembrance. The William Crite Memorial 'art can' is installed in front of Modem Salon on Silver Lake Blvd.

    Pictured at the Monkey Toys installation on Silver Lake Blvd., and surrounding artist Julie Bagish are: (L-R) Marty Bagish, Project Manager Laura Dwan, Julie, Project Manager Noah Stein, William Crite III, Akira Kondo (visiting from Japan) and Joe Bermudez (installer). For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Art Can Photos'.
  • SLIA Annual Meeting Draws Big Crowd
    Posted on: 2009-06-11
    A re-energized Silver Lake Improvement Association held its annual meeting. to a near-full auditorium at Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral, May 10, 2009. President Genelle LeVin called the meeting to order promptly at 7 p,m., introducing one of the featured speakers for the occasion, L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti. Eric renumerated the challenges and opportunities awaiting city government in the new fiscal reality, highlighting recent achievements (Silver Lake's lower crime rate, the completion of the Silver Lake Reservoir pathway, for example).

    L.A. Council Member Tom LaBonge emphasized the importance of volunteerism, encouraging the many community activists in attendance. Also in attendance were Deputy Ryan Carpio from CD13, Deputy John Hisserich from Assemblymember Paul Krekorian's office, and Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov, Chair of the Urban Design and Preservation Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. Council Member LaBonge introuced his new deputy for Silver Lake-Los Feliz, Mary Rodriguez. SLIA President LeVin honored retired attorney and community activist Lucie Jones who was on hand, who is celebrating her 92nd birthday this month. LaBonge led the crowd in singing 'Happy Birthday'.

    As part of the festivities, the SLIA honored long-time board member Ruth Faydich, who is retiring. Faydich served the organization for 17 years as Treasurer.

    Pictured are Los Angeles Councilmember Tom LaBonge with Lucie Jones at the SLIA Annual Meeting, June 10, 2009. Look for more photos on the 'Neighborhood Pictures: SLIA Events' page!
  • Silver Lake's Mosaic Art Cans Are In!
    Posted on: 2009-06-08
    The Beautification of Silver Lake took another giant leap forward this past week, as the third phase of mosaic art trash cans were being set up along Silver Lake's commercial corridors. Led by project organizers Noah Stein and Laura Dwan, the trash receptacles add great beauty to the neighborhood and are a practical means for disposing of trash.

    The fist panels were installed in front of Trader Joe's on Hyperion on Sunday, May 7, 2009. Mosaic Artist Tabitha Fronk was present for the installation, along with MacKenzie Dowling; (Dowling also contributed in the 2006 installation).

    The second installation took place in front of Precision Auto Body on Silver Lake Blvd. Artist Yuriko Etue, was on hand to assist ceramic tile contractor Joe Bermudez apply the mastic that hold the panels in place. (Yuriko has been an important contributor to the project from the beginning; her 'art cans' can be seen at Silver Lake Triangle Park and other locations around the neighborhood).

    A big crowd showed up for the third installation, at Silver Lake Dog Park Artist Lorraine Heitzman was on hand for the event, along with members of her daughter's Girl Scout Troup (who assisted Heitzman with the mosaics), and dog park advocate Jen Byrne.

    The 'Art Cans' are 'adopted' by local businesses, and as part of the adoption process merchants are required to regularly empty the receptacles. Look for updates coming soon as the project moves forward this week.

    Artist Yuriko Etue is pictured; look for additional photos in 'Neighborhood Pictures: Art Can Photos' on this website.
  • 'The Silver Lake News' Celebrates 2 Million Hits!
    Posted on: 2009-05-11
    On Tuesday, May 11, 2009, 'The Silver Lake News' received 2,000,597 hits at 5:30 p.m. PST! (by June 19, 2009, the number had grown to 2,104,367) A huge Thank You! to all our readers who have made us the 'Most Visited Community Website' in Silver Lake. Tell your friends! SELF-POSTING on 'The Silver Lake News' is free and easy-to-do! Look for the ADD icon on most of our MENU items, including 'Classified Ads', 'Community Calendar', 'Arts & Entertainment', 'Neighborly Referrals', and more.
  • Earth Day in Silver Lake Hailed as a Big Success
    Posted on: 2009-04-29
    The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce GREEN COMMITTEE staged a highly successful event on Earth Day, collected over 7,000 plastic bags at the Sunset Junction Triangle. The bags were fashioned into a giant plastic ball to dramatize the huge amount of garbage that accumulates from their use. Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce members are being encouraged to stop the use of plastic bags in their retail establishments.

    It is estimated that the 7,000 plastic bags collected at the event is approximately the number of bags consumed by 14 shoppers in a years time. The ball is currently at Micheltorena Elementary School where it is being used as an educational tool to teach youngsters the importance of recycling. Two groups of 4th graders from the school participated in the event.
  • 'Art Can' Installation Set for Early May
    Posted on: 2009-04-25
    Silver Lake Beautification Committee's Noah Stein advises that the latest round of 'Art Cans', the concrete trash cans featuring mosaic panels by local artists, will be delivered in the first or second week of May 2009. The actual installation will take place over about two days. Look for an announcement on this website as the date approaches, and take part in the dedication!
  • What are you doing on EARTH DAY? The Silver Lake Chamber Green Committee has a Great Idea!
    Posted on: 2009-03-29
    Celebrate EARTH DAY in Silver Lake by joining the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce (SLCC-GC) and cutting-edge businesses in the area at Silver Lake's Triangle Park, (corner of Sunset Boulevard and Griffith Park Blvd.) as we say 'NO!' to plastic bags! The community will gather together at the epicenter of Silver Lake to set the green standard by committing to stop stocking single-use plastic bags for the good of the environment.

    The chamber has asked local businesses to commit to no longer using plastic bags from Earth Day 2009 onwards and to encourage customers to bring their own re-useable shopping bags.

    An Earth Day Ball will be created, made entirely of collected plastic bags. Dr. Cheryl Revkin, Green Commitee Co-Chair stated, 'The idea of the whold community, including our children, making the statement that we will help the environment in this way is typical of our Silver Lake ethic. We're willing to make some sacrifices to do the right thing and be ahead of the curve. I am proud as a business owner to take part.'

    For more information about joining the campaign, please contact Cheryl Revkin (323) 665-1281.
  • 9th Annual Festival of Chlldhood Coming April 25th
    Posted on: 2009-03-27
    Pack up the kids and head to Echo Park on Saturday, April 25th! The Center for Nonviolent Education & Parenting (CNVEP) will hold its annual festival for kids, offering 25 booths of art and play, including a children's drum circle, mobile skate park, face painting, gardening, clay play, street painting and musical presentations. The event kicks off at 1p.m. and is expected to end about 5 p.m.

    The free event is open to all, and will be held at the Reservoir Street Closure, 1226 N. Alvarado Blvd. (one block north of Sunset Blvd. and Alvarado) in Echo Park. The event promotes CNVEP's mission: to teach effective nonviolent child raising practices based on empathy and compassion, in order to deepen adult-child relationships and move toward a culture of peace and understanding.

    CNVEP offers ongoing parenting classes, individual support and professional training. For more information, please visit the CNVEP website (link below) or call (213) 484-6676.
  • Sharyn Romano is 45th Assembly Dist. 'Woman of the Year'
    Posted on: 2009-03-19
    Sacramento- Assembly Member Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee honored Sharyn Romano, Founder & CEO of the Hollywood Beautification Team (HBT) as the 45th Assembly District Woman of the Year on March 16, 2009.

    'Sharyn epitomizes the great talent and civic engagement of the 45th District. With over a decade and half of community service, she is the true embodiment of service,' said de Leon. 'Her advocacy has led to the successful revival of Hollywood. Local residents and visitors are true winners, as they now enjoy the fruits of Sharyn's labor.'

    After being involved in various civic groups for a number of years, in 1991 Romano founded HBT, a community based non-profit agency. HBT is dedicated to helping neighborhoods, businesses and schools through community capacity building, educational programs, job training, and physical inprovements including environmental projects, tree planting, graffiti abatement, and mural painting.

    'I am truly humbled and honored by this tremendous recognition', said Romano. 'I am blessed to work with wonderful staff, community members and elected leaders who all share a communal vision for community and dedication to our youth.'.

    She obtained her B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Redlands, and a Master's Degree in Geography and Urban Planning from California State University at Los Angeles. In commemoration of Woman's History Month, the California Legislative Woman's Caucus sponsors the annual 'Woman of the Year' celebration honoring remarkable women throughout California, who selflessly contribute to the welfare of others.
  • VDL Research House to Feature an 'Evening with Richard Longstreth'
    Posted on: 2009-03-04
    Leading Architectural Historian Richard Longstreth will make an appearance at Richard Neutra's VDL Research House on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 for an evening cocktail party sponsored by Cal Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design.

    Richard Longstreth is a professor at George Washington University and is one of America's top authorities on the history of architecture. There is a $50 fee for the event; all proceeds will go to the restoration and preservation of the VDL Research House, located at 2300 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90039.

    Please RSVP to Ms. Sam Friend (909) 869-4629 or by email.
  • Lucie Jones Writes Her Life Story
    Posted on: 2009-02-27
    Among the myriad activities offered by the Griffith Park Adult Community Club, the Life Writing Class stands out as a powerful experience for its many members. I attended a session of the class in February (2009) at which (LA City Council President) Eric Garcetti honored Lucie Jones. Jones, now 91 years young, has had a long and distinguished career as an attorney. In a profession dominated by men, she was a true feminist long before the phrase was coined. Jones has been regaling her fellow class members with tales of her adventures as a female lawyer, homemwaker and mother from the 1950s on, until her retirement in 1987.

    'The class has been very meaningful to the participants', said Bea Gold, a long-time Silver Lake activist and participant in the group. 'The members are very supportive of each other, allowing each to tell their personal stories. Over the years, through encouragement, each has seen their writing skills improve while the group has grown closer together>'

    Jones has touched many with her stories, including teacher Jeanette Shelburne. 'She has delighted the writing group with her stories' hard-biting wit and clarity, yet she's always driven to explore her art. She consistently applies critiques to add more sensory detail, exploring complex relationships and include dialog. She's a shining example of ongoing learning throughout life.'

    The class is sponsored by the Hollywood Education and Career Center, part of LAUSD's programs for older adults. Pictured with Lucie are Jeanette Shelburne, SLIA President Genelle LeVin, CD-13 Deputy Ryan Carpio and Bea Gold at the presentation ceremony. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors on the Move' on this website.
  • Materials & Applications Hosts 2009 'Art Cans' Pre-Installation Exhibition
    Posted on: 2009-02-23
    On Sunday, February 22, 2009, Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess of Materials & Applications hosted a pre-installation exhibition for 'Art Cans', the concrete trash cans that are found along Silver Lake's commercial corridors. The new art cans will be installed primarily on Silver Lake Boulevard, art cans have also been adopted by Trader Joes and Pizza Hut on Hyperion Avenue.

    The exhibit marks the third installation of the trash receptacles, a project of the Beautification Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. The 'art cans' are concrete trash cans that have beautiful mosaic panels designed by local artists.

    Artists Julie Bagish, Yuriko Etue and Tabitha Fronk are veterans of the project. Julie's work, 'Four Seasons of William Crite' honored Crite, a brilliant artist and fellow art-can contributor. She wrote and read a lovely poem dedicating her work to his memory. The 'Path Pals' of the CSSLR (Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs) also contributed an art can 'Reservoir Pathways', working with Bagish. CSSLR veterans Lori Oddino and Carla Lazzareschi were on hand for the ceremony. The can will be installed in front of Monkey House Toys on Silver Lake Blvd.

    Artist Yurkio Etue has contributed to the 'Art Can Project' in each of its three installations. Her current contribution, 'Forever Beginning' is reminiscent of her earlier work. Tabitha Fronk created 'Cats & Butterfilies- for Lulu', working with Silver Lake Kids and an untitled art can with the help of Calderons and Silver Lake Kids. Artist Lorraine Heitzman, a newcomer to the project, worked with Girl Scout Troup 730 and created 'It's a Dog's Life'. The art can will be installed at Silver Lake Dog Park; the Silver Lake Dog Park Association adoped the can.

    Thanks to Noah Stein and Laura Dwan Project Coordinators for keeping the Art Can Project alive. Silver Lakers will have these practical art objects to enjoy for years to come.

    Pictured are Noah Stein, Tom Blanchard, Julie Bagish, Carla Lazzereschi and Lori Oddino at the pre-installation exhibit. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Art Can Project' on this website.
  • New Veranda Marks 40th Anniversary
    Posted on: 2009-02-23
    On March 6, 1969 the preservation movement was born in Southern California. On this date, the last two Victorian-era structures from Bunker Hill (The Castle and the Salt Box) were saved from the wrecking ball and moved to Heritage Square Museum, marking the beginning of many successes to come. On March 7, 2009, forty years and a day later, the museum celebrates its birthday by unveiling the long-awaited, newly rebuilt, veranda at the Longfellow-Hastings Octagon Home for the first time since 1917!
    Join the museum from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., as Heritage Square recalls its early beginnings and recognizes some of the museum’s original founders. Dr. Robert Winter, local architectural historian and author, will provide the celebration’s keynote address and Councilman Ed Reyes, District One, will remark on this important occasion and make special presentations. Living history performances will make this a ceremony no one should miss.
    The creation of the museum was a call for Southern Californians to being strengthening the preservation and interpretation of its local history and important architectural structures and homes. Nearly 20 years later, one of possibly three rare octagon homes in the state of California was moved from Pasadena to Heritage Square, saving it from demolition.
    In the second part of this grand party, Heritage Square Museum celebrates the completion of the Longfellow-Hastings Octagon Veranda. Built in Pasadena in 1893, the Longfellow-Hastings Octagon Home originally had a wrap-around veranda (or porch) when it was constructed. The three story house sat on a 10-acre parcel of farmland on San Pasqual Street (present day). In 1917, to make way for subdivision of the original farm, the octagon house was moved to a lot about a mile north of the farm on Allen Avenue. During this move, most of the veranda was removed.
    The octagon architectural style was first promoted by writer, editor, and phrenologist Orson S. Folwer. In 1848, Fowler published A Home for All or a New, Cheap, Convenient, and Superior Mode of Building. In this book, he endorsed an alternative to the strict styles of the Greek Revival movement, which had taken America by storm. Several of these unconventional octagonal homes and buildings were constructed during their popularity in the Eastern United States. However with the approach of the Civil War, Fowler’s plan for a revolution in domestic architecture fell into ruin and the octagon house movement ended.
    The Longfellow-Hastings Octagon Home at Heritage Square Museum is the only known surviving, unaltered example of octagonal architecture in California. It remains an outstanding example of Fowler’s innovative and daring ideas. More than 1,000 of these unique structures were built in the United States during their popularity and approximately 20 are known to have been built in California. Of these, possibly three to five remain. The Longfellow-Hastings Octagon House is the only one of its kind in Los Angeles.
    Heritage Square Museum is an open-air, living history museum dedicated to telling the story of the development of Los Angeles. The museum is located at 3800 Homer Street, off the 110 Arroyo Seco Parkway (110/Pasadena Freeway) at Avenue 43, just north of downtown Los Angeles. The museum is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 12 to 5 PM. (Hours vary November to March.) For further information, the public may call (323) 225-2700 or visit our website at
    Admission to the event is $10 and is free for museum members. For information, call the museum offices from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at (323) 225-2700 ext 223.
  • Violent Crime Hits Silver Lake
    Posted on: 2009-02-05
    Violent Crime Hits Silver Lake, 10 Robberies in past 6 weeks.

    For details, please check out the link below.
  • Scott Hamilton Kennedy's Film 'The Garden' Garners Oscar Nomination
    Posted on: 2009-01-23
    Congratulations are in order for Scott Hamilton Kennedy, the Silver Laker's film 'The Garden', is one of five films selected for this year's Oscar for Best Documentary, the heart-breaking story of a 14-acre community garden in South Central Los Angeles that started as a 'form of healing' after the 1992 riots related to the Rodney King verdict. The film goes on to show how the hopes and inspirations of the urban farm unravel as a result of backroom dealing at (Los Angeles) City Hall, selling off the land to a wealthy developer behind closed doors.

    Everyone should see this movie! It is an important civic lesson, especially as we seek transparency from our public officials in a hopeful new era. Scott Hamilton Kennedy and Catherine Borek (his wife and collaborator) were recently honored in our column, 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'. Read their story in the 'Who's Who' section.
  • Villa Togneri is Los Angeles Times' 'Home of the Week'
    Posted on: 2009-01-04
    Congratulations are in order for the Togneri family; the grand mansion on Mayberry Street purchased by their grandfather Michale Togneri over 60 years ago, has been selected by the Los Angeles Times as 'Home of the Week' on January 4, 2009.

    To read more about the selection, please check the weblink below:
  • Remembering Yvon Docker Lincoln 1921-2008
    Posted on: 2008-12-24
    Yvon Docker Lincoln arrived in Los Angeles when she was barely 6 months old, coming with her parents Myrtis Evalina Burns and Malcolm Docker Lincoln from Tucson, Arizona. She remained in Southern California the rest of her life.

    During WWII, she served as an air raid warden and as a US Navy truck driver, building landing strips. Peacetime work was primarily in transportation, especially transcontinental trucking of heavy machinery and later, air freight. She was the first woman regional vice president of Delta Nu Alpha, a national transportation society. An activist in Silver Lake, her home community, Yvon, in retirement also was a volunteer and contributor to many non-profit organizations. Yvon's greatest talent was making friends and they were legion.

    In a nursing home with failing health the past three years, she succombed to cancer on 11/26/2008. She is survived by her companion, Lucile Jones and her cousin Laura Burns. UCLA Donated Body Program accepted her remains and there will be no services persuant to her wishes. Those wanting to remember her may do so by making a friend, as she would, or by giving to her favorite charity, St. Vincent on Wheels, c/o St. Vincent Foundation, 2222 Ocean View Avenue, Suite 144, Los Angeles, CA 90057.
  • Second Phase of Silver Lake Reservoir Pathway Dedication
    Posted on: 2008-12-21
    Local dignitaries joined a host of Silver Lakers in the ribbon-cutting ceremony dedicating the Second Phase of the pathway that now completely surrounds Silver Lake Reservoir on Saturday, December 31, 2008. Los Angeles Councilmembers Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti shared the spotlight, as each praised the activism of neighbors and the response of city officials in bringing the pathway to realization. California Assemblymember Paul Krekorian (43rd District) was also on hand, as were LA Dept. of Water & Power CEO H. David Nahai, LA City Engineer Gary Moore, Assemblymember Curran Price (51st Dist.), and Board of Public Works Member Julie Gutman.

    Board Members of the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs (CSSLR) including current President Shelley Marks, and past presidents Andrew Sears and Dave Keitel and a larqe contingent of reservoir activists were on hand, and were acknowledged for their stewardship of the reservoir.

    After the formal ribbon-cutting ceremony, eveyone in attendance was invited to participate in an historic 'first stroll'. I brought my camera along and captured a piece of history; look for photos in 'Neighborhood Pictures: Groundbreaking Ceremony for Silver Lake Reservoir Pedestrian Pathway' on this website! Pictured are long-time Silver Lake activist Bea Gold getting a hug from Councilmember LaBonge.
  • Silver Lake Walking Path Phase II Dedication is December 20th!
    Posted on: 2008-12-16
    Join your neighbors for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, dedicating the opening of the long-awaited Silver Lake Reservoir Walking Path! Dignitaries from the City of Los Angeles, including our local councilmembers Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti will take part.

    You won't want to miss the historic first stroll! Meet at the intersection of Armstrong Avenue and Silver Lake Blvd. on Saturday, December 20, 2008 beginning at 10 a.m.; ceremony is expected to end at 11 a.m.
  • It's a Los Angeles Posada!
    Posted on: 2008-12-14
    La Posada de Los Angeles- December 18, 2008- Angelinos far and wide are invited to participate in a very special holiday event, La Posada, a reenactment of Joseph and the Virgin Mary looking for lodging on the night of Jesus' birth.

    Join us as we enjoy food, music and friends in celebration of hospitality and community.

    The L.A. Posada will be celebrated at the El Centro del Pueblo, 1157 LeMoyne Street in Echo Park 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, December 18, 2008.
  • 14th Annual Music Box Steps Day is Saturday, October 25th
    Posted on: 2008-10-17
    Pack up the car, walk, bike or carpool to Laurel & Hardy Park, between 923 and 935 Vendome St. in Silver Lake, for a fun afternoon of free food and entertainment, and the screening of the hilarious, Academy-award winning comedy, 'Music Box Steps', featuring Laurel & Hardy, as they try in vain to deliver a piano up a steep hillside walk street in Silver Lake. The film, which was filmed at the location, has been celebrated every year for the past 14 years. Veteran screen writer and professor of cinema Vince Brook runs the projector, and gets support from Councilmembers Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge as well as the Silver Lake Improvement Association.

    Don't miss this delightful once-in-a-year event! You will laugh your head off! For young and old alike.

    For more information, please contact Vince Brook (323) 663-7641
  • Benefit for Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic on November 1st
    Posted on: 2008-10-09
    Silver Lake Studio will celebrate the Grand Opening of its new salon on Sunset Blvd. with a Benefit Party for their new, across-the-street neighbors, the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic on Saturday, November 1, 2008 beginning at 7 p.m. 'We will be providing free food and drinks; please come and bid on some great stuff provided by local merchants!', Silver Lake Studio's Antonio Garcia said. 'Please invite your friends too, we'll have some great door prizes, like spa packages, dinners for 2, and designer haircuts that you can bid on! he said.

    The Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic has been providing free services to the homeless, working poor and unemployed in Silver Lake, Echo Park, East Hollywood and neighboring communities of Los Angeles for over 40 years. HSFC Executive Director Teresa 'Tacy' Padua had words of praise for Silver Lake Studio: In these tough economic times, we need all the help we can get! Partners like Antonio Garcia and Silver Lake Studio show a great deal of class in reaching out to the less fortunate in our midst. We are entirely grateful for their efforts on our behalf' she said.

    HSFC and Silver Lake Studio invite you to come to the event and bring your friends. Silver Lake Studio is located at 3325 W. Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake (just east of Micheltorena Street on the north side of the street). Questions? Please call Antonio Garcia (323) 679-5459. If you are able to make a contribution of cash or services, please let Tony know ASAP!

    Pictured are Antonio Garcia of Silver Lake Studio and Tacy Padua, HSFC Executive Director. Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic is a non-profit 501(c)(3); all donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law.
  • Big Benefit for Barack Obama Coming to Silver Lake October 12th!
    Posted on: 2008-10-06
    Let's get together, raise a ton of money and eat cake for our candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden! They need the money now more than ever as the crucial last weeks of the election approach. Remember Obama didn't take the government campaign money and is depending on us. We have a goal of $10000 and we know we can reach it!

    Please join us at the BAKE FOR OBAMA on Sunday, October 12, 2008 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Montri Auto Repair Shop Parking Lot, 1701 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. Donations and volunteers are needed! For more information or to get involved, please send us an email! (see email address below).

    Montri Auto Repair is located near the intersection of Silver Lake Blvd. and Effie Street (near the 7/11, Spaceland, and the old Back Door Bakery; now closed). To make a donation to the Obama campaign, please go to the web address below!
  • Coldwell Banker Silent Auction Nets $7.5K for Local Charities
    Posted on: 2008-10-06
    The local Coldwell Banker office on Hillhurst closed up shop early on Friday, September 12, 2008 in preparation for their first silent auction benefitting local charities. By 7 p.m. the outdoor patio was packed with friends, neighbors and well-wishers to inspect and place bids on items donated by local businesses and agents. The event garnered over $7500 for the Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation. Through the foundation, donations create opportunities for philanthropy, fundraising and volunteer activities that benefit local charities. Coldwell Banker's office manager Lori Ramirez had words of praise for event co-chairs Candace Kentopian and Chris Corkum who 'rallied the troops', collecting over 80 items donated by local businesses and Coldwell Banker agents. 'Special thanks to sponsors Cafe Los Feliz, Cheech's Pizza, Chi Dynasty, Home, Il Capricccio and Vermont who prepared a lavish feast for the occasion', according to Ramirez. 'I am very proud of the generosity of the local business community and our neighbors for supporting this event; it won't be our last!' she exclaimed.

    Pictured are Coldwell Banker's Steve Flores, Candace Kentopian, Lori Ramirez, Howard Stevens, Chris Corkum and Lisa Brende who took part in the Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation Silent Auction held on September 12, 2008.
  • Block Parties Are Transforming Silver Lake Neighborhoods
    Posted on: 2008-10-05
    SILVER LAKE- It has been exactly four years since I wrote an article for the Los Feliz Ledger about the Primrose Hill Block Party describing how these neighborhood get-togethers enrich a community and build strong relationships. On Saturday, September 6, 2008, the group got together again for the 14th consecutive year.

    I am happy to report the movement seems to be gaining momentum! On Labor Day weekend, a group of like-minded neighbors on Elevado Street held their first block party, and it was a unique success. 'Since moving to Elevado Street three years ago, I'd heard rumors of a block party', reports Catherine Borek, who lives on the street with husband, filmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy and their daughter, Tessa. (Scott & Catherine's profiles are listed in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake' this month). We discussed the plan enthusiastically: we'd shut down the street, get out the grills, see if the neighborhood garage band would play, have some games for the kids. But every summer, we would head back to work or school,, without taking action,' she said.

    When passing Tina's house one day, she stopped and said, We've got to stop planning and just do it! A sign went up: 'Block Party Meeting: Thursday, 7:30 P.M.' At 7:30 that evening, my doorbell rang, and in walked Noah and his band, five guys in the 18-20-something range, all ready with ideas for how the event should go down. They wanted to perform, and I could think of nothing better than a block party with the kids-turned-rock-stars who grew up here headlining the show. A little later, families, couples, and singles filed in, all enthusiastic and ripe with ideas.'<.i>

    A month later, the first annual Elevado Street Block Party was born. First gathering at Robert and Gina's for a heat-of-the-day pool party, then a BBQ/Potluck got underway, neighbors coming from all directions with a dish and a smile. The music played into the night, and the evening ended with a movie night sing-along at the Borek-Kennedy garage. 'The Monday following our block party, Elevado Street felt different,' Catherine Borek reports. 'New neighbors emerged to join the street-side conversation. Kids raced around the block without needing a parent's watchful eye. People seemed connected, happy. I think this is a feeling that will last at least until the Second Annual Elevado Street Block Party.'

    This article first appeared in the Los Feliz Ledger in October 2008. Flannery Lunsford, lead singer for the band Flypaper Cartel, is seen performing at the Elevado Street Block Party on Labor Day weekend 2008. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Block Parties' on this website.
  • Parkman Triangle Advocates Hope to Turn Asphalt into a Cool Green Patch
    Posted on: 2008-09-05
    Ara Babaian, 'Point Man' for the 'Parkman Triangle' Project, announced today that the deadline for a $20,000 grant funding the project is October 22, 2008. A meeting will be held on Sunday, October 4, 2008 near the site (the intersection of Parkman and Silver Lake Blvd.). Advocates hope to transform the swath of concrete into a 'cool green patch'. Volunteer signatures are urgently needed!; please stop by (if only briefly)!

    If you are interested in helping transform the Silver Lake community by helping develop marginal spaces into 'pocket parks', here's a great opportunity! For more information, please contact Ara Babaian at the email address below.
  • Stephanie Vendig Honored in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'
    Posted on: 2008-08-21
    Stephanie Vendig, President of the Griffith Park Adult Community Center is the latest honoree in The Silver Lake News 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'. Read all about Stephanie's interesting life in the 'Who's Who' section!
  • SiLa Bistro Opening Party
    Posted on: 2008-08-21
    Restaurateurs Frank Boyle and Ray Lopez held a Grand Opening Party at their new restaurant in Silver Lake on Thursday, August 14, 2008. The new bistro brings Executive Chef Stephen Brown, a 'rising culinary star', who plans to make SiLa a 'fine dining destinaton, using products from local farmers and fish markets.'.

    Since graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, Chef Brown has made an extended tour of Europe's acclaimed kitchens. His resume includes stints at the Desert Sage in La Quinta, Pomme Frite in Palm Springs, Brockton Villa in La Jolla and the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga.

    The Sila Bistro is located in Silver Lake at 2630 Hyperion Avenue (at Griffith Park Blvd.) Open for dinner 5-10 PM and until 10:30 PM on Friday and Saturday, and is closed on Mondays. For reservations, please call (323) 664-7979. Pictured are Executive Chef Steven Brown and Sous Chef Scott Lowry at the Grand Opening Party, August 14, 2008.

    For more photos of the grand opening party, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: About Town' on this website.
  • Tim Campbell & Steve Machado Tie the Knot in Downtown Ceremony
    Posted on: 2008-07-31
    Celebrity Architectural Designer Tim Campbell married his long-time partner Dr. Steve Machado at Tim's office in the downtown arts district on Saturday, July 12, 2008. Los Angeles Councilmember Jan Perry, who has known the couple for years, officiated at the private ceremony attended by a few close friends. The couple, who have been together for 21 years, wanted to be amongst the first to take advantage of the court ruling allowing same-sex marriages in California that went into effect on June 16, 2008.

    'Although I have officiated civil unions before, it was the first time for a same-sex couple', declared Councilmember Perry. 'Tim and Steve are longtime friends and are an amazing and gifted couple who bring so much love to each other and give back in such an extraordinary fashion to their community. I really wanted to do this from the start. It's an honor to be part of this historic occasion,' she said.

    The newlyweds live in a striking four-story home in Silver Lake, designed by Campbell in 2004 (Los Angeles Times feature article, February 12, 2007). The pair are avid patrons of contemporary political and social art; the home was designed to showcase their extraordinary collection. Dr. Machado is a chiropractor in private practice in Silver Lake and Beverly Hlls. Tim Campbell is principal of Studio Tim Campbell. His recent projects include the renovation and expansion of the 'Singleton House' (Richard Neutra, Architect 1959) in collaboration with Ronnie Sassoon; the renovation of the 'Alfred Newman Residence' (Lloyd Wright, Architect 1950) in Pacific Palisades for Diane Keaton; and the re-design of the home associated with the Campbell-Divertimento Fountain (Luis Barragan, Architect, 1966, a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, No. 637; a Los Angeles Times feature story, July 24, 2008)

    This article first appeared in an abbreviated form in my monthly column in the Los Feliz Ledger, August 2008 Edition.
  • R.M. Schindler's 'Manola Court' UP FOR SALE
    Posted on: 2008-07-27
    The Manola Court, an apartment building located in Silver Lake and designed by famed Modernist architect Rudolph Schindler has been put up for sale (July 2008). The sixteen unit complex was built for Herman Sachs as a speculative venture. The complex of sixteen residences is located on a street-to-street lot; a steep, central 'street' running through the middle of the complex is reminiscent of a Greek village. Asking price for the entire complex: $3M.
  • Architect Aaron Neubert Honored in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'
    Posted on: 2008-07-27
    Our 'Cover Story' this month honors Architect Aaron Neubert, a Silver Lake resident and principal of a-N-X Architecture for his distinguished work in embracing our Modernist architectural heritage. Get acquainted with Aaron and his work by visiting the 'Who's Who' section of 'The Silver Lake News'.
  • Provocative Film 'The Garden' by Scott Hamilton Kennedy Premieres at LA Film Fest June 21st
    Posted on: 2008-06-17
    Silver Lake's own Scott Hamilton Kennedy premieres his latest documentary film, 'The Garden' at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday, June 21, 2008. The documentary film tells the story of the ordeal of urban farmers facing eviction from their once-thriving community garden in south central Los Angeles. Please watch the trailer and consider attending this important FREE event! Screening at Mann Festival Theater, 10887 Lindbrook Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90024, Saturday June 21, 2008 at 1 p.m.
  • Second 'Kites Over Silver Lake' Festival Arrives on Father's Day
    Posted on: 2008-06-05
    Grab a blanket and head to Bellevue Park on Father's Day, June 15, 2008 for the second 'Kites Over Silver Lake' Festival beginning at noon. The free event features the high-flying skills of the San Diego Kite Club. The group will perform and also teach kite-flying to attendees. Free kites will supplies last!

    Dorsay Dujon, Co-Chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Arts & Culture Committee promises a full afternoon of enjoyable faire, including the Obervatory Orchestra Brass Ensemble in concert, prizes for the best decorated kites, and an international food faire.

    The annual event is co-sponsored by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and the Bellevue Park Advisory Board in cooperation with the LA Department of Recreation and Parks and the office of Los Angeles Council Member Eric Garcetti (CD-13). Bellevue Park is located at 826 Lucile Avenue (at Marathon) in Silver Lake.

    Eric Mueller is pictured with his two children, Sara and Jacob, at the 2007 Festival.
  • Benefit Raises Awareness for Nonviolent Parenting Group
    Posted on: 2008-06-04
    Some time ago I became aware of the important work being done by the Center for Nonviolent Education & Parenting (CNVEP). The Center's mission is to 'teach effective nonviolent child rearing,nurturing their development into adults who know the meaning for themselves and others.'

    My wife, Donna Jean and I had the pleasure of attending a benefit for the Center at Dan & Amy Finn Bernier's award-winning loft (2006 Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Award for Adaptive Reuse) in Chinatown, May 31, 2008, attended by 175 well-wishers and patrons. 'We raised $35,000+ from the event', according to Andrea Brown, the Center's Director of Development, 'and we're still counting online and silent auction contributions. It was a joyous celebration, experiencing the support for the powerful work that CNVEP educators are doing in the community', she said.

    CNVEP Director Ruth Beaglehole in reflecting on the success of the event said, 'We see hope in a time when we are concerned about the world our children will inherit. Every day I am encouraged as parents, teachers and professionals are able to nurture and guide deeply from the heart. I have a deep sense of inner joy as I experience the learning, questioning and change for those who do the hardest job of all, raising people! What every human being yearns for is a deep, loving connection with parents based upon unconditional love. Learning and practicing nonviolent parenting gives us a framework to think about our actions as parents, and consider what our children really need to thrive as healthy human beings.'.

    CNVEP is located in Echo Park at 1226 N. Alvarado Street, one block north of Sunset Blvd. in the Echo Park United Methodist Church building. For more information, please call (213) 484-6676 or visit the weblink below.

    Pictured are Director with Amy Finn Bernier at the CNVEP Benefit in Chinatown, May 31, 2008. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: CNVEP Events' on this website.
  • Documentary Film on the Life of JULIUS SHULMAN to Debut at Los Angeles Film Festival, June 22nd
    Posted on: 2008-05-12
    Eric Bricker, Director and Producer of the Documentary Film, 'Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman' announced today that the film will be featured in its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Sunday, June 22, 2008. The world premiere screening will be held at The Landmark Theater in the Westside Pavilion at 4 p.m.. A second performance will be held at the Billy Wilder Theater in the Hammer Museum on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 4 p.m.

    Subscribers to 'The Silver Lake News' and fans of Julius Shulman are encouraged to order tickets early!
  • All Aboard! GPACC Trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano via Amtrak Train
    Posted on: 2008-05-07
    Day trippers from the Griffith Park Adult Community Club enjoyed a full day of touring and sightseeing via Amtrak on Monday, Cinco de Mayo 2008. The excursion was arranged by Trips Coordinator Doris Slater. Tourgoers enjoyed a relaxing train ride to the mission, tour of the mission's bountiful gardens, lunch at a local restuarant (we opted for Mexican food at El Adobe, inasmuch as it was Cinco de Mayo), and a docent-led tour of the mission.

    Unfortunately my mother, Carol Locke took a fall near the end of the tour and had to be taken to a local hospital. We had to miss the train trip back home to Glendale, wait for a diagnosis of her condition, and then rent a car to get back home. The good news is Mom's okay and recuperating just fine!

    A colonnade of the old mission is pictured. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors on the Move' on this website.
  • 'Citizen of the Year' Awarded to Tom Gilmore at Woodbury University Event
    Posted on: 2008-05-07
    Downtown (L.A.) Developer Tom Gilmore was honored as Woodbury University's 'Citizen of the Year' at ceremonies held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on May 4, 2008. The award was presented by noted architectural photographer Julius Shulman and actress Kelly Lynch. In presenting the award Shulman described Gilmore as 'almost single-handedly responsible' for the renaissance of downtown's inner core, rescuing elegant old buildings at a time when no one else wanted them.

    Television personality Stephanie Edwards was Mistress of Ceremonies at the black tie event, which also featured the university's 44th annual fashion show, showcasing the acheivements of the school's top fashion design students.

    Pictured are Julius Shulman with Tom Gilmore accepting the Citizen of the Year Award. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Woodbury University Events on this website.

  • Maltman Square- Another Park for Silver Lake!
    Posted on: 2008-04-23
    The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Parks & Green Space Committee is forming a team to plan and implement improvements for Maltman Square, a public parcel of land located on Maltman Avenue between Effie Street and Crestmont Avenue.

    The first step is to decide what we want this great site to be. You can be part of the process! A Brainstorming Session will be held at the site on Saturday, April 26, 2008 from 4-6 p.m. If you'd like to join us, please RSVP to Ricardo Accorsi or Janet Cunningham Co-Chairs of the Parks & Green Space Committee at the email address below.
  • Silver Lake Library Book Sale Coming Soon!
    Posted on: 2008-04-07
    The FRIENDS OF SILVER LAKE LIBRARY (FoSLL) will hold a used book sale benefiting the new SILVER LAKE BRANCH LIBRARY on Saturday, May 3, 2008 from 10 am until 2 pm.

    The sale will be held in the Community Room at the Citibank located at 2450 Glendale Blvd. in Silver Lake. Cash only. Questions? Please call (323) 662-8979 or send us an email!
  • GPACC Day Trippers Meet Sam Maloof in Alta Loma
    Posted on: 2008-04-04
    Thanks to the leadership of DORIS SLATER, Trips Coordinator for the Griffith Park Adult Community Center, many of us who traveled on the trip to the Sam & Alfreda Maloof House in Alta Loma had the opportunity to meet the master woodworker in person.

    Now in his 92nd year, the gifted artist has received his well-deserved recognition as one of the great artist/craftsmen who have created timeless treasures with their hands. Mr. Maloof is regarded as one of the finest woodworkers of our time. As a leader of the California Modern Arts Movement, he has designed and produced furniture 'infused with profound artistic expression for more than half a century.'. Maloof's work was the subject of a prestigous retrospective at the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery in 2001. His furniture is in some of the most important private collections in the world, and is also in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City as well as the Boston Museum of Art, amongst others.

    Meeting the artist in person at his residence and workshop in Alta Loma was a real treat for the busload of Griffith Park Adult Community Center Members who took the trip, proving once again, that the GPACC is the best bargain in town for the over 50 set!

    Pictured are Tricia McGrath with Sam Maloof at his Alta Loma residence on April 3, 2008. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors on the Move' on this website.

  • PARKMAN TRIANGLE: A New Park for Silver Lake?
    Posted on: 2008-04-04
    The Silver Lake Neigborhood Council's Parks & Greenspace Committee is helping neighbors develop Parkman Triangle, a small parcel of concrete/asphalt land owned by the city and transform it into a pocket park. The first step is to decide what the community wants the site to be! A team is being formed to plan and implement improvements, and design a park based on the community's wishes.

    Are you excited about more green space in Silver Lake? Here's your opportunity to be part of the action! Please RSVP and join your neighbors on Saturday, April 5, 2008 from 10 a.m. until Noon at the site, located at the intersection of Silver Lake Blvd. and Parkman Avenue.

    Let's work together to make PARKMAN TRIANGLE a wonderful park we can all take part in bringing to reality!

    (Pictured are neighbors who showed up for the initial meeting of the Parkman Triangle Project on April 5, 2008)

    To RSVP, please contact Ara Babaian(pictured here), Team Liaison at the email address below.
  • Julius Shulman to Visit Silver Lake on March 27th
    Posted on: 2008-03-20
    Famed architectural photographer JULIUS SHULMAN will visit Silver Lake on Thursday evening, March 27, 2008 as our special guest as we bid Silver Lake good-bye!

    It will be our last opportunity to get together with the community in our old house (which has been completely refurbished in an art deco style that we think you will appreciate! Dramatic BEFORE and AFTER pictures will demonstrate how, with a little ingenuity, a small indescript house can be made into a work of art. The design and preservation communities have been invited.

    Due to comparatively small size of the house, the guest list will be limited to the first 80 or so persons that respond.

    Michael Locke (323) 533-3161 to confirm.
  • More Than Eyes Can See: Responding to the International AIDS Pandemic
    Posted on: 2008-03-17
    SILVER LAKE- British Journalist Rhidian Brook traveled around the world in 2006 to experience first hand the impact of AIDS from Nairobi to Los Angeles and points in between. The recently published book, 'More Than Eyes Can See' is a result of the journey.

    The Salvation Army's Alegria House invites the community to meet the author and his family on April 1, 2008, for a discussion of the book and lunch (there is no charge for the luncheon). This is a great opportunity to discuss ideas and experiences that shape the work of Alegria and the impact of the world around us. Copies of the book will be available in advance at Alegria and on April 1st.

    The Alegria House is located at 2737 West Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake.

    While at Alegria House, please visit the gallery exhibition by Los Angeles artist Raymond Berrellez presents 'Universal Terrains' through April 30, 2008. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm. 40% of sales support our HIV/AIDS programs.

    For more information and to RSVP, please contact Vanessa Wiengandt (323) 454-4234 or by email.
  • Myra Avenue Murals Get Facelift!
    Posted on: 2008-03-16
    Have you driven through the Myra Avenue Underpass lately? Neighborhood Activist Peter Bedard reports that the murals have been cleaned up and NO PARKING signs have been installed in the underpass. 'New anti-graffiti coating has been applied to the two Thomas Starr King Middle School murals and they were repaired after being hit hard with graffiti., he said.

    Peter hopes the NO PARKING signs will reduce the trash and graffiti in the underpass. With the large vehicles out from under the underpass you'll be able to drive by and enjoy these beautiful murals once again as they welcome you into the neighborhood.

    Peter stated that they are trying to get the city to fix the leak under the underpass, and are also raising funds for the next mural. If you would like to donate or know someone who might be interested in donating or holding a fundraiser, please call Peter (323) 384-8433 or send him an email.

    Pictured are some youngsters posing under the first TS King Middle School mural.
  • Loft Living in Silver Lake
    Posted on: 2008-03-07
    At Home with Celebrity Hairdresser Eric Bilardi at Sunset Silver Lake Lofts

    SILVER LAKE- You've no doubt heard about the booming loft development in downtown Los Angeles, now Silver Lake has a piece of the pie: the recent completion of the award-winning Sunset Silver Lake Lofts on Sunset Blvd. is an exciting development that cements Silver Lake's reputation as the epicenter of Modernist architecture.

    The development, which received early approval and recognition from Silver Lake's Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee, relates strongly to the International Style, made famous in the early part of the 20th Century by groundbreaking architects such as Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler among others, with an emphasis on clean lines and seamless indoor/outdoor living. Designed by the architectural firm, Rothenberg Swasy (RSA), the development received the 2005 Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects (San Fernando Valley Chapter)

    My interest in architecture compelled me to take a recent tour: chic and uncluttered design in a volumnous live/work environment in the heart of Sunset Junction: an appealing combination and a great alternative to the congestion of downtown. Adryan Miller, Senior Publicist for Roddan Paolucci Roddan in Palos Verdes, California, an advertising firm that handles public relations for the developer (KOR Development), invited me to meet one of the interesting people that calls Sunset Silver Lake Lofts 'home'; celebrity hairdresser Eric Bilardi.

    'I picked Silver Lake for its diversity', Eric said. 'I've always been attracted to the artistic vibe of Sunset Junction; it's the East Village of Los Angeles'.

    Bilardi selected a corner unit on Sunset Blvd. with soaring 20' ceilings and huge windows that face the street. Visiting Eric is a sensory experience. The spacious layout provides patio and gardens that provides the 'grounding experience I need at the end of a busy day', he said. I've been in Los Angeles for 22 years now but it's the first time it feels like home. While I spent my pre-teen years in the neighborhood, I lived for many years abroad, working in Paris for John-Paul Gautier and Thierry Mugler. I spent eight years with an agency caring for the locks of many celebrities, including Ellen deGeneres for over five years, almost every day!

    I'm finding a new love for my craft in my fabulous new loft. I spend a lot of time in Palm Springs where I have a home and take as many trips to Maui as I can. When I work, I work hard, but then I must have time to regenerate and heal.'

    Pictured is Eric Bilardi at his home in Sunset Silver Lake. 'Loft Living in Silver Lake' originally appeared in my March 2008 Edition of the Los Feliz Ledger. To view more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Eric Bilardi's Sunset Silver Lake Loft' on this website.
  • F. Murray Abraham & Ray Bradbury Share Center Stage at Woodbury University Event
    Posted on: 2008-02-27
    Academy Award Winner F. Murray Abraham and Author/Playwright Ray Bradbury entertained patrons and friends of Woodbury University at the announcement of the Ray Bradbury Creativity Award presented to Abraham on Sunday, February 17, 2008. F. Murray Abraham won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his penetrating portrayal of Antonio Salieri in Milos Forman's 'Amadeus', a role that also gave him the Golden Globe honor for Best Actor.

    Abraham debuted on stage in the 1966 L.A. production of Ray Bradbury's 'The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit' and the pair have been friends ever since. The evening was a lovefest as the two performers recalled a lifetime of experience both shared in common.

    The program, which was sponsored by the Woodbury University Library Associates featured remarks by university senior vice president Dr. David Rosen and host Dr. Carol Soucek King.

    Pictured are F. Murray Abraham with Woodbury University Development Director Rose Nielsen. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Woodbury University Events' on this website.
  • Neighborhood Alert! 'Riverglen' 120 Unit Condo Complex Under Consideration
    Posted on: 2008-02-13

    SILVER LAKE- The Riverglen Project proposes to develop 120 condominiums at 2600 Riverside Drive (at Fletcher), comprised of three connected buildings, each with four stories over two parking garage levels.

    All interested parties are invited to attend a Community Meeting on Tuesday, February 19, 2008, to be held at the Ivanhoe Elementary School, 2828 Herkimer Street (cross street is Rowena Avenue). The meeting, which is sponsored by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and Century Quality Management will begin at 7 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

    To RSVP or for more infomation, please contact Handelman Consulting (818) 990-0559.
  • Griffth Park Adult Community Center Dedication Draws Enthusiastic Crowd
    Posted on: 2008-01-31
    Los Feliz- Councilmember Tom LaBonge and Jon Kirk Mukri, General Manager of the Dept. of Recreation and Parks, were joined by hundreds of seniors today for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to dedicate the new Griffith Park Adult Community Center.

    'In my roles as an elected official, few things, if any, match the pure joy in seeing this new center open to such anticipation and promise', said Councilmember LaBonge, who initiated the project at the behest of the Silver Lake Senior Club that sought a facility for exclusive use of the over 50 crowd.

    'This is a great example of what advocacy and teamwork can accomplish', said Jon Kirk Mukri. 'The Senior Club in this area needed space and they talked to Councilmember LaBonge and Recreation and Parks and today you can see the great result'.

    It was several years ago when LaBonge, in his effort to better accommodate the ever-growing Silver Lake Senior Club, identified two former Griffith Park Observatory satellite trailers for re-use as a future senior citizen center once the observatory renovation was complete. Area seniors, lead by Lia Lomedico, Stephanie Vendig, Bea Gold and others, had been meeting at the Silver Lake Recreation Center but were limited in terms of participations, programs, available hours and activities because the center's priorities are youth recreation and a children's day camp. After a Recreation and Parks survey that showed 15,000 seniors in the three zip codes would benefit from a dedicated facility, the project got the green light.

    The new center serves the 50 and older populaton that lives in Atwater Village, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Franklin Hills, Los Feliz and Silver Lake. Many members also come from Glendale and the nearby San Fernando Valley due to the center's central location. The facility will operate 5 days a week offering seniors the opportunity to take classes, participate in nutrition and exercise programs, and avail themsleves to a myriad of other activities that the center offers.

    A Community Celebration for the new center is planned for Saturday, March 1, 2008 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tours of the new facility will be offered, as well as class demonstrations, a used book sale, music, dance and food! Please stop by and see what a great place the new center is for the community!

    Pictured are Councilmember Tom LaBonge with Jon Kirk Mukri, Stephanie Vendig, Lio Lomedico, Jeanne Phipps, Bea Gold and other dignitaries as the ribbon is cut opening the new Griffith Park Adult Community Center on January 31, 2008. For more photos of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors on the Move' on this website.
  • F. Murray Abraham to be Honored at Woodbury University Ceremony
    Posted on: 2008-01-31
    Academy Award Winner F. Murray Abraham will be honored with a special award being presented by Author & Playwright Ray Bradbury at Woodbury University on February 17, 2008 at 6 p.m. Abraham debuted on stage in 1966 in the L.A. production of Bradbury's The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit. The honor, The Ray Bradbury Creativity Award is presented annually to an individual or organization judged by the acclaimed author of 'Fahrenheit 451', and his committee that has contributed significantly to the universe of creative excellence.

    Abraham is best known for his Golden Globe and Academy Award as Best Actor for his portrayal of Antonio Salieri in Milos Forman's Amadeus, however he has over ninety films to his credit. In 2004, the Italian government presented him with the 'Premio per gli Italiani nel Mondo' for his contributions to his profession.

    The event will be held at the Woodbury University Library, 7500 Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank. Tickets to the event, which includes cocktails, buffet, book-signing, awards presentation and dessert are $50. (tax deductible portion per ticket- $20). For more information, please visit the Woodbury University website events page (link below) or call Rose Nielsen at Woodbury (818) 252-2530.
  • Silver Lake Reservoir Community Meeting Draws Huge Crowd
    Posted on: 2008-01-27
    The Micheltorena School Auditorium was filled to overflowing on Saturday, January 26, 2008 for a community meeting to discuss the future of Silver Lake's open reservoirs. The meeting was arranged by the offices of councilmembers Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti, who represent Silver Lake on the Los Angeles City Council, and the L.A. Department of Water & Power that operates the reservoir properties.

    At the meeting's appointed start time of 2 P.M., a long line of people were still waiting to get into the jam-packed auditorium. Introductory speeches were just getting underway as people were still filling in, filling the back of the auditorium and the aisles. (I was lucky enough to get a seat on the front row as extra chairs were added at the last minute).

    On the agenda were two hot-topic reservoir issues, the recent developing bromate concern and subsequent need to drain the reservoir, and plans for the Meadow park.

    As recently as December 2007, it was announced by the L.A. Depatment of Water & Power (DWP) that the Silver Lake and Elysian reservoirs would be drained due to bromate contamination. The decontamination process is expected to take up to 4 months, during which time Silver Lake Reservori (as well as Elysian Reservoir) will be drained dry, discharging over 600 million gallons of contaminated water.

    DWP General Manager David Nahai's addressing the bromate issue, minimized the health risks of contamination, and emphasized the importance of perception in the public mind. Dr. Pankaj Parekh, DWP Manager of Water Quality, gave a thorough explanation of how bromate, a suspected carcinogen, is formed, in summary, 'when bromide, which naturally occurs in our municipal water supply, is mixed with chlorine in the presence of sunlight.. While the larger Silver Lake Reservoir will be closed and drained for decontamination, the smaller Ivanhoe Reservoir will remain open, which will create less water management problems for the department during the interim.

    Marty Adams, DWP Director of Water Quality and Operations Compliance, offered the DWP proposal of a 'bird ball' system, which would cover Ivanhoe Reservoir with thousands of black plastic floating balls, and drew critical remarks from the assembly. From the floor, a woman offered the idea of a floating cover several feet under the reservoir's surface that would act as a barrier to sunlight, an idea that seemed to resonate).

    A compromise plan for the Silver Lake Meadow Park has apparently been reached. Landscape Architect Mia Lehrer, described the park's features designed for 'passive recreation, such as walking and jogging'. A gate will keep the park locked from sundown until sunrise.

    For photos of the event, please visit the 'Neighborhood Pictures' 'Silver Lake Town Hall Meetings' page on this website.
  • There's a Lot Going on at the Reservoir: Get Informed!
    Posted on: 2008-01-12
    Perhaps you've heard that the Silver Lake Reservoir is going to be drained this spring, and the grassy Meadow on the lake's eastside is going to be open to the public soon. You have probably noticed construction well underway on the lake's Silver Lake Boulevard side, where construction of a pedestrian pathway is nearing completion.

    Want to know more? You can be the one to become the 'Reservoir Expert' on your block by attending the Silver Lake Reservoir Community Meeting where all of these important issues will be discussed.

    The event is being brought to the community by the combined sponsorship of Los Angeles City Council's Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.

    Please join your neighbors for this very important event, to be held on Saturday, January 26, 2008 from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the Micheltorena Elementary School Auditorium, 1511 Micheltorena Street (corner of Sunset Blvd.; plenty of free parking in the school's parking lot).

    For more information, please contact Ryan Carpio (323) 957-4500 or Julian Harris-Colvin (818) 755-7630.
  • Mayor Villaraigosa appoints Silver Laker Chrissie Castro to Native American Indian Commission
    Posted on: 2008-01-08

    LOS ANGELES -Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced three new commission appointments: Roella Hsieh Louie to the Cultural Heritage Commission; Thomas Sayles to the Industrial Development Authority; and Chrissie Castro to the Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission.

    Chrissie Castro was appointed to the Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission. Castro presently serves as council coordinator for the American Indian Children's Council and the Los Angeles County Children's Planning Council where she is charged with engaging residents and communities in improving conditions of the American Indian community in Los Angeles. Previously, Castro worked as a marketing and public relations manager for USC Health Sciences and as a teaching assistant in American Indian Studies at UCLA. Castro received a Graduate Diversity Opportunity Fellowship at UCLA and has written for the Los Angeles Times, Angeleno magazine, USCHealth and edited NativeBruin. Castro graduated from USC's Annenberg School for Communication with a B.A. in Print Journalism and is working towards receiving her M.A. in American Indian Studies at UCLA. She is a resident of Silver Lake.

    The Mayor’s appointees are subject to approval by the Los Angeles City Council.

  • Annie Sperling Mural 'Silver Lake Mi Amor' Completed
    Posted on: 2008-01-05

    Artist Annie Sperling has completed the redesign of her mural 'Silver Lake Mi Amor', located on the southwest corner of Hyperion Avenue and Sunset Blvd. (on the wall of Surplus Value Center). The new mural depicts local folks who 'have impacted the neighborhood', according to the artist. The redesign came as a result of the mural being hit several times by graffiti.

    Pictured is a section of Annie Sperling's mural 'Silver Lake Mi Amor'. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Murals' on this website.
  • It's Official! We've Moved to Los Feliz!
    Posted on: 2008-01-04
    After 6 years in what was initially a 'challenging' neighborhood in Silver Lake, we've finally made the move and our living in our new home in Los Feliz! When we first moved to our tiny house in Silver Lake (at 1308 N. Occidental Blvd., just 1 block north of Sunset Blvd. and one block east of Silver Lake Blvd.), my wife, Donna Jean Locke, (who was then my fiance) wandered to her mother, I'm not sure I want to get involved with this man!' inasmuch as the little house I was preparing for us to move in to was in a 'transitional' (or as Donna would put it 'scary') neighborhood.

    For a considerable time, we endured the 'ghetto' of our block: loud and vulgar rap music, laundry strung out across the front porch next door; trash, graffiti, and empty beer bottles were a part of our everyday life. With a little effort of our own (serving on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, founding the Silver Lake Beautification Committee, and fixing up our own house), we could begin to see tangible results. More and more of our neighbors began fixing up their homes, and architect Gustavo Gubel built two amazing new architectural homes on the street (one is currently listed for sale for $1.245M!).

    Nevertheless, with our three dogs, we've needed extra space and our new home in Los Feliz has provided it! We earnestly hope that you will come and visit us in our new home soon. Although we've moved, we are not far away; in fact, I plan to continue to offer 'The Silver Lake News' indefinitely!

    Pictured is Donna Jean Locke embracing her Christmas present, a life-size bronze horse that is standing under our Christmas tree. For more pictures of our home and our Christmas guests, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Christmas in Los Feliz' on this website!.
  • Know Someone Who's Been Affected by Cancer?
    Posted on: 2007-12-24
    Be part of the fight for a cure! Join us at the Relay for Life of SILVER LAKE Informational Meeting on Monday, January 14, 2008 at Casita del Campo.

    Get a sneak peak of the Relay Experience! Find out how to help us as a volunteer. Learn about becoming involved as a team captain in this 24-hour team event to fight cancer. Pick up Relay for Life materials (team captain kits, brochures and posters).

    To RSVP or for more information, call or email Lucy Garcia Mejia, (818) 388-2529. Casita del Campo is located at 1920 Hyperion Avenue in Silver Lake. Refreshments will be served.. The informative meeting will be held from 6-8 p.m. Relay for Life SILVER LAKE is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.
  • Dr. Kathleen Revel M.D. 1927-2007
    Posted on: 2007-12-23
    Dr. Kathleen Revel, MD, a long-time resident of Los Feliz, passed away on October 5, 2007. She had a life-long dream of becoming a medical doctor, which she began pursuing by attending Western Maryland College on scholarship. After completing one year, she applied to the Charlotte (N.C.) Memorial Hospital School of Nursing where she began her training in 1945. After graduation, she worked at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Walter Reed Army Hospital, where she became interested in the U.S. Air Force. She applied, was accepted and assigned to the first USAF Flight Nursing School.

    During the Korean War, she served in the capacity of training nurses to stabilize the wounded for transfer and furthur treatment in the U.S. She was honorably discharged in 1953. She lived for many years in the Los Feliz area while she attended Immaculate Heart College, where she completed her B.S. degree, renting an apartment on Los Feliz Blvd., and then later, purchasing a home on Glencairn Road, where she lived from 1971 until her retirement in 1989. She attended the University of California-Urvine Medical School, graduating in 1964, and went into private practice in Glendale, serving on the staff of Glendale Memorial Hospital for 25 years. Her practice was highly successful due to her positive work ethic and compassion for her patients.

    In 1989, Dr. Revel was forced into retirement due to a medical disability. She returned to her North Carolina roots in 2002, settling in Hendersonville. Although retired, she continued to stay abreast of her practice through independent study. She is survived by Eve Hoover, her business associate, companion and caregiver; brothers Jerry and Donnie; sisters Ailean Linton, Cora Sue Oxendine, Mary Joyce and Margaret Lockear, and several nieces and nephews.

    A memorial service was held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Hendersonville on October 20, 2007. Memorial gifts may be made to BRCC Educational Foundation, 180 Campus Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731. Please specify in honor of Dr. Kathleen Revel.
  • A Million Hits and Counting!
    Posted on: 2007-11-25
    Thanks to your readership, 'The Silver Lake News' reached another milestone on November 24, 2007 when we passed the million hit mark, recording 1,001,624 hits(with half of that coming in the last year)! Beginning with a feeble start after purchasing the site in March 2002, it wasn't until I received a call from our Connecting Neighbors Site Manager, Margaret Yarek who wanted to know 'What are you doing to get so much traffic?' that I realized the site had attracted interest simply by the fact that we are SILVER LAKE; a destination that the whole world seems curious about.

    A big part of our growth is that Connecting Neighbors has made it easy for anyone to contribute, simply by logging on and looking for the 'ADD' icon found in the upper left-hand corner of nearly every page. Let this be a gentle reminder that 'The Silver Lake News' is your community website site, intended for the sole purpose of getting the word out on what is happening in and around our neighborhood. I hope you will take advantage of the possiblities! -Michael Locke, Editor (pictured here with Donna Jean at 'Nostalgia Sunday' in Silver Lake, photo by Gary Greene)
  • Silver Lake Governing Board Inauguration set for Tuesday Dec. 11th
    Posted on: 2007-11-20
    The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will install a new governing board at ceremonies to be held at Micheltorena School Auditorium on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 beginning at 7 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend. Election of the board's executive committee will commence immediately afterward.

    The school is located at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Micheltorena Street. Plenty of parking is available in the school's parking lot.
  • Lily Tomlin is Recipient of Julius Shulman Communication Award
    Posted on: 2007-11-19
    Burbank- Lily Tomlin, one of America's foremost comediennes, was honored as recipient of the 2007 Julius Shulman Communication Award at ceremonies held at the Woodbury University Library, November 11, 2007. The versatile comedienne's remarkable career has spanned 37 years, with stage shows, comedy albums, TV specials and the 1985 Tony-award winning The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe.

    The award was presented at 'An Evening with Lily Tomlin', in which the comedienne and photographer, Julius Shulman exchanged remarks to an appreciative crowd in the university's jam-packed library. (The pair met earlier this year at the Elevado de Castillo in Silver Lake.). In attendance were Lily's long-time partner and collaborator Jane Wagner, Artist Patricia Callicott (friend of Lily's who introduced the pair); Filmmaker Eric Bricker (whose film, 'Visual Acoustics' documents the life and times of Julius Shulman, to be released this year); and Designers Maria Dallman and Carol Soucek-King.

    Pictured are Lily Tomlin and Julius Shulman at Woodbury University on November 11, 2007. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Julius Shulman & Friends' on this website.

  • News from Griffith Park!
    Posted on: 2007-11-01
    Two exciting new developments are occuring during the month of November 2007 at Griffith Park. Beginning on November 3, 2007, the Griffith Park Observatory will allow visitors to drive directly to the Observatory without prior reservation and visit the stunningly remodeled art deco palace with its many exhibits and fantastic planetarium show! Guests will no longer be required to take shuttle buses or pay the $8 reservation fee.

    The other much-anticipated develoment is the opening of the Campo Gorilla Reserve at the Los Angeles Zoo. Four years and $19M in the making, the exhibit features waterfalls and tropical plants in a natural-forested setting that mimics the animal's natural habitat. The new exhibit will be open to the public on November 6, 2007.
  • Seventh Annual Silver Lake Arts Collective Open Studio Tour is Nov. 3rd & 4th
    Posted on: 2007-11-01
    Fifteen local artists that comprise the Silver Lake Arts Collective will present their 7th Annual Studio Tour this weekend, November 304, 2007. An Opening Reception will be held at the jFerrari Gallery, 3015 Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village from 6- 9 p.m. on Saturday, November 3, 2007.

    Maps and directions to the various studios may be obtained at the opening reception, or by visiting the group's website (see weblink below).

    Pictured is Julie Baggish, one of the fifteen artists exhibiting on the studio tour.
  • Hyperion-Sunset Mural Tagged- Work to be Redone; Assistance Requested
    Posted on: 2007-10-29
    Silver Lake- Years ago, artist Annie Sperling designed a mural at Hyperion and Sunset with the help of many volunteers, and the support of the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance. The mural was recently hit several times with graffiti, destroying a great deal of the detail.

    With the encouragement of George and Armand of the Surplus Value Center, the artist has decided to tackle the wall again. 'I have redesigned the wall keeping the upper half intact- the sun and moon imagery- and adding portraits of local people who have impacted the neighborhood', according to Sperling. 'I have tried to keep the design painterly and indicative of the spirit of the people who reside in Silver Lake', she said.

    The mural will commence the first week of November 2007, and will require about three weeks to complete. Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance has volunteered to help once again, along with American Electric, Come to Mama, Cafe Stella, Koda Sushi, Living Room, Superior Glass, Berger Bros. Scaffolding, Serifos, June Gallery, Tsunami, Lovecraft Biofuels, Pull My Daisy, Hung On You, Pazzo Gelato, Secret Headquarters, all of which have made donations to assist with the project's cost. The city's Beautification office has promised a graffiti protection upon completion of the project.

    The artist is seeking more donations to pay for labor and materials. Any assistance offered would be greatly appreciated. Gifts of $100 or more will get your name or business mentioned on the mural. Please contact Annie Sperling (213) 407-1783 for more details (or send an email).
  • Photographer Martin Schall is in Silver Lake this Month!
    Posted on: 2007-10-26
    Acclaimed Photographer Martin Schall arrived in Los Angeles on October 22, 2007, to continue his odyssey of photographing Los Angeles' iconic architecture. We meet him for the first time this evening in Silver Lake, where we joined Guy & Karen Vidal at the release party for 'Julius Shulman's new three-volume publication, 'Modernism Revisited' at the Taschen store in Beverly Hills.

    Martin plans a 'Silver Lake Special', photographing the special architecture of Silver Lake which will be featured on his critically acclaimed website, when he returns to Germany on November 12, 2007.

    A get acquainted mixer will be held at the Elevado de Castillo to introduce Martin to the Silver Lake community on October 29, 2007. For more information, please give me a call (323) 644-3338 or drop me an email. Michael Locke, Editor

    Pictured are Donna Jean Locke, Martin's girlfriend Rita, Martin Schall and Guy Vidal at the Taschen store in Beverly Hills. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Julius Shulman & Friends on this website..
  • Crowds Line Up for Julius Shulman Booksigning at Taschen Beverly Hills
    Posted on: 2007-10-26
    Beverly Hills- Like the opening of a hit movie, the crowds were lining up early to meet Julius Schulman at the Release Party for 'Modernism Revisited' held at the Taschen store in Beverly Hills, October 25, 2007. The new, large format 3-volume set comes in a handsome slipcase and retails for a bargain $300. Silver Lakers on hand for the event included the Design Team of Guy & Karen Vidal and their two children, Ginger and Eli; Donna Jean Locke and yours truly, along with our special guests from Germany, photographer Martin Schall and his girlfriend Rita.

    Shulman is as vigorous as ever (he turned 87 this month), patiently signing copies of his new work and smiling for photographs, a truly remarkable human being.

    Incidently, I received an email from Chris Nichols, (Associate Editor, Los Angeles Magazine and former Chair, Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee) informing me that he will be bringing Julius Shulman to the Silver Lake reception for Martin Schall on Monday, October 29th, an event you won't want to miss!

    Pictured is Julius Shulman at the Taschen Store in Beverly Hills on October 25, 2007. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: 'Julius Shulman & Friends' on this website.
  • Julius Shulman's 'Modernism Rediscovered' Released: Book Signing in Beverly Hills October 25th!
    Posted on: 2007-10-21
    Beverly Hills- Nina Wiener, Managing Editor for TASHCEN America, sent me an email which I just opened today, inviting the public to a book signing and launch party for Julius Shulman's beautiful new three volume masterpiece 'Modernism Rediscovered' to be held at Taschen's Beverly Hills store on October 25, 2007 from 6-8 p.m.

    In visiting Julius a few days before his exhibition, 'Julius Shulman's Los Angeles' opened at the Los Angeles Central Library, the master showed me a copy of his latest publication, set in a handsome slipcase on a table in his living room. A must for every collector and admirer of Mr. Shulman's work, the three volume set is an unbelievable bargain at only $300!

    Don't miss the opportunity to meet Mr. Shulman in person, wish him a Happy 97th Birthday, and have him autograph your personal copy of 'Modernism Rediscovered'. The Taschen store is located at 354 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. For more information, please visit the weblink below.

    Pictured are Julius Shulman with his partner Juergen Nogai and Rose Nielsen, Development Director, Woodbury University at the opening of 'Julius Shulman's Los Angeles, October 5, 2007
  • 'An Evening with Lily Tomlin'- one of America's foremost comediennes
    Posted on: 2007-10-21

    The Library Associates of Woodbury University invite the public to attend 'An Evening with Lily Tomlin', one of America's foremost comediennes on Sunday, November 11, 2007. The event will honor Tomlin as the 2007 recipient of the Julius Shulman Communication Award. The event will be held at the Woodbury University Library, 7500 Glenoaks Blvd. in Burbank. The requested tax-deductible donation of $50 includes cocktails, buffet, a 'Conversation with Lily Tomlin', the presentation of the Julius Shulman Communication Award and dessert.

    Reservations are a must and seating is very limited. Please call (818) 252-5230 for more information.

    Pictured are Lily Tomlin and Julius Shulman at the Elevado de Castillo in Silver Lake.
  • 'Julius Shulman's Los Angeles' Opens at Los Angeles' Central Library
    Posted on: 2007-10-08
    Los Angeles- At the age of 96, living legend Julius Shulman is one of the few individuals to have witnessed and documented the growth of Los Angeles during the past century. More than mere works of art or images for commercial promotion, Shulman's captivating photographs now serve as critical visual records of L.A.s dramatic evolution.

    'Julius Shulman's Los Angeles', at the Central Library's Getty Gallery from October 6, 2007-January 20, 2008, kicks off the celebration of the Getty Center's 10th Anniversary and includes 150 rare photographs from the Julius Shulman archive at the Getty Research Institute (GRI). The Central Library is located at 630 W. 5th Street in downtown Los Angeles. The exhibit is free and open during regular library hours.

    Pictured are Woodbury University President Ken Nielsen, Julius Shulman, Woodbury University Development Director Rose Nielsen and Wim de Wit, Getty Research Institute at the press reception for 'Julius Shulman's Los Angeles' at the Central Library, October 5, 2007. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Julius Shulman & Friends' on this website.
  • Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Preliminary Election Results
    Posted on: 2007-10-03

    SILVER LAKE- The votes are in, and unless there is a challenge, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will have nine new faces on its governing board after a November 2007 Installation. The new members-elect are Scott Crawford, Region 1; Tenaya Wallace, Region 2; Andrea Marquez, Region 3; Spencer Strauss, Region 5; write-in candidate Kim Jones, Region 6, and Renee Nahum, Region 7. Rusty Millar was re-elected by a slim 5 vote margin in Region 4 over Fifth Grade Teacher Mark L. Hummer, demonstrating, once again, the importance of every vote. In a couple of other regions (5 & 6), only two votes separated the winners from the losers.

    The new At-Large representatives will be Paul Newman, Janet Cunningham, and Courtney Blackburn. Former SLNC Co-Chair Jason Lyon, the only At-Large incumbent seeking re-election, was elected to another term.

    A total of 516 stakeholders participated in this year's election, marking an increase of 42 voters from last year's election, and marks the second straight year that participation has increased.

    Congratulations to all of the winners! It is hoped that those who participated in the process as candidates or voters will continue to support the ongoing efforts of the neighborhood council by participating in the council's many committees. For more information, please visit the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council website (link below).

    Pictured are Steven Finkel and Beth Rabin (assisted by SLNC Co-Chair Cherie Miller) voting at Micheltorena Elementary School in the SLNC election on Saturday, September 29, 2007 while Kevin Bannerman waits his turn
  • Whatzup at the Reservoir?
    Posted on: 2007-10-03
    Many of you have been asking: what's happening at Silver Lake Reservoir? When will we be able to safely walk on the eastside of the reservoir? What about improvements to Silver Lake Dog Park? Will the Meadow be open to the public? These and other concerns will be addressed at a Community Meeting on Saturday, October 13, 2007 from 9:30 a.m. until 11 a.m.

    Los Angeles City Council Member Tom LaBonge (CD-4) and Council President Eric Garcetti (CD-13) who jointly represent the community at City Hall, will be on hand to bring the community up-to-date on reservoir issues. The public is encouraged to attend.

    The meeting will be held at Micheltorena Elementary School, 1511 Micheltorena Street (at Sunset Blvd).

  • Photographer Martin Schall to Visit Silver Lake October 29th
    Posted on: 2007-09-29
    Renowned Photographer Martin Schall of '' will pay a visit to Silver Lake later this month as my guest to photograph the community's iconic architecture. Martin sent me an email (with his photo) from the North Sea confirming his visit. We are planning a welcome party in his honor at one of Silver Lake's 'great estates'. If you are not familiar with Martin's work, please visit his website (link below). Martin's enthusiastic embrace of Los Angeles architecture was documented in a 'Column One' article in the Los Angeles Times on April 11, 2007.

    If you would like to meet Martin during his Silver Lake visit, send me an email or give me a call (323) 533-3161 (mobile); (323) 644-3338 (home).
  • Over 50? Here's a 'No-Brainer' for You!
    Posted on: 2007-09-27
    Time to admit it: you've past your 50th birhday, and while you may not like being called a 'senior citizen', you are still eligible to have fun and enjoy the company of like-minded and interesting neighbors who might end up being some of your best friends.

    If the turnout at last weeks' kickoff luncheon for the Griffith Park Adult Community Service Center is any indication (approximately 140 people filled Friendship Auditorium to learn about the new facility), the 'baby boomer' generation has come of age in the greater Silver Lake community!

    You owe it to yourself to check out the Silver Lake Seniors Club. For a mere $10 per year, you will receive the club's newsletter which keeps you up-to-date on the club's calendar of activities and events. Pick from a potpourri of activities including field trips, classes, informational seminars, gourmet potlucks, and more. My wife Donna Jean and I have attended some terrific gourmet potlucks and gone on some amazing field trips that are part of the club's offerings. In the process, we have met a lot of interesting people who have enriched our lives in Silver Lake. The club also gives you access to our elected representatives who know the importance of our consituency and pay attention to our concerns.

    Your $10 membership also provides additional clout to the organization, and gives us all a greater voice in the community. Please consider joining the Silver Lake Seniors Club today!

    Pictured are yours truly, Michael Locke and my lovely wife, Donna Jean on a picture-perfect day on Malibu Beach, CA with the 'Silver Lake Seniors' on September 25, 2007.

    To learn more about the Silver Lake Seniors Club, here are three important phone numbers: Stephanie Vendig, Club President (323) 667-3043); Bea Gold, Membership Chair (323) 660-0106) and Doris Slater, Trips Coordinator (323) 667-1879, or send an email to Stephanie Vendig, Club President, and ask her to send you a membership application!
  • Silver Lake's 'Concerts in the Park' Finale Brings Good Vibrations
    Posted on: 2007-09-27

    SILVER LAKE Silver Lake's Arts & Culture Committe scored another hit in bringing the summer concert series to conclusion at Bellevue Park on Sunday, September 9, 2007. Billed as 'Nostalgia Sunday', the hills surrounding the park were filled with a potpourri of musical styles including '60s doo-wop, reggae and jazz. Thanks to the collaborative effort by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, the L.A. Dept. of Recreation & Parks, L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti and a host of local business sponsors, the 2007 concert series has become a fixture in the community after completing a successful second year.

    Dorsay Dujon, Co-Chair of the SLNC Arts & Cutlure Committee, brought an outstanding lineup to the stage, beginning with reggae band Nassau Steel, evoking a dreamy, Caribbean vibe that was perfect for a festive, laid-back crowd. Led by Doyle McKinney on steel drums and vocalist Aisha Humphrey, the talented singer evoked a young Sarah Vaughan. Robby Marshall, a young saxophonist who lives in Silver Lake, brought his jazz quartet Root System to the stage, offering original compositions with a distinctive world sound. The young quartet met at the Lima (Peru) Jazz Festival in 2004 and began performing live that year with the addition of pianist Tigran Hamasyan.

    As the heat of the afternoon sun gave way to a light breeze, the Mighty Echoes brought the crowd to its feet with a joyous songfest of 'oldies but goodies'. The doo-wop group, which hails from Echo Park, brought their unique a cappela<\i> act to the stage with style, comedy and tight harmony that was a trip down memory lane. Dorsay Dujon, who produced the event, promised 'there will be more music in the park next year, music that lifts the spirit and is food for the soul.'

    Pictured are the 'Mighty Echoes' in a photo by photographer Gary Greene, taken at 'Nostalgia Sunday', September 9, 2007. For more pictures, please visit Neighborhood Pictures: 'Concerts in the Park' on this website.

    The above article first appaered in the October 2007 Edition of the 'Los Feliz Ledger'.
  • New Mural Will Beautify Myra Avenue Underpass
    Posted on: 2007-09-27

    SILVER LAKE- Led by the ongoing efforts of neighborhood activist, Peter Bedard, the Myra Avenue Underpass will soon be graced by a third mural. The latest mural is designed by Brandon Tu, now a freshman at Marshall High School. The mural will be painted by youngsters from Thomas Starr King Middle School under the direction of Metro Gallery Artist Heng Leng. Working with T.S. King teacher Kirk Palayan, students came up with several preliminary designs which were then submitted to an online vote by members of the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council and the Franklin Hills Residents' Association. Approximately 200 people submitted ballots in the competition.

    The Myra Avenue Underpass has undergone significant transformation in recent years, with upgraded lighting, maturing street trees and the completion of two new developments on the north side of the underpass, the art deco Laguna Apartments and the stylish Sunset Silver Lake, a high-end loft complex, with a third development being planned for the southeast side of the street. An opening reception at Metro Gallery honoring the young artists is planned.

    Pictured is Brandon Tu's mural 'Dream Again'. For more pictures of Silver Lake's murals, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Murals' on this website.
  • Silver Lake Seniors Spend Fun Day Exploring Malibu
    Posted on: 2007-09-26
    The Silver Lake Seniors Club enjoyed a day of sun and ocean breezes on September 25, 2007, visiting the historic Adamson House, famous for its magnificent ceramic tiles and setting along the coast of Malibu. Built by the pioneer Adamson family in 1929, the home retains much of its original character and today is part of the California State Park System. The full day of activities included lunch at Pepperdine University and a visit to the school's Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art.

    The Silver Lake Seniors Club is one of the best deals in town! Membership is still only $10 per year. The club has a full calendar of activities designed to please just about everyone. Membership is open to Silver Lake and surrounding area residents who are ages 50 and up.

    Pictured is Silver Lake resident Milt Rosenberg checking out one of the works of art at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in Malibu. For more pictures of the Silver Lake Seniors trip to Malibu, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors on the Move' on this website.
  • Rosy Future for Silver Lake Seniors Club
    Posted on: 2007-09-22
    The Silver Lake Seniors Club took a giant step forward, Wednesday, September 19, 2007 as an estimated crowd of 140 seniors showed up for the club's General Meeting & Luncheon held at Friendship Auditorium. The larger-than-expected crowd was drawn in anticipation of the opening of the Griffith Park Adult Community Center, which is 'almost ready', according to Mark Wilson, Facility Director, who spoke at the luncheon. Vicki Isreal, LA Recreation & Parks Asst. General Manager, shared the vision of the new center, which is dedicated to the service of the over 50 population. Mark Wilson, the new facility director, couldn't give an exact date for the grand opening, citing final inspections to be completed, however he did say the date would be soon.

    The luncheon featured a host of VIP guest speakers, including Barbara Linski, Director of the Hollywood Multipurpose Center, Jacqueline Raycraft, Director of RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program), who spoke on volunteer opportunities for seniors; Ryan Carpio, Field Deputy for LA City Council President Eric Garcetti, Kathy Cerra, Consultant for the Silver Lake Transit Coalition, who spoke on the subject of a new DASH line for Silver Lake. Kathy urged everyone to participate in the free dash service scheduled for September 29, 2007, during 'Silver Lake Day' (see article in 'Silver Lake Area News' on this website). A highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of a $1000 check to the club by David Overholt on behalf of the Los Angeles Breakfast Club.

    Much-loved Los Angeles City Council Member Tom LaBonge, whose district embraces the new seniors facility, took a moment from his busy schedule to drop by the luncheon to offer his congratulations and support.

    Pictured are Tom LaBonge, Silver Lake Seniors President Stephanie Vendig and Griffith Park Adult Community Center Director Mark Wilson at the Silver Lake Seniors Luncheon, September 19, 2007. For more pictures of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors on the Move' on this website.
  • Frogtown Artwalk Update
    Posted on: 2007-09-04
    After publishing the article 'Frogtown Artwalk Second Edition Scores a Hit' (see article in 'Silver Lake Area News' section), I received an email from co-creator Donatella Cusma asking me to 'thank and give recognition to all the people involved who worked so hard to make the Frogtown Artwalk happen.' 'It's important for us to highlight the nature of this project that is more about collaboration than about individuals', she said.

    To honor Donatella's request, here are the names of the participants that made Frogtown Artwalk Second Edition happen: Brand Name Label, Dimitri Newman Studios, Erik Ian, Erik Ian Schaetzke, Framatic, Greenmeme, Hanna Sim and Mark Steger of Osseus Labyrint, James Piatt Studio, Kara Hamer, Richard Knapp, Sarah Lorenzen of Plasmatic Concepts, Starchariot Studio, Steel and Things, Studio Cortes (with Mary-Austin Klein, Francisco Sevillano and Patricia Moisan), Tracy Stone, Architect (with Artist Hugo Martinez-Tecoatl), Juan Flores of Wacko's Metal Art & Crap, and William Howard & Diana Koenigsberg Photography.

    Frogtown Artwalk also wishes to thank the following for their contributions for making the event a resounding success:

    Allen Anderson, Alexis Flores, Tsetso Penev, Hugo Martinez0 Tecoatl, John Coneely, Shawn Freeman, Sameena Sitabkhan, Will Coley, P. Bovlanna & Alejandro, the office of Councilmember Eric Garcetti, Scott Anastasi, Realtor; all the residents of Frogtown, friends and supporters.

    To this list I would also add Fused Metals by Stone, Elysian Valley United Community Center and Artist Tory Tepp who we met at Frogtown Artwalk and were not included in Donatella's list, but nonetheless, added to our appreciation of the Elysian Valley and its diverse cultural landscape.

    For a complete list of links to the participating webpages, past and future events of Frogtown's Artwalk, please visit the weblink below.

    Pictured are Gabriel Renz and friends cruising Frogtown in the 'Phukett/Frogtown Express Shalelagh', a Thai-style Long-Tail Rverboat invented by Gabriel.
  • 45th District Assembly Member Kevin de Leon Addresses Silver Lake Community
    Posted on: 2007-09-04
    SILVER LAKE- Assistant Majority Leader Kevin de Leon (California State Assembly-45th Dist.) spoke in Silver Lake August 23, 2007 at the regular meeting of the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) held at the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral. De Leon was elected to serve the 45th Assembly District in November 2006. The district includes East Hollywood, Echo Park, Angelino Heights, Atwater Village, Elysian Valley, Mt. Washington and portions of Silver Lake. Kevin spoke about current legislation in Sacramento that impacts the Silver Lake community and shared his vision and priorities. As a former community organizer and teacher, Kevin de Leon emphasized his commitment to bring quality education to low-income neighborhoods, health insurance for children and more school construction. Of special note are two measures that will have a direct impact on our community, Assembly Bill 31, which provides $400M in funding for recreation and AB362, which will strengthen and create a framework for the regulation and sale of handguns.

    The LAPD was out in force for the meeting, with officers from both Northeast and Rampart Divisions well represented. Newly-appointed Rampart Patrol Captain Thomas McDonald, in his first command, expressed enthusiasm for his new role, emphasizing his 24-year experience on the force has helped him form opinions on 'how things should be done.'

    Rampart Senior Lead Officer John Wolf described recently-devised tactics that the force is using, e.g. the 'bait car', putting a desirable item in a vehicle and then waiting to see if anyone 'bites' on it. Perhaps the most exciting developments offered by the LAPD at the meeting were the juvenile intervention programs, designed to modify the course of events in the lives of our youth. Rampart Senior Lead Officers Matt Zeigler and John Wolf described some of the programs, including 'Boot Camp', a developing program that provides challenging physical activity for young people 'on the edge'. The program currently has 68 kids enrolled. I came away from the meeting encouraged, believing that our police department is innovative and resourceful in addressing the complex needs of our great city.

    The Silver Lake community is invited to attend an 'Open House & Resource Fair' at the Northeast Division LAPD Headquarters, according to Senior Lead Officer Al Polehoncki. The event takes place on September 15, 2007 from 10 am until 3 pm. Please refer to 'Calendar Events' page for more details).

    Pictured are Assembly Member Kevin de Leon with SLIA President Genelle LeVin and Alana Yanez, de Leon's Deputy for Silver Lake. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: SLIA Events' on this website. You'll have to scroll down to view the latest photos.

  • Frogtown Artwalk Second Edition Scores a Hit
    Posted on: 2007-09-03
    The Frogtown Artwalk was born of the creative effort of three individuals (Tracy A. Stone, Donatella Cusma and Sameena Sitabkhan) who were intrigued by the charismatic and sometimes strange neighborhood around their office. In the summer of 2006, the trio began brainstorming ideas that might transform Tracy's architectural office into an experimental exhibit space, disseminating their work, as well as featuring the work of a local artist. Through the process, and with the help of Robin Blackman owner of the Fototeka Gallery(Downtown L.A.), the project transformed out of its embryonic stage into something more ambitious: the organization of the first Frogtown Artwalk.

    Once they began 'farming' the area around them, they discovered clusters of hidden artists, galleries, architects and photographers nestled in the Frogtown zone, and began forming new alliances, connections and friendships under the common banner, 'The Frogtown Artwalk'.

    The Second Edition of the event took place the last weekend of August 2007 with some added features: a movie screening at the Elysian Valley Gateway Park (with movies from Sarah Lorenzen and Osseous Labyrint), a guided tour of the L.A. River by Joe Linton, and perhaps the most wacky and fun attraction of all: the 'Phukett/Frogtown Express Shalelagh', a 'Thai-style Long-Tail Riverboat' that cruised the asphalt gulleys of Frogtown on airplane landing gear, created by Gabriel Renz of Brand Name Label. Brand Name Label's contributions to the event were notable: offering 'loaner bicycles' to tour the far reaches of the artwalk 'in style' and a 32 foot tall 360 degree swing (designed by Gabriel Renz for Jean) that provided thrills to anyone brave enough to give it a try and to a crowd of onlookers.

    Freya Bardell and Brian Howe if Greenmeme created a mesmerizing lighting installation along the river, and the Blake Lofts provided live music in the backyard of their building overlooking the LA River, in addition to installations, photography and sculpture. Artist Hugo Martinez-Tecoatl whose works cover stretches of the LA River Path, exhibited at the TAS Gallery (in the offices of Tracy A. Stone, Architect). Andrew West exhibited his paintings inspired by Frogtown in his truck, parked at Blake and Newell, while Steve Graziani showcased his amazing sculptures and Mary Austin Klein, Patricia Moisan, and Francisco Sevillano showed their work at Studio Cortez.

    Thanks to Designer Donatella Cusma for providing material on which this article is based. Pictured are Gabriel Renz & Jen of 'Brand Name Label' at the helm of the Phukett/Frogtown Express Shalelagh. For more pictures of Frogtown Artwalk 2007, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: 2007 Frogtown Artwalk' on this website.
  • Primrose Hill Block Party Hosted by Richard Lehman & Carolina Huete
    Posted on: 2007-08-19
    The residents of Primrose Hill, a slice of Silver Lake on the south side of the Moreno Highlands, held their annual Block Party on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at the home of architect Richard Lehman and his lovely wife, Carolina Huete.

    The afternoon event, now in its 13th consecutive year, is a highlight of the summer for many of the area's residents, including your truly and my wife Donna Jean. Richard Lehman, our gracious host, gave us the house tour, a lovely lakeview home which the couple has been renovating since purchasing it in 2001.

    It's a great joy to have such special neighbors as we do in Silver Lake! Thanks to Luz Mateo and the Primrose Hill Block Party organizing committee for another great event! Pictured are Carolina Huete and pal Sher Warren at the annual event. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Annual Primrose Hill Block Party' on this website).
  • 'Silver Lake Celebrates Diversity, Innovation & Harmony' Signs Popping Up All Over Silver Lake
    Posted on: 2007-08-12
    Driving or walking in any of Silver Lake's commercial streets (Hyperion and Rowena Avenue, Silver Lake & Sunset Blvd.), you have no doubt seen the new colorful signs reading 'Silver Lake Celebrates Our Traditions of Diversity, Innovation & Harmony'', a message meant to convey that Silver Lake honors and respects everyone and that the welcome mat is out!

    A project of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Neighborhood Pride Initiative, the new signs look great and do a great job of communicating the kind of community that we are (and aspire to be). The new signs were the result of a design competition in which artist Cheri Gaulke (See article on Cheri in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake') was selected by a vote in which all Silver Lake stakeholders were given the opportunity to participate.

    Community Activist Jason Lyon and Cheryl Revkin, President of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce spearheaded the project. (Cheryl served as committee chairperson). The signs are written in English, Spanish and Tagalog (Filipino).
  • Remembering Margi Scharff (1955-2007)
    Posted on: 2007-08-11
    Mixed Media Artist Made Jewel-like Collages

    Silver Lake has lost a dear friend and contributor to our cultural heritage as Margi Scharff ended her battle with ovarian cancer on July 2, 2007. She was 52. Margi was one of the 'most inspiring and soulful people I have ever met and will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be one of her many friends', said Elizabeth Betinski, Director of the Overtones Gallery, 'she was a true 'Citizen of the World', the rarest of individuals who was able to leave the safety of day-jobs and spread her love all over the world. On her journeys she made friends--and she made beautiful art. Her art remains a testament to a life fully lived and enjoyed.'

    In recent years, Margi's art focused on making collages from discarded materials she found on her wanderings throughout Asian, traveling on a $10-a-day budget. During her travels, she kept a journal and took photographs of the people and landscapes she encountered along the way. Margi chose to leave her art estate to the Overtones Gallery so that her friend, gallery director Betinski could continue to exhibit and share it.

    Of Margi, former Silver Lake Beautification Committee Chair Tom Blanchard commented, 'We've lost a little bit of wonder, curiosity and uniqueness in the world. She will always be remembered for her beautiful 'litter bugs' art cans on Sunset Blvd. I hope her art and spirit help fill the void. We are privileged to have Margi's art gracing our neighborhood streets. Thank you, Margi, for sharing your vision with all of us.'

    In honor of Margi, please visit the Overtones Gallery to view her recent work entitled, 'Raw Material: from the Road in Asia'. The Overtones Gallery is located at 11306 Venice Blvd. and is open Thursday-Sunday from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. (310) 915-0346. Margi's mosaic 'ArtCans' trash receptacles can be appreciated at Parkman and Sunset and near Micheltorena and Sunset both on the north side of the street.
  • 27th Annual Sunset Junction Street Festival August 18 & 19th
    Posted on: 2007-08-11
    Revelers will begin to fill the streets of Silver Lake on Saturday morning August 18, 2007 when Silver Lake kicks-off its annual block party, the annual Sunset Junction Street Fair. This year's event, billed as 'The Biggest Celebration of Diversity' will offer live entertainment on three stages, games, rides and food, and of course, lots of interesting people.

    $12 advance-sale admission tickets for the event may be purchased online at or $15 at the door. Children 12 and under and adults 65+ will be admitted free. A shuttle service from Los Angeles City College (835 N, Vermont Avenue at Willowbrook Av.) is available. The event moves slightly west this year; between 3900-4200 West Sunset Blvd. (between Fountain and Sanborn) and 4000-4200 Santa Monica Blvd. (between Hoover and Sanborn). I hope to see you there!
  • Asst. Majority Leader Kevin De Leon to Speak in Silver Lake August 23rd
    Posted on: 2007-08-10

    SILVER LAKE- Kevin De Leon, Assistant Majority Leader of the California State Assembly will address the Silver Lake community on Thursday, August 23, 2007 at the regular monthly meeting of the Silver Lake Improvement Association. The meeting will be held at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral Auditorium, 650 Micheltorena Street beginning at 7 p.m. Kevin, who represents the 45th District in the California State Assembly (the district includes portions of Silver Lake plus Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Angelino Heights, Glassell Park and Highland Park) will speak on various issues that affect the community and take questions from the audience. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.
  • Silver Lake Dog Park Needs Your Help!
    Posted on: 2007-08-05
    Attention Dog Lovers: We Need Your Help! The Silver Lake Dog Park is hosting a barbeque on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at the Silver Lake Recreation Center to raise funds and awareness for the park's landscaping. Please join us! The recreation center is located at 1850 W. Silver Lake Drive (between the basketball court and the small dog area). The event kicks off at 3 PM and the cost is $25 per person.

    For more information, please visit 'We Need'. (link below).
  • 'Elevado Castillo' Featured on HGTV August 8th!
    Posted on: 2007-08-05
    Home & Garden Television (HGTV)'s 'What's With That House' will feature a Silver Lake residence that was recently transformed from a crumbling, Spanish-style fourplex into a stylish Moroccan-Mediterranean home that world-renowned Architectural Photographer Julius Shulman called a 'stroke of genius' during a recent visit.

    The show, which highlights the unusual houses that 'just don't fit in', takes viewers behind the closed doors of the most talked about houses in the neighborhood to meet the interesting people who live there and tour their unique surroundings.

    Designers Guy and Karen Vidal, who have completed twenty restoration projects in the Silver Lake/Echo Park communities will be featured on the show, along with Mosaic Designer Patricia Callicott, Silver Lake-based Architect Gustavo Gubel and yours truly.

    About the house, styled 'Elevado Castillo'- due to its hillside prominence on Elevado Street- the show's Co-Executive Producer Christopher Poole, commented 'the Elevado house is unique and exotic, something you don't see everyday, even in a community as innovative as Silver Lake. When you see the before pictures (which will be featured on the show), our viewers will find the transformation to be absolutely stunning.'

    The show is hosted by popular TV Personality George Gray ('Weakest Link') and will air on HGTV August 8th at 11:30 PM. Don't miss it!

    This article originally appeared in the August 2007 Edition of the Los Feliz Ledger.
  • New Traffic Signal Light Installed at Hyperion between Trader Joe's & Gelson's Market
    Posted on: 2007-08-03
    SILVER LAKE- Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge was joined by a host of dignitaries including Gloria Jeff, General Manager of the Department of Transportation to dedicate a new signal light at the corner of Hyperion Avenue and Monon Street on August 3, 2007. Actor Bill Wingard (Company of Angels) was struck and killed at the intersection on January 20, 2007 while crossing the street. Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov, in speaking at the event, lobbied city officials to bring a traffic light to the intersection of Rowena Avenue and Herkimer Street (between the Coffee Table and Ivanhoe Elementary School) where several fatalities or near fatalities have occurred in recent years.

    Pictured are Tom LaBonge with son Charles throwing the switch to light the new traffic signal at Hyperion and Monon on August 3, 2007. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: About Town' on this website.
  • A Beautiful Day at the Pacific Ocean with the Silver Lake Seniors Club
    Posted on: 2007-07-22
    Anyone over the age of 50 with a little spare time is missing a great opportunity by not checking out the Silver Lake Seniors Club! On Thursday, July 19, 2007 a busload of the group spent the day at beautiful Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, a lovely spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean, consisting of 37 acres of tree-shaded lawns, colorful gardens, a promenade above the palisades and a 19th-century Victorian lighthouse!

    The group met up with thousands of other like-minded, active seniors for the L.A. Recreation & Parks Federation of Senior Clubs Annual Picnic for a day of mingling, dancing, live entertainment, and tours of the old lighthouse. And what a day it was! The day could not have been more beautiful with plenty of sunshine, soft ocean breezes, walks along the palisade, and a chance to spend the day with my wife and treat our mothers too! There was absolutely no charge for the event either! Free food, transportation, and I even won a door prize! EVERYONE 50+ owes it to themselves to take advantage of at least some of the opportunities provided by the Silver Lake Seniors Club! For more information, please visit the Silver Lake Seniors website, or give Stephanie Vendig, Club President a call (323) 667-3043.

    For more pictures of the Silver Lake Seniors Picnic at Point Fermin, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors on the Move' on this website.
  • Silver Lake Gearing Up for Neighborhood Elections!
    Posted on: 2007-07-22
    If you have ever thought of running for public office, but never imagined the opportunity would present itself, here's your chance! You can participate in neighborhood government by running for one of the open seats in the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Elections to be held September 29, 2007.

    ANYONE who is a Stakeholder * in Silver Lake may participate. The deadline for filing and to get your name on the ballot is August 17, 2007. A Candidate's Meeting will also be held on August 17th. Candidates can still file after August 17th and run as write-in candidates all the way up until Election Day.

    'This is a critical year for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council', stated Douglas Dickstein, current Governing Board Co-Chair. 'We're entering our 5th year in existence and while many NC's have struggled, the SLNC has continued to strive. However with a lot of long-time board members stepping aside, there's never been a better opportunity than now for Silver Lake Stakeholders to run for office and be a part of local government', he said.

    For more information and candidate's forms, please visit the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council website (link below).

    * A Stakeholder in Silver Lake is defined as anyone 14 years of age or older who lives, goes to school, works, or is a member of an organization that meets in Silver Lake. Citizenship is not required to run for the Silver Lake Governing Board or participate in its many committees.
  • 'Kites Over Silver Lake' Big Success for Silver Lake's Arts & Culture Committee
    Posted on: 2007-06-19

    Silver Lake- Cheri Miller and Douglas Dickstein Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Co-Chairs pronounced 'Kites over Silver Lake' the 'best ever' organized by the council as the event drew to a close on Father's Day, June 17, 2007. The event featured 'Flying High' professional kite-flying demonstrations by San Diego Kite Club, Revolution Kites, and Team 'Too Much Fun'. By early afternoon, a good size crowd had gathered to enjoy the free concert provided by 'Inca: the Peruvian Ensemble'.

    'Both Cheri and I feel that this was probably the best event the SLNC has organized thus far and really the best kind of outreach to the community we can do', according to Dickstein. 'We gave away over 300 kites and over 150 t-shirts. All of the credit goes to Dorsay Dujon and Michael Menjivar of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Arts & Culture Committee, he said.

    Pictured are members of the San Diego Kite Club with Dorsay Dujon and Michael Menjivar of the SLNC Arts & Culture Committee. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Kites Over Silver Lake' on this website.

  • 'The Best Potluck of the Year' Silver Lake Seniors Event at Bea Gold's
    Posted on: 2007-06-19
    I make it a practice to never miss a potluck at Bea Gold's! Twice a year, the venerable octogenarian hosts a Gourmet Potluck at her beautiful home in the Moreno Highlands as a regular activity of one of her favorite organizations, the Silver Lake Seniors Club.

    For pictures of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors On the Move' on this website.
  • New Community Art Project Unveiled at Ivanhoe Elementary School
    Posted on: 2007-06-15
    In an ongoing effort to create beautiful, original works of fine art, the Silver Lakers – a group of Los Angeles artists, community members and businesses – presented their latest project, a mural entitled “Discovering Diversity,” at a Dedication Ceremony held on the school's playground, June20, 2007.

    The new mural, completed recently by Yuriko Etue and participating students in Ivanhoe’s lunchroom area, is a companion piece to one painted last year in a kindergarten play yard. The theme once again focuses on the acceptance of the many different kinds of people that live within the community and features the school’s mascot, a dragon, and silhouettes of Ivanhoe students riding on it representing athletes, scientists, the disabled, etc. The mural expresses the belief that, regardless of culture or creed, there is a place for every child in our city and at Ivanhoe Elementary.

    Pictured are Ivanhoe Principal Jumie Sugahara with Michael Espinosa, Grant Manager, Office of Community Beautification, Board of Public Works at the Dedication Ceremony held June 20, 2007. Ivanhoe Elementary School is located at 2828 Herkimer Street in Silver Lake. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: School Pictures' on this website.
  • 'Kites Over Silver Lake' Festival & Concert Coming to Silver Lake on Father's Day 2007!
    Posted on: 2007-06-01

    Silver Lake- The Inaugural 'Kites Over Silver Lake' will take place at Bellevue Park on Father's Day, June 17, 2007, according to Dorsay Dujon Co-Chair of the Silver Lake Arts & Culture Committee. The first-ever event features 'Flying High': Members of the San Diego Kite Club with 'Revolution', 'Pairs' and 'Tail Chasing' demonstrations. FREE kites to all children while supplies last! (Come early!)

    The event will also feature International Food Booths and the Summer Kickoff for the popular 'Concerts in the Park' Series, featuring 'Inca: The Peruvian Ensemble' immediately following 'Kites Over Silver Lake'.

    'Kites Over Silver Lake' will begin at Noon with 'Concerts in the Park' following at 4 PM. Bellevue Recreation Center Park is located at 826 Lucile Avenue in Silver Lake. For more information, call (323) 664-2468.

    Talent submissions should contact Dorsay Dujon, Co-Chair, Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Arts & Culture Committee at the email address given below.
  • Another Milestone for 'The Silver Lake News'
    Posted on: 2007-06-01

    Thanks to readers like you, 'The Silver Lake News'' passed the 750,000 mark in terms of number of hits on June 1, 2007, an average of over 10,700 hits per week!

    Special Thanks to our many readers who have contributed articles and calendar events for our 'Community News' and 'Community Calendar' pages. Your submissions in our 'Neighborly Referrals' and 'Classified Ads', pages have made 'The Silver Lake News' a bonafide resource for finding services in the community!

    It is our joy to continue to offer 'The Silver Lake News' as a means for you to connect to the community. Advertising and promotion of Community Events are ALWAYS FREE on our site. (Look for the ADD icon in the upper-left hand corner of most pages). Give me a call if you want to get started and need a little help!

    Pictured is a partial view of Silver Lake Meadow as seen through the fence of Silver Lake Reservoir on a recent afternoon.
    Posted on: 2007-05-21
    Have you had a chance to visit our 'SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE' page lately? I have been doing my homework and have made some important 'discoveries' that should be of interest to our architectural buffs.

    While I have been a fan of the distinguished architect
    Paul R. Williams ever since my good friend J. Russell Brown gave me the opportunity to collaborate on the marketing of his Williams' designed Villa Manola residence a few years ago, I have asked myself the question: Did Paul Williams design any Silver Lake homes? My answer came fairly recently when, in pouring through old records at the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, I 'discovered' the Rene Faron Residence built for a prominent downtown restaurateur in 1935 by Williams. Another 'find' was the very recent discovery that the fantastic Antoni Gaudi-inspired residence at 2384 Loma Vista Place was designed by Charles F. Whittelsey a well-respected architect of the early twentieth century, known for his Mission-Pueblo architecture, and representing an interesting departure from his usual artistic expression.

    Recently I received the designation of 'Architectural Specialist' from Coldwell Banker's Architectural Division. I am quite proud of this accomplishment! Perhaps you might have already guessed that I have a deep love for our architectural heritage. As Founder of the Silver Lake Beautification Committee in 2003, I am committed to the ideal of making Silver Lake more beautiful and a better place to live by taking pride in the places we call 'home'.

    Pictured is the Rene Faron Residence in Silver Lake, designed by Paul R. Williams in 1935.

    -Michael Locke, Editor The Silver Lake News
  • After the Fire: A Trip Back to Griffith Park
    Posted on: 2007-05-18
    Since last week's devastating fire in Griffith Park, I have been wandering how my favorite trail into the park has fared. I drove up to the very end of Griffith Park Blvd. today, May 17, 2007 in high hopes of being able to get a first hand look. I was greeted by a large 'CLOSED' sign, and being the law-abiding citizen I am, walked back to my car in disappointment.

    Getting back in the car, I headed up Shannon Road, the very last street in Los Feliz (bordering the park), which I imagined would give me the best chance of a first-hand view.

    The view of the park from Shannon was shocking; the whole panorama before me was nothing but ashen grey hillsides and blackened sticks where there had once been thick vegetation. The only color was provided by the dirt path below and a few struggling trees at the top of the ridge that appeared to have a little life left in them.

    We can all be thankful that more damage was not done; however, isn't it a shame how much destruction can be caused by a single act of irresponsibility? We can only be grateful that, in time, we will witness the miracle of rebirth, as the land begins to heal. As a returning resident, it will be a process that won't come too quickly.

    I took this excerpt from Councilmember Tom LaBonge's 'LaBonge News' sent regularly to my email address:

    '.....Meanwhile, various community organizations, homeowner groups and park stakeholders are coming out in great numbers to personally thank our fantastic City of Los Angeles Firefighters and crews from other fire agencies. Like you, I don't believe we can ever thank them enough. Residents of Los Feliz, in particular, who were evacuated but whose homes were saved from the encroaching inferno, are of one voice in their praise. Nothing unifies a community like a disaster, and unfortunately a true disaster with homes and lives lost was averted.'

    and a BIG THANKS to Council Member Tom LaBonge for his sincere love for his neighborhood and his neighbors!

    Please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Great Griffith Park Fire' for a first hand look at the fire: before and after. I plan to offer more pictures in the weeks and months ahead that will show the park coming back to life to share with our readers!
  • Colorful New Murals on Sunset Boulevard
    Posted on: 2007-05-17
    Driving east on Sunset Boulevard between Benton Way and Coronado Street, there are some very colorful and playful new murals on the south side of the street in two separate panoramas. I had a few moments to stop and 'smell the roses' this afternoon, and take a few photos of this new work.

    Inscribed at the top of the far left panel of the mural closest to Coronado Street are the words 'bush/cache/crae/eyer/noek', presumably the name of the artists. The characters are reminiscent of the latest murals at Micheltorena Elementary School, however with human characters.

    See what you think of these new works of mural art! They are depicted in our 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Murals' page. (See menu on the left.)
  • Fire Season Comes Early This Year: The Great Griffith Park Fire May 8, 2007
    Posted on: 2007-05-10
    Los Feliz- A spectacular wildfire erupted around 1 p.m. yesterday, Tuesday, May 8, 2007 in Griffith Park, charring over 800 acres of the wilderness park and destroying Dante's View, a terraced garden on Mount Hollywood. Tom LaBonge who represents the area on the Los Angeles City Council, and who has long been an advocate for the park, exclaimed 'This is a tragic sunrise; you look right there and you'd think you were at the (Griffith Park) Observatory looking at Mars.' By midday, Wednesday, the fire had been largely contained and homeowners who had been evacuated were allowed to return home.

    Quick-thinking Richard Stanley snapped a few pictures of the fire and was kind enough to send me a few. To catch the dramatic impact of the fire, please visit Neighborhood Pictures: Great Griffith Park Fire 2007' on this website.
  • Annual Beautification Day Brings Community Together
    Posted on: 2007-05-05
    Silver Lake- On a picture-perfect Saturday, April 28, 2007, Silver Lake joined hands with volunteers from every corner of Los Angeles for the 'Mayor's Day of Service', an annual effort to make Los Angeles a more livable city. Fanning our in every region of Silver Lake, volunteers planted trees and native plants, pulled weeds, cleaned out gutters, designed murals and picked up bulky items.

    Led by Noah Stein, Chairperson of the Silver Lake Beautification Committee, Lorraine Kells, Vice President of the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) and Chairperson of the SLNC Parks & Green Space Committee, and Volunteer Coordinator Lupita Chapa, the event drew several hundred volunteers. Co-sponsored by the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) and (beginning in 2003) the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (SLNC), Saturday's event drew additional neighborhood groups: at Micheltorena Elementary School, students were involved in creating a new mural project that 'serves the environment', according to Mural Artist Janet Wallace and Project Manager Carla Lopez, who teaches fourth and fifth grade at the school. A group of volunteers spearheaded by the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs (CSSLR) were involved in cleaning up the perimeter of the reservoir property on the Armstrong Landscape and the West Silver Lake Drive Pathway. Twelve 'disciples' from the Dream Center virtually 'swept the street' on Sunset Blvd. between Silver Lake Blvd. and Waterloo Streets. Former Silver Lake Beautification Chair Tom Blanchard and David Bermudez of the Hollywood Beautification Team led a team of volunteers in the ongoing effort to beautify the Gateway to Silver Lake.

    Volunteer Coordinator Lupita Chapa expressed gratitude for the many individuals that made the event possible including Team Captains Andrew Leranth, Tom Elliott, Tom Blanchard, Dave Bermudez, Rob Posten, Marylin Alex, Dorsay Dujon, Monica Enia, Michael Menjivar, Glen Dake and Mark Barber. 'Without these very special volunteers, the event would not have been so successful' she said. Other groups that played an important part in the day's success include the Silver Lake Dog Park Association, Girl Scout Troup 681, Boy Scout Troup 621 and the United Friends of the Children. SLIA Co-President Genelle LeVin also singled out for praise SLIA Secretary Becky Settles and SLNC Board Member Rusty Millar (who did all the grilling).

    Pictured are former SLNC Beautification Chair Tom Blanchard with pals Timothy Stirton and SLNC Board Member Kristopher Walin getting ready to plant a tree at the Silver Lake Gateway on April 28, 2007. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: 2005-2007 Silver Lake Beautification Day' on this website.
  • CNVEP 'Festival of Childhood' Draws Enthusiastic Crowd to Echo Park
    Posted on: 2007-05-04
    A beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon welcomed youngsters of all ages to the CNVEP Festival of Childhood, in next-door Echo Park on April 28, 2007. A block of Reservoir Street, one block north of Sunset Blvd. and a block east of Alvarado was closed for the occasion. Youngsters were given the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of educational and fun activities. The festive sounds of a marimba band provided by Masanga Marimba Ensemble created a wonderful carnival atmosphere; many children as well as adults could be seen dancing to the African and Latin beats provided by the troupe.

    The Center for Nonviolent Education & Parenting (CNVEP) is a community resource offering support to parents who want to connect to their children in more positive ways. Classes in parenting are offered,as well as support groups, and workshops that focus on effective parenting techniques. Classes and groups are available in both English and Spanish.

    For more information, please visit the CNVEP website (link below). or call (213) 484-6676.

    Pictured are Trina Mejia with her daughter Keanna at the CNVEP 'Festival of Childhood' on April 28, 2007. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: CNVEP Festival of Childhood' on this website.
  • Downtown Neighborhood Council Celebrates 5th Anniversary
    Posted on: 2007-05-04
    The Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council celebrated its 5th Anniversary on top of City Hall on May 2, 2007 with a Champagne Reception celebrating the 'grand experiment of Neighborhood Councils and the success of an involved community', according to J. Russell Brown the group's President and host for the occasion.

    The DLNC was certified in April 2002 as the official grassroots organization for downtown, bringing together residents, business interests, arts, education, social service providers and workforce partner in building a vibrant, creative and enriching downtown for all its residents. The event honored the individuals and groups who have been instrumental in creating the council and moving it forward.

    On hand for the event were Los Angeles City Council Members Jan Perry and Jose Huizar. Leaders from other Neighborhood Councils were in abundance at the event, held at the Tom Bradley Room, including Silver Lake's Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov, Chair of the SLNC Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee Dorsay Dujon, Chair of the SLNC Arts & Culture Committee, and Rusty Millar, Chair of the SLNC Transportation Committee, as well as Silver Lake's Guy Vidal.of Design Vidal and Donna Locke.

    Pictured is Los Angeles Council Member Jose Huizar addressing members and friends of the DLANC. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: J. Russell Brown & Friends' on this website.
  • Kites Over Silver Lake Fathers Day June 17th
    Posted on: 2007-05-03

    SILVER LAKE- 'Kites Over Silver Lake' is coming on Father's Day June 17, 2007!

    The 1st Annual Fathers Day 'Kites Over Silver Lake' Festival and Concert will be celebrated Sunday, June 17th at Bellevue Recreation Center Park, 826 Lucille Avenue. A free kite will be given to each child as long as supplies last.

    Arrive early! The kite festival begins at 12 noon. Watch as professional kite flyers from the San Diego Kite Club soar through the skies with precision and top speeds. International food booths will provide delectable foods from far and near. In addition, children will be taught the skills necessary for a successful kite 'launch'.

    Grab a comfortable seat on the grass from 4:00PM to 6:00PM for a special performance by the world-famous 'INCA the Peruvian Ensemble'. Enjoy music, dances colorful costumes of folklorico, the traditional music of Peru's multi-cultural heritage.

    Look for 'Concerts in the Park' to present Saturday, July 21st -- 'Rum Boogie' and on Sunday, September 9th -- 'The Mighty Echoes'.
  • Silver Lake Seniors Explore Nature & Culture at Fullerton Arboretum & Nixon Library
    Posted on: 2007-04-25
    The best bargain in town for active seniors is, without question, a paid membership in the Silver Lake Seniors Club. On Tuesday, April 24, 2007, the SL Seniors spent the day exploring nature and reliving the Nixon era with a trip by luxury bus to the Fullerton Arboretum and the Richard Nixon Birthplace & Presidential Library. Thanks to trip organizer Doris Slater for putting together an outstanding program that also included lunch at Angelo & Vinci's Ristorante in Fullerton.

    The Silver Lake Seniors Club is open to everyone over 50, and provides a wide variety of opportunities for every imaginable interest including Yoga, Thai Chi, Life Story Writing, Strength Training, Line Dancing, Craft and Painting Workshops, Lectures, Brunches and new friendships.

    Interested in learning more? Call Stephanie Vendig, Club President (323) 667-3043 or Jeanne Phipps (323) 664-2681 for more information.

    For more pictures of the trip to the Nixon Presidential Library and the Fullerton Arboretum, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors on the Move' on this website.
  • 'Morning on the Meadow' Draws Big Crowd to the Open Gates of Silver Lake Reservoir
    Posted on: 2007-04-22
    Silver Lake- You couldn't have asked for a lovelier or more significant day-before-Earth Day to bring together the Silver Lake Community for a 'Morning on the Meadow', the low-lying grassland on the north side of Silver Lake Reservoir. Closed for sixty years, the gates came open for a few hours this past Saturday, April 21, 2007 for a Community Meeting attended by an estimated crowd of 500.

    Lori Oddino, Vice President of the CSSLR (The Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs) sent an e-mail message out this morning advising that the committee distributed 900 'OPEN THE MEADOW NOW!' stickers and collected signatures from 238 supporters (I missed that opportunity!) Council District 13 brought 300 evaluation sheets and ran out early, according to Lori.

    Council Member Tom LaBonge and Council President Eric Garcetti, both who represent Silver Lake on the Los Angeles City Council, co-hosted the event and were joined by a distinguished panel of presenters, including Mia Lehrer, the Landscape Architect for the Project; Saba Engineer, Project Manager, LA City Bureau of Engineering; Julie Van Wagner, LA City Bureau of Engineering, Environmental Management Group; Nick Pendorf, Superintendent, LA City General Services Department; Jesse Medina, Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor, LA Department of Parks & Recreation; Sgt. Gabriel Mayorga, Office of Public Safety, LA General Services Department; Gregory Randall, LA Department of Animal Affairs; and LAPD Officer Chris Cooper. World-renowned Photographer Julius Shulman came as our guest, along with Guy & Karen Vidal, and spoke in strong support for the proposal which would open the Meadow to the public from dawn-till-dusk.

    For more detailed information on the event, please visit the CSSLR website. (Link Below)

    Pictured are an unidentified mother and child merrymaking on the Meadow at the Silver Lake Reservoir on April 21, 2007. For more photos of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: On the Meadow' on this website.
  • First Annual 'Artwater' Music & Arts Festival Benefiting the Youth of Atwater Village
    Posted on: 2007-04-22

    ATWATER VILLAGE- The first-ever 'Artwater' Music & Festival was a family affair as hundreds of merrymakers filled the sidewalks of Atwater Village on Saturday, April 21, 2007 enjoying a day of art, music, fun and games. Hula hoopsters and chalk artists joined gallery owners and patrons in an atmosphere of community pride as Atwater Villagers celebrated their cultural heritage, all to the benefit of after school creative arts programs for the area's schools.

    Pictured is Adrian Gaona winner of the People's Choice Award for Best Chalk Art Design 'Funky Town Bus'. For more photos, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Artwater Music & Arts Festival' on this website. Note: I just received a large portfolio of pictures from the Artwater Festival from Photographer Gary Greene ('zekephotos'). I will begin publishing these right away. Since Gary did not provide captions for the photos, please let me know if you see yourself (or a friend) and can help me identify some of the people in the pictures. Please send an email to with your information and I will correctly caption the photos!
  • Reservoir Update: Groundbreaking Ceremony Set for Saturday has Morphed!
    Posted on: 2007-04-16
    SILVER LAKE- Andrew Sears, President of the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs (CSSLR) advises that, due to the threat of protests from a group that want to keep the Meadow locked up in perpetuity, the Groundbreaking of the Silver Lake Blvd. Path Project will instead by a Gathering on the Meadow for Earth Day, Saturday, April 21, 2007 beginning at 9 a.m.

    On hand will be Mia Lehrer, Landscape Architect on the project, giving the community a chance to review the drawings presented to the public at two previous events in 2006. You will be given the opportunity to hear public opinion on the merits of the plan to open the meadow as a nature park.

    Join your neighbors in this historic opportunity to visit The Meadow for the first time in over 60 years! As a bonus, the Observatory Orchestra will be performing for the event. We hope you will come out and help show the Meadow is needed and a welcome public space. I'll be bringing famed Architectural Photographer Julius Shulman as my guest, along with Guy Vidal and our spouses, Karen and Donna, respectively. Don't forget to bring your camera! We hope to see you there!

    -Michael Locke, Editor

    To attend the event, walk, bike or carpool north on Silver Lake Blvd. (from Sunset Blvd.); the entrance to the Meadow is just before SLB turns sharply to the right to intersect with Glendale Blvd., look for the open gates on the west side (lake side) of the street. Please plan on carpooling, walking or biking if possible.

    For more information, please visit the CSSLR website! (Link below).
  • Los Angeles City Council Sings 'Happy Birthday' to Silver Laker Bea Gold
    Posted on: 2007-04-16

    LOS ANGELES- A group of Silver Lakers journeyed to Los Angeles City Hall on Friday, April 13, 2007 to join in the singing of 'Happy Birthday' to Bea Gold, the venerable octogenarian who has performed a lifetime of service to her neighbors. The idea was proposed by Patti Malone, Silver Lake Field Deputy for Los Angeles Council Member Tom LaBonge who arranged for a bus to pick up Silver Lakers for the ride to City Hall. At first, Bea declined the idea, but after it was all over, Bea expressed her gratitude for the honor. Tom LaBonge was joined by Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, who also represents Silver Lake on the council, in praising the spirit of volunteerism exemplified by Bea in service to her neighbors. A large group consisting of Gold family members arrived from scattered parts across the USA to join the Silver Lake contingent at City Hall.

    The event was just one of the many highlights from a month-long birthday party. Bea Gold's 'Retrospective Show' at jFerrari Gallery in Atwater Village continues through the end of April 2007.

    Pictured are Eric Garcetti, Bea Gold, and Tom LaBonge, backed up by Silver Lakers, singing 'Happy Birthday' to Bea Gold at Los Angeles City Hall on April 13, 2007. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Bea Gold & Friends' on this website.
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony for Silver Lake Blvd. Pathway at Silver Lake Reservoir on April 21st!
    Posted on: 2007-03-22
    The long wait is over! The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Silver Lake Blvd. portion of the pathway has been scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2007 from 9 AM until 10:30 AM. For the first time in over 60 years, the Meadow will be open to the general public for the event.

    Join us for the Groundbreaking with the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs (CSSLR) and Council Members Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge and their staffs, as well as community activists who have worked hard to bring about this happy result.

    For more information, please visit the CSSLR website (link below).
  • Preservation Advocates Flock to Silver Lake for 'An Evening with Julius Shulman'
    Posted on: 2007-03-19
    SILVER LAKE- World-renowned Architectural Photographer Julius Shulman returned to Silver Lake on March 14, 2007 bringing together preservation enthusiasts to celebrate and honor Karen and Guy Vidal on the completion of their twentieth restoration project in the Silver Lake/Echo Park vicinity. The pair spent the last year converting a crumbling Spanish fourplex into a stylish Moroccan-Mediterranean home that Shulman called a 'stroke of genius' and the master bedroom suite 'the most beautiful room I have ever seen.' Shulman plans to photograph the house when his partner, Juergen Nogai returns from Florida.

    The house has been named the 'Elevado de Castillo' in recognition of its Spanish/Mediterranean heritage and its position on the hill crowning Elevado Street in Silver Lake. The event brought together leaders and activists from Los Angeles' burgeoning preservationist community including J. Russell Brown, President of the Downtown Neighborhood Council and his friends Tom Gilmore, Gilmore & Associates, a pioneer of adaptive re-use lofts downtown, a gentleman that Shulman called our 'greatest asset' in the revitalization of downtown Los Angeles, and Kate Bartolo, Senior Vice President of the KOR Group, the developer of the historic Eastern Columbia Building. Russell Brown commented, 'Having spent a month in Morocco, I can appreciate the authenticity of this marvelous retreat. Karen and Guy Vidal are angels that deserve the highest praise for understanding the need to preserve the history, architecture and soul of Los Angeles.'

    International award-winning author and design journalist Carol Soucek King ventured over from Pasadena for the evening to honor Julius and find out first-hand why Silver Lake is such a 'hot spot'! Carol, in expressing the thoughts of others, exclaimed, 'The evening's greatest satisfaction was seeing a period house preserved and enhanced rather than torn down or even gutted- especially in an area of Los Angeles that is a hidden treasure of many cultural variations expressed through architecture. It was a pleasure to learn more about Silver Lake; for example I learned about the efforts of business and residential owners to take greater pride in their community's identity and quality of life. I loved learning about the community's program of designing trash receptacles into works of mosaic art and the ongoing tree-planting program.'

    Actor and comedienne Lily Tomlin and Emmy-award winning writer Jane Wagner served as co-hosts for the event and seemed to be having a splendid time, mixing with the crowd. Jane, as it turns out, has a collection of original Shulman photographs and is a self-professed 'huge' fan. David Locke, formerly of Herman Miller, brought his lovely wife Traci and Graphic Designer April Greiman of Made in Space. As might be expected, the architectural community was well-represented at the event. Ricardo Accorsi and Teresa Young of Accorsi Architecture, Sean Briski, Barbara Bestor, Gustavo Gubel, and John Southern of Urban Operations were in attendance, as well as Architectural Historians Laura Massino of Architectural Tours LA (with husband Drew Smith) and Emily Bills, professor of Architectural History at USC. Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess of Materials & Applications brought Artist Anja Franke visiting from Denmark, who was 'struck by how fearless people in Los Angeles are when it comes to building their dreams- turning fantasy into reality.'
    Jenna commented, 'I think we forget how innovative and yes, fearless we are as a culture.' (Anja will collaborate with Materials & Applications and Architect John Southern in the next M&A installation now underway).

    Also in attendance were Merritt Price, Director of Exhibition Design at the Getty Museum and his wife, Carla Roth; renowned skyscraper Architect Eli Attia and his wife, Noa; Free Lance Journalist Paul Young; Designer Ron Fields of Ron Fields Design; Filmmaker Eric Bricker (Eric is directing the documentary film, 'Visual Acoustics' about the life and works of Shulman; the film is 'almost' finished!); Rose Nielsen, Director of the Julius Shulman Institute at Woodbury University; Los Feliz Ledger Editor Allison Cohen and Contributing Writer Kimberly Gomez; Dr. Cheryl Revkin, President of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce; Filmmaker Scott Kennedy and his wife Catherine Borek (and their infant daughter Tessa); Interior Designer Lori Oddino and Photographer Andrew Sears from the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs; Cherie Miller and Douglas Dickstein (and his wife Leanna), Co-Chairs of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and Michael Cuoto from NBC News.

    Special thanks to Juan and Jutta Ribot, owners of Los Globos Night Club and the Lioness Art Gallery who generously donated their parking lot for the event and to Michael Cuoto and Douglas Dickstein who donated and set up the sound equipment.

    Pictured are the Vidal Family (Guy, Karen and Ginger) with Julius Shulman and Tom Gilmore at the Elevado de Castillo Reception. For more photos of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Julius Shulman & Friends' on this website. For additional information and photos of the Elevado de Castillo, please visit 'SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE' from the MENU on the left.
  • Studio Six: Acting School for Clowns Opens
    Posted on: 2007-03-14
    STUDIO SIX, LA's First Clown School for the serious actor has arrived offering the opportunity to study the elusive art of clown. When most people think of clowns, they think of maudlin birthday party entertainers or circus clowns chasing elephants. What they don't know is that clowning is also sophisticated acting.

    Many high-profile actors, such as Academy Award winners Emma Thompson and Geoffrey Rush have been classically trained in clown, integrating it into their work. Most recently, Sasha Baron Cohen brought clowning to life through his wildly popular character in Borat. Theatrical clowning is, in fact, a specific, demanding, and ultimately liberating acting technique, offering extraordinary creative freedom to the performer.

    Previously, actors typically had to go to Europe to learn the craft of clowning. Now that has changed. LA's first clown school -- Studio Six -- has just arrived. Studio Six, located at 1110 Bates Ave in Silver Lake, offers a comprehensive program in three sections, including classic clown, mask, and commedia dell'arte. All three disciplines are designed to challenge and inspire actors and comics alike. 'They demand great honesty and great playfulness',says master teacher David Bridel co-founder of Studio Six.

    'Great clowning is a test of the performer's humanity, willingness to be present, to be messy, and to fail. Students gain experience by applying and integrating the techniques in intensive scene study courses.' according to Bridel. A highly trained and experienced team launched Studio Six. Bridel and co-founder and teacher Orlando Pabotoy both trace their clown lineage to the famous Lecoq school in Paris. David is currently the Head of Movement for the MFA Program in Acting at USC, while Orlando is Head of Movement at Cal State Long Beach. Meanwhile, with a background in acting, theater production, and directing, Greg Kemper helps run Studio Six and instructs the scene study classes following the formal clown coursework. Mr. Kemper recently arrived in Los Angeles after successfully running Paragon Theatre Company in Baltimore, Maryland for 5 years and brings 23 years of experience in theatre.

    'David and Orlando are both remarkable teaching artists,' according to Christopher Bayes, one of America's best known clown teachers based in New York City. 'These guys will change the way an actor lives in his body. They will help actors make more room for their talent and their fun. To study with them is to make a beautiful mess!' For performers interested in making a mess, it seems that the right school has arrived.

    For more details, visit the Studio Six website or call Greg Kemper 1-866-99-CLOWN.

    Pictured is Lucas Rooney from the play 'Creation: A Clown Show' Directed by Orlando Pabotoy, photo by Jill Jones
  • Have you seen the new murals at Micheltorena Elemenary School?
    Posted on: 2007-03-07
    Driving down Sunset Blvd. this past week, I couldn't help notice the new murals on the retaining wall of Micheltorena Elementary School. Completed by Tommy Ruets, 'Jersey' Joe and the Students of Micheltorena School in February 2007, the new murals depict a colorful collection of amusing animal characters. Stop by the school and have a look for yourself. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of the murals by visiting 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Murals' on this website.
  • Julius Shulman will Speak in Silver Lake on March 14th!
    Posted on: 2007-03-02
    World-renowned Architectural Photographer Julius Shulman will make an appearance in Silver Lake on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 for 'An Evening with Julius Shulman' at which time he will speak about the transforming power of architecture on neighborhoods, the subject of an upcoming article for the Los Angeles Times.

    The event celebrates the completion of the 'Elevado de Castillo', a total renovation of a crumbling Spanish fourplex reinterpreted as a Moorish Mediterranean residence. Designers Karen Vidal and Patricia Calicott collaborated in the transformation.

    The Event is by invitation only due to space and parking limitations; however the home will be open to the public on Sunday, March 18, 2007 from noon until 6 P.M with no reservations required. The Castillo is located at 1515 Elevado Street in Silver Lake.
  • Another Milestone for the Silver Lake News
    Posted on: 2007-02-23
    The Silver Lake News passed the 600,000 mark in terms of number of hits on February 22, 2007 when we recorded 600,826 hits! That's an average of over 11,500 hits per week in the last 60 day cycle, representing a growth rate in excess of 27%!

    Special thanks to our many readers who have contributed articles and calendar events on our 'Community News' and 'Community Calendar' pages. Still others have offered timely suggestions that have greatly enhanced our message: 'Get to Know Your Neighbors and Your Neighborhood!' Special thanks to Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce President Cheryl Revkin, who has nominated two of our most recent 'Who's Who in Silver Lake' honorees, Ruth Beaglehole and Cheri Gaulke.

    It is our joy to continue to offer 'The Silver Lake News' as a means for you to connect to the community. Advertising and Promotion of Community Events are ALWAYS FREE on our site. (Look for the 'ADD' icon in the upper-left hand corner of most pages). Give me a call if you want to get started and need a little help!

    Pictured are the Vidal Family (Ginger, Karen, Guy and Levi) of Design Vidal with Architect Gustavo Gubel at Castillo de Elevado on February 22, 2007.
  • Summary of Hyperion/Glendale Viaduct Project
    Posted on: 2007-02-16

    SILVER LAKE- I asked Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov, Chair of the SLNC Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee (UD&PAC) and an expert on planning issues to summarize for our readers the pros and cons of the Hyperion/Glendale Viaduct Retrofit Project which is under consideration. Elizabeth, a professional architect, stays on top of the issues and offers these observations/conclusions:

    1. Structural retrofitting will improve seismic integrity.
    2. Restoration should return the original design of the railing (c. 1927)and prevent future tagging.
    3. The redesign of the I-5 N offramp should improve safety at the intersection of Glendale Blvd.; installation of a new traffic light & appropriate landscaping will help prevent blind spots.
    4. Partly improved pedestrian traffic plan and access to LA River---is insufficient; plan needs more work and coordination with the LA River Revitalization Master Plan team.

    1. Hyperion Av. & Bridge should be reclassified as a 'Collector' street and not a 'Secondary' highway.
    2. Two year construction period will excaberate existing traffic congestion. Suggest possible incentives to contractor to speed up construction time.
    3. Insufficient measures for reducing speed.
    4. Bridge widening in both directions is undesirable; instead, pedestrian and bike access to the LA River and Atwater Village can be achieved by utilizing the still existing foundations of the former Red Car line, wich are located immediately adjacent to the northbound side of Glendale Blvd.

    Pictured are Los Angeles City Council Deputies Mitch O'Farrell CD-13 and Patricia Malone CD-4 at the Glendale-Hyperion Viaduct Meeting held at Silver Lake Community Church.
  • Julius Shulman in Silver Lake
    Posted on: 2007-02-16

    SILVER LAKE- World-renowned Photographer Julius Shulman paid a visit to Silver Lake on Sunday, February 11, 2007 to honor the legacy of Richard Neutra, the late Modernist Architect who met Shulman in 1936, an occasion which Shulman would later recall as the most important in his professional life. Shulman had been invited by a friend to visit the Kun House (in the Hollywood Hills) which Neutra had designed, and was nearing completion. Julius had recently acquired a camera and was in the habit of taking pictures of everything he saw. With just a few frames of film left, he photographed the house, and asked that they be given to Neutra. Richard was impressed, and asked to meet Julius in person. Recognizing talent, Neutra hired Shulman on the spot, launching a career that continues to this day, spanning more than seventy years.

    In quick succession, Neutra enlisted Julius for additonal projects and introduced him to his many friends in the architectural community, including Gregory Ain, J.R. Davidson, Rudolph Schindler, Raphael Soriano and Frank Lloyd Wright, colleagues of Neutra or apprentices who had served under him.

    The occasion marked the end of an era for the Neutra Office Building, in which the architect played a key role in defining Modernist Architecture from 1950 until his death in 1970. His son and partner, Dion carried on the practice in the building until the early 90s when he moved the practice to his home studio. The building, which is listed by the City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission as a Historic-Cultural Monument, is now being put on the market for the first time. The practice was the 'launching pad' for many young, aspiring architects who would later build distinguished careers of their own, including such luminaries as Gregory Ain, Harwell Hamilton Harris, Raphael Soriano, Maxwell Starkman, John Blanton, David Hyun and Erich Schneider-Wessling, to name a few. The event brought together architectural aficianados for a 'last look' at a comlex where so many significant architectural icons and ideas were conceived.

    Always the 'Ladies Man', Shulman is shown with a group of female admirers at the Neutra Office Building Reception. Getting special attention is Ginger Vidal, daughter of Guy and Karen Vidal of West Silver Lake Drive. For more pictures of Julius Shulman, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Julius Shulman & Friends' on this website.
  • SLNC Recognizes Achievement of Area Schools
    Posted on: 2007-02-16
    SILVER LAKE- The Youth & Families Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council recognized the achievement of eight Silver Lake schools that demonstrated improvement in their Academic Performance Index (API) scores in 2005-2006, awarding beautifully framed commendations at their February Meeting. Six elementary schools and Thomas Starr King Middle School and John Marshall High School were honored in the ceremony. The six elementary schools were Allesandro, Dayton Heights, Ivanhoe, Lockwood, Mayberry, and Micheltorena. Lorraine Kells, Committee Chair, said 'We are excited about this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of these schools to our neighborhood. This award is an expression of our community's appreciation of the continued excellence in the face of the many challenges confronting educators today. In some cases, scores have gone up 300 points since the beginning of these testing measures (over three years). In this time of increased accountability, the committee realizes the importance of validating the hard work and dedication of the students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators for their outstanding progress.'

    Representing the necessary cooperation of students, parents, teacher, administrators and staff required to achieve academic success are (L-R)) parent Dorit Dowler-Guerrero, student Liberty Dowler-Guerrero, Principal Sylvia Hernandez, teacher Mark L. Hummer and Categorical Programs Advisor Marylin Missoni, all of Micheltorena Elementary School at the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Academic Achievement Awards Ceremony. For more photos of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Meetings' on this website.
  • Hyperion Bridge Improvements 'Scoping' Meeting
    Posted on: 2007-02-12
    An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is being prepared for improvements proposed for the Glendale-Hyperion Viaduct, popularly known as the 'Hyperion Bridge' on Thursday, February 15, 2007 at the Silver Lake Community Church beginning at 7 P.M. A public 'scoping' meeting will allow stakeholders the opportunity to express their views on the proposals. You're attendance is encouraged! PLEASE COME! Express your opinions and ask questions! It has been stated that it will take two years to complete the project, create a traffic nightmare and compromise some of the great architectural features of this classic beauty.

    Don't be left out of the discussion! The meeting will be held in the Fellowship Hall of the Silver Lake Community Church, 2930 Hyperion Avenue (north of Rowena) beginning at 7 PM.
  • World Famous Photographer Julius Shulman in Silver Lake February 11th!
    Posted on: 2007-02-07

    SILVER LAKE- World-renowned Photographer Julius Shulman will be in Silver Lake this Sunday, February 11, 2007 as a Special Guest at an Exhibition 'VIEW FROM THE INSIDE', providing a rare opportunity to see the 'Neutra Traveling Exhibition' last exhibited in Los Angeles in 1992. The event will also include a tour of the Neutra Office Building, where the event will be held.

    The Neutra Office Building was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1951 (No. 676). It was the headquarters of the Neutra Architectural practice for more than eighty years. During its heyday, many important architectural icons were conceived at this location. The practice was also the launching pad for many important architects who achieved greatness in the annals of architecture after serving an apprenticeship to the master architect, Richard Neutra. The building is currently listed for sale for $3.M. (See earlier article in the 'Community News' section of 'The Silver Lake News'.

    The Exhibition was initiallly planned as a private tour open only to owners of Neutra properties, however, the planners have generously decided to open the event to the public.

    A catalogue of the exhibition will be available. Mr. Shulman and Dion Neutra will participate and sign copies upon request.

    The Neutra Office Building is located at 2379 Glendale Blvd. in Silver Lake. The event will be on Sunday, February 11, 2007 from Noon until 4 P.M. Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to Sandy Bleifer at the e-mail address below.

    Pictured are Eames Demetrios, Grandson of Ray and Charles Eames with Julius Shulman at an event held recently at the Eames House and Studio in Pacific Palisades.
  • Silver Lake Chamber Honors Netty Carr
    Posted on: 2007-01-25
    By now, almost everyone in Silver Lake knows that Netty's, the popular 'California Comfort Food' Cafe in Silver Lake Village has closed after twenty years. The Cafe attracted a clientle that was as diverse as its menu.(as you would expect in Bohemian-rich Silver Lake). The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce honored Netty Carr at a chamber mixer held on January 8, 2007 at Shag Hair Design. Chamber President Cheryl Revkin, in voicing the thoughts of many, said, 'Netty is the Matriarch of Silver Lake; she has given us great food and always been on the right side of the issues that affect our community.'

    Revkiin noted Netty's leadership in preserving the old Van de Kamp's Holland-Dutch Bakery (the place where I spent my summers working for my dad in the maintenance department). Home Depot has plans to move in and demolish the old bakery which by now has been recognized as an important cultural and historic landmark. (designed in 1930 by Architect J. Edwin Hopkins, the property was designated an Historic-Cultural Monument in the City of Los Angeles on May 12, 1992). The property will instead house an extension campus for Los Angeles City College.

    Netty also has helped with the 'No Home Depot' Coalition, gathering petition signatures in an effort to stop the mega chain from taking over the shuttered K-Mart facility on San Fernando Road. Community activists, working with the office of Los Angeles City Council District 13 are hoping to transform the site into a mixed use development, providing a live-work-park environment. The project, envisioned as 'Fletcher Square', still faces obstacles, as Home Depot is moving forward and has applied for permits. According to Netty, 'The Fletcher Square Project is by no means a done deal, but one more challenge to protect our neighborhood from inappropriate development. We're in the middle of a long battle for our community's future and the public needs to know that. The No Home Depot Coalition's vision is to have a mixed use development compatible with the future LACC campus. Please let people know that they can help!' 'Home Depot does not care what stakeholders want, they're going forward in spite of the extreme opposition and a planned educational facility across the street. I hope some Silver Lakers become involved because we need all the help we can get, even if its just sending e-mails and letter writing.

    Netty suggests visiting the 'NO HOME DEPOT' WEBSITE (See link below) and learning what each of us can do.

    Netty plans to take a break from cooking and is focusing her attention on spending more time with her family and writing a much-anticipated cookbook. Two veterans of the local restaurant scene, Gloria Felx and Elizabeth Belkind have opened a new restaurant, Reservoir in Netty's old spot.

    Pictured are members of the Carr family: Tamara, Miranda and Sierra Garcia; Netty and Ray Valentine taken at the SLCC Mixer held on January 18, 2007 at Shag Hair Design.

  • Art Cans on Rowena Avenue are In!
    Posted on: 2007-01-22
    A second installation of mosaic trash can/works of art have been placed along the Rowena Avenue commercial corridor and at Ralph's Supermarket Plaza on Glendale Blvd. Members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Beautification Committee first conceived the project in 2005 as a way of alleviating the trash problem on Sunset Blvd. Committee members came up with a design for a heavy-duty concrete trash can that could be inset with a mosaic art panel on each of its four sides. A 'call for artists' was sent out and the response was outstanding; the first year evidenced the completion of ten 'artcans' along Sunset Blvd. The 2006 Project succeeding in placing eleven art cans which have been adopted by local businesses that have agreed to empty them on an as-need basis.

    Pedestrians and shoppers are already making good use of the cans. These new public works of art can be seen at the following locations: Ralphs Supermarket Plaza (panels by artist Julie Hunter Bagish and Girl Scout Troop No. 681); Silver Lake Auto Body and Edna Hart (panels by artist Helen Lessick); Curves (Bill Crite, Artist); Silver Lake Optometry and Rowena Chiropractic (Yuriko Etue, Artist); Ivanhoe School (adopted by Girl Scout Troup 681; Tabitha Fronk, Artist); Coffee Table and Curves (William Crite, Artist); Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (Cheri Gaulke, Artist) and the Flower Garden (Tabitha Fronk, Artist).

    The project 'harnesses the creativity of artists and Silver Lake's civic-minded businesses to beautify Silver Lake and provide a positive solution to litter, ' according to Laura Dwan, Project Coordinator, 'eventually we hope to have a necklace of cans around Silver Lake.' Michael Espinosa, Grant Manager, Office of Community Beautification, L.A. Department of Public Works added 'I use the Art Cans Project in many of my presentations around the city. The project demonstrates a simple idea that helps alleviate a problem and at the same time creates a landmark that adds to the personality of the community.'

    If you are interested in taking part of the beautifcation projects in Silver Lake, the Beautification Committee wants you! The Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Silver Lake Neigbhorhood Council office, 2898 Rowena Avenue, Suite 101. For more information contact Noah Stein, Committee Chair by e-mail.

    Pictured are Art Cans 2006 Project Members and their parents from Ivanhoe Elementary School and Girl Scout Troup 681 (L-R) Miranda Garcia, Linda MacKenzie, Tamara Garcia, Sierra Garcia and MacKenzie Dowling. For more Art Cans photos, please visit
  • 'Ode to a Forgotten Venue' 3037 Sunset Boulevard
    Posted on: 2007-01-14
    This is my ode to a forgotten venue, the building of which appears to be relatively old, probably dating from the '20's or '30's, which was a vibrant nightclub and entertainment venue in Silver Lake from 1980 to early 1984. Prior to its club stint it had been a failing Chinese restaurant, 'Oriental Nights.' The club's creator, British ex-pat Howard Paar approached the owner, Bob Selva, and convinced him to open a night club there; as Selva was unwilling to change the name on the business license, Paar abbreviated it to 'O.N. Klub' to avoid any resemblance to Madame Wong's or a lack of originality.

    Labeled as a 'ska' club, it soon became associated with a younger crowd who were a part of the embryonic Mod revival, but the club also hosted different alternative music acts on other nights. Many, many musical groups came and went; a few better-known local groups performed there, such as the Bangles and Los Lobos. Geno Washington and his Soul Revue once played there as well as the Neville Brothers. There was once an impromptu performance by members of popular international acts The Clash and the (English) Beat. Pronounced 'on' by regulars, the black-painted facade with the red doors was quite the hip little dive.

    As friend recently wrote, ' Funny how even the innocuous little bldg can hold a celebrated, if brief, past. At times there was a line at this club's door that stretched nearly to the liquor store down the corner. People from as far as SF and SD came here to drink and dance. At various times, members of the B-52s, UB40, Specials, Madness and other bands drank, sang, and danced there. Hard to believe, but the Los Angeles Times did a huge article on the club and its regulars that appeared on the front page of the what was then called the 'Style' [View] section of the was the little building that could.' The club was also the subject of a KABC Television 'Eye On L.A.' segment about the local Mod scene.

    Often overbooked, it had not gone unnoticed by the City and was eventually visited by the LAPD (complete with tear gas) in the summer of 1982 due to underage patrons, fire code problems and complaints from residents.

    The ON Klub died with the early 80's, frozen in time, and was padlocked many moons ago. Recently it was totally renovated and looks to be ready to reopen (2007) as retail space.

    Not a few of us mentally memorialize the place and remember it as it was, with all the Vespas and Lambrettas parked along the front like shiny toys (we were kids, after all). There recently was an ON reunion proposed for there, although that too has dissolved, much like the two-stroke smoke of the scooters.
  • Meet a Group of Silver Lakers who know how to throw a party....
    Posted on: 2006-12-22

    SILVER LAKE- This past Wednesday, December 20th (2006) Donna and I accepted an invitation to attend the Silver Lake Seniors'Winter Solstice Gourmet Potluck' held annually at Bea Gold's 'Elevator House' on Micheltorena Street. While Donna and I are officially members of the club (at $10 per year), it's a 'no brainer' to lend our support. The payout for joining, however, is absurdly beneficial, as we are beginning to find out.

    Bea's home, the 'Elevator House' (you can get their by either a staircase or an elevator), was packed with people; quite a few that we know well, but also a lot of new faces (at least to us). We were treated to a multitude of interesting and tasty dishes, all for the small expense of preparing our own dish. (This group needs to put out a cookbook!)

    Bea Gold is an amazing hostess! Her involvement with the neighborhood on many levels (See article in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake') is commendable and inspiring. She has learned the joy of giving and does it in such a gracious way.

    If you have passed or are approaching the mid-century mark (that's 50+), and are looking for interesting things to do, the Silver Lake Seniors Club might be for you. The group has a full, weekly schedule embracing a wide variety of activites, including tai chi training, yoga instruction, line dancing, creative writing classes, painting classes, field trips and more. To learn more, please contact Stephanie Vendig, President (323) 667-3043 or by e-mail.

    Pictured are Silver Lake Seniors VIPS Jeanne Phipps, Founder Leah Lomedico and President Stephanie Vendig. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Brunch at Bea's' on this website.
  • SLNC Inaugurates a New Governing Board; Dickstein & Miller Selected as Co-Chairs
    Posted on: 2006-12-07
    SILVER LAKE- The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council inaugurated a new Governing Board for the 2007 term on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at the Micheltorena School Auditorium. Michele Sigueiros with the Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) swore in the newly-elected representatives. The newly seated council, composed of two representatives from each of Silver Lake's seven districts and seven At-Large members. nominated and elected their executive officers. Selected as Co-Chairs for 2007 were veterans Douglas Dickstein and Cherie Miller. Douglas has represented Region 7 on the council for the past year and as Chair of the Outreach Committee. Cherie has been serving as an At-Large representative and chairs the Public Safety Committee. The board unanimously elected Glen Dake and Laura Dwan to fill the Executive Secretary and Executive Treasurer positions, respectively. Glen is the current Executive Secretary and Laura had previously served as Executive Treasurer.

    Taking seats on the council for the first time were Joshua St. Thomas, Region One, who replaced retiring member Judy Borstein; Rebecca Franco, Region Two, who replaced retiring member and Co-Chair Jacqueline Rivera; Kristopher Wallin, Region Three; Gale Jaffe, Region Four; Michael Ray Menjivar, Region Five, who replaced retiring member Genelle LeVin; Patricia McGrath, Regon Six, who replaced member Bea Gold who ran for and won an At-Large seat on the council. Loren A. Colin, who was not present at the new board's installation was elected as the board's new Region Seven representative, replacing Gena Nason, the board's Executive Treasurer, who did not seek re-election.

    For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: 2006 Neighborhood Council Elections' picture page on this website.

  • Neutra Office Building on the Market
    Posted on: 2006-12-06
    The Neutra Office Building, which housed the architectural practice of Richard Neutra and his son Dion from the 1950's into the 1990's is being offered for sale for $3.5M (December 2006). The unique property is the only surviving example of an unmodified and uncompromised Neutra commercial design. The property is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a City of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

    The Neutra Office Building is located at 2379 Glendale Boulevard in Silver Lake. The property is being offered for sale with the protection of a Conservation Easement, requiring the new owner to be custodian of the property's historical and cultural significance.
  • A Milestone for the Silver Lake News
    Posted on: 2006-11-26
    Thanks to your readership, I am pleased to report that 'The Silver Lake News' passed the 500,000 mark in terms of number of hits on November 22, 2006, when we recorded 500,417 hits! Our three most popular webpages continue to be 'Neighborhood Pictures' (with 118,919 hits) folowed by 'SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE' (with 96,239 hits) and 'Neighborly Referrals/Goods & Services' (with 44,371 hits).

    I'd like to take this occasion to remind our readers that ADVERTISING & Promotion of Community Events are ALWAYS FREE on our site. (Look for the 'ADD' icon in the upper left-hand corner of each page). It is our joy to offer our site as a community service in the hopes that you will get to know your neighbors and your neighborhood better! Please feel free to call me or e-mail me if you have any questions on how to get your business or community event POSTED on our site!

    Michael Locke, Editor, the Silver Lake News (with Donna Jean)
  • Reliving the Charm of Victorian Los Angeles: The Grier Musser Museum in Nearby Westlake
    Posted on: 2006-11-21
    With the holidays fast approaching, there is no better time to take a trip down Nostalgia Lane than a visit to the Grier Musser Museum in nearby Westlake. The home is a lovely Queen Anne Victorian House originaly built in 1898 and in remarkable condition. Located one block east of Alvarado and a half block south of 3rd Street, its just a couple of miles from Silver Lake. The museum offers monthly displays of holiday and antique collectibles. Guided tours are both informative and personal. I was greeted a the door where the director, Susan Tejada granddaughter of Anna Grier Musser for whom the house is named, gave me a brief history of the house and shared some of the home's amazing architectural details. The home features ornate chandeliers, colorful Victorian stained glass windows and intricate woodwork.

    The museum's architectural significance was recognized by the City of Los Angeles in 1987, when it received historical designation by the L.A. Cultural Affairs Department (Historic-Cultural Monument No. 333).

    Personalized tours of the Grier Musser Museum are available between 12 P.M. and 4 P.M. Wednesday through Saturday. Reservations are required. Special rates for groups are available and there is free parking available in the rear.

    For more information, please call (213) 413-1814

    Grier Musser Museum
    403 South Bonnie Brae Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90057

  • Frogtown Artwalk: An Eye-Opening Experience
    Posted on: 2006-11-18
    ELYSIAN VALLEY- Thanks to Architect Tracy A. Stone, I became acquainted with the 'Frogtown Artwalk' which took place this last Friday evening, November 17, 2006. Located in the Elysian Valley, a little slice of real estate on the edge of Silver Lake, 'Frogtown' got its nickname from the leaping amphibians that would frequent the neighborhood as a result of being located next door to the Los Angeles River. Isolated between the river and the freeway, the community is an assortment of small business enterprises, bakeries, factories and construction yards mixed in with humble bungalows, the kind of neighborhood that you might expect to see more than a few cars parked on front yards. It is also the kind of neighborhood where you might expect to find a few enterprising souls looking for (relatively) cheap real estate and in the process, transform a neighborhood.

    Nestled between the riverwalk, a concrete pathway above the riverbed and Blake Street, the last street before the river, about twenty artists, architects, builders, cabinetmakers, designers, and photographers have 'opened shop' and created a community of artistic expression. It's the sort of welcome change that is hopeful in a community that has had its share of derision and neglect. My hat goes off to these 'urban pioneers' that are making such a huge difference!

    To learn more about the Elysian Valley, please visit the weblink below. Pictured is an interior of TAS Gallery (Tracy A. Stone Architect) during Frogtown Artwalk 2006.
  • Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Inauguration at Micheltorena School set for Wednesday, December 6th
    Posted on: 2006-11-17
    Newly-elected members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will finally be formally installed on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at Micheltorena School Auditorium. The installation was delayed due to a challenge in Region 4, where a formal review process overturned the election of Mark L. Hummer in favor of Gale Jaffe. Both L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti and Council Member Tom LaBonge are expected to be on hand to administer the oath of office.

    The dramatic moment of the evening is expected to happen immediately after the new board's installation, when executive officers will be nominated and elected from their members.

    The Micheltorena School Auditorium is located at the northwest corner of Sunset Blvd. and Micheltorena Street. Plenty of free parking is available in the school's parking lot. The public is invited and encouraged to attend with the event getting underway at 7 p.m..
  • Great Family Fun at 'Music Box Steps Day'
    Posted on: 2006-11-13
    SILVER LAKE- Laurel & Hardy Fans from far and wide gathered for the '12th Annual Music Box Steps Day' on Saturday, November 11, 2006 to celebrate and enjoy the antics of Laurel & Hardy look-a-likes, Brian Patrick Mulligan and John Mackey. Magician/Comedian Reno Goodale and Music Man Charlie Cox were also on hand and kept the crowd entertained during the three hour festival.

    There was plenty of food on hand, thanks to local merchants including Nicky D's Wood-Fired Pizza. Organizer Vince Brook and his capable crew, consisting mostly of neighborhood activists from the Silver Lake Improvement Association are largely responsible for carrying off this event every year and the community owes them a vote of 'thanks!'. In the crowd I spotted Becky Settles, Genelle LeVin, Lorraine Kells, Eric & Vanessa Chinchilla (and learned that Vanessa is pregnant!), and of course, Vince, who was running the projector and making sure everything worked out just right!

    If you haven't attended the 'Music Box Steps Day' and missed this year, check our calendar again about this time next year and plan to attend. The film, 'The Music Box' is classic Laurel & Hardy and was awarded an Oscar for Best Short in 1932.

    Pictured are Stan Laurel (John Mackey), Reno Goodale, and Oliver Hardy (Brian Mulligan) surrounding Charlie Cox. The talented performers kept everyone in good spirits during 'Music Box Steps Day'. For more pictures, please visit 'Nieghborhood Pictures: 2006 Music Box Steps Day' on this website.
  • 'Music Box Steps Day' to Celebrate Film History
    Posted on: 2006-11-07
    12th Annual Event is a Silver Lake Tradition

    SILVER LAKE- On Saturday, November 11, 2006 the Annual 'Music Box Steps Day' will be held at Laurel & Hardy Park from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. The Festival celebrates the 1932 Laurel & Hardy movie, 'The Music Box' and is held where the short was filmed. This year's event is sponsored by the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce, the office of Los Angeles Council President Eric Garcetti and the Silver Lake Improvement Association.

    Free food, live entertainment, a raffle with some great prizes and, as always, free screenings of the classic film. Laurel & Hardy look-a-likes Brian Mulligan and John Mackey will be on hand to entertain event goers with their usual antics. Magician Reno Goodale will also be performing as well as Virtuoso Music Man Charlie Cox

    'The Music Box' is a treasure among Laurel & Hardy films and we are glad to keep its memory alive', said Vincent Brook, founder of the festival and professor of media studies at USC and UCLA. 'We are proud that this cinematic masterpiece was shot in Silver Lake and honored to present it to children (of all ages) and their parents alike'.

    Film buffs from around the world have flocked to Music Box Steps Day for the past 11 years to honor the 133 steps that gave the bungling piano movers Laurel & Hardy such a hilariously hard time. Music Box Steps Day was created to enhance neighborhood pride and educate our youth about this historic jewel in their midst.

    Laurel & Hardy Park is located across from the steps, between 923 and 935 Vendome Street. (one block south of Sunset Blvd. and one block west of Silver Lake Blvd.) For more information, please call (323) 664-4653.

    Pictured are Laurel & Hardy look-a-likes Brian (Oliver) Mulligan and John (Hardy) Mackey with Jasmine and Brandon Lew and Maston Lam at last year's event).
  • First Frogtown Art Walk Scheduled for November 17th!
    Posted on: 2006-11-02
    November is turning out to be quite a celebration of our rich artistic heritage! The next-door neighborhood of the Elysian Valley, popularly known as 'Frog Town' is hosting its very first 'Art Walk' on Friday, November 17, 2006. A thriving community of artists have set up shop in the area, occupying the warehouses and factories that are mixed in with the single family homes that typify the neighborhood.

    The Frogtown Art Walk is a self guided free tour that will give you the opportunity to meet and greet the artists in their studios. Participants include Romero Studio & L'il Frogtown Gallery, Paul Redmond Photography, Eddy Sykes (ChersonProm), Shawn Freeman Studio, Lovecraft Biofuels, Tracy A. Stone, Architect, California Modern, Paragon Cabinets West, Steel & Things, RAC Design Build, and Brand Name Label (Gabriel Renz).

    Hours of the Frogtown Art Walk are from 7 to 10 P.M. For more information, visit the weblink below, or call (323) 664-0202 for more information.
  • 'ArtCans 2006' Unveiling at The Coffee Table Gallery Draws Packed House
    Posted on: 2006-10-26
    SILVER LAKE- The Coffee Table Gallery on Rowena Avenue played host to the Silver Lake Beautification Committee's 2006 Edition of the 'Art Cans' Project on Thursday evening October 26, 2006 as 32 beautiful new mosaic panels were unveiled to the public for the first time. Michael Espinosa, Grant Manager for the City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works Office of Community Beautification was on hand to congratulate Silver Lake on a 'job well done' and noted that the panels 'are absolutely beautiful!' Project Coordinator Laura Dwan in her remarks thanked the community and the local businesses that adopted the trash cans for their support in bringing the project to reality.

    The Art Cans Project was begun in 2005 with a first phase in which ten concrete trash cans with original mosaic art panels were created by local artists and installed along the Sunset Boulevard business corridor. The ArtCans 2006 Project involved six artists who created the panels that will be installed on concrete trash cans along Rowena and Hyperion Avenue in the coming weeks. Laura Dwan presented 'Certificates of Appreciation' from the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Beautification Committee to the six outstanding artists who were involved in creating the panels, Julie Bagish, Yuriko Etue, William Crite, Cheri Gaulke, Helen Lessick, and Tabitha Fronk. Artists were required to work with various community groups and families to create the panels as part of the selection process. Look for these beautiful new 'Art Cans' along Rowena and Hyperion Avenue in the coming weeks!

    Pictured are (back row) Cheri Gaulke, Julie Bagish, Yuriko Etue, William Crite, Tabitha Fronk and (front row) Helen Lessick and Michael Espinosa from the Office of Community Beautification at the Unveiling Ceremony. For more pictures of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Art Can: Silver Lake's Art Can Project' on this website.
  • Getting Ready for the Show: 'ArtCans 2006' Unveiling at the Coffee Table Gallery on October 26th!
    Posted on: 2006-10-23
    SILVER LAKE- The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Beautification Committee is making final arrangements for the much-anticipated Public Unveiling of the 2006 'ArtCans' Project. The unveiling will mark the first time that the public will be able to see the thirty-two original mosaic panels created by local artists that will be inlaid on permanent concrete trash cans along Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake this fall.

    The show will feature original mosaic works by Helen Lessick, Yuriko Etue, William Crite, Julie Bagish, Cheri Gaulke, and Tabatha Fronk. The artists worked with various community and family groups in the design competition, and were selected by a panel from the Silver Lake Beautification Committee.

    The 'Unveiling' of these beautiful mosaic panels will be held at the Coffee Table Gallery on Thursday, October 26, 2006 beginning at 5 PM until 8 PM. The Coffee Table is located at 2930 Rowena Avenue across from Ivanhoe Elementary School.

    Pictured are SLNC Beautification Committee Co-Chair Emily Johnson with Project Coordinator Laura Dwan & Region 7 Representative Gena Nason discussing plans for the event at the Coffee Table.
  • 'Taste of Los Feliz' Set for October 8th; 25 Area Restaurants Participating
    Posted on: 2006-10-02

    LOS FELIZ- As of Monday, October 1, 2006 tickets were still available for 'A Taste of Los Feliz' taking place in Los Feliz Village on Sunday, October 8, 2006.

    The Tasting Event will benefit Hope-Net, a non-profit agency that opens and helps operated food pantries in Los Feliz as well as mid-Wilshire areas. 'We are thrilled to bring this great event to the streets of Los Feliz', commented Douglas Ferraro, Hope-Net's Executive Director. Manuel Mesta of Vermont Restaurant added, 'It will be a great community event for the area, to have everyone strolling Vermont Avenue and tasting the find food Los Feliz has to offer.'

    In its inaugural year, 'Taste of Los Feliz' has garnered significant community support. There will be 25 restaurants participating, including Vermont Restaurant , The Alcove, Figaro Cafe, Farfalla,Tropicalia Brazilian, Il Capriccio, Dresden, and Electric Lotus.

    The Event has 24 businesses and community leaders on its sponsorship list. Tickets are $35 for adults; $15 for children 12 and under. To purchase, call Hope-Net (213) 389-9949 or visit the Hope-Net website (link below).

    Pictured are Hope-Net's Executive Director Douglas Ferraro with Vermont's Executive Chef Carlos Garcia, Los Feliz Ledger Publisher Allison Cohen & Vermont Restaurant's Manuel Mesta.
  • CSSLR's 2006 'Silver Lake Modernism- Then & Now' Draws Enthusiastic Reviews
    Posted on: 2006-10-02
    SILVER LAKE- The Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs' 2006 Home Tour 'Silver Lake Modernism- Then & Now' has now been completed after months of planning and thousands of hours of volunteer work. The event exceeded expectations with the Gala Reception at the Silvertop Estate selling out and many latecomers being turned away. Event Co-Chairs Lori Oddino and Dave Keitel pronounced the event a 'huge success', raising much needed funds for the CSSLR, a non-profit community benefit corporation established in 1988 and dedicated to 'preserving the historical, aesthetic, ecological and public recreational benefits of Silver Lake's open water reservoirs', according to Andrew Sears, the group's president.

    The house tour featured nine significant Silver Lake properties designed by present and past Modernist architects recognized as masters of their craft, including Rudolph Schindler, Edward Fickett, Gregory Ain, Harwell Hamilton Harris, Rodney Walker, Richard Neutra, and Raphael Soriano; and two of their contemporaries, Ana Henton and John Southern. A Gala Reception was held after the tour at John Lautner's fabled Silvertop and hosted by Philip and Jacklyn Burchill, who have lovingly maintained the magical home and generously offered it to causes in which they share a common vision and partnership.

    For more news about the event and the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs, please visit the weblink below and visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: 2006 Highlights of the CSSLR Home Tour 'Silver Lake Modernism- Then & Now' on this website.

    Pictured are members of the Event Committee (L-R): Phil & Jackie Burchill, Dave Keitel, Lori Oddino, Catherine Stafford, Leslie Edmonds, Beth Knox, Andrew Sears, Michael Slater and Leni Fleming. Not Pictured: Michael Locke
  • ArtCan 2006 Unveiling Set for October 26th at the Coffee Table Gallery
    Posted on: 2006-10-02
    SILVER LAKE- The Beautification Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will unveil 'ArtCan 2006' at a public ceremony to be held at The Coffee Table Gallery, 2930 Rowena Avenue on Thursday, October 26, 2006 from 5 PM until 8 PM. The ArtCan Program was begun in 2005 to fund public art commissions that beautify Silver Lake. Last year, the program presented and installed ten concrete trash cans along the commercial corridor of Sunset Boulevard. Four coordinated mosaic art panels were created by local artist on each of ten trash cans. This year, eight trash cans with a total of 36 original works of art will be unveiled at the ceremony.

    Your participation honoring this effort is encouraged! Come out and honor the artists and their work which will contribute to civic pride for generations to come!

    Pictured is local artist Cherie Gaulke (in red) with a few of her charges (Life Partner Sue Maberry and their twin daughters, Marka and Xochi) creating one of the new mosaic panels that will be installed in the Rowena-Hyperion Commercial Corridor of Silver Lake.
  • Silver Lake's 'Concerts in the Park' Scores a Hit
    Posted on: 2006-10-01
    SILVER LAKE- Mariachi and Zydeco musicians brought their unique musical styles to Silver Lake in September (2006) for a joyous celebration under the shade trees at Bellevue Park.

    The Concert Series, sponsored by the Arts & Culture Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, is the brainchild of Dorsay Dujon, Chair of the Committee and gifted promoter who has high aspirations for bringing Silver Lake's diverse arts and culture scene to the public.

    The final concert in the series---which ran this past summer--- featured Tierra Mexicana, a mariachi band originally from Jalisco, Mexico and Fontenot & Pappion, a Creole Zydeco band from Louisiana.. 'The two bands got together for a jam session, doing what musicians do best, putting down a beat and jamming together', said Dujon. 'The musicians marveled at the similarity of styles and laughed and kicked it up together, finding a harmony that can only be found in a mutually shared experience.'

    As couples danced in joy and merriment under the setting sun, no one wanted the day to end. The 'toe tapping, strut-your-stuff' style of the Zydeco and the romanticsim of the Mariachi echoed through the evening air as an appreciative crowd headed home.

    Silver Lake's 'Concerts in the Park' will resume next summer. In the meantime, the Committee is promoting the Observatory Orchestra's Fall Concert at the Autry National Center in Griffith Park scheduled for Sunday, October 30, 2006, performing works by Stravinsky, Copeland, Wagner and Gabriellie, plus an exciting world premiere of a new chamber work by Silver Lake Composer E. Aaron Wilson.
  • Primrose Hill Hosts Another Successful Block Party
    Posted on: 2006-08-21
    SILVER LAKE- Adriana Leal and Pam Wells hosted another Primrose Hill Block Party for the second year running at their lovely pool home on Castle Street on Saturday, August 19, 2006. It was the twelfth straight year in a row that the event has been held, according to Luz Mateo, the event organizer.

    Highlights of the event included a special award given to Cathy Takemoto, by Luz, proclaiming Cathy 'Woman of the Year' for her spirit of volunteerism in the Primrose Hill section of Silver Lake. A huge 'Thank You!' cake was presented to Luz by the group, in appreciation for her many years in keeping the block party going. Luz also introduced Carolina Huete & Richard Lehman who have volunteered to host next year's Primrose Hill Block Party (on Redesdale Avenue).

    The Block Party, which has been a neighborhood 'happening' since, 1994, revolves around the residents of Primrose Hill, a slice of Silver Lake on the south side of the Moreno Highlands, roughly the west side of the lake with street names like Castle Street, Redcliff Avenue, Redesdale Avenue, and Windsor and Landa Streets. Ted Coates, Luz' husband and a member of the Block Party organizing committee, shared with me where the group's name 'Primrose Hill' came from: 'Primrose Hill was the name given by the city to the original real estate tract at the time that it was being developed; I always thought it was a great name with a nice ring to it. In fact, there is sentiment amongst the neighbors to get one of the streets renamed 'Primrose Lane' after the popular song by the same name.'

    Pictured is Luz Mateo showing off the big cake presented to her at the Primrose Hill Block Party. For more pictures of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Annual Primrose Hill Block Party' on this website.
  • Silver Lake Summer Celebration & Election Kick-Off Slated for Saturday, July 15th
    Posted on: 2006-06-21
    SILVER LAKE- The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is planning a 'Summer Celebration' on Saturday, July 15, 2006 with a full schedule of events, beginning with a 10 a.m. 'Breakfast with the Board', in which Silver Lake Stakeholders will be invited to join with their Governing Board Members for coffee, juice and pastries. At 10:30 a.m., the Board will host a community Town Hall entitled, 'Speak Out, Silver Lake!' Stakeholders will be encouraged to 'speak out' on any topic of interest to the community. (Suggested topic for discussion: Should the mayor take over our schools?) You talk. We listen. That's it!

    The Town Hall will be followed by the Fourth Annual Election Kick-Off Celebration. This is your chance to Meet the Candidates for the 2006-2007 Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board. Silver Lake Stakeholders are also invited to explore the possibility of running for Neighborhood Council and may declare their candidacy at the event without prior notice.

    The Silver Lake Summer Celebration will be held at the Micheltorena Street Elementary School, 1511 Micheltorena Street (corner of Sunset Blvd.) There is plenty of free parking available in the school parking lot.

    For more information, please visit the SLNC website.Pictured are Silver Lakers Pat Pollard, Donna Locke, Genelle LeVin and Jacqueline Rivera at the 2005-2006 Election Kick-Off.
  • Silver Lakers Clean Up on Beautification Day
    Posted on: 2006-05-16
    SILVER LAKE- The Silver Lake community got a big facelift on Sunday, May 7, 2006 as volunteers young and old gathered at Laurel & Hardy Park in Silver Lake's Annual Beautification Day. Held for the first time on a Sunday to coincide with the Mayor's Day of Service, the Silver Lake community joined with thousands of volunteers in the city-wide effort. The event now in its 26th Year, was co-sponsored by the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLNC) and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.

    Emily Johnson, Co-Chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Beautification Committee, informed me that a total of 131 people completed Neighborhood Matching Funds (NMF) Forms, for which the community receives $15 for each volunteer hour worked. The funds are used for beautification projects already underway in Silver Lake. Teams were dispatched throughout Silver Lake, including the Vendome Median, Silver Lake Boulevard Underpass, Gateway to Silver Lake and areas around the Silver Lake reservoir. By the end of the day, 126 industrial-size bags of trash were filled, 15 grafitti sites were reported and 12 bulky items were scheduled for pickup.

    Emily singled out the following SLNC Board Members and Committee Chairs who graciously gave their time to the success of the project: Michael Lopez (Region 3), Jens Kohler (Region 2), Bea Gold (Region 6), Barb Dakin (Public Safety Committee Co-Chair), Cherie Miller (At Large), Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov (At Large), Dorsay Dujon (Arts & Culture) and Peter Choi (Region 4). The Silver Lake Improvement Association''s Vince Brook, Eric Chinchilla, Lorrain Kells, Genelle LeVin and Becky Settles also graciously donated their time and energy to the success of the event.

    A special thank you to all of the local restaurants who donated their usual feast: PM Market, Mac's Liquor, La Parilla, United Bread & Pastry, Cafe Tropical, Brite Spot, Eat Well and Mom's Donuts!
    Click Here to view photos from 2006 and 2006 Beautification Days
  • The Future of Silver Lake's Reservoirs: In Good Hands
    Posted on: 2006-04-23
    as told to Michael Locke, Silver Lake News Editor by Andrew Sears, President of the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs

    SILVER LAKE- Did you know that as recently as 2002, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power was considering a proposal to cover our very own Silver Lake Reservoirs? Could you have imagined it? The beautiful Silver Lake Reservoirs that we walk or drive by every day, (or if your one of the lucky ones, view from the comfort of your living room sofa) could have been completely covered up if it were not for the timely action of our community's reservoir watchdogs, the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs (CSSLR).

    Founded in 1988, the CSSLR joined hands with the Silver Lake Resident's Association (SLRA) and other reservoir communities across Los Angeles to create the Coaltion to Preserve Open Reservoirs (CPOR). The group has advocated for the Silver Lake Community on reservoir issues ever since. Initially, the group's activities resulted in a mediation process with the DWP to meet stringent water quality issues facing open reservoirs. The process resulted in the Silver Lake Master Plan, a document that provides for future planning of Silver Lake's Open Reservoirs including water quality, landscaping, recreation, pedestrian and traffic safety as well as funding and implementation.

    Current projects include the design and construction of the New Pedestrian Path along Silver Lake Boulevard. Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2006 and completed in early 2007.

    Additionally, the DWP has completed an Environmental Impact Report of the Headworks Project, which would transfer the water storage currently in Silver Lake's reservoirs to underground storage tanks at a location along the Los Angeles River near the Forest Lawn Drive entrance to Griffith Park. This project would result in Silver Lake's reservoirs being removed from water service between 2009 and 2013.

    What would happen to Silver Lake's reservoirs then? That very big question is the reason we need the CSSLR to continue to monitor, advise and represent YOUR interests in this all-important community asset.

    Want to get involved or learn more? The CSSLR Information Line is OPEN! (323) 259-3919. Or visit the CSSLR website. (See link below).

    The CSSLR Board of Directors is comprised of Silver Lake community volunteers and meets monthly. The 2006 CSSLR Board of Directors are: Andrew Sears, President; MaryAnn Kuk, Vice President; Beth Knox, Treasurer; Leslie Edmonds, Secretary, and Directors Mark Beall, Whitney Blumfeld, Glen Dake, Jed Donaldson, Herb Gold, Dave Keitel, Shelley Marks, Lori Oddino, Marilyn Tower Oliver, Michael Slater and Catherine Stafford.
  • Annual Silver Lake Beautification Day Set for May 7th
    Posted on: 2006-04-17
    The Silver Lake Improvement Association will join hands with the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council to once again sponsor the Annual Silver Lake Beautification Day. The event will be held for the first time on a Sunday, to honor Mayor Antonio Villariagosa's wish to coordinate the event with the Mayor's Day of Service, which is scheduled to be held concurrently.

    Last year's event drew approximately 200 individuals and groups, according to SLNC Beautification Committee Co-Chair Emily Johnson. 'Individuals and groups that participated in the event picked up trash in twelve different locations throughout Silver Lake, including at least one group in each of Silver Lake's seven regions. Altogether, 130 industrial size trash bags were filled and collected. In addition, 149 people who participated filled out Neighborhood Matching Grant Forms, registering their attendance. We receive $15 in NMF grant funds for each person that signs up. That money then goes into the coffers to fund all of the beautification projects that we are undertaking', stated Emily.

    If you would like to participate in this year's event, simply show up at Laurel and Hardy Park on Sunday, May 7, 2006 at 8:30 AM. Groups will be dispatched throuhout the neighborhood on selective clean-up projects like picking up trash, planting trees or painting off graffiti. The only thing you need to bring are work gloves; everything else will be provided, including lunch, and you'll be through by 1 PM.

    Don't miss this opportunity to meet some terrific neighbors in a project that will leave you bursting with civic pride. And as my mother used to always say, 'Many hands make the work small.' (or something to that effect).

    Laurel and Hardy Park is located on Vendome Street, just west of Silver Lake Blvd. and South of Sunset. For more information, please call (213) 353-4933. Pictured are Council Member Tom LaBonge with Silver Lake Stakeholder Rob Poston and two firefighters from LAFD steam-cleaning the Silver Lake Blvd. Bridge on Beautification Day 2005.

    Click Here to View 2005 Beautification Day Pictures
  • Ivanhoe Elementary Receives Beautiful Mural Donated by Community
    Posted on: 2006-04-11
    The Silver Lakers -- a group of Los Angeles artists, community members and businesses led by Founder and Artist Yuriko Etue -- in their ongoing effort to create beautiful, original works of fine art for public enjoyment, are finishing their latest project, a mural titled 'Discovering Diversity' at Ivanhoe Elementary School in Silver Lake. The artwork is being completed thanks to private donations matched by the Department Of Public Works Office of Community Beautification.

    Come by April 12-13, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Ivanhoe Elementary School, 2828 Herkimer St., Silver Lake and watch as this beautiful work of original art is created.
  • Silver Lake Improvement Association Holds Its Annual Meeting: Community Volunteers Honored.
    Posted on: 2006-04-04
    Also Hosts Eric Garcetti, City Council President

    The Silver Lake Improvement Association held its Annual Meeting at Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral this past Thursday evening, March 30, 2006 for the entire Silver Lake Community. This organization believes that recognition is one of the most important aspects of a community organization, and they have a lot of gratitude for this community. “Volunteers lend their time, and we want to acknowledge their on-going support as well as that of business owners and residents whose generous financial support sustains us,” Eric Chinchilla, re-elected SLIA Co-President said. “SLIA is funded entirely by membership and private donations, so we deeply appreciate it. Everyone at SLIA is thankful and continues to be amazed by the level of commitment of volunteers in our community who will go out and lend a hand to get something done.” Eric gave a power point presentation to recap the association’s year long accomplishments. “We have been able to host a Music Box Steps Day as well as solely sponsor or co-sponsor Silver Lake Beautification Day every year for over ten years. We continue to monitor zoning and development projects and provide a monthly forum for important topics and meet with our Senior Lead Officers.”

    City Council President Eric Garcetti gave an impromptu but comprehensive overview of those things most important to him in Los Angeles: public safety, transportation and housing. As usual, Eric spoke without notes but with a command of facts and figures that is always impressive. On the home front Eric mentioned that the DOT board has approved the parking meter project, and it will now be on the agenda of the Transportation Committee. Additionally he told the group that Phase II of the Silver Lake Reservoir jogging path along Silver Lake Blvd. has been fully funded, and the community design process is complete. General services should start construction in fall 2006. Hurrah!! More good news came when Eric said he has been working with Tom LaBonge to find funding to bring bungalows from Griffith Park Observatory to the parking lot next to Friendship Hall as a temporary site for the Silver Lake/Los Feliz Senior Center. Bellevue Park renovations have proceeded along the community's top priority list for renovation of the irrigation and drainage of the ball fields, surveillance cameras, and a new sidewalk along marathon. Opening ceremony is scheduled for April 22. Mark your calendars!

    Before taking a Q&A Eric presented eager hands with architectural renderings of the new Silver Lake Library. The land has been acquired and community-based design phase complete for the library proposed at Silver Lake Blvd. and Glendale Blvd. There is also sufficient funding to complete the construction which will meet gold or silver L.E.E.D (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings) standards.

    Among those thanked for their service to the community were: Father Michael Senyo, Dean of Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church; Senior Lead Officers Dawn Lewis and Al Polehonki; Neighborhood Prosecutors Donna Wong and Arturo Martinez, Silver Lake Deputy Joe Bernardo and District Director of Community Development, Shane Goldsmith from CD-13.

    All of the volunteers who distributed flyers and community members who made contributions were honored with certificates.
  • Atkins Chair at Keck School of Medicine Awarded to Silver Lake Resident Dr. Michael Goran
    Posted on: 2006-03-22
    LOS ANGELES- Dr. Michael Goran, Ph.D., Professor of Preventive Medicine at USC's Keck School of Medicine, has been awarded the new $2 million Dr. Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Chair in Childhood Obesity and Diabetes.

    Veronica Atkins, wife of the late Dr. Robert C. Atkins and Chair of the foundation established in his name, presented Goran with the chair at a luncheon last month (February 2006). Goran's work, she noted, 'fits so well with our mission, which is to find the causes of diseases like diabetes and how to prevent this disease.'

    In accepting the chair, Dr. Goran noted that the gift will 'go along way to relieving the epidemics of childhood obesity and diabetes. Childhood obesity has tremendous implications for our future, and change will have to come from great coalitions of people working together. This chair will help that happen.' Funding from endowed chairs augments the holder's research budget, and (is) often used to hire additional staff and purchase equipment.

    The Atkins Foundation also sponsored the new Veronica Atkins Lifestyles Intervention Laboratory at USC. The facility features an exercise area, a cooking kitchen and diagnostic facilities where Goran and his team can conduct clinical trials on programs that study the role of exercise, nutrition, counseling and lifestyle changes on childhood obesity and diabetes risk.

    Goran is well known for his pioneering studies of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes risk. He has examined the role of exercise in preventing childhood obesity and reducing risk for type 2 diabetes in children, and he is also one of the few researchers delving into the ways in which ethnicity can complicated the health problems faced by overweight children.

    His current research investigates the differences in decreased sugar versus increased dietary fiber and weight training on obesity and type 2 diabetes risk factors in children.

    Dr. Robert C. Atkins, the renowned cardiologist who pioneered a controlled carbohydrated approach to weight management and disease, died in 2003. The Robert C. Atkins Foundation provides funding for research and education on the role of controlled nutritional protocols in treating and preventing a wide range of diseases and medical conditions.

    'I am so proud to have my name associated with this important lab,' said Mrs. Atkins. 'Like Dr. Atkins, I am deeply concerned about the damaging effects of the standard American diet and its association with the alarming rise in children being diagnosed with Type II diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions. So it's particularly rewarding to be involved with a program whose mission is to teach kids to eat right and avoid future health problems.'

    The Robert C. Atkins Foundation seeks to positively impact disease prevention and health management worldwide by supporting nutritional research and educational programs. Established with a $40 million endowment in August 2003, the Foundation provides grants to support scientific, evidence-based and clinical research that examines the role of metabolism and nutrition in obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease and other major health issues confronting society today.

    NOTE: The Dr. Robert C. & Veronica Atkins Chair in Childhood Obesity and Diabetes at the Keck School of Medicine of USC is the first Atkins Foundation grant on the west coast. Special Thanks to Kathleen O'Neil, Health Sciences Public Relations, University of Southern California, who provided this report).
  • SRO Crowd at Ivanhoe Elementary School Learns about Proposed Condo Project
    Posted on: 2006-02-27
    A standing-room only crowd packed the Ivanhoe Elementary School Auditorium this past Wednesday, February 22, 2006 to witness a proposal for a 64- unit live/work condominium/restaurant project planned for development at 2920-2930 Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake. The location is presently the home of the Blackburn Lodge, Silver Ware and the Coffee Table.

    The meeting was hosted by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee, Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov, Chair, and was attended by over 100 members of the community including Council Member Tom LaBonge and several members of his staff, including Renee Weitzer, Patty Malone and Doug Mesnam. The developer, Paul Pagnone and his architect, Jay Vanos of Vanos Architects showed renderings and gave a slide presentation of the project offering responses to previously expressed concerns, including the demolition of the popular Coffee Table and the impact of pedestrian safety, traffic as well as the project's scale.

    In response, Mr. Pagnone revealed that the Coffee Table will be relocated into the project and that a Letter of Intent had been signed by the owners. Mr. Pagnone also stated that the new project would provide additional parking for Coffee Table patrons that would triple the current parking spaces. Additionally, 158 parking spaces will be provided for residents and guests and 13 spaces in excess of parking required according to zoning codes. Mr. Pagnone also is interested in financially supporting a local traffic mitigation and pedestrian safety measure as implemented by the Council District, such as traffic light, median, and/or smart crosswalk. Mr. Pagnone further explained that the 'street level height of the structure is consistent with that of other pedestrain-friendly businesses along Rowena Avenue. The height at the back of the project is only 18', less than that required by transitional height requirements and just 6 feet over existing abutting single family resident neighbors' fences. In addition, side setback requirements, landscaping and open space requirements are exceeded by the proposed development.'

    Following the hour-long presentation, vehement comments were expressed both in favor and against the project. A question and answer period followed. At the close of the evening, although some opposition remains, many attendees expressed support after learning more. According to the developer, many individuals came up and expressed their support including Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce President Cheryl Revkin and several members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. Noted architect and Silver Lake resident Michael Rotundi expressed confidence in the architect. The Coffee Table owners also introduced themselves and offered their support.

    Information on the project can be obtained by contacting Mr. Pagnone at (323) 663-3188 or by the weblink below.

    The developer will also make a presentation at the Micheltorena Elementary School on March 1, 2006 at 7 PM as part of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's regular monthly meeting. Members of the community are encouraged to attend.
  • Farewell Robin Dakin (1933-2005)
    Posted on: 2006-01-25

    Robin Dakin, Silver Lake Pioneer who co-founded the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) with his wife Barbara in 1989, passed away peacefully after a long illness. Robin, a highly respected aeronautical engineer, devoted a great deal of his time and energy to civic causes. He was twice elected to the Silver Lake Governing Board as Representative for Region 3, and served on the Public Safety Committee. In the wake of 9/11, he was at the forefront of efforts to prepare the community in the event of a disaster, and helped develop the community's Emergency Preparedness Training Program (CERT). A graduate of Queen Mary College University of London, Robin specialized in high speed rotating machinery during a career spanning 50 years with Rolls Royce, Honeywell and most recently Rotoflow Corporation.

    At his memorial service, Behrooz Ershagi, Chief Engineer at Rotoflow spoke of Robin's love for his work and his colleagues. 'For many of us, he was the ultimate source of information. He has contributed a lot to our success and most of our worldwide customers appreciated his help and support in sorting out difficult issues. We lost a friend, a teacher and a great human being and we miss him deeply.' Others spoke of Robin in these terms: '...he was an English prince, kind and patient, never too busy to listen.' And '...he just wanted to help people and change the world into a better place.' Daughter Diana spoke of the 'sparkle in his eye...and his undying love for the world around him, reminding everyone to stop and smell the roses.'

    Goodbye, and Fare Thee Well, Dear Friend!
  • King Middle School Students Complete New Mural at Myra Avenue Underpass
    Posted on: 2006-01-06
    Students from Thomas Starr King Middle School have completed a new mural at the Myra Avenue Underpass on the boundary between Silver Lake and the Franklin Hills. The first mural, on the eastern wall was completed last year (see earlier article in this column) under the leadership of neighborhood activist Peter Bedard. After the completion of the east wall mural, Peter visited King Middle School and discussed the idea of a mural on the west wall with King students and teachers. King Middle School Principal Ms. Hirotsu embraced the idea, and before long students began submitting design ideas for a mural, according to Nora Murphy, a teacher at King who oversaw the project.

    The Mural was dedicated on November 29, 2005. Twenty four student-artists under the supervision of local artist Nathan Rosser contributed to the project.

    The Myra Avenue Underpass Mural Project is not yet complete! To find out how you can participate in the next phase, pleae contact Nora Murphy at King Middle School (323) 664-1176 or send her an e-mail (see e-mail link below).

    Pictured is a section of the latest Myra Avenue Mural. For more pictures, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Murals' posted on this website.
  • Sanborn-Venango: One of the 10 Best Neighborhoods in Silver Lake You've Never Heard Of
    Posted on: 2005-12-28

    When Genelle LeVin invited me to visit the Sanborn-Venango Community Group earlier this year (2005), I asked, 'Where the heck is Sanborn-Venango?' to which she replied, 'Oh, it's one of the BEST neighborhoods in Silver Lake!' Driving down Sanborn Avenue south of Sunset Boulevard, I soon found myself in the neighborhood known as Sanborn-Venango. This little pocket community comprises approximately 9 square blocks of Silver Lake real estate encompassing the geographical area bounded by Del Mar Avenue on the north, Hoover Street on the south, Venango Circle on the east, and Sanborn on the west. In 1980, a group of concerned residents from the area decided to get together and formed the Sanborn Avenue & Venango Avenue Neighborhood Watch Committee. Over the next 25 years, the group met regularly, once a month, in an effort to collectively solve their mutual problems of graffiti, improving city services, and the desire to keep possible gang activity in abeyance. During the eighties, gangs plagued the surrounding area and the group felt the pressure to do something about it.

    For the first 23 years of its existence, the group would meet once a month in one of the member's homes for a potluck, social time and a formal meeting. Genelle LeVin, Silver Lake Governing Board Member who lives in the area has been active with the group, keeping them abreast of issues and attending the group's meetings. Luther Wentzel, another active member, was recently elected to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. The group has actively involved itself through a variety of means to get things done. Through interaction with the offices of Council District 13 and the Department of Transportation, the group has sought corrective action on traffic and transportation issues. They have succeeded in getting streets resurfaced and are involved in a study to have speed bumps installed in a portion of the community. The group also makes a conscientious effort to reach out to their Spanish-speaking neighbors. Announcements and invitations to their meetings are sent out in Spanish and English and the group proveds translation if requested.

    The group changed its name about a year and a half ago, to the Sanborn-Venango Community Group to attract more interest, according to John Mason, who currently serves as the group's treasurer. 'We are thinking about extending our group to include the homes all the way up to Sunset Boulevard and invite the neighboring businesses on Sunset Boulevard to join us too', states John. 'We share much in common with these folks and believe the additional members will only make us stronger.'

    Perhaps the major benefit members have received from participating is the friendships that have been formed throughout the years. There are a few members of the original group still actively involved, John Mason, who has served as Chair of the group several times and his neighbors, Steve and Margaret Byroads, who live just a few doors up the street. In a culture where people often find themselves lost in anonymity, it is refreshing to meet people that have discovered the pure joy of knowing and loving their neighbors!

    Pictured are members of the Sanborn-Venango Community Group (Front Row: Susan Yaasaki with her two children, Robert & Joy; Ricardo Garcia, Brian Wellner and Alan Newland. Second Row: John Mason, Marylin Havens, Cynthia Agustin & Matt Nasatir (holding their son); Margaret Byroads, Barbara Ellingson and Israel Malapitan. Back Row: Sandra Davis with her husband Luther Wentzel holding their daughter Jillian, and Steve Byroads. (Jim Ellingson, Chair of the group is not pictured).

    (Editor's Note: This article also apppears in the January 2006 Edition of the Los Feliz Ledger).
  • Silver Lake's Parks & Greespace and Beautification Committees Host Progressive Dinner on Occidental
    Posted on: 2005-12-22
    The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Committees on Parks & Greenspace and Beautification held their Annual Progressive Dinner on Saturday, December 17, 2005 to say 'Thank You' to the many volunteers who have worked so diligently for the community during 2005. Lorraine Kells, Co-Chair of the Silver Lake Parks & Greensoace Committee and At-Large Member of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council organized the event for the second year in a row. Hosts for the event were Dorsay Dujon, Emily Johnson and Jens Kohler for the appetizer course; Lorraine Kells, Michael and Donna Locke for the dinner course and Timothy Stirton & Genelle LeVin for dessert and coffee. Approximately 35 Silver Lake community activists attended the event.

    The event has been held annually on the 1300-1400 block of Occidental Blvd. due to the fact that there are a high concentration of community activists in the area. Dorsay Dujon is Co-Chair of the Silver Lake Arts & Culture Committee and is spear-heading an effort to bring 'First Night-Silver Lake' to the community. On hand at the event were First Night Planning Committee Members Iris Gordy, former Vice President of Motown Records and Director of the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, International Designer Randolph LeDoux, Comedian Ramona Wyche and former Treasurer of the Silver Lake Governing Board, Laura Dwan. Silver Lake Governing Board Members who attended the event included most of the Executive Board, Co-Chairs Jacqueline Rivera and Luis Lopez, Secretary Glen Dake, and Treasurer Genelle LeVin (Vice Chair Addie Daddio was home sick with the flu). Bea Gold, Jens Kohler, and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel were other board members who graced our living rooms. Silver Lake artists Kahty Chenoweth and Yuriko Etue who have made such an impact on the beautification of the community with their leadership of the mosaic 'Art-Cans' project on Sunset Boulevard were in attendance, as well as a host of other professionals who do yeoman work in the community, including Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess of Materials & Applications; Rob Poston and Jenny Wei, Gary Nacua and Bruce Schaffer, SLIA President Eric Chinchilla and Vanessa; Stephanie Vendig, President of Silver Lake Seniors and Ricardo Accorsi & Theresa Young of Accorsi Architecture.

    Thanks to everyone who made the event such a great success! Pictured are 'First Night-Silver Lake' Planning Committee's Dorsay Dujon, Co-Chair of the Silver Lake Arts & Culture Committee with pal Iris Gordy, Board Director of the Rhythm and Blues Foundation and former Vice President of Motown Records.

    For more pictures of the event, please visit 'Nieghborhood Pictures: 2005 P&GS Progressive Dinner' on this website.
  • Silver Lake's Materials & Applications in the News
    Posted on: 2005-11-29
    Congratulations to Jenna Didier & Oliver Hess of Silver Lake's Materials & Applications who have been spotlighted repeatedly in the national press for their 'adventurous architecture'. I was in Palm Springs a week ago and had a rare opportunity to pick up a few magazines and catch up on some reading. In thumbing through the pages of 'Dwell' Magazine' (Dec/Jan. 2006 Edition) I couldn't help but stumble across a now familiar image, 'Maximilian's Schell', the golden vortex canopy installation created by architects Benjamin Ball & Gaston Nogues which is installed at M&A's exhibit space on Silver Lake Boulevard. I got acquainted with Materials & Applications (M&A) Founder Jenna Didier a little over two years ago when we both were involved in the design process for the Sunset Triangle Park. I loved her sense of adventure and exploration of new design ideas. Although her design for the park was not ultimately selected in favor of a more conservative, traditional approach, I couldn't help admire her spunk and sense of mission. Jenna is the Founder of Materials & Applications, a non-profit research center that brings original designs by free-thinking architects directly to the public eye. At her live/work space on Silver Lake Boulevard the current installation, 'Maximilian's Schell' has been featured in not only 'Dwell Magazine', but also 'Surface' (November 2005), 'Architectural Record: A Temporary Gateway into Infinity'' (October 2005), 'Los Angeles Magazine: The Golden Vortex' (October 2005), 'Metropolis: 'Materials: A Courtyard Vortex (October 2005), 'Juxtapose: Tunnel Vision (Nov./Dec. 2005), 'Azure: Forms & Functions: Gravitational Pull', by Mimi Zeiger (October 2005).

    Congratulations to Jenna and Oliver and the creators of 'Maximilian's Schell' Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues. You bring to the community an enthusiasm for experiment & design which has helped put Silver Lake on the map!
  • An Urban Market at the Silver Lake Recreation Center
    Posted on: 2005-11-17
    The 4th annual Urban Market sponsored by the Silver Lake Senior Club took place Saturday, November 5th at the Silver Lake Recreation Center. Over the past month, books were coming in from members and community, carefully stacked and stored across the street where Glen Dake graciously allowed his garage to be taken over by books. Doris Slater coordinated the process of getting books to the garage and then to the gym where tables were set up to receive the books. With the help of an army of senior volunteers, the books found an orderly home, on tables where they were displayed so that people could easily browse for just the right book. In the craft room, another set of volunteers sorted a large variety of White Elephant contributions making an elaborate display of various items, all at bargain prices.

    Everything was in place the next morning. The multipurpose gym was full of books. Cashier Jeanne Phipps, near the door, was ready to collect the money. Volunteers were ready to assist all those entering through the doors. On one side of the gym, there was a different focus--handcrafted items. Reiko Sonday, responsible for the handcrafted items, organized a beautiful array of articles utilizing the skills of sewing, knitting and crocheting, all handmade by our seniors. Besides this display, two handmade quilts, donated by Shirley Jamison and Laura Dwan for our raffle, were highlighted. Outside in the patio surrounding the playground equipment resided the plants gathered together by Mark Sonday. And on the other side of the patio were home- baked goods and coffee, put together by Silvio DeOliveira and Jack Tallis.

    But that wasn’t all. Around noon the smell of BBQ became evident and people moved from the gym and patio to the west side of the park onto the grass. There, hamburgers and turkey dogs were being grilled by Steven Meek from the Los Feliz Lions Club. Bea Gold and Marilyn Friedman set up and supervised the process of providing close to 70 plates with salads and hamburger- and hot dog- toppings. Tables, courtesy of Councilman Tom LaBonge’s office, provided a place for lunch and conversation under the trees.

    Then, back to the patio around 1:30 where country music filled the air. Michael Bendavid, our Line Dancing instructor led a group in a selection of dances displaying the advantages of participating in Line Dancing.

    All in all, the fund-raising event was a success, bringing in around $3600 to support senior activities at the center. Twenty percent of the proceeds after expenses will go to the Jack Gold Youth Fund to provide support for young people who can’t afford the fees to participate in the center’s day camp or sports program. What really made it a success was the contributions, the volunteering and the comradery of more than 60 seniors to make the day a wonderful day to share with the community.

    For more pictures of the 2005 Urban Market, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Seniors Urban Market 2005' on this website.
  • Ivanhoe's Ivan-Hoe-Down and Pumpkin Patch Opens its Gates to Silver Lake -by Pamela Dreyfuss
    Posted on: 2005-10-31
    Ivanhoe Elementary School, hidden within Silver Lake's shopping district on Rowena Avenue,has come out of hiding: the Ivanhoe-Down, a pumpkin patch and fall fair, announced itself with huge orange pumpkins along Rowena Avenue and colorful flyers of Jack O'Lanterns, Dia de los Muertos skulls, and crowns. The crowns were to announce a costume contest for the title of Prince & Princess of Silver Lake, sponsored by the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce. The Prince and Princess Pageant was conceived as a companion piece to their popular King & Queen of Silver Lake Pageant.

    Following the success of the 'World's Fair' a multicultural celebration of Ivanhoe and Silver Lake's diverse populations, Ivanhoe has brought to Silver Lake a new Pumpkin Patch, Dia de Los Muertos celebration and Fall
    Festival. The greater Silver Lake area lost a pumpkin patch this year with the arrival of Atwater's new row of businesses along Glendale Avenue. The families of Ivanhoe, and the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce have filled the void. Hundreds of shoppers and families ignored the grey skies and drizzle and came to buy their pumpkins and see what Ivanhoe had to offer. What they found was a charming hand-made pumpkin patch with hay bales, vintage trucks and friendly faces selling pumpkins. Children, with cheeks pink from excitement and the crisp day, ran around freely, eating the delicious sausages and burgers grilled by our own firefighters from LAFD Station 56.

    Homemade tostadas, lovingly made by a group of dedicated Ivanhoe moms, headed by Patricia Nava, were served up next to Dia de los Muertos altars to rival any in Los Angeles. Artist, Filmmaker and Ivanhoe Dad, Nicholas Gagliarducci, worked with third graders to create Joseph Cornell-style sectioned boxes, called nichos in Spanish. Each box featured a different setting: some showed lounging skeletons at home with their skeleton dogs and some showed skeletons at an ice cream shop. Altars were decorated with colorful cut tissue, incense, sugar skulls decorated by the lower grades and notes and photos of dead pets and family members. One note, from a child still dazed over the death of not one, but four goldfish, showed a drawing of his fish in a bowl; the word 'dead' was carefully written next to each goldfish name. Other notes lovingly described a grandmother who had recently died or a missed family dog.

    A very frightening Haunted House, with two levels of fear, one early in the day for the younger kids, and one later in the day and for the professionals, gave the kids the fright they longed for. Vampires rose from coffins in the darkened maze and fog and frightening noises provide the 'near death' experience paid for by the under 12 crowd. Many children came out with tears of fear in their eyes while crooked smiles of exhilaration played on their lips. The line to get into this yearly ritual, hosted by Camelot, the after school care program at Ivanhoe, stretched the courtyard of the school. Pumpkin decorating ad shopping with local vendors, who'd set up booths, rounded out the activities for parents and children.

    At 3 o'clock, seats filled for the costume pageant and contest for the title of Prince and Princess of Silver Lake. Kindergardners, and grades 3-5 from all local schools, were invited by the Chamber to participate. Kindergardners wore their Halloween costumes and were brought onto the stage by the Master of Ceremonies, Jay Downing. Black cats, Darth Vadors, pirates and green witches, Dorothys and princesses were gently coerced into the platform and interviewed about their costumes. The older children presented a paragraph speech that described their vision of Silver Lake and what they'd do for their community if they had 'royal powers'.

    Lovely princesses described how they would 'open the reservoir for all to use, save lost animals, and clean up litter.' Some said they dressed in regular clothes because they believed that a princess of Silver Lake should 'look like anyone else.' Many said they didn't care if they won, but thought it would be fun to enter a contest. Princes, dressed in less traditional garb, described their interest in recycling, homelessness and animal welfare. Nick Ottaviano, voted the Duke of Silver Lake, dressed as a dark prince but conceded his costume did not reflect his vision of Silver Lake per se.

    Raphael Dreyfuss, a third grader, wore a crown made of recycled plastic bottles, and carried a plastic bottle scepter and a blue shield painted with the white recycle symbol. Raphael described his dream of everyone recycling everything they used. Sara Woll, voted the Princess of Silver Lake, wore a box painted with the reservoir and the boundaries of Silver Lake. Isabella Trent, with golden ringlets, was voted the Duchess of Silver Lake. The Royal Court included Karalyn Jenkins, Illyanna Prebula, Jane Rem and Keaton Shapiro. The judges for the contest were headed by Ivanhoe Alum Judge Lance Ito (of the O.J. Simpson trial fame) and Leslie Carrara Rudolf, Susannah Walters, Rick Gomez, Richard Speight, Jim Madia and Scott Grimes. Ginger Snap, the Queen of Silver Lake, awarded the children their prizes and crowns. Prizes were donated by local businesses.

    Tom LaBonge presented Joanna Looby, the Coordinator of the event, and an Ivanhoe Super Mom, with a Certificate of Appreciation. Her proud son, Lucky, a third grader, stood next to her and beamed. Families lingered at closing time while their children played on the playground. Ivanhoe, long a well kept secret on the hill above Rowena at West Silver Lake Drive, was pleased to have welcomed so many new faces into their gates and looks forward to more events that bring the community of Silver Lake into its purview.

    Pictured are Their Royal Highnesses Prince Rapahel Dreyfuss and Princess Sara Woll. Photo by Jennifer Zivolich Emery. More photos available by contacting Photography by Jennifer, (213) 307-2900 (see weblink below).
  • Council Member Eric Garcetti & Community Leaders Dedicate Sunset Triangle
    Posted on: 2005-10-28
    Thursday, October 27, 2005 marked the Official Dedication of Phase I of the Sunset Triangle Project as Council Member Eric Garcetti and a host of Silver Lake Community Leaders gathered to officially cut the ribbon with student body leaders from Micheltorena School. Calling the little pocket park our 'Town Commons', Council Member Eric Garcetti paid tribute to the various community groups and individuals who have made the renovation of the little park a reality. Micheltorena School Student Body President Aubrey Bush and members of the Student Council led the Pledge of Allegiance. The students were accompanied by their advisors, Julie Espinosa and Marylin Mission.

    In his opening remarks, Council Member Garcetti thanked the community for their support of the project. 'Today marks the beginning of a grand project. Over a year ago, community groups worked with our office to develop and complete the Sunset Triangle Masterplan, a strategic plan to beautify this traffic median. A series of design charettes with various community groups were held, followed by construction and today we are ready to cut the ribbon for this pocket park. The support of the community has been tremendous through this process.'

    'There is a great need for urban parks in our city. One of the goals of my administration has been to double the number of parks in our district. In December 2003, we received $90,000 in grant money from the Community Development Block Grant, a very competitive Federal Grant, to begin Phase I of the renovation of this park. In April of this year, the Bureau of Street Services began their 5 month-long renovation, which included ten new street trees, large sitting boulders, specially-stamped crosswalks, a new irrigation system, new sod, 2 new bike racks and finally, new trash receptacles (mosaic 'art cans') provided by a NMF grant to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.'

    Council Member Garcetti presented Certificates of Appreciation to the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Parks & Greenspace Committee for their dedication in making the occasion a reality. Accepting the award on behalf of Sunset Junction were Michael McKinley and Jose Gomez. Jesse Pinto and Albert Curiel of El Conquistador Restaurant were also acknowledged for their long-standing advocacy of the park. Council Member Garcetti acknowledged Kathy Cerra, the landscape architect the city hired to develop the Master Plan with the Silver Lake Community, including Grant Writer Helen Lessick and Parks & Greenspace Chairs Lorraine Kells and Tom Blanchard.

    It was a beautiful day for Silver Lake! Thanks to local restaurants El Conquistador, Jade Cafe and Mornings/Nights Cafe for donating refreshments for the occasion!

    Pictured are Micheltorena School student body officers and other community leaders assisting Council Member Eric Garcetti in the official ribbon-cutting ceremony. For more pictures of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: 2005 Sunset Triangle Ribbon-Cutting' on this website.
  • Silver Lake Leaders Lend a Hand on Mayor's Citywide Day of Service
    Posted on: 2005-10-28
    Los Angeles Mayor Antonion Villariagosa recently proclaimed Saturday, October 8, 2005 as 'Citywide Day of Service with Our Youth.'
    The effort took place at three elementary, two middle and six high schools in the Los Angeles area. Thousands of community volunteers came together to improve the appearance of the school grounds and surrounding areas. At Hollywood High School alone, more than 2,000 volunteers turned up to show their support.

    Some of the 'worker-bees' from Silver Lake were five members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council: Jason Lyon, Rusty Millar, Barb Dakin and Members-Elect Cherie Miller and Douglas Dickstein. Long-time Hollywood 'Mayor' Johnny Grant acted as Master of Ceremonies for the opening of the day's activities and Council Members Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge were on hand to show their support.

    Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Roy Romer was also on hand promoting future partnerships between the LAUSD and the community. Wells Fargo came out with 250 volunteers in support of the cleanup and beautification efforts. In addition to picking up trash, the volunteers planted flowerbeds, trimmed bushes and trees and removed graffiti.

    Thanks to our contributing Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board Members: You set a STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE and provide excellent ROLE MODELS for our community!

    Pictured are (L-R): Rusty Millar, Douglas Dickstein, Jason Lyon, Cherie Miller, and Barb Dakin.
  • 'Music Box Steps Day' Rises to the Occasion -by Vince Brook
    Posted on: 2005-10-28
    'Where there's a will, there's a way!' Thus opines Oliver Hardy to piano-moving partner Stan Laurel in the 1932 Oscar-winning short 'The Music Box.' Facing the challenge of getting a piano into a locked house and coming after a deluge of disasters that would humble Pollyanna, Ollie's testament to perserverance is the overarching theme not only of this film but of the famed comedy team's entire body of work.

    Not giving in to diversity also helped turn the 11th Annual Music Box Steps Day from a disaster into a delight. Music Box Steps Day Children's Film Festival has been held every fall for the past 11 years at Laurel and Hardy Park on Vendome Street in Silver Lake, across from the actual staircase that formed the backdrop for 'The Music Box.' Film buffs flock here from around the world to honor the 133 steps that gave our bungling piano movers such a hilarious hard time. Three years ago, a couple from London, England came just for the event.

    Intended to commemorate the prize film and its legendary stars, to enhance neighborhood pride and to educate local youth in their midst, Music Box Steps Day features Laurel and Hardy look-a-likes, free food, a raffle, a magic show by Back Door Bakery owner Reno Goodale, live music by Charlie Cox, and multiple screenings of 'The Music Box' in a tent set up in the park.

    At least that was the usual modus operandi. At the latest event, held in early October, the festival organizers---all volunteers---had to improvise big time. The tent didn't show, nor did 150 chairs and 12 long tables. While some volunteers rushed to get tables and chairs from nearby Micheltorena Street School, others spotted a carport just across the street, which, with Hector Castro's (the owner's) gracious permission, served as a charming makeshift theater.

    Longtime attendees felt the last-minute switcheroo not only did not detract from the festival's overall enjoyment but actually enhanced its grassroots appeal.

    Music Box Steps Day was started by me (Vince Brook) in 1995, with the help of the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) and the 13th Council District Field Office. The entire SLIA board volunteers at the event, as do other members and local residents. Co-sponsors now additionally include the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.

    Local stores and restaurants supply food and drink, as well as gift certificates and raffle prizes. The first year's festival, attended by film critic Leonard Matlin, celebrated the installment of a plaque in the steps, furnished through the efforts of the SLIA, the Silent Society, the Hollywood Studio Museum and the Society of Operating Cameramen.

    Assembymember Jackie Goldberg also has strong ties to the event. She happened to live next door to the steps at one time and, on summer evenings, had movie showings for neighborhood children in the park, projecting films onto a sheet strung across the trees. One night, she and the kids watched a film about two guys in derby hats playing Sisyphus with a piano and an endless staircase. After a while, the audience began to get a funny feeling. Looking back and forth between the steps in the film and those behind them, they soon realized that the two staircases were one and the same.

    Pictured are (L-R) Oliver Hardy look-a-like, Brian Mulligan (of Burbank,CA); Jerry Inforzato, Genelle LeVin, Stan Laurel look-a-like John Mackey (also of Burbank), Becky Settles, Cherie Miller and SLIA President Eric Chinchilla. All are SLIA Board Members (except for Laurel & Hardy!)

    (Editor's Note: This article first appeared in the Los Feliz Ledger, November 2005 Edition). For more pictures of the event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: 2005 Music Box Steps Day' on this website.
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Sunset Triangle Set for October 27th
    Posted on: 2005-10-14
    Council Member Eric Garcetti and the Parks & Greenspace Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council invite the community to the offical ribbon-cutting ceremony dedicating the completion of the first phase of the Sunset Triangle on Thurday, October 27, 2005. The festivities are scheduled to begin at noon, according to Lorraine Kells, Co-Chair of the Parks and Greenspace Committee.

    The Sunset Triangle is located at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard, Griffith Park Boulevard and Edgecliffe Street. It is the 'home' of the Silver Lake Farmer's Market held every Saturday morning throughout the year. The site is called a 'median', being too small to be classified as a park. The Silver Lake Community, led by our very own Neighborhood Council Committee on Parks and Greenspace with the enthusiastic support of Eric Garcetti's office has spearheaded the effort to revitalize the area. Today, the Sunset Triangle serves as a symbol of the 'can-do' attitude of our community.

    Please join with the leaders in our community for this historic occasion. Enjoy the lush carpet of green grass, huge boulders, newly planted trees, two of the very special mosaic 'art cans' designed by local artist Yuriko Etue as well as delicacies provided by many of the area's leading restaurants.
  • Happy 95th Birthday to Julius Shulman!
    Posted on: 2005-10-11
    Friends and architecture afficianados descended upon Los Angeles this week to gather around Julius Shulman and the many events marking his ninety-fifth birthday. Julius, who was born in Brooklyn, NY on October 10, 1910 and became interested in architectural photography when a friend took him to see Richard Neutra's 'Kun House' in the Hollywood Hills. With a Kodak Brownie camera, and a roll of film with six frames remaining, Julius shot pictures of the house and asked his friend to give them to Neutra as a 'thank you' present for the experience. Richard Neutra was so impressed with the photographs that he hired Julius to be his photographer from that moment on. Through Richard Neutra's contacts in the fledging modernist architecture environment that was just then blossoming in Los Angeles, Shulman's career took off. Shulman's images promoted the work of numerous visionary architects including John Lautner, Pierre Koenig and Rudolph Schindler.

    Today, Julius Shulman is recognized as the Father of Modernist Architecture Photography. His massive collection was recently acquired by the J. Paul Getty Trust, an international cultural and philanthropic institution devoted to the visual arts. The Shulman Collection will be a permanent part of the Center's Research Institute. The Institute will feature Shulman's work in a new show opening October 11, 2005 and continuing through January 22, 2006 entitled 'Julius Shulman: Modernity & the Metropolis'.

    Pictured is Julius Shulman with David Locke of Herman Miller at an International Interior Design Association event co-sponsored by Herman Miller and the Eames Foundation held at the Eames House Meadow in Pacific Palisades on July 14, 2005. For more pictures celebrating Julius Shulman's Birthday, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Julius Shulman at 95: It Was A Very Good Year' on this website.
  • MAK Center Hosts Tour of Modernist Homes
    Posted on: 2005-10-03
    Architecture aficianados gathered for a remarkable tour of nine remarkable modernist homes on Sunday, October 2, 2005 sponsored by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, a satellite of the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art in Vienna, in cooperation with the Friends of the Schindler House (FOSH).

    The tour featured two houses located in Los Feliz; the Elliot Residence on Newdale Drive by R.M. Schindler and the Schlessinger Residence on Myra Avenue, also by Schindler. One of the real treats of the tour was meeting many of the current owners who were kind enough to share their personal experiences in living in such unique homes. One of them was Dr. Philip Schlessinger, now in his nineties, who has lived in the home continuously since its construction in 1952.

    Of the remaining homes on the tour, six of them were located in our very own Silver Lake: The Bubeshko Apartments on Griffith Park Boulevard, The Wilson Residence on Redcliff Street, The Walker Residence on Kenilworth Avenue, and the remaining three on Micheltorena Street: John Lautner's Silvertop, Gregory Ain's Tierman House and finally, Schindler's Yates Studio. The Tour concluded with a cocktail party and reception at The Wolff House in Sherman Oaks.

    All of the homes on the tour will be featured on our Architectural page in the coming weeks. Please feel free to visit this page on our website, as many of the homes have already been highlighted.

    Thanks to Architectural Historian, Laura Massino, who made us aware of the tour, and for the excellent company of Dave Keitel and Shelley Marks (Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs) who accompanied us on the tour. Dave and Shelley are planning another Silver Lake Tour of Modernist Homes in the spring of 2006 for the benefit of CSSLR. It has been a few years since our reservoir committee has hosted one of these events and it is always an early sellout. Be sure and stay tuned as we will announce the dates as soon as they are available!

    Pictured are architecture buffs at the Wolff House Reception in Sherman Oaks.
  • Silver Lake Responds to Katrina
    Posted on: 2005-09-09
    The local response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina has been nothing short of amazing! At our office meeting this past week, one of our fellow real estate agents, Timothy FitzGerald, advised us about the aid collection center at the Dream Center, the non-denominational Christian Church that is located in the old Queen of Angels Hospital overlooking the Hollywood Freeway at Bellevue Avenue. With way too many clothes to fit in our closets, my wife Donna and I started filling trash bags and boxes until our Toyota van was loaded. Taking the short trip down Sunset to the Dream Center, we encountered a near traffic jam around the facility. There were literally hundreds of people swarming around the place: newly arrived displaced persons from the Gulf states, volunteers, Dream Center residents and staff, medical personnel from Kaiser Permanente and the media. We missed former Laker Shaquille O'Neill, but heard that Oprah was due in that evening. There were television camera crews, spot interviews by local television stations and a lot of new faces in town that were looking at an unknown future.

    Dream Center Staff Member for Short Term Missions Aaron Bradley from Kansas City related that there were '190 hurricane refugees being lodged at the Dream Center as of Friday afternoon, September 9, 2005 with a maximum capacity for 300.' I asked Aaron how they got to the Dream Center, and he replied, 'By private plane. Fifty people came by private Lear Jet provided by the Miami Heat. At least one couple drove all the way from New Orleans, because they heard about the Dream Center on their car radio.'

    In the crowd I spotted a young woman wearing a badge and figured maybe she could give me some answers to my many questions. The lady in question happened to be Erika Guzman with the Public Affairs Department of Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center. Erika informed that the medical staff for the Katrina Emergency Relief Center at the Dream Center was being provided by volunteers from Kaiser Permanente!

    In addition, Council Member Eric Garcetti joined with the California Economic Development Department, the Hollywood Worksouce Center and the Northeast Worksource Center in Hosting a Job Fair at the Dream Center on Friday, September 9, 2005. The Job Fair was set up to connect Hurricane Katrina survivors with local employers.

    'The most important thing we can do to welcome Katrina survivors to Los Angeles is to aggressively support them in finding new jobs', said Council Member Garcetti. 'We are very pleased by the response we have received so far from the business community.'

    Over 20 local employers met with Hurricane Katrina survivors at the Job Fair, including Albertson's, Ralph's, Starbucks, Federal Express, Adecco Employment Agency, Interviewing Services of America, Harbor House Restaurant, California Development Department, Williie's King Shop, Office Team, Lacer Ranch, Sewing Art Center, Diverse Staffing Solutions, Kimco Staffing, Pacific Protection Systems, Staff Employment Agency, Central Refrigeration, Burbank Towne Center, Another Level Hair Salon, Stephan Plumbing & Heating, Vulcan Materials Co, and Miramar Direct Placement.

    The Social Security Adminstration, the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles, LA Bridges 2 and the County of Los Angeles also sponsored the Job Fair.

    In other Silver Lake-Katrina events, SILVER LAKE WINE hosted a 'New Orleans Hurricane Relief' Fundraiser on Sunday, September 11, 2005 from Noon until 6 PM. Co-Owner Randy Clement, whose family hails from Louisiana, along with his partners, soulmate April Park and George Cossette, collectively agreed that they needed to 'do something!' Buddy Dan Mattern came up with the idea of a 'Cajun Cuisine/Beer Bust/Wine Tasting Hurricane Fundraiser' to do 'whatever they could' for the relief effort. As former VIPs at trendy Campanile Restaurant in West Hollywood, the trio marshalled together an AWESOME cast of professional chefs to create a very festive event. For a mere $20, we were treated to a beautiful cajun cookin' event: especially prepared muffalatas from Chef Chris Kidder of Literati 2 in West Hollwood, delicious gumbo and red beans from Dan Mattern; and an incredible hand-made chickory ice cream with a topping of glazed pecans prepared by Pastry Chef Roxanna Jullepat.

    Randy Clement reports that the fundraiser raised an amazing $11,150! 'A million thanks to everyone for your generosity. And for all of those thinking about us--we felt the love!' It was a special day for the Clements Family--brother Edward Clements just returned home from a tour of duty in Iraq--and is home to stay!

    Being a partner in a condominium investment in the French Quarter, I still don't know for sure how we have faired through this disaster that has left thousands of people homeless, hundreds left dead and billions of dollars worth of destruction. I am grateful that it is not my primary residence, and I feel so very sorry for those who have lost so much.

    Lori Ramirez, Office Manager for our local real estate office left us a voice mail today describing how 'pleased she was at the outpouring of financial aid that has been given by our office' ($5,000+ within the first 24 hours!) and counting!

    Looking into the faces of our newly-transplanted hurricane refugees, I was reminded again, how good it is to reach out and help those in need. It is truly better to give than receive!

    Pictured are two local volunteers at the Dream Center Hurricane Relief Center who take their philanthropy seriously, Los Feliz Resident Lakisha Swift and East L.A. Resident Giovanni Placeres.

    For more pictures of the Silver Lake Response to Hurricane Katrina, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Katrina Hurricane Relief Center at The Dream Center.'

    To volunteer, donate money or dry goods, please call the Dream Center (213) 273-7000 or visit The Dream Center, 2301 Bellevue Avenue in Silver Lake.
  • Burma Humanitarian Relief Worker Scott Hitchins: A Silver Laker on a Mission
    Posted on: 2005-09-02
    'Sitting in darkness with the near-deafening droning, clicking and hissing of insects in my ears, I could make out scores of tiny fires secreted away in clever bamboo huts constructed after the last invasion. Reading by the hidden firelight, hundreds of children's lilting voices could be heard rhythmically chanting in unison the school lessons for the next day. It is a day that would come with relief and gratitude that another night had passed without the junta puncturing the veil of darkness with flashes of gunfire and mortar rounds.

    For the next few nights, I will live in this jungle, inside Karen State, Burma as part of a medical relief mission. I have never felt so far from home, which is for me, here in Los Angeles. I had lived here for four years before meeting the people who would so profoundly change my life in the summer of 2000. I had been working away at a corporate job, saving a little here and there with the hops of buying my first home in Silver Lake or Los Feliz. I lovedd those neighborhoods for the diversity, creativity, and character found in the people and spaces, and I felt like I would fit right in when I made the move. But those plans were about to be put on hold.

    The founders of Burma Humanitarian Mission had returned from the very first delivery of medicine and supplies when I met them. They spent two months delivering medicine to treat malarian, and providing supplies to treat land mine injuries for internally displaced people hiding in the jungle in Karen State, Burma. Karen villagers have been systematically killed, maimed, tortured, raped and conscripted into forced labor camps for the past 15 years while fighting for the democracy they voted for in 1990. I had never heard of the Karen or even knew that Burma was ruled by a military dictatorship. But these four gloriously inspiring individuals infected me with their enthusiasm for serving these people, so I set about learning more and figuring out what I could do to get involved.

    The junta that has ruled Burma for over 40 years is the Orwellian-named State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). After student and popular protests in the late 1980s, the junta agreed to allow democratic elections in 1990. After losing in a landslide to the National League for Democracy (NLD), they swiftly imprisoned the elected leader and massacred over 3,000 civilians.

    I immediately saw the Burma Humanitarian Mission as an opportunity to actually DO something. The problems were real, and the course of action was clear. I left corporate life behind and started my own architecture and design practice so I could be self-sufficient and take time when I needed to do fundraising and other mission work. I tapped everyone I knew for tax-deductible donations to fund the mission.

    When invited to go on my first mission in 2003, I was ready. Upon my return, I was broke, exhausted and the happiest I had ever been in my life. Through family, new friends and contacts I was able to get up and running with work, and within eighteen months, I was in a position to buy a house with a partner.
    The people in my new Silver Lake neighborhood turned out to be as wonderful as I had hoped- the greatest supporters of the humanitarian work I do. No matter where I travel now, homesickness will be easier knowing that my new neighbors will always be looking out for me.

    (Editor's Notes: Burma Humanitarian Mission will be undertaking the next mission for medical relief in February 2006. For more information, please contact Scott by e-mail or visit the Burma Mission website. This article was first printed in the Los Feliz Ledger, September 2005 Edition. Pictured are Scott Hitchins and his dog, Daisy).
  • Primrose Hill Gang holds Annual Block Party
    Posted on: 2005-08-16
    There is nothing that brings a neighborhood together more than a good, old-fashioned block party! Thanks to the invitation from neighbor, Luz Mateo, we are fortunate to be included in this very special neighborhood event. This year's party was held at the home of Pam and Adriana on Castle Street. We arrived a little on the late side, but there was still a good-size crowd on hand. Notable among the missing this year was Council Member Tom LaBonge, who frequently celebrates his birthday with the group.

    Luz Mateo told me how the Primrose Hill Block Party came to be 'The Block Party was first started as the Redesdale Avenue Block Party and the first event was held on October 9, 1994. The concept of organizing the party was the brainchild of Barbara Hallahan, Anne Gregor & Joyce Poulson. Our family was the only one invited outside Redesdale. Year after year, Caste, Windsor and Landa were added to the group. Barbara lost her husband and moved out of Los Angeles. Anne Gregor and family moved to Palo Alto. Then came 9/11/2001 and we had no block party. I decided together with Takako (Muramatsu) to have one to uplift the mood of the neighbors. We planned and held it on October 7, 2001 in front of 1982 Redesdale and called it the PRIMROSE HILL BLOCK PARTY. Our theme for that year was Red, White & Blue and was well attended wih lots of food. 2003 and 2004 I moved the venue at the dead end of Landa just by our house at 3030 Landa with a nice view of the lake. In 2004, Takako resigned as an organizer. I planned it alone and had a successful event in 2004. This year, Adriana & Pam graciously opened their home to us for the party. I have my organizing committee to thank---Ted Coates, Ed & June Tanimoto, Tats & Betty Omori & Cathy Takemoto, who helped me out in distributing the invitations and the before and after clean-up. I have my Primrose Hill contact list that whenever there are happenings in the neighborhood like vandalism, robbery and anything that will affect the community I send out an e-mail to alert the neighbors. It's nice to know who your neighbors are because they are your best resource in case of an emergency.'

    Pictured are K.C., Luz Mateo, Addie Daddio, Barry Weiner and Vaughan Davies. For more pictures of this event, please visit our 'Neighborhood Pictures: Annual Primrose Hill Block Party' on this website! (I am hoping Luz will send me some pictures from the Block Party. If she does, I will publish them on this website).
  • Sunset Triangle: A Little Park We Can All Be Proud Of!
    Posted on: 2005-08-12
    Pardon my sense of pride, but isn't our little park looking lovely? Just a few days ago, the yellow 'Do Not Cross' tape came down and the first phase of the Sunset Triangle renovation project became reality. A joint effort between Council District 13 and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Parks & Greenspace Committee, the Sunset Triangle stands as a symbol for what can be done when neighbors work together to create positive change.
  • PLEASE KEEP OFF THE GRASS! Sunset Triangle shaping up as a beautiful little urban park!
    Posted on: 2005-07-25
    As an activist in the Silver Lake Community, I am beginning to have a sense of pride in the developments taking place at our little park at the corner of Sunset, Griffith Park, and Edgecliffe. 'The Little Park that Could' is actually beginning to look like something! In the last few weeks, we have observed large boulders being dropped off and arranged, little mounds of earth being shaped into a rolling terrain, and a green carpet of grass being put into place. With the mosaic art trash cans, the artistic crosswalk and the newly planted trees having been previously installed, one can begin to see a dramatic change taking place.

    Behind the scenes, a small group of activists has already begun forming an independent organization to create and sustain 'shared community action to transform urban spaces into public places in the greater Silver Lake Community.' Dubbed the Sunset Triangle Organization, the committee will devote its energies to greening the urban landscape through projects such as Sunset Triangle. Picture a future Silver Lake with tree-lined boulevards and streets and streetscapes and you will begin to see the Silver Lake envisioned by the Sunset Triangle Organization.

    In the coming weeks, The Silver Lake News will be bringing you updates on the status of Sunset Triangle and the activities of the Sunset Triangle Organization. Stay tuned!
  • Maximilian's Schell Opens at Materials & Applications
    Posted on: 2005-06-27
    If you are transiting along the 1600 block of Silver Lake Blvd. this summer, you will have a hard time missing Benjamin Ball & Gaston Nogues' new installation at Materials & Applications. A swirling vortex or canopy of shiny golden mylar, this new architectural installation is an imaginative and powerful homage to actor Maximilian Schell's character, Dr. Reinhardt in the movie, 'The Black Hole' who wishes to harness the 'power of the vortex' and possess 'the great truth of the unknown'.

    Maximilian's Schell is the genius and collaboration of two architects and production designers, Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues with ambient sound designed by James Lumb of Electric Skychurch. Gaston is affiliated with Frank Gehry Partners.

    As the summer progresses, I will be features photos of this eye-popping installation at different times of the day for the enjoyment of our readers. In the meantime, please visit Materials and Applications at 1619 Silver Lake Blvd. The installation is normally open and there is no charge to personally catch this phenomenon (through Novermber 2005).

    For more pictures of Maximillian's Schell Reception at Materials & Applications, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: M& A Events' on this website.
  • Silver Lake Beautification Committee bids Farewell to Tom Blanchard
    Posted on: 2005-06-26
    Friends and well-wishers of Tom Blanchard bid an emotional farewell as Tom Blanchard chaired his last meeting of the Silver Lake Beautification Committee this past Monday at the Neighborhood Council office on Rowena Avenue. Tom, a gifted architect and volunteer has chaired or co-chaired the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Beautification and Parks & Green Space Committees since their inception less than two years ago. Personal circumstances have necessitated his relocation to San Francisco which will take place in late summer 2005.

    Tom has been a great personal friend to me as well as to scores of other Silver Lakers. His presence will be greatly missed! Thank you Tom for the special gifts you have shared with us all!

    As a special tribute to Tom, I have dedicated a special photo page in my 'Nieghborhood Pictures' page entitled, 'Tom Blanchard, the Quintessential Silver Lake Man', a title bestowed upon Tom by none other than another super-volunteer Cheryl Revkin (President of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce).
  • ARTCans are In!
    Posted on: 2005-05-21
    Shoppers and pedestrians along Silver Lake's 'main street' Sunset Boulevard received a huge facelift this week as ten attractive new art cans were installed with colorful mosaic panels created by local artists collaborating with children from local schools. 'It was an awesome day. The nursery kids at Alegria House of the Salvation Army came out to enjoy and watch us work. Each merchant came out with big smiles and felt the excitement of having these ARTcans for Silver Lake at their place of business. Passersby and neighborhood children came out to see it all' stated Lorraine Kells, who has been working on the project since its inception over a year ago.

    Tom Blanchard, Co-Chair of Silver Lake Beautification, a standing committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council had words of praise for all who participated in the project. 'Thank you to everyone involved, the art went on the trash cans today! Go take a look. Everyone was wonderful and their artwork looks great. Yuriko (Etue) was there early and helped water the trees at Triangle Median too. Lorraine (Kells) was of course doing a lot of everything to make the day go smoothly, and made some nice letters to the businesses to remind them to empty the trash cans. Mac Maker''s 'love' panels were tremendous and he stayed to work on everyone's can. Who knew Helen (Lessick) was a tile expert in her own right?' questioned Tom in giving praise to everyone involved.

    Pictured are Helen Lessick, Mike (installer), and Yuriko Etue (the artist who's mosaic work is being installed). There are lots more project pictures on the 'Neighborhood Pictures: ARTcan' page on this website.
  • Silver Lake Parks & Greenspace Committee: Working on Your Behalf to Transform Silver Lake!
    Posted on: 2005-05-21
    As told to Michael Locke by Lorraine Kells, Co-Chair, Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Parks & Greenspace Committee Chair.

    The faces of the Parks & Greenspace Committee are getting to be a familiar to many who live and work in Silver Lake. Most committee members could be seen at the April 14th Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Sunset-Triangle Median (the site of the weekly Silver Lake Farmer's Market) with the staff of Council District 13, initiating the first phase of many improvements to this open space in Silver Lake. You will also be able to see them during the week positioning new trash bins or meeting with nearby business owners to coordinate all the permits required to implement the plans for this new median. These committee members also have to communicate well and often to make sure that all the work done by the city reflects the Mater Plan for Phase I. E-mails fly back and forth between the Bureau of Street Services, Joe Bernardo of CD-13, and Tom Blanchard and Lorraine Kells, Co-Chairs of the Committee. They often consult with architect Kathryn Cerra, who led the design process for the community in creating the new median. No detail goes unchecked by this hard-working group. They also gather once a month at their regular meeting to oversee the step-by-step process of detailed materials selection for bike racks, boulders, signage requiremen, etc. If you haven't already done so, please take a walk over to the Sunset Triangle Median and pause there to enjoy the cleaner, more open space with new California native sycamore and redbud trees surounding the area. Don't miss the new concrete trash cans which have been inlaid with beautiful mosaic panels created by local artists collaborating with students and children from local schools. Take a look at the new wheel chair access curb work too!

    I took a few moments to drop in on a Parks & Greenspace Committee this past week, and was very impressed by the cohesiveness and excitement that this group emanates.

    Pictured are members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Parks & Greenspace Committee: Standing: Co-Chair Tom Blanchard, Joe Bernardo, Michael McKinley of Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance, Lora Hall and Yolanda Solas. Seated are Lorraine Kells, Co-Chair; Helen Lessick, and Artist Yuriko Etue.

    As told to Michael Locke by Lorraine Kells, Co-Chair, Silver Lake Neighbood Council Parks & Green Space Committee.
  • Ivanhoe Elementary School's First Ever World's Fair Makes a Fun Filled Debut
    Posted on: 2005-05-13
    Ivanhoe Elementary School’s First Ever World’s Fair Makes a Fun Filled Debut
    By Pamela Ludwig Dreyfuss

    “This is the best thing that ever happened to Ivanhoe!” said one Ivanhoe World’s Fair attendee. Many neighborhood children, most with multi-colored hair provided by one of the volunteer parent booths, agreed, as they happily munched on delicacies from the bake sale, bounced in jumpers, played games at booths, created art at Art World, walked around Spanish speaking countries in a Cake Walk, played Canadian Hockey or sweetly held rabbits at the petting zoo. “I won a cake, I won a cake, see…” said one smiling redheaded boy as he ran to show his mother the home baked cake. An old fashioned good time was the happy feeling at Ivanhoe’s first ever World’s Fair.

    Adult fairgoers enjoyed letting their children run free while shopping for great deals at the World Bazaar and a silent auction brimming with items donated from local restaurants and businesses. Ivanhoe dads manned the “Dad’s Grill,” serving up American classics like hotdogs on buns with yellow mustard and ketchup and corn on the cob.

    The sense of community was palatable, as parent volunteers worked side by side with local vendors and school personnel under a sometimes grey, sometimes sunny sky. Ivanhoe’s yard was colorfully decorated with flags from around the world generously lent by Tom LaBonge’s office. Parents teamed to shuttle their children and their friends’ children to softball games and performances at other events to make sure that their kids wouldn’t miss the fun. Ivanhoe’s librarian, affectionately known as “Miss Claire,” manned a booth selling her overstock library books and fabulous hand-made wallets and purses made out of colored tape. Jumie Sugahara, Ivanhoe’s able and forward-looking principal, even joined in the fun on her day off.

    The World Stage hosted talented alumni and local friends playing for an attentive crowd. Ivanhoe kids performed in the show to shouts of encouragement from their friends. The talent show featured capable young gymnasts, singers, stilt walkers, pianists, martial artists, recorder players, dancers, a violinist and even a hula dancer. “They’re just kids, but the guts they had getting up there…” raved one parent. Music played all day and featured: The Purple Gang, young musicians from the Renaissance Arts String Ensemble, The Melendrez Brothers Band featuring Ivanhoe graduates and a current fourth grader, Arabian Nights Belly Dancing and finally, The Hollow Trees playing folk music for families. The World Stage was MC’d with a great sense of fun and wit by Ivanhoe’s much loved resource teacher, Pennel Bird.

    “Congratulations to the community of Ivanhoe for a truly awesome event. The games were fun and engaging and the creativity that came out of the classrooms - wow, the talent show and entertainment was so wonderful it brought tears to my eyes” said Kimberly Gomes, event chair.

    The feeling among planners and volunteers was so enthusiastic that parents are already hard at work planning a Fall Fair featuring a pumpkin patch, music, dancing, vendors, a town hall meeting and whatever fun can be dreamed up. The Fall Fair will expand on the community collaboration of the World’s Fair. Both the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce will partner with Ivanhoe to encourage Silver Lakers to even greater fun and deeper involvement in their community and their school.

    All ticket sales and a percentage of vendor sales from the fair on Saturday go to Friends of Ivanhoe, the fundraising arm of the Ivanhoe community. FOI raises money to fund art, dance, music, P.E., and classroom aids. Without the financial help of community donors like you, and the parents’ involvement, Ivanhoe would not be able to have the programs that enrich our children and by extention, our world. For more information on how you can get involved or donate money to FOI, please contact FOI president, Julie Ambrosino Casey@: 323-664-0051 or at

    Ivanhoe World's Fair was brought to you by:

    Kimberly Gomez Frazer -Event Chair
    Annette Hughes - Graphic Artist
    Dave Ambrose - Dad's Grill Manager
    Heather Lindquist - FOI Treasurer,
    Ticket Dudes: Cliff Towne and Alan Katz
    Julie Galambos - Volunteer Coordinator
    Mary Kay Harrison and Julie Klabin - World Bazaar - Managers
    Heather Anderson and Jessica Velis - Our World Stage – Managers
    And all the Volunteers who worked so hard

    We also gratefully acknowledge our generous neighbors and sponsors:

    Jill’s Paint
    Video Hut
    The LaBonge Family
    Aimee Benell and Diane Evans of Coldwell Banker
    KP’s Deli
    Flor Morena Fine Foods
    Grandpa Clayton’s Hawaiian BBQ
    ATK Audiotek Corp.
    Aasha Mullen & Line 204
    Rush Copy
    Farmer John

    Pictured is one of our young fairgoers at the Fair's Petting Zoo. To see more pictures of Ivanhoe's 'World's Fair' go to 'Neighborhood Pictures: 2005 Ivanhoe World's Fair' page on this website.

  • Annual Silver Lake Beautification Day Brings out the Best in Silver Lake
    Posted on: 2005-05-07
    Emily Johnson, Co-Chair of Silver Lake Beautification and Chairperson of the 2005 Edition of Silver Lake Beautification Day was exhuberant Wednesday Night, April 9, 2005 at the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board Meeting where she announced the results of Beautification Day: Twelve different sites were cleaned, including at least one site in each of Silver Lake's seven regions; 130 industrial size trash bags were filled and collected; and 149 people signed NMF Registration Forms, i.e. registered their attendance. Although, perhaps a greater number attended and helped at the event than signed in, Emily explained the importance of registering. 'For every volunteer hour worked, the community receives $15 in Neighborhood Matching Grant funds.' This is where the money comes from that goes towards paying the expenses for the great BEAUTIFICATION PROJECTS that are popping up all over Silver Lake. The cumulative effect of all of this activity means a great deal more than the results of cleaning up trash that accumulates again for another day. The real value comes from the INVOLVEMENT of individuals and groups that have contributed their time and efforts to make the community a more beautiful place to live, work and play. Their OWNERSHIP and sense of PRIDE in their neighborhood are the benefits that are timeless.

    Emily praised the Silver Lake Community for supporting the Event. Co-hosted by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and the Silver Lake Improvement Association, the Event brings together leadership from both organizations to build a coalition of neighborhood individuals, groups and businesses that have made the annual event such a resounding success.

    Emily singled out for praise the following individuals and groups that offered outstanding support: Tess Renahan and Kristen Abraham, Set-Up and Staging; Lora Hall, Supplies; Genelle LeVin, Food; Rob Poston and Yolanda Salas, Volunteer Coordinators; Tom Blanchard, Tool Distribution.

    Groups were dispatched throughout Silver Lake to spend four hours on intensive clean-up. The work varied depending upon need. Rob Poston and I had the fun job of driving my van around to the different 'jobsites' delivering water and other supplies to keep the volunteers happy and refreshed. I also took some pictures along the way. (See the Neighborhood Pictures Section of the website!). Here's where we found groups working: Lora Hall worked with a group of volunteers on the Vendome Median; The Student Council at Micheltorena Elementary School organized a group to clean up the school grounds. Principal Mary Jane Collier was there too, making sure things went smoothly. Jose Velez gathered a group together and headed to the Myra Street Underpass. Tom Blanchard, Glen Dake and Joe Federowich lead a group to the Gateway to Silver Lake to undertake the monumental job of cleaning up the Gateway's hillsides, medians, and overpass. On Coronado Street, we ran into a group of volunteers including Neighborhood Council Representative Jacqueline Rivera and her 'groupie' of Coronado Street friends along with Wildwoods Director Dwain Wilson, Jens Kohler, and SLNC Co-Chair Roberto Haraldson. Our other Co-Chair Jason Lyon along with Kurt Rademacher marshalled together a big group to clean up around the perimeter of Silver Lake Reservoir. It was a pleasure to see local builder Wade Robinson (WadeCo) with his wife and their two daughters working together as a family cleaning up around the Reservoir. What an inspiration! On the West Side of the Reservoir, I spoke to a group from John Marshall High School who had undertaken to clean up the west side of the reservoir along West Silver Lake Drive. Crossing the historic Silver Lake Bridge at the interesection of Silver Lake Blvd. and Sunset, we were held up by city fire trucks that at first we assumed was an emergency. We learned quickly that the LAFD had been dispatched to hose down the bridge which really benefitted from the bath. The venerable old Romanesque bridge, a city cultural monument built in 1934 has long withstood the abuse of heavy traffic, smog, graffiti, and its use as a homeless shelter. She deserves our respect and got a little of it on Beautification Day. I was delighted to see Council Member Tom La Bonge and his young son (a student at Ivanhoe Elementary School) out with the fire department crew cleaning up the elegant old railings on the bridge. Below the bridge, the Los Angeles Police Department under the direction of Officer Al Polhonky, assisted by CD-4 Field Deputy Matt Levy, was directing traffic while other LAFD directed the big fire hose at the beautiful old brick arches cleaning off years of grime. Further down Sunset Boulevard their were two big groups working on the boulevard: The Dream Center Disciples, who have made a career out of cleaning up the neighborhood (Thanks!) and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. SLIA President Eric Chinchilla, I understand took a group of volunteers to Bellevue Park where the group, besides cleaning up the park, discovered, I am told, a dead body.

    By now it was getting close to lunch-time, and Rob (Poston) informed me it was about time the volunteers would be heading back to Laurel and Hardy Park and would be ready for a little calorie replenishment. We stopped off first at La Parilla Restaurant on Sunset to pick up large trays of delicous Mexican food which the restaurant had donated to our cause. Next stop was United Bread and Pastry which had donated 200 hand-made empenadas. Other local restaurants also donated food, including Cafe Tropical and the Back Door Bakery. We are certainly blessed with very generous, civic-minded businesses in Silver Lake!

    While most people were eating lunch, I wandered over to the east end of the park where some people were still working. A group of familiar faces were pitching manure from a pickup truck including Eric Garcetti, Peter Choi and Emily Johnson. (I never did find out for what reason, but I am sure it was important) I wandered back over to the food area where Rusty Millar was providing his usual skill at the barbeque grill, joined by Jason Lyon, Kurt Rademacher and Jens Kohler, Emily's beau. Down on the corner near Sandra Ruiz's place, the popular jazz trio, The Down Beats played for our entertainment.

    As the afternoon wore down, our local Council Members Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge seized the opportunity to praise the community (and each other) for the accomplishments of the day and encourage our involvement in the community. Silver Lake is indeed blessed to have TWO amazing Council Members who have really stepped up and supported Silver Lake.

    Thanks again to everyone who participated in this year's Silver Lake Beautification Day.

    Pictured are Tom LaBonge and son Charles, a first grader at Ivanhoe Elementary School, loading up one of the 130 bags of trash that were collected on Silver Lake Beautification Day. For more pictures of the event, please visit 'Neighoborhood Pictures: 2005 Beautification Day' on this website.
  • Dr. Ken Williams, Medical Pioneer Honored in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'
    Posted on: 2005-04-14
    Writing articles for 'The Silver Lake News' has afforded me the wonderful opportunity of meeting interesting and noteworthy people on our own turf. Such was the case with the distinguished medical doctor, Kenneth Williams. I was introduced to Dr. Williams and his charming wife, Sally by Dana Hollister at her New Year's Eve party this past year at her wonderful home, the Canfield-Moreno Estate. It was quite fascinating to me, that just three days later, I received an e-mail from a Mr. James Williams who recommended his father for our 'Who's Who in Silver Lake' column. Whether it was serendipity or destiny I may never know, but it was within a week or so that I found myself in the Williams living room getting acquainted. I invite you to meet the newest member of 'Who's Who in Silver Lake', Dr. Kenneth Williams. Thank you, James, for remembering to honor your father!
  • ARTcans Reception a Huge Success!
    Posted on: 2005-03-13
    The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Beautification Committee's ARTcan Project, creating works of mosaic art for the new concrete trash cans for Sunset Boulevard held their Artist's Reception on Saturday, March 12th at Lioness Gallery in Silver Lake. A big crowd was on hand for the only viewing of the panels until they are installed in the near future.

    Tom Blanchard and Emily Johnson, Co-Chairs of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, thanked the community for their hard work in bringing the project to reality and singled out for praise Kahty Chenoweth, Silver Lake Artist who spearheaded the consortium of artists and community groups that designed and crafted the panels. Local artists who engaged in the project were Michelle Arias of Furthur, Yuriko Etue, Mac Maker & Sophie Neudorfer of Maker, Margi Scharff and Kahty.

    Vincent Measures, Laura Harwood, Assette Hernandez, Paolo Everett and Olivia Russin, art students at Thomas Starr King Middle School designed panels under the tutelage of Kahty Chenoweth and Alice Hayward, Magnet Coordinator at King for gifted students in the arts and technology.

    Perhaps the most surprising result was the beautiful work of kindergarten students from the Jewish Community Center. Under the guidance of their teacher Lamont Everette and Mosaic Artist Michelle Arias, the panels produced by these young children were eye-popping! The aspiring young artists who were involved on the project include Siena Bruinsma, Leo Decter, Charlotte Emerson, Aidan Finn, Sam King, Jordan Mazel-Klein, Walker Graham Rice, Molly Kleinman, Charlie Rettig, Elior McMillan, Coco Nelson, Max Payne, Dakota Pease and Geneive Nolinger.

    Special recognition also goes to Jutta Ribot, proprietess of the Lioness Gallery and Juan Ribot who graciously hosted the event. The Downbeats, a popular Silver Lake-based jazz ensemble, performed and added to the ambiance of the beautiful Lioness Gallery. Others who served on the ARTcan Committe include SLNC Governing Board Members Lorraine Kells, Peter Choi (Awards & Publicity), Judy Borstein (Refreshments), and Michael J. Locke. Rob Poston, Silver Lake Beautification Committee Member, was instrumental in the selection of the concrete trash containers. SLNC Outreach Chair Genelle LeVin welcomed guests at the door. Silver Lakers spotted in the crowd were: SLNC Governing Board Members Jason Lyon, Co-Chair; Rusty Millar, Region 4; and Bea Gold, Region 6; Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce Chair Cheryl Revkin; Teresa Young, Development Director of Accorsi Architecture; Landscape Architect Kathy Cerra, Lead Architect on the Triangle Park Project; Lamont Everette, Kindergarten Teacher at the Jewish Community Center; Neighbor David Leslie as well as scores of friends, parents, well-wishers and people who just stopped by. Beautitication Co-Chairs brought their entourage including Jens Kohler, Emily Johnson's husband and Heath Hodge, Tom Blanchard's friend that flew down from San Francisco and helped stage the event.

    Pictured is Walker Graham Rice from the kindergarten class at the Jewish Community Center.

    For more pictures of this very special event, please view 'Neighborhood Pictures: ARTcan Project Pictures' to be found on this website.
  • Young Silver Lake Artists Getting Ready for their Debut March 12th!
    Posted on: 2005-03-06
    Their big day is about to arrive and these young artists are getting pumped! As an integral part of the Silver Lake Beautification Committee's 'ARTcan Project', these King Middle School students are getting their first public exposure of their work. Under the tutelage of Silver Lake area artists Michelle Arias, Kahty Chenoweth, Yuriko Etue, Mac Maker, Sophie Neudorfer, and Margi Scharff these budding young artists are creating mosaic panels to be installed on the new concrete trash cans that will grace our very own Sunset Boulevard!

    The Thomas Starr King Middle School students are being guided by their mentor, Alice Hayward, Magnet Coordinator at King for students who are gifted in the fine arts and technology. King Middle School Students who are working on the mosaic panels are sixth graders Vincent Measures and Laura Harwood; seventh grader Assette Hernandez, and eighth graders Paolo Everett and Olivia Russin. The students were invited to Silver Lake artist Kahty Chenoweth's workshop to work on their panels. I had the pleasure of meeting three of these youngsters this past Sunday who were working feverishly to get their panels completed prior to the Opening Reception on March 12th.

    Pictured are Olivia Russin, Paolo Everett and Assette Hernandez with examples of their exciting designs.

    Be sure and attend this great moment in the life of our community by attending the Opening Reception where the mosaic panels will be unveiled for the first time. The event will take place at The Lioness Gallery in Silver Lake on March 12, 2005 from 4 PM until 7 PM. Come out and meet the artists and thank them for their contribution towards the beautification of Silver Lake. These mosaic-decorated concrete trash containers will be a permanent reminder of the work of these students and one in which we hope that you will want to take part.

    Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Beautification Committee Co-Chair Tom Blanchard announced recently that The Downbeats, a popular jazz trio based in Silver Lake, will be entertaining the crowd at the Opening Reception.

    For more information on the Opening Reception, please review the 'Calendar' Section for March 12, 2005 found on this website.

    For more pictures of the ARTcan Project, please go to 'ARTcan: Silver Lake's Art Trash Can Project' found under the heading 'Neighborhood Pictures' on this website.
  • Silver Lake Governing Board Members Chart Course for 2005
    Posted on: 2005-01-24
    Your elected Governing Board Members have started the new year off right with their 'Annual Goals Meeting'; a brainstorming session in which your leaders reviewed our 2004 goals and established updated objectives. These will be condensed into a formal goals statement to be released soon. Amongst the more interesting objectives was the establishment of an HPOZ for the Neutra colony of homes in and around Neutra Place and Silver Lake Boulevard, noted for their contribution to Modernist architecture.

    Pictured are Silver Lake Governing Board Members (left to right): Jane Renahan, Robin Dakin, Genelle LeVin, Bea Gold, Barb Dakin, Co-Chair Jason Lyon, Jeff Hradec, Judy Borstein (in white sunglasses), Jacqueline Rivera, Garry Wilson, and Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov. Other board members in attendance but not pictured were Co-Chair Roberto Haraldson, Lorraine Kells, and Vice Chair Michael Locke.
  • Lost in Wales: A wintry hike in Griffith Park
    Posted on: 2005-01-18
    Living at the foot of Griffith Park (which I used to do in the not-so-distant past) a kind neighbor named Dorothea used to advise me about the best places to walk my dog. On our first meeting, she asked me if I had 'been to Wales lately?' She was referring to a not-so-well-known section of Griffith Park where you would think you were 'lost in Wales' a dreamy place, wild with nature and very lush and green.' Although I don't live in Los Feliz anymore, I try to go hiking in Griffith Park regularly. After these many days of rain, our dogs, Abbey and Buddy, have been cooped up long enough and it's time for a hike!

    This past weekend, after a few days of sunshine, the earth has replenished itself and the park is unbelievably green! A fallen tree and a washed out path interrupted our quest, but not before I was able to take some photos as testimony to what we beheld.

    Take advantage of this great weather we are having and treat yourself to a hike in the backwoods of Griffith Park. I won't tell you where this secret place is (well maybe if you ask). After all, I don't want it to be overrun with two many people.

    So here's a few photos of our day trip to one of the great treasures of our great city. For more photos, I invite you to take a refreshing journey through our 'Neighborhood Pictures: Lost in Wales: A wintry hike in Griffith Park'.
  • The Beautiful People of Silver Lake: A Photo Gallery
    Posted on: 2005-01-10
    Be sure and visit our newest portrait gallery: 'The Beautiful People of Silver Lake' Over the years, I wll have been taken hundreds of pictures. In this gallery, I will be showcasing my favorite people with portraits that either I have taken of them or that have been sent to me. Get to know the people of Silver Lake! We have an AWESOME, diverse and colorful community! If you are NOT on these pages, you probably should be! If you see me walking down the street, camera in hand, don' t hesitate to ask me to take your picture! It will probably end up on these pages to be shared with the whole world! Did you know that readers all over the planet come to this website to learn about Silver Lake? Perhaps you will be DISCOVERED (or at least viewed) by thousands of people! (Isn't the power of the Internet amazing?!)

    To view the 'Beautiful People of Silver Lake', please go to 'Neighborhood Pictures: A Photo Gallery of the Beautiful People of Silver Lake'. If you don't see your picture there, let me know and I'll change that!

    Pictured is one of my new favorite Silver Lakers, Film Maker Dominick Domingo.
  • Transformation of Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake takes Two Steps towards Reality
    Posted on: 2005-01-08
    Travelers along Sunset Blvd. in years to come will benefit from two recent steps taken by the combined efforts of the Silver Lake Parks & Greenspaces and Beautification Committees. Over time, these efforts will result in a boulevard that looks far different than it does today. Picture Sunset Boulevard the way that it is imagined in the collective consciousness: a wide boulevard framed by flowering trees, good public transportation and parking; boutiques, art galleries, and cafes with alfresco dining. Yes, there is a new vision for Silver Lake's 'Main Street' and it is becoming a reality that is gathering more momentum each day. Lorraine Kells and Tom Blanchard, The Co-Chairs of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Parks & Greenspaces Committee announced this week that they had obtained a grant of $90,000 for the Triangle Park Project! This amount, combined with funds earmarked for the project by the SLNC, will allow the Committee to complete the first phase of the project. In the coming months, we can all watch for these transformations to begin taking shape. At the same time the 'Art Cans Trash Can Project' of the Silver Lake Beautification Committee, chaired by Emily Johnson and Tom Blanchard took one step closer to reality. The 'Art Cans' Project Phase One will provide for ten concrete trash cans placed strategically along Sunset Blvd. each of which will be inlaid with mosaic panels. These inlaid panels will be designed by local artists and create both a practical and artistic element for Sunset Boulevard. The artists for these panels have already been selected and the panels will be unveiled at a public reception on Saturday, March 12, 2005, from 4-7 PM only, at the beautiful Lioness Art Gallery, 2032 Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake. Be sure and mark your calendars for this important event in the life of our community, and spread the word amongst your friends and neighbors. Let's let these community activists and artists know how much we appreciatiate their efforts to enhance the beauty of our neighborhood. This three hour show will be the only opportunity to appreciate these panels before they are actually installed at a later date.

    Pictured are Architect Tom Blanchard (Co-Chair of Silver Lake Beautification & Parks & Greenspaces Committees); Juan Ribot, owner of Los Globos Night Club; Jutta Ribot, owner of the Lioness Art Gallery; and Silver Lake Governing Board Member Lorraine Kells who along with local artist Kahty Chenoweth and Rob Poston have spearheaded the 'Arts Can' Project.
  • Meet Dana Hollister: Our Newest Inductee into 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'
    Posted on: 2005-01-03
    Our readers will find fascinating the personal story of Silver Lake Patroness Dana Hollister, featured this month in 'Who's Who in Silver Lake'. Get to know this fascinating lady who has given so much in support of our community and be glad she lives here!

    Please visit 'Who's Who in Silver Lake' in this website.
  • Silver Lake Beautification & Parks/Greenspaces Committees host Old Fashioned Progressive Dinner
    Posted on: 2004-12-20
    The Silver Lake Beautification and Parks/Greenspaces Committees held a Progressive Dinner on Sunday evening, December 19th to say 'Thank You' to everyone who has worked on community projects in Silver Lake this past year. Organized under the direction of new Governing Board Member Lorraine Kells, who serves on both committees, the dinner was attended by thirtysomething Silver Lakers at three homes on Occidental Blvd. The evening started off at 1340 N. Occidental, Rob Poston & Jenny's home, with drinks and appetizers and was co-hosted by new Beautification Committee Co-Chair Emily Johnson. After much socializing, the party reluctantly moved on to the Locke's at 1308 N. Occidental for the main course, co-hosted by Bruce Shaffer & Barbara Dakin. The third stage of this moveable feast was held at Timothy Stirton's place at 1330 N. Occidental where Tom Blanchard and Lorraine Kells co-hosted the finale of delicous desserts and coffees. The co-hosts at each stop along the way shared in the food preparation so that no one had to do all that much work! A brilliant plan envisioned by our very own Lorraine Kells

    Amongst those in attendance were Joe Bernardo, Community Organizer from Council District 13 and Gurlie; SLNC Co-Chair Roberto Haraldson, SLNC Council Members Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov and Peter Bodlaender; Barbara & Robin Dakin; Region Six Representative Bea Gold; Lorrain Kells and son Billy; SLNC Beautification Co-Chairs Tom Blanchard & Emily Johnson and hubby Jenn; former SLNC Board Member Sandra Ruiz & Carlos; Architect Joe Fedorowich & partner Brian; Dave Keitel and Shelley Marks from the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs; Landscape Architect Kathy Cerra, lead designer on the Triangle Park Project; and Franklin Hills Activist Peter Bedard representing the Myra Mural Project.

    Pictured are Billy Kells, Lorraine Kells, and Sandra Emma Ruiz.

    For more pictures of this event, please visit 'Neighborood Pictures: Beautification & Park & Greenspaces Progressive Dinner 2004'
  • Silver Lakers at Downtown Cocktail Party hosted by Russ Brown, Bryan Peterson & Patti Berman
    Posted on: 2004-12-12
    Several prominent Silver Lakers attended a Holiday Cocktail Soiree on Saturday Eve, December 11, 2004 hosted by Downtown Activists Bryan Peterson, Songstress Patti Berman & Out-in-Downtown's J. Russell Brown at Russ' exciting new digs in the loft district downtown.

    Silver Lakers in attendance were new SLNC Governing
    Board Co-Chair Roberto Haraldson, Vaughan Davies, Principal Architect at Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn and Partner Barry Weiner and Michael Locke, SLNC Vice Chair and Donna Locke.

    The event was staged to bring together Downtown developers, politicos and activists for a night of socializing and getting acquainted. Among those in attendance was Tom Gilmore who is one of the major property owners Downtown (including the Hellman Building at 4th & Main where the event was held). Tom congratulated the crowd and hailed the emerging partnership between residents, owners and government in the 'new' downtown. Tom was accompanied by his lovely wife Trish Keefer. Tom is also the developer of the Old Bank District Lofts and the Cal Arts Performing Arts Center at St. Vibiana's Cathedral. Other downtowners of note who attended the party included: State Senator Gil Cedillo, who represents the downtown area in Sacramento; Hal Bastian, Vice President & Director of Economic Development for the Downtown Los Angeles Center Business Improvement District (DCBID); Steve Reinstein, Vice President of ICO Development (Developer of Pacific Electric Lofts); Rich Reams &Ronny, owners of Loft Appeal, new downtown retail furniture store; Alex Moradi & Dafne, President & Chairman of ICO Development; Roy Rogers Oldenkamp of; Producer Tom Pierson & Real Estate Developer Alexa Scharf; Ed Wilson, Artistic Director of California Youth Theatre & Owner of the Ivar Theatre in Hollywood; Cathering Tober, Personnel Director for Princess Cruises; Rai Calouri, Executive Vice President of Princess Cruises (and now a Silver Lake Resident!); Marie & Ian Trivers (Marie is Marketing Director for the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and Ian is finishing up his Master's Degree in City Planning at USC); Real Estate Agent Lupe Alvarez (fomer Leasing Director for Gilmore & Associates); Concert Pianist Millicent Gappell; and Arts & Entertainment Editor Kristen Friedrich from The Downtown News.

    Pictured are Silver Lakers Roberto Haraldson, Barry Weiner, Vaughan Davies and Donna Locke.

    For more pictures of this event, be sure and visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Christmas at Russ Brown's 2004'
  • Sunset Boulevard Bridge: A Symbol of the Homelessness Problem that Continues to Plague Silver Lake
    Posted on: 2004-11-25
    Situated at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Silver Lake Boulevard, stands one of the great architectural monuments of our community, The Sunset Boulevard Bridge. Constructed in 1934, it was designated a Historical/Cultural Monument by the City of Los Angeles on April 9, 1981 and is noted for its beautiful Romanesque arches and other details. And yet in spite of all this beauty, the bridge has become a symbol of one of the biggest problems that plagues our community, homelessness which continues to show its ugly face in and around the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Silver Lake Boulevard. Seemingly at any time of night or day, the homeless and their accumulated belongings are very much in evidence in the area. I stopped under the bridge one day to chat with some of them: a man and woman both immigrants from somewhere south of the border with lots of personal problems compounded by alcohol abuse. On the street above, there were scattered groups of men hanging out on staircases and in parking lots, drinking something secret clutched in paper sacks.

    It seems to be a civic shame that, at this very monument which symbolically and physically divides a community between north and south (North and South of Sunset Blvd.) between rich and poor, between 'haves and have-nots' that something more isn't being done about the problem. Is it any coincidence that no less than three liquor stores are conveniently located within a one block radius?

    I would like to add our voice to the chorus of those who want to bring about positive change by drawing attention to the problem. If you have not been aware of it, you are now! Let's all join together in the new year and work together to bring a change in these deplorable conditions for the sake of EVERYONE in Silver Lake!

    Editor's Notes:

    After writing this article, I asked several of my friends and stakeholders to critique it, and to add their input, if any. The first suggestion I received was to take out the words: 'the haves and have nots'. I agree that the wording in the context is less than 100% accurate; certainly there are magnificent homes and apartments south of Sunset and neighbors that take great pride in their community. For this we are collectively grateful. And the trend is certainly that the area in and around Sunset Boulevard is increasingly improving, with new shops and restaurants opening every month and the upward pressure increasing the value of real estate. There is no denying the fact, however, that there are really two Silver Lakes, one lacking resources and one with an abundance of resources. Even the decision of where to place our new library and neighborhood council office (both in the north) weighs heavily on the southern part of our neighborhood which has, by far, the highest concentration of people.

    Steve Brooks, a Silver Lake resident that lives just north of this intersection has been an outspoken critic of this situation ever since I met him some two years ago. Steve has been calling the police for years to complain about this problem. Steve comments 'I want to commend officers Polhonky and Salazar. They have used their own pickup trucks to personally remove some of the accumulated trash around the area.' Other than these two officers, Steve views the response from his dozens of phone calls to city officials as a futile effort. The most common response, according to Steve, is 'If they're not breaking the law, there is nothing we can do about it.' According to Steve and many would concur, they are indeed breaking the law: littering, illegal campfires, defacating, urinating, drug dealing, camping out in vehicles, gang activity and public drunkeness go hand-in-hand with the problem of homelessness. While there are at least some agencies in the area e.g. The Dream Center, who are prepared to take these folks in, they, for the most part are choosing to live on the streets year after year. While Steve doesn't have the actual crime statistics he stated that there have been 'at least two deaths per year over the last five years in the immediate area' and attributed them to drug or gang activity.

    Another stakeholder also pointed out to me that this problem exists in other areas around Sunset Boulevard. Triangle Park, where the weekly Silver Lake Farmer's Market is held every Saturday is another example of the problem. At least there is a real plan in progress, centered around the Triangle Park Project, which has had many meetings in recent months to reclaim the park for the community.

    I hope that you will join with others to do whatever you can do to help change this situation: become aware, talk to your neighbors, and ask for help in changing our community for the better.
  • Silver Lake Clean-Up Day, Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
    Posted on: 2004-10-24
    Sponsored by the Rampart Division, L.A.P.D., the Silver Lake Community came together on Saturday, October 23rd for an all-day Clean-Up Day. Community groups including the Silver Lake Improvement Association, the Beautification Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, The Dream Team from the Dream Center Discipleship and individuals gathered at Laurel and Hardy Park for a full day of neighborhood clean-up. Targeted areas included the median strip on Vendome Street and the Gateway to Silver Lake at the Hollywood Freeway and Silver Lake Blvd.

    Pictured are Green Deputy Glen Dake from Council Member Eric Garcetti's Office with the Dream Center Disciples.

    For more pictures of this event, visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Clean-Up Day in Silver Lake'
  • Art Can Adoption Program Underway!
    Posted on: 2004-10-24
    The Beautification Committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has initiated a new 'Art Can' Project for the commercial corridors of Silver Lake. The art cans consist of four-sided heavy concrete trash cans that will be installed along Sunset Boulevard initially, and in future months, if successful may be expanded to include Hyperion and Rowena Avenues and Silver Lake Boulevard. These 'Art Cans' will have mosiac details designed by local artists and students. Local merchants can have one of these handsome 'Art Cans' placed near their business if they sign up to 'adopt' an art can and keep it emptied on a regular basis.

    The funds for the art cans have come from a matching grant from the City and cost about $500 each, plus the artists' fees and transportation costs. The grant was written by the Silver Lake Beautification Committee, Tom Blanchard, Chair, and will cover funding for up to 12 art cans. So far, about half of the art cans have been adopted.

    After this initial installation, the Silver Lake Beautification Committee will seek funding for additional 'Art Cans'. The next time frame for seeking an additional grant will be in August 2005. When all of the cans are adopted, you may be put on a waiting list for next year.

    For more information, please contact Tom Blanchard, Chair, Silver Lake Beautification Committee by phone or e-mail.

    Pictured is Paul Mah, owner of the P&M Market, 2856 Sunset Blvd., one of the first Sunset Blvd. merchants to adopt an 'Art Can.'

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Reservoir Pedestrian Pathway
    Posted on: 2004-10-08
    A big crowd was on hand for the Public Groundbreaking Ceremony held on Friday, October 8, 2004. Led by State Assembly Majority Leader Dario Frommer, Council Members Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge, Public Works Commissioners Cynthia Ruiz and Sylvia Saucedo, City Engineer Dave Moore as well as CSSLR President Dave Keitel and scores of Silver Lake residents and activists, the long-awaited ground breaking was met with joy by the Community.

    The $2.3 Million Dollar Project was the result of years of active lobbying from the CSSLR, the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs, a non profit public benefit corporation dedicated to preserving the 'historical, aesthetic, ecological and recreational benefits of Silver Lake's open water reservoirs'. Dave Keitel, CSSLR President, praised the Community for its involvement in the process and singled out local landscape architect Mark Beall, DWP Project Manager Anselmo Collins, and Tom LaBonge's Green Deputy Glen Dake for special recognition. Dario Frommer, who brought the bill before the State Assemby to approve the funds, thanked Governor Gray Davis for approving the funding.

    For more pictures of this historic event, please visit 'Neighborhood Pictures: Silver Lake Reservoir Pathway Groundbreaking Ceremony' on this website.
  • Allyn E. Morris' 'Lago Vista' Condominium Complex is L.A. Times 'Home of the Week'
    Posted on: 2002-01-31
    Bookmark and Share In 1973, Modernist Architect Allyn E. Morris designed a hilltop condominium complex overlooking the lagoon of Echo Park Lake. The Bauhaus-inspired design has received well-deserved recognition as a result of an article in the Los Angeles Times, January 3, 2010. The architect, who died on July 31, 2009 in Fresno is just beginning to receive the recognition denied him during his lifetime. To read more about the 'Lago Vista' complex and Morris' definitive style, please check out the article!
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