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Editor's Note: We hope you like our NEW SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE PAGE! The page has been reorganized making it much easier to navigate. Entries have been arranged in descending alphabetical and numerical order. -Michael Locke, Editor

The architecture of Silver Lake developed hand-in-hand with the film industry. Like a mighty wave, the creative individuals captivated by the magic of Hollywood were drawn by the thousands to Southern California to 'make their mark' seeking employment but also needing a place to call home. The beautiful hillsides of Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silver Lake were often the preferred locations for these early pioneers. As Los Feliz and the Hollywood Hills became too pricey, homebuyers and renters looked eastward towards Silver Lake. At the same time, as new architectural styles were coming into fashion, the architects who were designing them found greater acceptance for their often avante garde designs in the cultural mix of Los Angeles. As a result, the works of Modernist pioneers like Gregory Ain, Eugene Kinn Choy, Raul Garduno, David Hyun, R.M. Schindler, Raphael Soriano, Eric Lloyd Wright, John Lautner, Kemper Nomland and Richard Neutra are literally sprinkled throughout our hillsides. Following in their footsteps, a new generation of architects has emerged in the twenty-first century, including such luminaries as Barbara Bestor, Barton Choy, Barry Milofsky, Gustavo Gubel, Sean Briski, Michael Lehrer, John Southern, Space International, Lee + Mundwiler , Ana Henton, and many more. These images will help you appreciate our architectural heritage and the new innovators that continue to interpret and exemplify beautiful architectural design.

Pictured is the Weeplo Duplex designed by architect Marshall P. Wilkinson in 1960. The architect established his reputation in the 1920s and 1930s, designing romantich homes for some of Hollyywood's most illustrious stars including Alan Ladd, Fred Astaire, Russ Columbo, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Carole Lombard.
Walker House, R.M. Schindler, Architect 1936
Schindler designed the house for Ralph G. Walker between 1935 and 1936 in a downslope cascade to take maximum advantage of the hillside view. A row of eight piers elevates the volume while creating a porch underneath. It was one of the featured homes on the MAK Tour of 2005. Located at 2100 Kenilworth Avenue.
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